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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Catch Ya Later 2013

While it may be 2014 already I still feel that 2013 deserves a proper goodbye. I couldn’t think of a better way than blogging! A lot happened in 2013, but I’m excited to see what happens in the coming year. However, I’m trying to live in the moment since everyone who knows me knows I like to plan a little too much! Below are a few of my favorite moments of the 2013 year! (in no particular order)

#1. College Game Day
I mentioned this in my previous post, but College Game Day was probably the best day of Butler basketball I’ve ever witnessed. The Final Four runs happened before I was at Butler, so those of us who didn’t get to personally witness those games can agree that the whole experience that comes with College Game Day was amazing. That Butler vs Gonzaga game will be a game that I will never forget. I still get chills watching this video.

YouTube Preview Image

#2. Recruitment/Bid Day/Big Little Reveal
While I still cannot say what house I’m in yet (one week left), recruitment was one of my favorite weeks! Last year was my first time experiencing recruitment from the side of being in the sorority, and now this year I will be experiencing it in a different way again as a recruitment counselor! Being able to get littles and do all of the traditional sorority stuff was so exciting. I can’t wait to be able to wear my letters again!

#3. Meeting my nephew
Last year on Valentine’s Day, my nephew Stanley was born! He is so cute, and I’m so thankful to have him in my life. Now I’m excited to meet my niece, Sophia, in a couple weeks! I’m so excited for my siblings and the families they are starting!


Meeting my nephew for the first time!

#4. Concerts/Sporting Events in Indy
This year I feel like I went to an overload of events in Indy. I can’t complain I loved every minute it of it. From seeing Dave Matthews to being able to accept a check for College Mentors for Kids on the court at the Pacers game I can say that I am one lucky girl. That’s one awesome thing about Butler being in Indy is the amount of events we get to experience as students here. Check out my other blogs about Imagine Dragons, and Mumford and Sons.

On the court at halftime!

Receiving a check from Indianapolis Lighting and Power at the Bulls vs Pacers Game was awesome!

#5. #twentyfun
Turning 21 was  one of the most fun nights I had with my closest friends. I loved being able to go out with majority of my friends (sorry not 21ers!). I’m not going to lie it is nice to order a drink while out to dinner, but also still a little weird to drink with my parents. Cheers everyone!


With my friends for my 21st!

While 2013 was awesome, I will say there was one sad point that all Butler students can agree on. The loss of Blue 2 was something that was very heavy on the hearts of everyone at Butler. While we now have Trip a lot of us had grown to love Blue 2. We will always miss Blue 2. He lived a great a life. Seeing 2 Final Fours and becoming America’s favorite dog isn’t too shabby.

YouTube Preview Image

Nice to know ya 2013, but here I come 2014.





Concert Tour Thursday: Mumford and Sons

So since I failed to do this on Tuesday, because my life is such a mess I figured I would do it today! As I mentioned previously I will be talking about different concerts on either Tuesday or Thursday until I run out of concerts I went to, so bare with me this may take a while.

So on Labor Day I didn’t think I would be going to Mumford and Sons, but my best friend Hank asked me to go with him and who is really going to pass up on Mumford and Sons. I’m not going to lie I’m not some dedicated fan who listens to them 24/7, but I know a couple of their songs. After seeing them in concert I couldn’t stop listening to them. My favorite song by them now is Lover of the Light. They played it at the concert and after that I couldn’t stop listening to it. They are amazing live! They sound exactly like they do on their CD if not better.

YouTube Preview Image

Of course as always I took a ton of pictures and video. I’m sure it seems like I would suggest every concert to every person, but seriously Mumford is well worth your time and money. Then again I’m slightly biased because I didn’t have to pay for my ticket. I promise you though there are a couple concerts I wouldn’t suggest that every person go to, but I will get to that at a later time.

YouTube Preview Image

Keeping this post short and simple, because I should be studying for my Spanish quiz right now!

Concert Tour Tuesday: The Neighbourhood and Imagine Dragons

I totally meant to do a Music Monday but now as I look at the time I realize that my Music Monday this week is turning more into a Concert Tour Tuesday. I know last blog I mentioned that for the next couple weeks I would dedicate a day to talk about a concert that I went to over the summer or recently, so here is my first one!

Last Monday my roommate, Sarah, and I were able to go see The Neighbourhood and Imagine Dragons! You probably know who Imagine Dragons are, but maybe not The Neighbourhood. The Neighbourhood is a band from California. Recently they just got some success with their song Sweater Weather! I posted a video from the concert, but you should definitely check out some of their other songs. The main reason why I went to this concert was to see The Neighbourhood, but that changed once the concert got started.

YouTube Preview Image

After The Neighbourhood started I was kind of over it. I like Imagine Dragons, but they get so overplayed with songs like Radioactive and It’s Time, so I thought this is going to be ridiculous. Boy did Imagine Dragons prove me wrong! They were so good live. The thing that made me even more excited to see them was the fact that they just seemed so happy to be doing what they were doing. It just seemed like they are at the point in their careers where they have realized they have made it and they feel so awesome about it.

YouTube Preview Image

As usual I took plenty of videos and plenty of pictures. The two videos above are one I took (If you hear people singing I was by some crazy people… and me :)) . In the end if you can definitely see both The Neighbourhood and Imagine Dragons. The Neighbourhood in my personal opinion need to work a little on their live performances. Imagine Dragons is just a great show. If you really know their songs it’s awesome, and they are all so talented and switched instruments at times, it was great!

One more awesome thing about this concert is how close the venue was to campus! This concert was at White River State Park which is somewhere around 10 minutes away depending on traffic! My other concerts are a little further away so I was excited to be so close to campus especially since this concert was on a weekday! Sorry for my mishap of Music Monday, hopefully next Monday will be a true Music Monday!

Third Times A Charm

I’ve taken a little hiatus from blogging as you can see, but I’m back now! I couldn’t be more excited but also bittersweet at the same time to say that I am a JUNIOR this year. Time definitely flies by in college and so while I’m trying to enjoy myself it’s weird to see some of my friends graduate early or even the seniors becoming depressed about not wanting to leave.

Anyway as I start to settle into being in school, there are a couple things I wanted to share with you about my summer! The last time I posted I was just starting my summer break, and shared with you some of my goals. Well this summer I learned A LOT. I started working for a social media marketing agency called Firebelly Marketing. It’s awesome and I actually am still working there during the Fall semester. Basically my summer was split between Firebelly and Butler. If you didn’t know I am a Butler Student Ambassador so I give tours to people who visit our campus, who knows you may have me as your tour guide!


Some of the awesome people I work with at Firebelly!

While I did work a lot during the summer, trust me I still had fun. Oddly enough Indy’s summer concerts are still going on. During the summer I went to the Wiz Khalifa concert, which also had B.o.B, Trinidad James, and A$AP Rocky. As always I saw Dave Matthews Band. I will start having post in the coming weeks about concerts and definitely share photos and videos!

I also mentioned at the end of last semester my goal of studying abroad. That is soon becoming a reality. Just this week I turned in my application for study abroad! I’m so excited! While summer time is always a good time I will say I am glad to be back home at Butler. I am already struggling in classes, but the positive side is that I am starting to finally balance everything out. It’s strange to say but I can tell that I am kind of growing up. I seriously hope my dad doesn’t see this because he will make so much fun of me for saying that.

Basically the whole point of this was to say I’m back, so expect a concert blog at least once a week because I have so much to catch everyone up on when it comes to concerts. Also expect a blog once a week that will be showing you how my life is becoming to chaotic and I probably should be less involved… ha who am I kidding! Can’t wait to share with you guys my third year here at Butler!

Concerts Galore

If you have seen my previous blogs I love going to concerts, especially ones that I don’t have to pay for. Since I didn’t talk much about the concerts I went to this summer I thought I would talk about that and also the free concert Butler provided with Smash Mouth and Chiddy Bang!

This summer I didn’t go to many concerts because I had to work a lot, or I would forget to take off of work. I did manage to go to Dave Matthews Band and Young the Giant. With the Dave Matthews Band I got really lucky! My best friend’s parents or my adopted parents basically gave me tickets to see Dave on Friday night! It was really awesome, because of how close we were to the stage, and on top of that I really like DMB! I was able to go with my sister and her friends and then brought along my friend Sara. We had a lot of fun!

Front row at Dave Matthews Band

YouTube Preview Image

Although I didn’t get free tickets to Young the Giant, I got to be in the front. They played at The Old National Center. At this venue there is no seating, so if you shimmy your way to the front, which you usually can, you get front row! Young the Giant was amazing. They sound as good live as they do on their CD’s, which I feel like you don’t hear that much anymore. Blogger Bekah wrote about them in her latest blog, so you can get to know more about them!

Front row at Young the Giant!

YouTube Preview Image

A couple of weeks ago I went to Butlerpalooza, which was free for Butler students. Smash Mouth and Chiddy Bang came. It was a lot of fun. Smash Mouth was great because it was all songs I remember from when I was younger! Chiddy Bang was entertaining and got the crowd involved a lot with their songs. I didn’t know that many Chiddy Bang songs, but for the ones I did know it was really good!

Smash Mouth at Butler

YouTube Preview Image

Chiddy Bang at Butler!

YouTube Preview Image

Sorry if my videos are shaky, you hear me or others singing annoyingly, or you just realize that I should never take a video again in my life… I understand. On a positive note my concert tour isn’t over yet for the year. I won free tickets to Dayglow, which is a huge concert/rage where DJ’s play different songs and then throw paint out into the crowd. I’m extremely excited! Also I’m trying to go to a few concerts in Chicago, but right now money is an issue, so we’ll see how that goes.

Summer Plans

If anyone knows me by reading my blogs we all know I love to do lists! So here is my top five list for this summer! It’s crazy to think I have already been home for almost two weeks, and yet I already have so much I need to do!

1. Work
Yes I am back at work. I started yesterday. Call me weird, but I actually like working. Especially when I first go back to work because all the clothes are new to me, which is bad because I want to buy them, but good at the same time because I love seeing all the new clothes come out. Also the Forever 21 I work out is moving into a HUGE store on May 28th, so I am really excited for that. I’m sure after that I will be working A LOT.

2. Indy 500 Madness
I’ve lived in Indy my whole life, so 19 years, and I have yet to go to the Indy 500 so this year it is my goal to make it to the 500. I don’t care if the traffic is crazy or what happens I just want to be there. Plus I really just want an excuse to wear an American flag vest, because we all know how great the Indy 500 fashion is. Here’s what I hope my vest looks like!

Part of my Indy 500 outfit hopefully.

3. King’s Island trip
Every summer, me and my friends make a trip to King’s Island. It’s only 2 hours away from Indy so I always make an effort to go! Going during the week is the best because no one is there and you can ride the rides so many times! I really like diamondback even if it freaks me out.

Hands up all the time!

4. Visiting friends
I told so many people at Butler I would visit them, and now I don’t know if I’ll have time! I’m suppose to go to Iowa to visit my friend Katie and the farm she lives on. Just kidding! She doesn’t live on a farm, my friend Catrina, and I just assume. I’m also suppose to visit all my friends in Chicago, but my summer is filling up so fast!

5. Concerts
I have so many concerts I want to go to it’s unbelievable! Here in Indy you can buy a mega ticket, which gives you 6 tickets to country concerts, but I didn’t get that this year so now I’m scrambling to get all the tickets I want. Hands down though it is a must that I see Dave Matthews Band, I’ve seen pretty much every summer and I love them in concert!

Hopefully I make it back to Butler with some form of money, until then I’ll be trying to fulfill these top 5 things, and hopefully make money while having some fun!

Life Is Just Too Good

Right now everyone is on Fall Break, but it doesn’t even feel like Fall Break to me. Yes, I am getting to see all my friends from high school, which is so awesome, but I have so much work to do! Here we go again with how much I have due:
Sunday: Sex, Gender, Sexuality Midterm due (I thought it was due Wednesday, I was wrong… and still have yet to do it.)
Tuesday: Freshmen Business Experience Research Paper due, Freshmen Year Seminar Research Phase 1 due, Freshmen Year Seminar Film Review paper due. Total: 9 pages.
I also cannot believe that next week is already Homecoming it’s so insane! I will most likely be talking about that within the next week!

Anyway, I have a lot to talk about considering last night I got to meet MAC MILLER. It was possibly the most thrilling experience of my life so far. I love Mac Miller and I got to be front row at his concert last night at the Egyptian Room, which is in downtown Indy, such a great venue!

Mac Miller and me!!!


Needless to say, I am still in shock from last night. I am getting spoiled with all these concerts lately. It is insane! A lot of Butler people went to this concert, so basically Mac Miller should have just come to Butler. Just kidding, no but really.

Also as promised, here are more pictures from my sister’s wedding. She was so beautiful on her wedding day, and I am so happy for her and her husband! Currently they are in Puerto Rico for their first honeymoon. Later on they are going to Japan so my brother in law can meet our family! I am so jealous!

My sister and me! The weather was so perfect!!!

The bridesmaids! When we were doing this whole "walk towards the camera" thing I felt stupid, but it actually looks cool! haha

My sister and her husband, John! So pretty!

The pictures turned out amazing, and the photographer actually went to my high school! I can’t wait to see all the pictures!

Random video: This kid goes around to apple stores, and dances everywhere. HOW AWESOME. I saw this on my friend’s Facebook and was in astonished!

YouTube Preview Image

Get Pumped!

In the coming month I have a lot going on! I am so excited for all of it though, so I want to share with you what I have planned! Today I get to see The Fray at Clowes! I really hope they play all of my favorite songs, which are not their extremely popular ones, so I hope they just play their album, but if not it should still be awesome! Then tomorrow I have my get real day for business where we do a lot of team bonding with our business team, and get to do the high ropes course! It’s all day, so I can only imagine how exhausted I might be at the end of the day. I am also going to Wabash tomorrow night to visit my best friend, Hank, and then watch him play baseball on Sunday morning! He’s been playing really well so I am so excited to be able to cheer him on! I guess you could say this weekend is quite eventful!

This gives an idea on how close colleges are to Butler! It's only about an hour to Purdue and Wabash!

I am kind of mad about this picture because they are showing IUPUI’s mascot, the jaguar, instead of the awesome bulldog.

On September 25th, I get to go to Chris Brown at Verizon! My best friend, Nicole, is coming with me. My favorite family in the world gave us the tickets and so I am really thankful! I just got the tickets from them yesterday! It’s nice still living so close to the city because all the concert venues are so close!

Our Chris Brown tickets!

Not only do I get to see Chris Brown that weekend, but my best friend, Sara, from Purdue is coming up to see me! Even though I am really excited about the next couple weeks in September, I really can’t wait until October starts because there is so much going on. I will probably write another blog that is about getting pumped because in October it is my sister’s wedding, Mac Miller concert at the Old National Center, Purdue to go see friends, homecoming, and Fall Break. I am getting so excited!

I can’t stop listening to this! It gets me so pumped for the weekend!

YouTube Preview Image