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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Tune In Thursday

Living in Australia has introduced me to a lot of music that I probably would have eventually found out about but not as fast as I find out about it here. Australia doesn’t really listen to much of the music we listen to, or maybe it is just the people I’m hanging out with. There doesn’t seem to be much country (even though Toby Keith is coming to Australia?), and rap doesn’t seem to be that big either. On top of that no offense to Australia but their rappers aren’t that great. Either way I’ve been loving most of the music I hear, which is typically super hyped and mostly dance music! Here are a couple of songs that I’ve been listening to lately in Australia!

Summer – Calvin Harris
I love this song and Calvin Harris. A lot of clubs here play this song because it starts out pretty chill and then the beat drops and you can’t help but dancing. Most clubs here are dance clubs so the type of music that usually plays in clubs back home wouldn’t really work here. That’s also mainly because we go to bars back home! Either way this song is perfect for a sunny day.

YouTube Preview Image

Rufus – Take Me
I’m so excited that I actually get to see Rufus while I’m in Australia. They have this really chill vibe that once again I can’t wait to listen to in the states with the windows down in my car. You are probably starting to see a theme with music in Australia that it is mostly dance music, but I’m ok with that! In the states they have had to change their name to Rufus du sol I believe but you can still YouTube them under Rufus and find their videos!

YouTube Preview Image

Sam Smith – Money on my Mind
If you haven’t heard of Sam Smith you are missing out. Right before I left for Australia they were starting to play more of his songs on the radio back in the states. Now he’s starting to come out with so many more songs and they just keep getting better. If you think you like this song check out the song Latch. Even better he has acoustic versions of his songs that are just as beautiful as the original.

YouTube Preview Image

There’s a little taste at what I’ve been listening to Australia. Let me know what you think!

Indiana Snow, Australian Beaches

WARNING: If you already hate me for being in Australia then do not read this blog.

Because while it was snowing in Indiana I was laying out on the beach. Right now it’s considered the end of Summer or the beginning of Autumn (not Fall, Aussies do not say Fall) in Australia. However, I wish I could just be at the beach all day everyday. The worse part is that I really can’t share my excitement of gorgeous weather with anyone back in Indiana. This is due to the fact that the other day I checked the weather back home and it was snowing… again.


Picture perfect at Manly Beach

At this point I’m starting to think when I return in July it will still be snowing. However, for those of you in Indiana I’m turning into one of them. One of the Australians that thinks 70 is cold and 90 is perfect. Yes, I will admit today when walking to class I thought it was chilly. I could only imagine how all my friends at Butler would be punching me right now for saying that, so I take it back. It has been rainy lately so no beach for me. Just all around sad times here in paradise.

This past weekend we went to Bondi Beach which was gorgeous. So far I’ve only been to Bondi and Manly, but I just read a fun fact that if I wanted to see every beach in Australia it would take me 27 years… so I’m just going to try to see as many as possible. I’m going to stop talking about beaches now before I get angry messages about this blog. Right now everything is going great! My roommate and I are planning our “Fall/Easter Break”. We plan on going to Melbourne and Cairns,which is where the Great Barrier Reef is! Can’t wait to experience more of Australia!

Third Times A Charm

I’ve taken a little hiatus from blogging as you can see, but I’m back now! I couldn’t be more excited but also bittersweet at the same time to say that I am a JUNIOR this year. Time definitely flies by in college and so while I’m trying to enjoy myself it’s weird to see some of my friends graduate early or even the seniors becoming depressed about not wanting to leave.

Anyway as I start to settle into being in school, there are a couple things I wanted to share with you about my summer! The last time I posted I was just starting my summer break, and shared with you some of my goals. Well this summer I learned A LOT. I started working for a social media marketing agency called Firebelly Marketing. It’s awesome and I actually am still working there during the Fall semester. Basically my summer was split between Firebelly and Butler. If you didn’t know I am a Butler Student Ambassador so I give tours to people who visit our campus, who knows you may have me as your tour guide!


Some of the awesome people I work with at Firebelly!

While I did work a lot during the summer, trust me I still had fun. Oddly enough Indy’s summer concerts are still going on. During the summer I went to the Wiz Khalifa concert, which also had B.o.B, Trinidad James, and A$AP Rocky. As always I saw Dave Matthews Band. I will start having post in the coming weeks about concerts and definitely share photos and videos!

I also mentioned at the end of last semester my goal of studying abroad. That is soon becoming a reality. Just this week I turned in my application for study abroad! I’m so excited! While summer time is always a good time I will say I am glad to be back home at Butler. I am already struggling in classes, but the positive side is that I am starting to finally balance everything out. It’s strange to say but I can tell that I am kind of growing up. I seriously hope my dad doesn’t see this because he will make so much fun of me for saying that.

Basically the whole point of this was to say I’m back, so expect a concert blog at least once a week because I have so much to catch everyone up on when it comes to concerts. Also expect a blog once a week that will be showing you how my life is becoming to chaotic and I probably should be less involved… ha who am I kidding! Can’t wait to share with you guys my third year here at Butler!

Summer Plans

If anyone knows me by reading my blogs we all know I love to do lists! So here is my top five list for this summer! It’s crazy to think I have already been home for almost two weeks, and yet I already have so much I need to do!

1. Work
Yes I am back at work. I started yesterday. Call me weird, but I actually like working. Especially when I first go back to work because all the clothes are new to me, which is bad because I want to buy them, but good at the same time because I love seeing all the new clothes come out. Also the Forever 21 I work out is moving into a HUGE store on May 28th, so I am really excited for that. I’m sure after that I will be working A LOT.

2. Indy 500 Madness
I’ve lived in Indy my whole life, so 19 years, and I have yet to go to the Indy 500 so this year it is my goal to make it to the 500. I don’t care if the traffic is crazy or what happens I just want to be there. Plus I really just want an excuse to wear an American flag vest, because we all know how great the Indy 500 fashion is. Here’s what I hope my vest looks like!

Part of my Indy 500 outfit hopefully.

3. King’s Island trip
Every summer, me and my friends make a trip to King’s Island. It’s only 2 hours away from Indy so I always make an effort to go! Going during the week is the best because no one is there and you can ride the rides so many times! I really like diamondback even if it freaks me out.

Hands up all the time!

4. Visiting friends
I told so many people at Butler I would visit them, and now I don’t know if I’ll have time! I’m suppose to go to Iowa to visit my friend Katie and the farm she lives on. Just kidding! She doesn’t live on a farm, my friend Catrina, and I just assume. I’m also suppose to visit all my friends in Chicago, but my summer is filling up so fast!

5. Concerts
I have so many concerts I want to go to it’s unbelievable! Here in Indy you can buy a mega ticket, which gives you 6 tickets to country concerts, but I didn’t get that this year so now I’m scrambling to get all the tickets I want. Hands down though it is a must that I see Dave Matthews Band, I’ve seen pretty much every summer and I love them in concert!

Hopefully I make it back to Butler with some form of money, until then I’ll be trying to fulfill these top 5 things, and hopefully make money while having some fun!

Summer Time

It’s officially summer for Butler students, and although I’m back home I’ve already managed to go back to Butler four times since I have left. I live only 20 minutes away from Butler so for me going home isn’t that big of a deal.

A lot of my friends that are home are glad they are back, but I’m more sad than anything. I love being home and seeing my friends who I haven’t been able to see, but I still miss my Butler people. It’s only been a couple of days and I am already having withdrawls. The only plus is that some of the people I know are still on campus and living there over the summer so i’m sure i’ll see them!

I still have yet to unpcack all my things from moving back home. It’s unreal but ever since working at Forever 21 I have enough clothes to last me forever, so I didn’t do/didn’t need to do laundry at all this past semester. That may give you an idea of how much laundry I had to do when I came home. My mom wasn’t too thrilled of how the house became a mess when I came back home, but it will all be gone within a couple months. Until then, I’m trying to clean up my mess.

My lovely mess.