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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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I’m The Luckiest Girl

Typically when girls say this in movies I feel like it always has to do with them finding the love of their life. In this case the love my life is no man, but instead Hinkle Fieldhouse and most of all my school, Butler.

Yesterday was the most insane day of my life. There’s no other way I can think about explaining this besides doing a timeline for yesterday or January 19th.

6 AM: Woke up to get ready for College Game Day!
7 AM: Made it to Hinkle to help with College Game Day
8 AM: Doors opened for students
10 AM: College Game Day show starts for ESPNU
11 AM: College Game Day show starts for ESPN
8 PM: Make it back to Hinkle
9 PM: Game starts vs Gonzaga
1130 PM: Finally leave Hinkle after storming the court

Look Mom! I'm on ESPN!

Being able to experience everything front row yesterday is something I will always be grateful for. There’s no way in describing what all of us in Hinkle were able to experience yesterday. It’s something that still keeps each and every one of us in awe. I’ve watched the game twice more since then and still get nervous every single time in those last 4 seconds. As I always say though, it’s not a Butler game unless I have the feeling of a heart attack.

Yesterday was so much more than a basketball game. It made me realize so much more. I was able to meet Gonzaga’s Executive team of Kennel Club which is the equivalent of our Dawg Pound. They had nothing but nice things to say about the Hoosier hospitality and Butler way. It made me so proud to be part of Butler. It was amazing to see how hyped the crowd was that’s how every game should be.

I really am the luckiest girl. I love this school, and I can’t wait for so many others to experience what this school has provided for me, not just in basketball but in so much more. It just so happened that last night the nation was once again to see Butler do it again. This is no magic this is just the Butler way, and maybe a little Hinkle magic ;)

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24 Hours Of Amazing

Pretty much all day I’ve been trying to watch basketball. Of course the 24 hours of college basketball would be on the day that I have a speech to give and also the day I am crazy busy. Because of those reasons unfortunately I have not been able to watch as much as I would like to, but I’m fully prepared to watch Butler play Xavier. It should be on right now, but currently ESPN is in the final minute of the Detroit vs St. John’s game, which this minute is turning into 2 hours it seems like.

Obviously I am prepared for a Butler win tonight against Xavier. If anyone knows Xavier and Butler have had a rivalry for quite some time now and it hasn’t always been pretty, but I won’t go into that. Typically I would travel to the close games for Butler, but because I have to give a speech today I really had no choice but to stay home for this one.

If there’s one thing that probably frustrates professors is how all of sudden everyone becomes sick on basketball days. Typically students will skip class to watch the game or even go to the away game, but with the latest conference switch many teams Butler will be playing will be far away, so maybe this can change the whole sickness of Butler students on game day.

All I can say is if I over blog about Butler basketball I apologize. It’s seriously my favorite time of year.

What I got to saw this past weekend!

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The Busiest Day EVER.

Today I have so much going on. I have actually already done a lot, and it’s only 11 am. Last night I didn’t go to sleep until 3 am. Lately I haven’t been able to sleep normally! This morning I woke up at 9 and got ready. I went to my sister’s to drop off some things that I borrowed from her and also got my new backpack!

my new backpack

Currently I am back on campus helping my friend Billy with my other friend Trey for our exploratory portfolios. These portfolios take forever, which can be really annoying, and also a lot of people don’t know how to use the program so that’s not very helpful! Anyway, after helping Billy we have exploratory class at noon. I mine as well just show my schedule like I usually do.

Now – 1150: Help Billy with portfolio
12 – 1250: Exploratory Class
1-215: Filming for FYS project
225-340: Sex Gender Sexuality Class
345-600: College Mentors For Kids
630-730: Waiting outside to get inside for Butler vs Xavier on ESPN

Basically I have yet to figure out when I am going to be fitting in food in this whole day. I made a sandwich, but that’s for lunch so dinner is looking kind of grim. It is kind of unfortunate how into sports I am and how few girls are not. I think I might have a slight addiction to Butler basketball. Anyway wish me luck if you don’t hear from me for a while I probably died from excitement or exhaustion at the game.. just kidding.


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