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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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My Life In Shambles

A lot of words I use at times don’t even make sense, but people know that these are words I say. Shambles is a word that I like to use a lot. If you’re having problems in your life that’s called shambles. If you failed at a test when you thought you got an A, yeah you guessed it… shambles.

This past Monday my life was in shambles. Minor shambles, but still shambles. I went to Indy Boot Camps with my sister like I do every Monday and Wednesday. This class is intense. Think Biggest Loser. We even use those huge ropes that they use in Biggest Loser which I hate, but it’s still a great feeling after class. Although this past Monday I did not experience that great feeling because I fell during one of our exercises.

I hate these.

We were doing an exercise where you jump up and over a bar. It was our last one to do and I accidentally tripped and fell over the bar. I’m a klutz anyway, so I figured this would just be like any other time. Instead I heard a pop in my ankle, and ever since then it has been hurting. Today around campus I wore a brace and have been icing it all day. It’s really puffy and basically making my left foot look huge. If you want to see what my sister and I have been doing and what I messed my ankle up on check out the video around the 17 second mark. Yes I’m a genius.

YouTube Preview Image

With my big puffy foot this is what I had to do today

935-1050: Class
1-215: Class
225 – 340: Class
6-740: Class
830- ?: Chapter

Instead of resting my ankle today I’m sure I stressed it more. Keep exercising people.


Pumping Iron

Living on Butler campus you start to take certain things for granted. Like the fact that it only takes you tops maybe 5 minutes to get to class. Or the fact that we have history in our own backyard with Hinkle Fieldhouse. Or maybe it’s the fact that our teachers take the time to really make sure we are understanding our lessons and class. But something that may not get mentioned a lot that we take for granted is our Health and Recreation Complex or HRC.

If you go to a big state school like Purdue or IU your health center may be far away from you. Although a lot of us think that the HRC is far away it really is only a ten minute walk. Yes, here at Butler 10 minute walks are long for us. We are spoiled. The HRC is awesome. With everyone trying to lose weight or get toned for Spring Break there has been a lot of people at the HRC.

I really like the track at the HRC, and now I am obsessed with the bikes there. If anything I think working out is such a great way to destress and refocus on school work or anything else that needs to be done. It’s awesome though because as a student at Butler you get to use all the HRC offers, whether it be classes or even the pool! It’s great! Here’s a video about the HRC!

YouTube Preview Image

One more thing if everyone could do something for me that would be amazing. If you didn’t know one of our fellow Butler students is up for the Lowe’s Senior Class Award. It’s Ronald Nored! He is a very deserving guy and is awesome, so if you could take the time to vote for him that would be great!