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Pharmacy Trip To Ecuador

By Josh Koch, ’14, Pharmacy

Josh Koch

A group of five P-4 Pharmacy students (Andrew Gonzales, Katie Gordon, Josh Koch, Brianna Patton, and Rachel Pendry), three PA-3 students (Monica Planalp, Kristyn Shaw, and Molly Willis), and one Pharmacy faculty member (Michael Vance) traveled to the Southern Hemisphere for a recent Professional Rotation.  We ventured to Santo Domingo, Ecuador, with the help of Timmy Global Health to operate a healthcare clinic for communities with limited access to healthcare.  With the help of translators, we were responsible for accurately recording patient histories, taking vital signs, running and interrupting labs, examining patients with doctors (PA students), dispensing medications from the pharmacy (pharmacy students), and counseling patients on their medications (pharmacy students).  We were also able to participate in a few cultural and tourist activities, including: visiting a Tsachila community, touring the Basilica of Quito, and shopping at an open-air market with handmade crafts and clothes.  It was an incredible adventure that none of us will soon forget, not only because of the medical and medicine knowledge we gained, but because of the difference we made in the lives of those less fortunate than us.





2 Responses to Pharmacy Trip To Ecuador

  1. giay nam says:

    I hope they will trip to more countries!

  2. giay tay nam says:

    I hope they will trip to more countries!

    by giay nam dep

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