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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Sad Times For Butler Bloggers

Recently our blogging staff found out that our boss, Kristen, is leaving for another job. While we are all very excited for her and the new job it was a sad day for myself and the 5 other bloggers. My experience at Butler with bosses has been unlike any other job. Many of the bosses are people that you can confide in and they will try and help you in any way. As Kristen leaves I wanted to share with you my favorite moments with my boss.

1.) Blogger meetings
Usually when employers hear meetings it always sounds like they are moaning and groaning about it and don’t want to attend. With blogger meetings it is completely different. I actually look forward to our meetings because not only does Kristen get us food, but it is usually an hour of laughing. For Kristen’s sake, so she doesn’t get a heart attack when reading this, WE DO ACCOMPLISH THINGS IN OUR MEETINGS. They are actually very well organized it is just that the bloggers are all extremely funny in my opinion and so we laugh a lot.

2.) Random times in Kristen’s office
If you have ever been to Butler Office of Admissions typically everyone’s door is open unless a meeting is going on. Everyone there is extremely nice and will help you in anyway possible! Kristen’s office is no different and I’m sure I have kept her from work about a trillion times, but every time I’m in the admissions office I know that I can always stop by and talk to her. Whether I have something serious or just stopping by to say hi I know that I will probably be there for at least 20 minutes and will laugh every moment I am there!

3.) Blogger Parties
Yes, we do get end of the semester parties. It is pretty awesome. Usually Kristen would invite us to her house and we would eat and play games. It may seem really simple, but little things like that is what I love because it is always a nice time to catch up. Some times I can’t read everyone’s blogs all the time and I can’t stop by Kristen’s office that often so it was nice to have the parties so we could all catch up. Also, I will miss seeing Kristen’s crazy cat.

I’m sure our next boss will be awesome too, but it will be sad to see Kristen to leave. Until then I think the blogging staff is just hoping we don’t see her cry, because then we will all probably start to cry too.

Picture Perfect

Thank goodness, spring seems to finally be here. I say seems because you never know with Indiana, it may change back to the 30’s in two days and I will be back to blogging about snowing. Lets hope not.

When spring and warm weather come back on to campus it gets back to being the place that I have come to love. If you have ever visited Butler then you know about the mall. The mall is a large grassy area that goes directly down the middle of our campus. These past couple of days have been awesome, because students have been coming out to the mall to layout, play sports, hang out with friends, or even take a nap. From a tour guides perspective it’s awesome, because this is exactly what college is all about, but especially Butler.

This is the mall. On Sunday it was completely full with students doing so many different activities!

When the weather gets warmer you really see the awesome things about Butler. You see how even though we are a small campus and seem to know everyone you still see people out on the mall that you have never seen in your life. You get to see how amazing our campus looks. Not to brag, but our campus seriously looks like a movie scene. I know I may be biased, but come on a sunny day at Butler and take a look for yourself and come take a tour with me!


How Did I Get In?

A local news station showed a report last night about college admissions particularly pertaining to Butler. The reporter got to take an inside like at Butler admissions. A lot of people consider college admissions to be a secret or a mystery. The clip, which you can see by clicking the link, makes me wonder how I got into Butler.

I do not mean to post this to scare anyone! Butler does have really high standards, which was why out of the seven schools I applied to Butler was one that I was really worried about. What I love about the video though is that if you are admitted into Butler you have to be somewhat special. This year a little over 10,000 people applied to Butler. We can only accept a class of 1000. The thought of this is mind boggling!

Today at lunch a lot of my friends and I were wondering what could have sparked the eyes of one of the admissions counselors into picking us. But this is where Butler I feel is different from other schools. In the video it shows how unlike other schools it seems at least five people will see your application at Butler, and that’s if you have no red flags. If you have a red flag, which is explained in the video, then you may get looked at by up to 12 people. It’s insane to think that I made it past that many people’s opinions and thoughts about being a good choice for Butler.

After watching the video and how intensely everything gets looked at I am just blessed that I was able to make it. The video also made me realize how I never want to be an admissions counselor ever in my life.

Here’s a video of Blue 3, this is how far the obsession of Butler University goes for this dog. Yes, we will watch videos of him yawning, sleeping, and dreaming.

YouTube Preview Image



Finals week is finally over. I was officially done at 415 pm on Wednesday. I’m finally done with my first semester. It’s weird to think that just a while ago I was packing up and moving into Butler.

I keep seeing admissions tweet about the final decisions being sent out. So I thought instead of writing about how finals week went and how much time I spent studying, I would write about why all of you who got accepted should COME TO BUTLER! All of my reasons go back to one major point. Butler’s status of being a SMALL SCHOOL. I have three main reasons so hopefully this helps some people out in deciding!

Small School = Small class sizes = Personal Care
At Butler there is a little over 4000 students. Being able to go to a small school means having personal relationships with your professors and Butler staff. Class sizes are small at Butler because of this. You will know all of your professors on a personal basis. This is something you cannot get at big state schools because classes at times can have 100-300 plus people. My largest class at Butler is maybe 20? This means that I need to be fully prepared and skipping classes really isn’t an option.

Being at a small school means there are so many opportunities. Everyone at Butler is so closely connected that it is easy to find opportunities whether it be for jobs, internships, study abroad, or even just being connected in different groups on campus. I have yet to meet one person on campus that is not involved in anything. Butler makes it so easy to be involved in so many different activities. They don’t want you to just sit in your room! They want you to be active in the community and also on campus!

Everyone at Butler is friendly and fun. I think we are all happy to be bulldogs and we all love our fellow bulldogs. Whether you are going to a basketball game, partying with friends, or even just doing activities that Student Government Association (SGA), there is always something to do that is FUN. Butler’s awesome because if you don’t feel like going to parties it’s no problem! SGA has so many activities they plan such as movie nights, going cave diving, haunted house trips, and so much more. Because Butler is so small they really take the time to connect students and make sure everyone is being safe and having fun.

I know that picking a college is hard, but Butler is an awesome place if you want massive amounts of people that encourage you and are cheering you on.

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The iPhone/Twitter Addiction

Last Thursday I turned 19! I’m so thankful that I have made it through 19 years, I’m sure my parents can’t believe it. On my 19th though my sister got me an iPhone! I was so excited, she gave me the option between iPhone and rain boots. I am not going to lie I really did consider the rain boots… Seriously though look how cute these are.

Anyway now that I have an iPhone my addictions to certain things have become worse. For example, I’m on Twitter a lot more now. I’m not even tweeting more I’m just looking and reading tweets more. Before my phone had an app for Twitter but it took forever to upload, and so now with my iPhone the app is so much faster.

For a student on Butler campus I think having a twitter is such a good idea! You find out so many things through following Butler twitters. These are the twitters I follow from Butler with an explanation as to what they tweet about or why I follow them!

  • @butleru: This twitter mostly keeps me updated on things going on around campus. They always say Happy Monday. I’m not going to lie I enjoy seeing that tweet!
  • @butlerHRC: This twitter is from our Heath & Recreation Complex. They are fun to follow because they let you know when there are free massages or when a special event is going!
  • @butlerMBB: This is Butler’s Men Basketball Team twitter. They keep you updated on scores or anything going on with players!
  • @ButlerBlue2: Obviously this is an awesome twitter. It’s our mascot! Who doesn’t love Blue 2? Get a daily dosage of his craziness… I think he has a busier schedule than me.
  • @ButlerPrez: This the twitter of our new President, Mr. Danko. I think it’s important to keep up with what he’s doing for campus!
  • @gobutleru: This twitter is for admissions! Whether a current student or incoming student I think it’s still nice to know what’s going on!
  • @SGAatBU: SGA stands for Student Government Association they plan a lot of things on campus and give out free stuff! Who doesn’t want free stuff?!
  • @LevesterJohnson: This is the tweet of our VP of Student Affairs, once again more free stuff! You never know what he has up his sleeve.

So no matter what your interest, whether it be student government, sports, or maybe following a dog, Butler’s got you covered! Just make sure it doesn’t distract you to the point where you aren’t doing any work…. Happy Tuesday!

This is a video where Jimmy Kimmel told parents to tell their children they ate all their Halloween candy… who knew kids got so emotional over candy!

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