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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Let’s Be Honest

In reality my finals week is not that bad compared to others. A lot of pharmacy majors especially have finals one right after the other so that is way worse than mine! My problem is just I have a lot of busy work and no idea how to manage my time right now.

I only have two finals, but the rest of the things that I have due are time consuming! My first final is tomorrow in my world of plants class. I love the professor of this class, but this is possibly one of the hardest classes I have ever taken. I have never studied harder and still end up with terrible grades. Basically my goal on this final is to at least get a C, which sounds terrible, but at this point I am dying in this class.

On Thursday I have my portfolio due for Arts Administration. In this portfolio I have to compare my choice of an arts organization with another. So my choice was the Metropolitan of Art in New York City and now I have to compare it with the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It’s not very difficult at all because most of the information is online it’s just very time consuming, and I have to make it into a presentable binder.

Friday I have my Analytical Reasoning final, which is Butler’s way of calling a math class. My math class is Win, Lose, or Draw, which goes into statistics and probability. It sounds really easy, but it’s actually one of my hardest classes. I have a tutor for this so hopefully that helps!

Saturday I have my controversial story for my News Print Media class to turn in. I have yet to do any interviews for this or anything which is really bad, and on top of that I have to also rewrite a story for this class, because I failed my first time, so now this is just additional work. I expected this though because I had no idea how to write that story, so hopefully the rewrite goes well.

Currently I am sitting in the Science Library. Pretty much all of campus is dead with people only walking to go hide themselves in rooms in Jordan Hall, Irwin Library, or any other place where they can find a nook to study. I am also still soaked from the torrential downpour that mother nature decided to have. Broad Ripple flooded which is insane. On top of that my friend’s car is stuck there. I’ll keep you guys updated on whether she gets it back or not!

That's my friend's car. This was on tv!

Don’t Listen To Stereotypes

As many of you might know from my previous blogs I am half Japanese and half Caucasian. Do not let me being Japanese fool you. Stereotypes that usually go along with me being half Japanese are: I’m smart, really good at math and science, and probably know every Asian person or am somehow related to them.

The truth of the matter is I am not like that at all! I am terrible at both math and science. I am smart, but it’s not just from being half Japanese. I’ve always had to try really hard to get the grades that I have, even if that means procrastinating to the very last second. Right now I am in Natural World, which for us is like a science class and Analytical Reasoning, which is math. I have always had trouble in science and math for as long as I can remember!

Since I have been struggling a lot in these classes at Butler, I have gotten a tutor for both my math and science. Thank goodness for those two! They have helped me out so much! At Butler getting a tutor is really easy because we have the Learning Resource Center, which will find a tutor for you! Although you can’t get a tutor if you aren’t going to class, or haven’t done the necessary steps that you can do by yourself first.

I take my first natural world test on Wednesday since having a tutor, so it should be interesting to see how much it really is helping. So far I feel like it has been helping a lot, but I am so grateful that I finally have a tutor and hopefully I can get my grade up before semester is over. Only three weeks left!