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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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One Word. One Show. Scandal.

The show, Scandal, has literally taken over my life. If you haven’t watched Scandal do not, I repeat, DO NOT start watching it until you have enough days in your life to just keep watching. Once one episode ends you cannot stop, you must continue. This is true considering I have finished one season and am on episode 9 on the second season and this has happened in a span of 2-3 days.

Scandal has now become my guilty pleasure. The show is about Olivia Pope who runs a crisis management firm, but on the side she is having an affair with the President of the United States. I didn’t think I would become this addicted to the show, but each episode has twist and turns that sometimes I have to rewind and reprocess what just happened. Texting or snapchatting during episodes can make you miss very important details or facts, so basically at this point I have closed myself off from the world.


The past two days of my life has gone as follows. Sleep. Work. Eat. Watch Scandal. Repeat. So please for your own sake make sure you have a solid 3-4 days set aside to watch Scandal. No distractions. I’m writing you this blog just to take a breather from Scandal, but the hiatus is over, back to watching Scandal I go.

My Life Should Be A Sitcom

I have realized one thing, my family should have their own show. But we should only have holiday special episodes, because for some reason on the holidays my family goes insane.

We did Christmas on Saturday. We open gifts from youngest to oldest, which in itself is where the jokes start. The ages go from 2 to 51. My niece, Olivia, is the youngest and my dad is the oldest.

The youngest are clearly the funniest to watch open presents. My nephew, Sam, thinks everything is the best gift ever and after every gift he usually says, “THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED” or he says “WOW, THIS IS AWESOME” no matter what he finds something awesome whether it be pajamas/slippers to his transformers and stars wars gifts.

Kids opening gifts!

The siblings, my brother, sister, and I all have weird jokes between each other, but especially my brother and sister since they are closer in age. A few years ago my sister got my brother a Mu-Tang Shirt, which is a joke of Wu-Tang, an 80’s rap group. This year my sister got a Wu-Tang book about the history of Wu-Tang. What couldn’t have been planned was that my brother was wearing his Mu-Tang shirt. Ridiculous.

My brother and his mu tang, wu tang obesssion.

On top of that my dad is insane. He got a smokehouse. Basically it smokes foods and tenderizes them. He acted like a five year old, and now cannot stop talking about this awesome smokehouse. He also got a new coat in which he thought it was necessary to model for everyone. Then on top of that my dad likes to explain every gift and why it was bought for you. My brother and his wife, and my sister and her husband both got panini makers. This was my dad’s reasoning “Well I know you guys like food, so…. I figured this would be perfect” My brother in law’s response “Yeah, you know we like to stay alive”

My nephew w/his Captain America present and my dad's smokehouse in the background

This may not be all that funny to you, but had you seen this on a video I’m sure you would be cracking up. My family is ridiculous, insane, but most of all funny, and I’m glad that I get to spend time with them. I hope everyone enjoyed their time with their family too!

This Is Not Break

This week is Thanksgiving Break, but you could have fooled me. I feel like I have barely been home except only to sleep, which is basically how I am when I am at school. I live only 25 minutes away from Butler, but I haven’t been back home since Fall Break. I try to stay away from home as much as possible so I actually feel like I am part of campus!

Although I missed home I missed working a lot. This may sound weird to people. Even though my job can be tiresome, stressful, and exhausting at times, I love the people I work with and I love the fact I get to look at clothes all day. I work at Forever 21 and as always here’s a look over my schedule.

Sunday: 12-8
Monday: 930-5
Tuesday: 11-7
Wednesday: 11-7
Black Friday: 6am – 4pm

Oh yes that is right I am working Black Friday. Last year on Black Friday it was my first day at Forever 21, you could say I am excited to experience Black Friday as an experienced person finally.

With all this work I haven’t really felt like I have been on break. I still have an 8 to 10 page research paper to write that’s due when I get back. I also have my business plan presentation to give when I get back and a paper to write due by Sunday. Most of my friends didn’t get on break until yesterday so everyone is finally home. Hopefully I get to see some of my best friends, but with my schedule who knows, it may have to wait until Christmas Break!

One thing I have been able to do is go to Butler games still and tonight there is a game, so GO DAWGS! Last game I got front row at Dawg Pound because there is basically no one here!

Front row Dawg Pound!!!

As for the video if you have never seen it, just be amazed. Plus COME BACK TO BUTLER JIMMY!!!

YouTube Preview Image


Crazy Week!

I am really glad this week is over now because everyone is on break, but also I had so much stuff due this week! Let me just break it down so it is easier to explain.

meeting at 830 am w/business professor
go to Forever 21 to get things ready to go back to work!
phase 2 outline due for FYS
business paper due
BU vs Chattanooga game
1st generation meeting at 10
LC 103 paper due
College Mentors For Kids
Business paper due
Business Exam
Religions paper due

On Wednesday night I spent 4 hours in Irwin library with my friend Kelsey. Sadly, this is how much time I spend in the library sometimes! Thankfully, I was able to have some fun like going to the game on Tuesday to see the bulldogs win and unveil our new banner from last year’s run to the finals! It’s definitely exciting to finally be able to participate in the dawg pound!

Check out this video from LJ of the unveiling of the banner!

YouTube Preview Image