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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Concert Tour Thursday: Mumford and Sons

So since I failed to do this on Tuesday, because my life is such a mess I figured I would do it today! As I mentioned previously I will be talking about different concerts on either Tuesday or Thursday until I run out of concerts I went to, so bare with me this may take a while.

So on Labor Day I didn’t think I would be going to Mumford and Sons, but my best friend Hank asked me to go with him and who is really going to pass up on Mumford and Sons. I’m not going to lie I’m not some dedicated fan who listens to them 24/7, but I know a couple of their songs. After seeing them in concert I couldn’t stop listening to them. My favorite song by them now is Lover of the Light. They played it at the concert and after that I couldn’t stop listening to it. They are amazing live! They sound exactly like they do on their CD if not better.

YouTube Preview Image

Of course as always I took a ton of pictures and video. I’m sure it seems like I would suggest every concert to every person, but seriously Mumford is well worth your time and money. Then again I’m slightly biased because I didn’t have to pay for my ticket. I promise you though there are a couple concerts I wouldn’t suggest that every person go to, but I will get to that at a later time.

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Keeping this post short and simple, because I should be studying for my Spanish quiz right now!

Almost There

I have not been able to blog a lot, because it seems like all I am doing lately is either finishing projects or studying for finals. It is that time of the year where everything is starting to wrap. Seniors are starting to realize their time is coming to an end. Freshmen can’t believe they’ve made it through one year of college, and here I sit thinking about how half of my undergraduate is almost done.

It is a little depressing when you think about it. Every time I see families touring Butler I get a little jealous, because they are in that stage of excitement when you realize that you are finally going to college. I remember my registration day at Butler and how I couldn’t imagine that I would ever be here, and now that I am here I just want to continuously relive freshmen year. I am pretty sure though that my parents would not enjoy me reliving freshmen year over and over with how much money they would be spending, but Butler was free I would do it over and over again except for the finals part.

While finals do tend to stress people out, they are not that bad. We don’t have classes so it is just completely time to study. It just depends if you spend that time wisely. I am not going to lie I’m a little stressed out  because I’m not a big test person, but either way finals must go on, so if you take a final and think man I just failed that just always think “On to the next one”

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Ahead of the Game

While I love my family I find it funny at times at the things they don’t know about applications on the iPhone. It is interesting to me how many applications there are and how many college students it takes in a matter of seconds for everyone to find it.

For example, currently there is a ton of people using snapchat, which I mentioned in my last blog. Snapchat is an application where you can take a picture and send it to your friend, but the picture only last how long you want it to. If you decide you want the picture to show for 5 seconds it shows for 5 seconds, and then disappears. You can never see the photo again after that. This has basically caused an entire outburst of the most unattractive photos that you could ever take.

When I explained to my mom what snapchat was she related it to Mission Impossible and said “oh it’s like mission impossible it self destructs in 3,2,1… boom.” Yes my mom also did the sound effects with it. My sister on the other hand doesn’t understand why snapchat is even used or the purposed and says that we are crazy. I haven’t even tried to explain this to my dad, because I’m worried about how long the explanation will take, and my brother is pretty much stuck in parentville.

Once I find out another application I am sure that will be all the rage and that snapchat will soon be forgotten, but for now you might want to try snapchat. Just in case you’re confused here’s a video on how to use snapchat.

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How Did I Get In?

A local news station showed a report last night about college admissions particularly pertaining to Butler. The reporter got to take an inside like at Butler admissions. A lot of people consider college admissions to be a secret or a mystery. The clip, which you can see by clicking the link, makes me wonder how I got into Butler.

I do not mean to post this to scare anyone! Butler does have really high standards, which was why out of the seven schools I applied to Butler was one that I was really worried about. What I love about the video though is that if you are admitted into Butler you have to be somewhat special. This year a little over 10,000 people applied to Butler. We can only accept a class of 1000. The thought of this is mind boggling!

Today at lunch a lot of my friends and I were wondering what could have sparked the eyes of one of the admissions counselors into picking us. But this is where Butler I feel is different from other schools. In the video it shows how unlike other schools it seems at least five people will see your application at Butler, and that’s if you have no red flags. If you have a red flag, which is explained in the video, then you may get looked at by up to 12 people. It’s insane to think that I made it past that many people’s opinions and thoughts about being a good choice for Butler.

After watching the video and how intensely everything gets looked at I am just blessed that I was able to make it. The video also made me realize how I never want to be an admissions counselor ever in my life.

Here’s a video of Blue 3, this is how far the obsession of Butler University goes for this dog. Yes, we will watch videos of him yawning, sleeping, and dreaming.

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2011, You Were Great To Me.

I know this is two days late, but I have been rather busy so I have not been able to write! Anyway, I wanted to do a little year in review of 2011. The biggest memories that come to mind are obviously graduation, and moving into Butler.

There are a lot more memories than just those two, but those are the major ones for me. Finishing up high school was all too surreal. Whether it was my last prom, my last tennis match, my last time walking through the doors at Lawrence North for school, I’m sure there were many moments I was crying. Even though I wanted to leave so bad, I had some great memories in high school. Here are a couple pictures from senior prom and graduation.

Jordan, Nicole, and I at senior prom.

Prior to graduation with some friends!

My graduating class!

Although 2011 brought me great things in high school it only got better once I got to Butler, which I do not think there is any need for a review. One just needs to look at my previous blogs to see how amazing my past months have been at Butler!

Here’s London’s New Year’s Eve Countdown, so amazing!

True Life: I’m Losing My Mind At Work

Over this break all I have been doing is working. Work has not been too bad because the days go by really fast with so many people shopping. Plus all the college kids are back at work, so it’s just like how it used to be when I worked there. There are a couple things that bother me about working at the mall though.

1. Crazy Shoppers/Drivers/Moms
I understand you are trying to get exactly what your daughter wants, but if your daughter gave you a list from online we most likely don’t have that item in the store. If we did have the item in the store unfortunately I probably would not be able to best assist you because I have only been back at work for a week, and if you didn’t realize we have thousands of pieces of clothing in the store. Also drivers please don’t take up an entire lane just because you are waiting for a spot. You make it difficult for me to get around you and when I have only 10 minutes to find a spot and get to work you are making my life insane. I’m sorry I am ranting but if anyone would like to work a day at the mall you would experience these same things.

2. Crazy Work Hours
Because it is Christmas time the mall decides to open earlier and close later. Unfortunately for us this means that we have to come in earlier and stay later also… a lot later. The mall has been opening at 8 am and closing at 11 pm, which maybe helping but a lot of people don’t even know we are open and closing that early or late. Tonight will be the first night that I have to close with these hours so it should be interesting, and tomorrow I have to go to work at 6 am so I will see how miserable this will be!

3. Things that I can’t change
I’m sorry I can’t change the prices of clothing. I can’t change the fact that we charge for our Christmas boxes. And also I can’t change our exchange policy. I think people think that because I work at Forever 21 I have some magical power to change things. There’s literally nothing I can do. Please do not get mad at workers. It’s not like we look forward to dampening your spirits while you shop. If anything we just want to go home!

I did not mean to rant, but for all of you who do these things I don’t hate you I just wish you would reconsider the situation. While you may not be too thrilled to shop at the mall during this time, many of us are not too thrilled to be working 40+ hours these next few weeks. Anyway for all of you that want a white Christmas I wish you the best of luck, but Indiana isn’t going to cooperate! So here’s a little something to keep you hopeful.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s Not All About…

The money! College is not all about the money! On Thursday, I went back to my high school to visit some of my teachers and see how were they doing. While I was there I saw a lot of the now, upperclassmen, that I used to be in yearbook with and some other extracurricular activities. It was only last year that I was in their position looking at colleges and trying to decide where to go. Now, as many of them continue to look and find out what is the best fit for them they all had one thing to say about Butler, “It is too expensive!”

I thought the same thing before coming to Butler. I never thought there would be anyway my parents or myself would be able to afford Butler, but I never let that be a deciding factor. I applied to 5 private schools and 2 public and although my parents thought I was crazy and would never get the money for private I found a way. Private schools are just as attainable as public. Even though the economy may be doing bad, there is so much money floating around in scholarships, grants, and so on. If there is anything that comes out of this rant, DO NOT let money make your decision.

As long as you work hard, and know your goals you can achieve anything you want. That may sound extremely cheesy but it’s true. I knew I wanted a private school, and I knew that no matter what I would have to search for the money, but with Butler the money found me. My admissions counselor saw that I met the criteria for a scholarship and I was invited to attend an interview. In the end I received the scholarship.

College is a big decision, but don’t allow your decision to come solely down to money. Now I have to get back to studying!

Yesterday Butler basketball had their first official practice! Check out this video about Ronald Nored as they follow him through the season!

YouTube Preview Image


This Is More Like It.

I will admit, I am a busy bee. I love being constantly busy and I love watching my little planner fill up or calendar board fill up. I guess I get this weird satisfaction of knowing I have something scheduled or planned. I love being involved in a lot of things, and at Butler it is so easy to do that.

My schedule from last week in my planner!

Right now I am a Morton Finney Scholar, involved with College Mentor For Kids, and the Emerging Leaders Program. Being a Morton Finney Scholar allows me to participate in many activities around the community and also allows me to benefit the community in ways of leadership and community service.

College Mentors For Kids (CMFK) is awesome. Today we actually get to meet our kids so I am really excited. CMFK is a program that allows college students to mentor inner city kids. I’m sure there will be plenty of blogs where I talk about CMFK, but since today is the first day we meet the kids I don’t know what to expect!

The Emerging Leaders Program is a program where students can learn how to become better leaders in their community and within Butler. We have a meeting every Thursday and also individual meetings with our mentors. My mentor is Amanda she is so nice and it’s so easy to talk with her about the program and just life in general! At our meetings for Emerging Leaders we have guest speakers come in and we do different activities so it is a really awesome program that I am very excited about!

I definitely plan on getting involved with a lot more on campus. Many students say not to get involved with too much, but get involved with a couple organizations. For me, a lot of the programs I am involved in go hand in hand with each other so I feel like I am not overdoing it. I will let you know if it gets worse next semester when I start rushing and sorority life hopefully! Until then, I need to go outside and study it is just too pretty!

Update on my sickness: I’m still sick. I feel terrible for my roommate that has to hear me cough all through the night, and the multiple classes that have to hear me cough all through class. Also anyone that I Skype because I’m sure it sounds lovely to hear that! I bought medicine yesterday so let’s hope it gets better!!

Also check out this awesome video of Butler students (including me!) trying to get Jimmy Fallon back to Butler. For the Super Bowl Jimmy Fallon will be doing 4 shows in Indy and since Jimmy has been to Butler once, we are trying to get him back to Butler! COME BACK TO BUTLER JIMMY! P.S. I am in the second row, check out my awesome dance moves :)

Get Pumped!

In the coming month I have a lot going on! I am so excited for all of it though, so I want to share with you what I have planned! Today I get to see The Fray at Clowes! I really hope they play all of my favorite songs, which are not their extremely popular ones, so I hope they just play their album, but if not it should still be awesome! Then tomorrow I have my get real day for business where we do a lot of team bonding with our business team, and get to do the high ropes course! It’s all day, so I can only imagine how exhausted I might be at the end of the day. I am also going to Wabash tomorrow night to visit my best friend, Hank, and then watch him play baseball on Sunday morning! He’s been playing really well so I am so excited to be able to cheer him on! I guess you could say this weekend is quite eventful!

This gives an idea on how close colleges are to Butler! It's only about an hour to Purdue and Wabash!

I am kind of mad about this picture because they are showing IUPUI’s mascot, the jaguar, instead of the awesome bulldog.

On September 25th, I get to go to Chris Brown at Verizon! My best friend, Nicole, is coming with me. My favorite family in the world gave us the tickets and so I am really thankful! I just got the tickets from them yesterday! It’s nice still living so close to the city because all the concert venues are so close!

Our Chris Brown tickets!

Not only do I get to see Chris Brown that weekend, but my best friend, Sara, from Purdue is coming up to see me! Even though I am really excited about the next couple weeks in September, I really can’t wait until October starts because there is so much going on. I will probably write another blog that is about getting pumped because in October it is my sister’s wedding, Mac Miller concert at the Old National Center, Purdue to go see friends, homecoming, and Fall Break. I am getting so excited!

I can’t stop listening to this! It gets me so pumped for the weekend!

YouTube Preview Image