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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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#TBT: Freshman Year At Butler

Believe it or not I wasn’t always this awesome. Just kidding, I’m still not all that awesome. However, the other day I thought about it, and when I come back from study abroad I will be a senior. I guess the saying is true that time flies when you’re having fun. There are a couple things looking back that I think every person coming into Butler should do or know!


#tbt spending time with the girls in my unit from Schwitzer!

Don’t get too crazy. Join things that will mean something to you. For example, I am involved with our student fan section, Dawg Pound. I love Butler basketball and wanted to do more than just cheer in the student section, which we really need everyone to come to every game from here on out. That’s my shameless plug. I am also part of College Mentors for Kids. I love how many of the kids who go through College Mentors are Kids whose parents have not been to college, and they are able to learn through us the possibilities they have. That was something I could relate to. Make sure you make time for academics obviously, but you will realize very quickly that Butler students love to be involved. One more shameless plug give Greek life a try. When I first came to Butler I never thought I would be in a sorority, and now I can’t imagine it any other way.

Some of them may not be your absolute favorite person, but it is always good to get to know your professors. I am still working on this, but professors cannot only help you find internships/jobs they can also be great references. On top of that professors want to help you. Most of my professors would meet with me at any time and help with anything I needed. In the long run your professors will be your best friend when you think you don’t understand anything.

Enjoy everything you do. Don’t stress too much. Obviously it’s college you’ll stress a little, but take everything in the moment. I never thought when I went to Butler I would experience the Super Bowl, Jimmy Fallon, B.o.B, The Price is Right, NCAA Tournament, and so much more. Sometimes being goofy and not giving a care in the world is what you need to do. Don’t worry about what people will think just do you.

tournament time

#tbt to tournament time with one of my littles!

I am so jealous of all the graduating seniors who are now #ButlerBound. You are about to have the best four years of your life, and I would give anything to trade you!

My Parents Would Be So Proud

In high school people always say that junior year is the hardest year. I never realized that applied to college. The start of junior year I felt like I was drowning in school work, and I still kind of feel that way. However, I feel like I am starting to get a grasp on my classes a little bit more.

I’m not going to lie the past couple of years at Butler I probably could have done a lot better school wise. My parents probably hate reading that sentence, but I probably could have studied a little more. I’m not saying my grades are terrible I have all A’s and B’s, but I probably could have had all A’s. This year my parents can be so proud in knowing that me and Irwin (one of the libraries on campus) are becoming best friends. I’m not really happy with the fact that I have a “spot” in Irwin now, but seriously… don’t take my spot in Irwin.


Irwin Library!

I will even tell you my spot in Irwin. It’s second floor when you come up the stairs on the left and the second table in the stacks. Yes, that’s how many times I go to Irwin now. My friends are starting to wonder if something happened to me. I have always studied but now I’m even staying in on Friday nights sometimes. Even I have began to wonder what is wrong with me, but now I think I have things pretty down pat so I don’t have to do any more Friday nights.

A lot of my days I have huge breaks in the middle so I have been going to Irwin to get things done and out of the way. My freshmen and sophomore year I would have never done that. I always left studying to late at night, and while I still do study late at night I do way more during the day than I ever have before. So I guess you could say little me is growing up and becoming more responsible. Did I mention I turn 21 in a month? Real life is scary kids.

For a little fun and since I love Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, here’s some lessons on End Zone Dancing.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m A Sophomore?

Seeing the freshmen makes me feel old, which is pathetic because I’m only a sophomore. Being a sophomore isn’t that much different from being a freshmen except now I’m starting to like my classes a lot more! My classes are becoming to be more specific to my major and it makes everything a lot more interesting. To stick with tradition this will be the blog that I post explaining every class I’m taking. I did two of these for my freshmen year and plan to do the same this year!

SW 266 – Media Literacy
This class is a requirement for my communications major. I really like it so far because it’s interesting to learn about society through media, and see how it affects us everyday. Plus it has to do with my major so I automatically like it.

PCA 241 – Music In Action
This class is for my CORE curriculum at Butler. I’ve done a lot of blogs about the CORE, so if you are not sure what that is you can check out one of those blogs. This class is entertaining just because my professor is funny. It also is reminding me of my days back in middle school playing violin. This class goes into detail about music particularly classical music and where it all started from. It’s really interesting, but I’m glad I only have to be in it for one semester.

COM 101 – Public Speaking
There’s an extremely long title to this class, but it should be just called Public Speaking. This is also a requirement for my major. My professor is new to Butler, which is cool because she’s taught at larger schools and I think she brings a new perspective to our class and campus. She’s also extremely entertaining so I feel like for a class that could have been boring she has turned into a class that I love going to everyday.

STR 222 – Principles of Strategic Communications
This is for my major as well! It’s exciting because I am finally in the beginning classes towards my major. So far this class is extremely interesting. We have been talking about advertising and how it affects our lives, but eventually we will also look into Public Relations. It’s more of a general class of strat comm, but it’s pretty exciting to go from exploratory to now finally being in major classes.

SP 101 – Beginning Spanish
Yes I am in beginning Spanish. In high school I took French and Japanese and now I need a language for my major so I figured I should do Spanish. I’ve never taken Spanish in my life unless you count the three week rotation in middle school where we tried to see if we liked it or not, in which case I chose French. I really do miss French, but I don’t see how it will help me in the long run so that is why I chose Spanish. I hate the time of this class (Tuesdays/Thursdays 6-740 PM), but I’m excited to be taking a language class again. I love languages!

So that’s my schedule for this semester. It’s the last semester of my CORE classes except for my GHS. It’s weird to think that I am already done with CORE! Hopefully this means more classes for my major next semester!

As many of you know Butler freshmen always take class photo during their Welcome Week. Here’s the Class of 2016 pictures based off their theme this year!

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t Worry

This blog is more for incoming freshmen! It’s weird to think that my freshmen year is coming to an end. I know when the time came to start packing for Butler I got so confused. Neither of my siblings lived in dorms when they went to college, so I had no idea what to expect. Since I was so lost in the madness I thought I would post some pictures of what dorm life is like so you can start getting an idea!

First of all, Butler is really great at providing you with lists of things that you should bring with you to live on campus! They will post it on the class of 2016 facebook page, so you can start getting an idea of what you need to buy!

Second of all, for such a small space you can arrange your dorm in a couple of different ways. I have seen all different kinds of arrangements whether it’s in Ross Hall or in Schwitzer. I thought it would help incoming freshmen if I post some pictures of my dorm, so you can get an idea of space. Sorry boys, but I live in the all girls dorm so the rooms aren’t exactly the same, but they are very similar! I will try and get pictures of the guy’s dorms in another blog.

This is my closet. There are two shelves inside the closet which is really nice! Some girls put their dressers in the closest, but my roommate and I decided to keep ours out!

This is one side of our room, which is our closets. Some rooms have the closets on separate sides of the room, but ours are next to each other.

This is the way my room mate and I have our beds set up. Neither of us wanted top bunk so we decided to do our room like this!

We put our desks across from our beds. Basically you live in a square!

So you have seen all four sides of my room. There are so many ways to arrange your room, but you really can’t plan any of it. You just have to wait until you get here for the arrangement. If you have any questions, please ask!


That’s a Freshman

A lot of people say they can tell who the freshman are, but there are many times where people ask me if I’m older. I think I finally found a way that upperclassmen can tell how we are freshmen. This has to do with only one word: Scheduling.

Freshmen these past couple of days have been stressed. Not stressed about homework, exams, or even papers but instead scheduling. As each day passed during the week most freshmen saw their wanted classes slowly dwindle away with no more spots. Don’t get me wrong the reason why many of us came to Butler is for small class sizes, but due to these small class sizes sometimes it is hard to get into the class you want to get into.

I’m sure if you walked the sidewalks of Butler these past couple of days you have seen freshmen either on the phone freaking out, talking to people about freaking out, or just freaking out in every class trying to see when other people schedule. You would also see multitudes of us checking our my butler account like it was our job.

I think the days of scheduling are done, and now it’s time to watch and see who drops and adds what. Some classes may begin to open up while others that you really wanted stay closed. I think majority of people got the classes they wanted. We can’t get everything, I mean we are freshmen still lowest on the totem pole.

Currently I’m writing this blog at Wabash, it’s the monon game this weekend. It’s against their biggest rivalry DePauw! Although it sounds super fun I’m going to go support my dawgs in basketball this weekend against Evansville at Evansville! It’s their first official game of the season! Let’s Go DAWGS!

YouTube Preview Image

Only 2 More Days

This week it feels like everything just got piled on in my classes! This past weekend my sister got married, so I did not have that much time to be able to do a lot of homework over the weekend. The wedding was on a gorgeous day looking over Lake Michigan! Here are some pictures from the wedding, I will probably post more later!

The reception area

Awesome sunset from my sister's wedding!

The wedding was awesome and I am so happy for my sister, but now it’s all back to reality! This week I have so much to do and it is only a three day week! Let me break it down to you what I have to do within this week.

Monday: 2-4 page paper due for Exploratory/Major Fair Paper due
Read 25 pages for class discussion
Tuesday: Wall Street Journal worth 50 points due for Freshmen Business
Freshmen Business Exam worth 100 points
Freshmen Year Seminar midterm
Wednesday: Sex Gender Sexuality in Modern Japan midterm

It does not seem like that much, but it just can be overwhelming. In reality, it is really just Tuesday I am worried about. I know it really is not that much I just have the slightest case of procrastination and with Fall Break being so close it can be really difficult to focus at times. Wish me luck! I’m sure everything will be fine!

Sickness update: Not too bad now. Not coughing as much, but I could not yell at the wedding. I think I lost my voice almost, and I’m out of cough drops… problem.

Here’s a video for you guys. You may hate this song, because it is played so much, but it’s dubstep so it’s pretty much awesome.

YouTube Preview Image

Spreading the Butler Love

As I said in a previous blog, I went to Wabash and Purdue this past weekend. It was so much fun! I had some pretty interesting experiences along the way so I thought I would share them.

Driving up to Purdue, to pick up my best friend Sara, was exhausting. Before I left to pick her up I did a team bonding experience that day for my Freshmen Business Experience class. It was really fun, but so tiring. We did a low ropes course and a high ropes course. The high ropes course was awesome and I got to swing down from the top, which I was really nervous about, but I am so glad I did it. Get Real day, which is what they call our team bonding day, started at 9 and ended at 330ish. When I got back to my dorm I packed, showered, and left. I needed a break, but did not have time!

This is how I got down from the high ropes course, so awesome!

On my way to Purdue I needed to stop and get gas. I didn’t think getting gas would turn into a Butler alumni party. On the back of my car I have two stickers, a Butler sticker and my Butler parking sticker, this caused quite the stir. A man pulled up behind me and started talking to me. At first I thought this was extremely weird, but then he explained to me he went to Butler and wished me the best of luck! Then when he left, the car beside me noticed my Butler shirt and asked if I went to school there. I told them that I was a freshman. The whole car freaked out. The couple in the car got engaged in Holcomb Gardens and they were also both alumni. For being such a small school I feel like Butler love is all around!

The Butler sticker that caused all the alumni to talk to me!

Anyway I picked up my best friend Sara and we drove to Wabash. Wabash is so pretty! It reminds me so much of Butler besides the fact it is an all men college. My weekend was great. I was so glad to be able to see some of my closest friends from high school, and then watch my best friend play baseball! No worries though I put Butler everywhere in my best friends room, mainly on their white board! I hope everyone had a great and safe weekend!

Hank's dorm has a cubbie in their hallway, Sara and I found this extremely entertaining to take pictures in.

Oh and I guess I use a lot of exclamation points in my blogs, so Rachel I hope this was not as bad as my other blog! And also I am obsessed with this commercial, but seriously who doesn’t love some party rock and hamsters!

YouTube Preview Image



Man, I Love College.

I love COLLEGE. Yes, it does take work, and I am pretty sure I have never studied this much in my life. My parents were not exactly thrilled to hear that statement. I’m so thrilled that I picked Butler. To get everyone up to speed with freshmen life so far, I definitely need to share with you Welcome Week.

Welcome Week is possibly the best week at Butler, then again I’ve only been here for 2 weeks, so that may not be saying much. If there’s anything I remember from Welcome Week it is definitely my SOG’s (Student Orientation Guides), my crazy times spent with my dorm unit, and all the crazy activities planned for freshmen. We had a rave, casino night, the quest, comedian, drive in movies, a hypnotist, a bonfire and Play Fair (such an awesome icebreaker experience). This was a Play Fair at Butler from a couple years ago, but still gives the same experience!

YouTube Preview Image

Also about my SOG’s they are pretty awesome. Fellow bloggers Steph, and also Andrew were SOG’s! S.O.G stands for Student Orientation Guide. Usually you get paired up with an upperclassmen whose in your major to help you out for your freshmen year and specifically for Welcome Week. For me being exploratory, I just got two random upperclassmen, but they were awesome! They are hilarious and funny. They helped me out a lot for my first couple days here!

One last thing,  my unit is awesome! My RA, Steph (not the other blogger), is really cool, and plans a lot of stuff for us to get together. We have done a lot of things together, but a fun event was cheering on one of the girl’s on our floor at her soccer game! We all got painted up and went to support her!

Butler Women's Soccer Game w/unit girls!

Don’t you see now why I love college?