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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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The Great Ocean Road and Twelve Apostles

While mindlessly walking through Melbourne was a lot of fun I really wanted to see something that I have heard so much about and seen so many pictures of. So on my third day in Melbourne I went to see the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles or what is left of the Twelve Apostles. The Twelve Apostles is a group of limestone stacks that were formed by erosion. However, there are no longer twelve. Instead, there are now eight due to stacks falling.

Twelve Apostles. The rocks that are directly in the front were once large stacks, but have now fallen leaving only 8 of the 12 left!

Twelve Apostles. The rocks that are directly in the front were once large stacks, but have now fallen leaving only 8 of the 12 left!

Whether eight or twelve they are still amazing. All day I saw different viewpoints of the Twelve Apostles. With each view my pictures became more and more beautiful. I absolutely loved it. It was a bit windy on the day we went, but we lucked out. At the start of the day it looked like it was going to be a rainy day, but our tour guide assured us that it would all go away and that it would be sunny. He was right. By midday we had all sun!

In between viewpoints I did a lot of other things as well. One of the things I did was hold a King Parrot! Our tour guide had bird seeds so we fed the birds all around us. Two landed right on my arm to eat out of my hand! While others had birds flying all around them my bird decided to stay on my arm the whole time. I guess my new calling in life is to be a bird whisper. However, I will not be leaving Butler to pursue this goal. The crazy thing is that these birds on the black market go for $40000!

Decided to name the bird Larry, only to find out it was a girl... #awkward.

Decided to name the bird Larry, only to find out it was a girl… #awkward.

I loved Melbourne, but being able to get out of the city was just what I needed!

Melbourne: Welcome to the Maze

After visiting Cairns for a week I went to Melbourne for my last week of mid semester break. Melbourne was amazing and I’m pretty sure I like it more than Sydney. Sydney is all over the place. What I mean is that Melbourne is on a grid system so it is a lot easier to find streets whereas Sydney not so much. More than that Melbourne just seemed way more cultural than Sydney and I really enjoyed that.

Unlike Cairns my roommate and I didn’t have much planned, so we went with the flow for the most part and tried to look for things we were interested in. On the first day we went to St. Paul’s Cathedral and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. They were both gorgeous. St. Patrick’s is extremely big. The photos I have don’t give it justice in the how big it was. Each cathedral had such amazing history and background so it was really cool to see that in the middle of Melbourne.

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

I also went to the Olympic park and saw the many different stadiums Melbourne has to offer. Melbourne is huge in sports so it kind of reminded me of Indianapolis! It’s insane to me how crazy cricket is here. They had a stadium larger than Lucas Oil for cricket! On the other side of things I also got to see a lot of art. In Melbourne there are two streets you can go to that are solely for graffiti artists. Some of the graffiti was a little creepy, but for the most part everywhere you looked there was something new to look at. I absolutely loved it.

Hosier Lane in Melbourne.

Hosier Lane in Melbourne.

The maze of Melbourne is awesome. Every corner you turn there is something new to find. Some new pub or restaurant or store that can bring a whole new experience to you. My next blog I’ll share with you guys my day tour to the twelve apostles! I hope everyone back home is making it through finals!