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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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We’re Pretty Much Best Friends

In one week I have seen Jimmy Fallon four times. In my previous blog I talked about how Jimmy came to Butler to perform and then also do a segment for his show, which will air tonight on his first ever live show. There will also be appearances from Blue 2, Butler cheerleaders, and a ton of Butler students.

No, I did not stalk Jimmy Fallon. I went to his shows downtown! On Thursday, my friend Kelsey and I tried to go to his show, but to make sure he fills the theater they overbook the show so it’s first come first serve for tickets. Kelsey and I weren’t so lucky so instead of seeing his show we were able to hear Jimmy Fallon’s monologue and see him in a more intimate setting.

The numerals downtown!

On Friday, I went with my friend from Ball State, Ross. This time we made the show and got this awesome deal where I got to go up in the balcony and dance while the performer, Fitz and the Trantrums, played! It was so much fun.

Besides wasting away my life waiting in line for Jimmy Fallon on Friday I also walked up 334 steps to the top of the monument in the circle downtown. It’s an awesome experience and if you ever get the chance you should do it! If you don’t feel like going up 334 steps or 32 flights then you can take the elevator! Also last night I got to see the celebrity basketball game and Stevie Wonder was in Hinkle!

My view from the top of the monument!

I know I haven’t been blogging much, but now that the Super Bowl will be ending my life should be slowing down a little. Except for on Tuesday I get to meet Gordon Hayward, so I guess the excitement is never ending around here. Here’s Fitz and the Tantrums who I got to see at Jimmy Fallon!

YouTube Preview Image

Bulldogs Don’t Let Down

Saturday was quite an eventful day for me. I woke up really pumped for the Butler vs Purdue game. As I was on my way walking out to pick up my friend I come to find out my car had been broken into and some of my stuff was stolen.

Rock thrown into my window!

The window shattered.

This whole situation was very shocking to me. I would have never expected this in the area I live in, but lesson learned. Even though this whole situation happened with my car I was determined to make the game still. Thankfully my friend’s mom was able to take me to Butler to catch the bus for the game.

After the day that I had so far and it was only noon, all I wanted was a Bulldog win. It’s like Brad Stevens and the team had heard my problems of the day, because not only did we win, but we beat PURDUE and in a traditional Butler fashion. We beat Purdue in the final seconds. It was definitely the best game I have seen so far this season.

Kelly, Meghan, Jimmy, Lizzie, Lynn, and I after the WIN!


So even with my car getting broken into and having to deal with that, and even with Butler being down and then coming back one thing is learned that bulldogs never let down. Check out how crazy the crowd went in the final seconds of the game. It feels like March.

YouTube Preview Image


The Busiest Day EVER.

Today I have so much going on. I have actually already done a lot, and it’s only 11 am. Last night I didn’t go to sleep until 3 am. Lately I haven’t been able to sleep normally! This morning I woke up at 9 and got ready. I went to my sister’s to drop off some things that I borrowed from her and also got my new backpack!

my new backpack

Currently I am back on campus helping my friend Billy with my other friend Trey for our exploratory portfolios. These portfolios take forever, which can be really annoying, and also a lot of people don’t know how to use the program so that’s not very helpful! Anyway, after helping Billy we have exploratory class at noon. I mine as well just show my schedule like I usually do.

Now – 1150: Help Billy with portfolio
12 – 1250: Exploratory Class
1-215: Filming for FYS project
225-340: Sex Gender Sexuality Class
345-600: College Mentors For Kids
630-730: Waiting outside to get inside for Butler vs Xavier on ESPN

Basically I have yet to figure out when I am going to be fitting in food in this whole day. I made a sandwich, but that’s for lunch so dinner is looking kind of grim. It is kind of unfortunate how into sports I am and how few girls are not. I think I might have a slight addiction to Butler basketball. Anyway wish me luck if you don’t hear from me for a while I probably died from excitement or exhaustion at the game.. just kidding.


YouTube Preview Image

This Is Not Break

This week is Thanksgiving Break, but you could have fooled me. I feel like I have barely been home except only to sleep, which is basically how I am when I am at school. I live only 25 minutes away from Butler, but I haven’t been back home since Fall Break. I try to stay away from home as much as possible so I actually feel like I am part of campus!

Although I missed home I missed working a lot. This may sound weird to people. Even though my job can be tiresome, stressful, and exhausting at times, I love the people I work with and I love the fact I get to look at clothes all day. I work at Forever 21 and as always here’s a look over my schedule.

Sunday: 12-8
Monday: 930-5
Tuesday: 11-7
Wednesday: 11-7
Black Friday: 6am – 4pm

Oh yes that is right I am working Black Friday. Last year on Black Friday it was my first day at Forever 21, you could say I am excited to experience Black Friday as an experienced person finally.

With all this work I haven’t really felt like I have been on break. I still have an 8 to 10 page research paper to write that’s due when I get back. I also have my business plan presentation to give when I get back and a paper to write due by Sunday. Most of my friends didn’t get on break until yesterday so everyone is finally home. Hopefully I get to see some of my best friends, but with my schedule who knows, it may have to wait until Christmas Break!

One thing I have been able to do is go to Butler games still and tonight there is a game, so GO DAWGS! Last game I got front row at Dawg Pound because there is basically no one here!

Front row Dawg Pound!!!

As for the video if you have never seen it, just be amazed. Plus COME BACK TO BUTLER JIMMY!!!

YouTube Preview Image


Crazy Week!

I am really glad this week is over now because everyone is on break, but also I had so much stuff due this week! Let me just break it down so it is easier to explain.

meeting at 830 am w/business professor
go to Forever 21 to get things ready to go back to work!
phase 2 outline due for FYS
business paper due
BU vs Chattanooga game
1st generation meeting at 10
LC 103 paper due
College Mentors For Kids
Business paper due
Business Exam
Religions paper due

On Wednesday night I spent 4 hours in Irwin library with my friend Kelsey. Sadly, this is how much time I spend in the library sometimes! Thankfully, I was able to have some fun like going to the game on Tuesday to see the bulldogs win and unveil our new banner from last year’s run to the finals! It’s definitely exciting to finally be able to participate in the dawg pound!

Check out this video from LJ of the unveiling of the banner!

YouTube Preview Image

That’s a Freshman

A lot of people say they can tell who the freshman are, but there are many times where people ask me if I’m older. I think I finally found a way that upperclassmen can tell how we are freshmen. This has to do with only one word: Scheduling.

Freshmen these past couple of days have been stressed. Not stressed about homework, exams, or even papers but instead scheduling. As each day passed during the week most freshmen saw their wanted classes slowly dwindle away with no more spots. Don’t get me wrong the reason why many of us came to Butler is for small class sizes, but due to these small class sizes sometimes it is hard to get into the class you want to get into.

I’m sure if you walked the sidewalks of Butler these past couple of days you have seen freshmen either on the phone freaking out, talking to people about freaking out, or just freaking out in every class trying to see when other people schedule. You would also see multitudes of us checking our my butler account like it was our job.

I think the days of scheduling are done, and now it’s time to watch and see who drops and adds what. Some classes may begin to open up while others that you really wanted stay closed. I think majority of people got the classes they wanted. We can’t get everything, I mean we are freshmen still lowest on the totem pole.

Currently I’m writing this blog at Wabash, it’s the monon game this weekend. It’s against their biggest rivalry DePauw! Although it sounds super fun I’m going to go support my dawgs in basketball this weekend against Evansville at Evansville! It’s their first official game of the season! Let’s Go DAWGS!

YouTube Preview Image