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We are the Multicultural Recruitment Team. Our team is here to familiarize you with the multicultural programs and services available to Butler students and the surrounding community.

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Multicultural Recruitment Team

Dear Prospective Student (Part I)

Dear Prospective Student,

Arielle collageMany people will tell you that college is the best time of your life, and for me that was absolutely correct! My experience at Butler University has introduced me to my lifelong best friends, given me new experiences through free on- and off- campus events, and has helped me explore the world by studying abroad. Butler truly molded me into the tenacious leader that I am today.

Butler University completely embodies the phrase “small school with a big school feeling”, meaning that I was able to stand out in class, gain experience in my current field, and improve my networking skills. My professor knew my name and my interests, due to the small class size (20 student average). On Saturdays I would enjoy athletic events, and the glory that is attached with being apart of the Blue and White Bulldog nation. However, I believe that the plethora of school resources that were available to students is Butler’s greatest attribute.

I am currently in graduate school pursuing a doctorate in Epidemiology, and upon graduation, I had many higher education offers. I can honestly contribute my success to passionate professors who wanted me to succeed, who have written numerous recommendation letters, and who introduced me to many of their colleagues. My liberal arts education allowed me to become academically well-rounded and culturally aware, and mock interview and free resume workshops helped prepare me for life after college.

Every collegiate experience is based on an individual’s perspective. My experience was academically challenging and socially fulfilling. Butler University has positively impacted my life and has the potential to impact yours, too!

Best of Luck,

Arielle Arzu ’13
Science, Technology and Society
Concentrated in Math Spanish Minor

Butler University Community Outreach Clinic

Butler University Community Outreach Pharmacy (BUCOP) is a completely student-run organization that provides free health-care to downtown Indianapolis residents. BUCOP is part of a multi-discinplinary student effort in Indianapolis. BUCOP has just opened up a second clinic on the West side of town as well! Check out the video below to get an inside view of our downtown clinic!

Welcome to the Clinic

For more information you can visit their website:

MRT #TBT: Price is Right!

price is right 1

How can we forget the time Price is Right came to campus in our lovely Clowes Memorial Hall? One Butler Student won an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas with three friends!!! PS Not a bad Halloween costume idea for tonight.

Pharmacy Trip To Ecuador

By Josh Koch, ’14, Pharmacy

Josh Koch

A group of five P-4 Pharmacy students (Andrew Gonzales, Katie Gordon, Josh Koch, Brianna Patton, and Rachel Pendry), three PA-3 students (Monica Planalp, Kristyn Shaw, and Molly Willis), and one Pharmacy faculty member (Michael Vance) traveled to the Southern Hemisphere for a recent Professional Rotation.  We ventured to Santo Domingo, Ecuador, with the help of Timmy Global Health to operate a healthcare clinic for communities with limited access to healthcare.  With the help of translators, we were responsible for accurately recording patient histories, taking vital signs, running and interrupting labs, examining patients with doctors (PA students), dispensing medications from the pharmacy (pharmacy students), and counseling patients on their medications (pharmacy students).  We were also able to participate in a few cultural and tourist activities, including: visiting a Tsachila community, touring the Basilica of Quito, and shopping at an open-air market with handmade crafts and clothes.  It was an incredible adventure that none of us will soon forget, not only because of the medical and medicine knowledge we gained, but because of the difference we made in the lives of those less fortunate than us.





Last month’s battle for Indiana

stevan butler fan picture

By Stevan Tomich, ’15, Pharmacy


Record breaking crowd, check! Cheering on the Dawgs at home, check! Beating Indiana University in the second straight sport we played, check! What more could I ask for? What a game by the Butler men’s soccer team who knocked off the defending National Champions, Indiana University. The Bulldogs came firing out of the gates with the closest chance in the first period with a shot ricocheting off the cross bar. The second period was quite opposite with the Hoosiers almost doubling the Bulldogs’ shot attempts. The Hoosiers were able to find the back of the net twice early, which sent some fans home early, but the Bulldogs still had some fight left in them. With four minutes left, Butler finished a goal within five yards in the box, giving them slim hope and revitalizing the crowd. Butler went on the offensive once again and tied the game up with just two minute left in the match and took a HUGE moment swing into extra time. Butler was able to finish the Hoosiers off in a Butler Bowl instant classic with a picture perfect header from Freshman David Goldsmith. Knocking teams off just seems to be the Butler Way. Once again, we showed people it is not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of fight in the Dawg!



Go Dawgs!


A Day in the Life of Maurice L’Sean Simmons

Hey future Bulldogs! My name is Maurice Simmons, but around campus they simply know me as Moe. I am a Digital Media Production major with a Journalism minor. I was born in Elizabeth City, NC, but moved to Twinsburg, OH and graduated from Twinsburg High School. At Butler, I am involved in the Black Student Union, Morton-Finney, Dawg Pound and intramural leagues. I am also a Resident Assistant in Ross Hall, Speakers Lab Tutor, Intramural Official, and on the Sports Production Crew. When I want to relax, I listen to music, play basketball at the HRC, or just invite some friends over to play video games. I am a die hard Cleveland fan, from the Browns to the Indians to the Cavaliers. I am always down to play any sport, talk to anyone, or just have fun. Finally, I am proud to say I am a Butler Bulldog and wanted to share a day in my life with you all.

Mo just hanging with the guys! Anything can happen on Butler’s campus.

mo with people

Chill time…just a day in the dorm


Dinner time…getting a meal in Atherton Union


Meals are better with friends!


Game time at the Health and Recreation Complex


Playing defense

playing defense

Buzzer beater

buzzer beater

Mo with the win

mo for the win

For Mo, it brought back good memories of hitting a shot at halftime during the January 19, 2013 basketball game vs Gonzaga.


The Dawgs had their own buzzer beater that night too! Check out this video posted by Butler alum Brandon Gaudin, who is now doing play-by-play for Georgia Tech!

YouTube Preview Image

Maya Angelou

derrick r small

By Derrick Rogan, ’16,  Sociology with Specialization in Social Work and Policy

As I sat in my seat in the second row from the front, my anxiety continued to build to unimaginable heights as I waited to hear one of the greatest poets of all time. After two failed attempts, Maya Angelou had finally made it to Butler University to speak to the Indianapolis community. After the unneeded and suspenseful introductions, Dr. Maya Angelou made her way to the stage. In her elderly state, you could tell it was difficult for her to stand, as she held the chair for support, but she stood and gave the audience one of the hugest smiles I had ever seen. Despite my excitement, her smile was more intense than mine after she took the stage!

Nonetheless, Dr. Angelou’s stage presence was liberating, but oddly demanding at the same time. Before she even began to speak, you could no longer hear side conversations and the entire atmosphere of Clowes Memorial Hall appeared to shift from slightly impatient and unfocused to completely welcoming and open-minded. Finally, it seems just as Dr. Angelou felt the change herself, she began to speak and, despite her age and fragility, her voice was powerful.

Kicking off her talk with words of encouragement, Dr. Angelou did an amazing job making people feel good about themselves. Her talk was centered on what she termed a rainbow in the cloud, which is most often a person, but for her it was poetry. A rainbow in the cloud is something or someone who is there to assist you through a cloudy session in your life, but the reason it is called a rainbow is because many times you can’t see it during the rain or can’t always anticipate it, but after you find the rainbow and figure it out, the aftermath is a brighter one than ever before.

Personally, as an African-American young man from the heart of Chicago, attending a private school isn’t always the easiest thing I’ve ever done. However, after listening to Maya Angelou herself tell myself and everyone else at Butler University that if someone could do it before me, it isn’t impossible; I found strength in her words. Besides the empowerment she bestowed upon most of the audience, one of the most renowned poets of all time also provided a number of laughs during her time on stage, with my favorite being, “I don’t trust people who don’t laugh. It’s something unnatural about someone who is serious all the time!”

Dr. Maya Angelou took the audience on the most exciting emotional rollercoasters of all time. From sad to sorrowful, she did an immaculate job of pulling the audience into her mind and allowing us to swarm around and leave with an array of brand new knowledge and emotional capabilities. To say it was life changing would be an understatement, but it was indeed a blessing and a pleasure to have the opportunity through Butler University to sit so close and hear such a great woman speak.


The Butler University Efroymson Diversity Center

Diversity CenterThe Efroymson Diversity Center of Butler University opened on December 6, 2006 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house. The Diversity Center was made possible by a generous gift from Lori Efroymson-Aguilera and the Efroymson Fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation.

The Center, located on the lower level of Atherton Union (Atherton 004) houses the Office of Diversity Programs and the Office of International Student Services.  The center provides office space for the following diversity student organizations:

Black Student Union: Black Student Union (BSU) is an organization dedicated to educating and empowering students of color in the areas of racial and ethnic diversity. Students sponsor programming and maintain an open dialogue that {looks} to push and challenge Butler students to think more critically about the world around them and to confront diversity issues and concerns on campus. Students also volunteer in the community by participating in charity walks and by tutoring students at area high schools.

Latinos Unidos: Latinos Unidos is an organization that focuses on the Latino representation and voice on campus. Students collaborate with local and state organizations on issues affecting the Latino population as well as other minority populations on campus and in the city. Students work with area museums on their Latino Heritage projects, such as the Día de los Muertos at the Indianapolis Art Center.

Asian Students Intercultural Alliance: The Asian Students Intercultural Alliance (ASIA) is an organization that embraces and highlights the multifaceted cultures of our students of Asian descent.

Alliance: Alliance is Butler’s LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transsexual, Queer, Intersex, and Ally) organization. Alliance opens up dialogue on sexual orientation and provides support for students who may find additional resources useful. Alliance hosts many charity events that benefit area organizations such as the Damien Center, a local organization that offers free HIV testing for visitors.

DEMIA: Feminist Majority Alliance Organization–DEMIA is an organization that campaigns for fair and equal rights for all people with a primary focus on the rights of women. This group looks to educate the Butler community about the blind injustices that exist in society and what we can do to combat them. DEMIA serves as a voice for students interested in the issues and politics that affect civil and human rights.

International Club: The International Club embraces the different customs and traditions of the world and bridges the gap between domestic students and international exchange students. Every year, the International Club holds festivals and gatherings to celebrate the different heritage months and events in different cultures.

Voices of Deliverance Gospel Choir: The Voices of Deliverance Gospel Choir (VOD) is an organization dedicated to the illumination of multicultural awareness on the Butler campus through song and spirituality. They perform at various campus activities and events, such as the annual Ethnic Festival, Holiday Celebration, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Address, and Gospel Fest.

Get more information about these and other organizations at Butler.

Have questions? Let us know!

BU provides flu shots

Flu shot

I got my free flu shot in the Health and Recreation Complex. The shots are provided by Healthy Horizons, which is a program that promotes health in the Butler community. They assist us by helping improve our health through providing information and health education programs, while also teaching about health risk and preventive care. Healthy Horizons is conducted by the Health Education Center, which is part of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. The flu shots are good because besides helping prevent a huge flu outbreak in the winter at Butler, they help pharmacy students get some real life experience of what it is like to provide vaccines. The staff was very kind and helpful, and even some of the COPHS professors took part in preventing sickness!

-Oz Ramirez

Welcome to the Multicultural Recruitment Team Blog

Hi all, my name is Sergio Madera and I am a senior chemistry major at Butler University. Throughout my stay here at Butler, I have had the pleasure of working with various organizations and clubs such as Council on Presidential Affairs, The Lords Pantry and Latino Unidos. Currently, I am heavily involved with my fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha, and both of my jobs at The Office of Admissions and Polaris Laboratories. This semester has been one filled with excitement, as I am completing the last step of my undergrad career. As such, the MRT blog will be a means for me to allow all of you (the reader) to see the various steps of applying for life after school, and of course, the fun everyday events that fill my life and other MRT student’s lives!

By following the MRT blog, you will get to know what life is really like at Butler. We hope you’ll join us for the ride! Have questions? Let us know by commenting below.