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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Archive: April 2013

Almost Done

At a lot of other schools there is a week at the end of semester called Dead Week. This is the week where you are supposed to be preparing for finals and getting everything set for the stressful week that is ahead. Unfortunately, at Butler dead week doesn’t exist, so this week has been completely insane. Today at 215 PM I will finally be able to say that I am completely done with everything for this week, and I can relax. To say I am excited is an understatement.

Here is a little snapshot of what I had to do this week:
Promotional Writing 15-20 minute group presentation
Spanish 102 Cultural Project 20 minute group presentation
Arts Administration 10 minute presentation
Design and Production online portfolio
Global and Historical Studies research paper 5-6 pages

All this on top of still completely assignments for the classes, as well as trying to figure out my life with summer jobs, and balancing sorority craziness. Thankfully the company I am talking with for my possible summer job is extremely understanding. To explain the sorority craziness, this week is not only our philanthropy week but also our senior week. This means that we have to do a lot more than usual, which is totally fine besides it is the craziest week ever. However, I am extremely excited for our philanthropy event as well as senior week. I love the seniors and will miss them so much!

Tomorrow expect to see a blog of complete excitement from me. By then I will have been probably a complete 24 hours stress free, that is until Sunday when I realize I need to start studying for finals. Good luck to all the students out there! We are almost done! Here’s a video of how I look during finals week.

YouTube Preview Image

My Secret Obsession: Rings

Working at Forever 21 for three years has definitely affected my life in many ways. While I met some amazing and also very interesting people there I also learned that saving your paycheck is more important than spending money on clothes and rings. Although sometimes you just can’t help but by things.

Every one in while Forever 21 will have these insane sales where everything is an additional 50% off of clearance item, which is ridiculous because items such as rings are then only 50 cents. Do you really think I would pass that up? This whole sale is what started my ring obsession. It doesn’t help that most rings there at only $2.80 anyway, but the on sale it just makes everything ten times worse.

All the rings I currently own!

As you can see from the picture above it might be getting a little crazy, but trust me it cannot just be any ring that can make it into my collection. I am extremely picky, but I will still probably be adding many more to this. The sad thing is that I know when one is missing… Happy ring shopping!



Sad Times For Butler Bloggers

Recently our blogging staff found out that our boss, Kristen, is leaving for another job. While we are all very excited for her and the new job it was a sad day for myself and the 5 other bloggers. My experience at Butler with bosses has been unlike any other job. Many of the bosses are people that you can confide in and they will try and help you in any way. As Kristen leaves I wanted to share with you my favorite moments with my boss.

1.) Blogger meetings
Usually when employers hear meetings it always sounds like they are moaning and groaning about it and don’t want to attend. With blogger meetings it is completely different. I actually look forward to our meetings because not only does Kristen get us food, but it is usually an hour of laughing. For Kristen’s sake, so she doesn’t get a heart attack when reading this, WE DO ACCOMPLISH THINGS IN OUR MEETINGS. They are actually very well organized it is just that the bloggers are all extremely funny in my opinion and so we laugh a lot.

2.) Random times in Kristen’s office
If you have ever been to Butler Office of Admissions typically everyone’s door is open unless a meeting is going on. Everyone there is extremely nice and will help you in anyway possible! Kristen’s office is no different and I’m sure I have kept her from work about a trillion times, but every time I’m in the admissions office I know that I can always stop by and talk to her. Whether I have something serious or just stopping by to say hi I know that I will probably be there for at least 20 minutes and will laugh every moment I am there!

3.) Blogger Parties
Yes, we do get end of the semester parties. It is pretty awesome. Usually Kristen would invite us to her house and we would eat and play games. It may seem really simple, but little things like that is what I love because it is always a nice time to catch up. Some times I can’t read everyone’s blogs all the time and I can’t stop by Kristen’s office that often so it was nice to have the parties so we could all catch up. Also, I will miss seeing Kristen’s crazy cat.

I’m sure our next boss will be awesome too, but it will be sad to see Kristen to leave. Until then I think the blogging staff is just hoping we don’t see her cry, because then we will all probably start to cry too.

Music Monday: Who I Thought I Disliked Edition

Typically when I write the Music Monday blogs I am writing about artists that I can’t stop listening to and really like. This Music Monday I thought I would talk about someone who I thought I would never listen to again after one song, but now keep finding more and more songs that I can’t stop listening to.

The artist that I am talking about is Alex Clare. After his song “Too Close” hit the airwaves this past year I thought I would never listen to anything else by him, because of how overplayed it was. That all changed the other day when I was listening to 8tracks and an acoustic version of an Etta James cover of Damn Your Eyes came on. I had no idea it was Alex Clare and ended up loving his rendition of it. The reason why I decided to write this blog is because 5 minutes ago I found another song on 8tracks that I like. Who was it by? Alex Clare. I’m starting to think Alex Clare is haunting me now, because I said I would never listen to him again.

The point is for this Music Monday, don’t judge an artist by their first single. Their CD could actually be a really well developed tone of amazing beats and really good lyrics that you would never know about. Below is the two songs from Alex Clare that I can’t stop listening to, but I’m sure the more I listen to his album the more I will find.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


The Top Three Reasons

Today I had a potential student shadow me in one of my classes, and it started to make me think about the things that caused me to love Butler and how I know I picked the right school. It is that time of year where many students try to decide between different schools. If you are anything like me in the time of decision making it usually takes forever. This is true for my senior year when I came down to two schools and waited until the last week to decide. If you are reading this I hope you are a current high school senior deciding between Butler and somewhere, and I hope this post can help you see why you should pick Butler.

#1. Small class sizes, personal relationships w/professors
I know this probably seems obvious. Butler is a small school so it would be expected to have small class sizes. The reality is though that it is so important to Butler to keep classrooms having that personal connection to those in your class along with your professor. I tell many students looking into Butler that I never have a problem communicating with my professors. Most of my professors will email me back within an hour of me emailing them. I know many students who have professors numbers and contact them regularly about class. Either way your professor is willing to make anyway possible to make sure that you feel comfortable in the class and understand the topics being discussed. Having a small class size makes participation easy and actually allows you to think about what is going on, not just sitting there through lecture after lecture.

#2. Internships, Indianapolis, and Alumni
While we may be a small school the amount of opportunities we have here as students is insane. Indianapolis is the 12th largest city in the nation and with that comes major benefits. In Indianapolis we have something that can accommodate any major. Whether your into the arts (Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis Repertory Theatre, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra), sports (Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Indians, Indiana Ice), business (top ranked companies), medicine/pharmaceuticals (Eli Lilly Headquarters). The list goes on and on. I barely even covered anything for business because of how many great opportunities there are. We also have amazing alumni who are willing to provide anything they can to better our chances while at Butler and after. If you don’t want to stay in Indianapolis then you don’t have to, Butler has connections wherever the road may take you. On top of that we have the Internship and Career Services center that can help you with your resume, interview skills, and so much more. They even provide services to alumni.

#3. The Butler Way
This is something that no other school will have. It is called the Butler Way for a reason, and while many people who don’t go to Butler correlate it with Butler basketball the truth is that it is something that many students at Butler strive for. Outside of Hinkle Fieldhouse you will find a bust of legendary Tony Hinkle and underneath it shares the five values of the Butler Way. Those are: humility, passion, unity, servanthood, and thankfulness. I’m not going to generalize and say that every student at Butler strives for this as I said previously it something that “MANY” students strive for. I know I strive for it, and I know many people who strive for it to. It is so profound that many speakers that come here from Fortune 500 companies will go back to The Butler Way and explain how it works in their business. It has also been mentioned as being part of Butler basketball success.

Tony Hinkle with The Butler Way

I think I could have talked about the typical reasons why I like Butler like I usually do. For example, how beautiful the campus is, Butler basketball, my sorority, my friends, Blue 2 and Blue 3, but you get that all on your tour. You see how happy students are on campus, and how welcoming they are. Instead I wanted to share with you what you wouldn’t know on the tour. With that I wish all of the seniors good luck! It’s definitely not an easy decision, but if you choose Butler I am so excited for you to experience the best four years of your life.

Picture Perfect

Thank goodness, spring seems to finally be here. I say seems because you never know with Indiana, it may change back to the 30’s in two days and I will be back to blogging about snowing. Lets hope not.

When spring and warm weather come back on to campus it gets back to being the place that I have come to love. If you have ever visited Butler then you know about the mall. The mall is a large grassy area that goes directly down the middle of our campus. These past couple of days have been awesome, because students have been coming out to the mall to layout, play sports, hang out with friends, or even take a nap. From a tour guides perspective it’s awesome, because this is exactly what college is all about, but especially Butler.

This is the mall. On Sunday it was completely full with students doing so many different activities!

When the weather gets warmer you really see the awesome things about Butler. You see how even though we are a small campus and seem to know everyone you still see people out on the mall that you have never seen in your life. You get to see how amazing our campus looks. Not to brag, but our campus seriously looks like a movie scene. I know I may be biased, but come on a sunny day at Butler and take a look for yourself and come take a tour with me!


Ahead of the Game

While I love my family I find it funny at times at the things they don’t know about applications on the iPhone. It is interesting to me how many applications there are and how many college students it takes in a matter of seconds for everyone to find it.

For example, currently there is a ton of people using snapchat, which I mentioned in my last blog. Snapchat is an application where you can take a picture and send it to your friend, but the picture only last how long you want it to. If you decide you want the picture to show for 5 seconds it shows for 5 seconds, and then disappears. You can never see the photo again after that. This has basically caused an entire outburst of the most unattractive photos that you could ever take.

When I explained to my mom what snapchat was she related it to Mission Impossible and said “oh it’s like mission impossible it self destructs in 3,2,1… boom.” Yes my mom also did the sound effects with it. My sister on the other hand doesn’t understand why snapchat is even used or the purposed and says that we are crazy. I haven’t even tried to explain this to my dad, because I’m worried about how long the explanation will take, and my brother is pretty much stuck in parentville.

Once I find out another application I am sure that will be all the rage and that snapchat will soon be forgotten, but for now you might want to try snapchat. Just in case you’re confused here’s a video on how to use snapchat.

YouTube Preview Image


Why Libraries Scare Me

Recently I just received a job as a Butler Student Ambassador. As a Butler Student Ambassador we give tours to those interested in looking at Butler. Typically on these tours many parents ask the typical questions about weekends, class sizes, majors offered,etc. You also get questions about where to study, and this is where the situation for me gets difficult.

While majority of people think the library is the best place in the world to study, I personally hate it. There are three main reasons why I hate the library:

1.) It’s too quiet
2.) I get easily distracted
3.) I do weird things

To start out with reason number one, I know you are probably saying that is the whole purpose of a library and studying. Personally though I cannot focus in dead silence. My roommates will be the first to tell you that when I have my headphones in I am not talking to anyone, and completely focused on what I am doing. In a library typically my music is too loud in my headphones to the point where those around me can hear it, so that’s probably not good.

For reason number two, you may be wondering how one gets distracted in the library. Well I am like a five year old, I see a shiny object and have to see what it is. The same is true for when people come in out of the library I always want to see who it is, and then when I see who it is and I know them I either want to text them, say hi, or snapchat them. Yes, this is what my life has ended up to.

Finally for reason number three, I do a lot of weird things. If any of you were to receive snapchats from me then you probably know that I am not normal. I also don’t like to look presentable when studying, I would rather just wear sweatpants, no make up, and not have to wear shoes.

Libraries are just not for me, but if you really want to know we have two at Butler that are pretty awesome (Irwin and the Science library).

Irwin Library

Mix Monday

I know a lot of us on the Butler blogs usually do Music Monday, but I thought I would mix things up a bit and do a re(mix) Monday. I started listening to this website that I used to listen to called 8tracks. People can make any kind of playlists with all kinds of different songs. It is kind of like Pandora, but 8tracks tends to offer a lot more of lesser known artists and a lot more remixes of songs! That being said here are my top 5 remixes of songs from 8tracks.

#1 No Angels – Bastille
Bastille is a band from the UK. They have their own songs, but also have really awesome remixes. One of them is No Angels, which mixes the newer band The Xx and their new song, Angels, with the old school TLC song, No Scrubs. I can’t stop listening to it!

YouTube Preview Image

#2. Two Weeks of Hip Hop – The Hood Internet
I really like indie bands, and as many people know I love rap. This song combines Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear and rappers Dead Prez. It’s just a really cool spin on the Grizzly Bears song because it’s such a chilled back song with really cool instrumental. The rap just adds this really awesome twist. You notice the Grizzly Bears song more towards the end.

YouTube Preview Image

#3 Wicked Games – Huglife Remix
I think I have mentioned the original version of this song in a previous music Monday. This song is originally by The Weeknd, but Huglife does a really interesting mix on it. I think it’s just cool because the girls voice is really airy and cool. Plus the weird echoing they put on it just make the remix work.

YouTube Preview Image

I know that there are a lot more I had, but I can’t think of them right now, so maybe next Music Monday will once again be a Mix Monday!