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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Archive: March 2013

I Like To Plan Ahead…

I like to plan ahead, but even this amount of planning ahead is even a little ridiculous for me. Currently, I have my housing for my junior and senior year completely squared away as well as my entire life for Junior year. If you find this insane, trust me I completely agree.

While I do love the small campus of Butler, it is sometimes difficult with housing. Since our basketball team’s final four runs a couple of years ago we have recently had a large increase in admissions. This increase is now causing Butler to think of new ways to increase the amount of housing we have on campus!  At Butler you can only live in a house when you are a senior or claim senior status. Before that you have to live in either the dorms or the apartments on campus. Since there are starting to be so many of us, houses are becoming more competitive to get, which is why many sophomores are already signing leases for their senior year. Crazy, right? I know.

Yesterday I officially signed off on where I will be living for my Junior year. I’m living in Apartment Village, and I am extremely excited because my roommates and I got everything we wanted! We wanted second floor, bay window, and a view of the Butler Bowl, Butler’s football field. We got all of that!

My home for junior year, apartment village!

For senior year I am living in a house with my current roommate, and a couple of other people. Our house is super nice and I am really excited!

On top of all this housing shenanigans, in a couple of days I have my meeting with my adviser to plan for all next year. In the Spring I plan to go abroad to Ireland or England, so I have a lot of planning to do with that as well. Basically right now, my entire life is a calendar, and I just keep making it more and more busy, but I think I am used to it by now.

March Sadness

This past week I have been unable to blog as much as usual for only one reason: March Madness, which I have now decided to name March Sadness because of Butler’s recent loss. I was fortunate to be able to go to both Butler games held in Lexington this past week.

To describe Thursday’s game vs Bucknell in one word would be excitement. I had never been to a March Madness game so it was awesome to see the team I love play in that kind of atmosphere. In typical fashion, Butler gave me a heart attack for most of the game, but we still got the win, which was exciting. The moment the buzzer went off I knew that I would be back in Lexington for Saturday’s game vs Marquette.

Driving down on Saturday to Lexington was nerve racking to say the least. I could not stop thinking about the game, and on top of that we had to sit through an entire game before we even watched ours. We played well. I am in no means disappointed in our team. It was just a really good game all around. Some of the calls I find debatable, but what’s done is done. It is really hard to talk about the outcome of that game considering how close it was.

As I usually try to do I think of the positives that come from losing the game to Marquette. For one, my grades will go back up. Two, I will not be focused on attending games anymore, instead just watching them. Three, I will be saving a ton money by not traveling to follow the team everywhere they go.

So I guess now I’m cheering on Louisville, because while in Lexington their fans always said they would be cheering for us. Plus even though I didn’t really know him a guy on the Louisville team went to my high school, so why not have them go all the way? Either way I’m still a proud Bulldog!

YouTube Preview Image


I Have To Keep Reminding Myself

This past Sunday was the best Sunday, besides the Super Bowl, of the year. It was Selection Sunday. The Sunday where teams get to see if they are going to the big dance AKA March Madness. Butler got picked with a 6th seed in the East region. To say I am excited is an understatement.

Right now I am struggling with the fact that I go to Butler for an education and not for Butler basketball. I have to keep reminding myself that during March Madness school still comes first. Even though I think that professors should still cancel classes when Butler is playing. Just a thought. Thankfully my crazy week was before Spring Break so there is not much going on for me this week, which is awesome!

This Thursday I will be going to see the dawgs play Bucknell in Lexington, Kentucky! I’m so excited that I get to experience this! Another thing I have to keep reminding myself of is: ONE GAME AT A TIME. I can’t imagine if I can’t focus on things how the actual team is focusing.

I will apoligize in advance that my blogs for the next couple weeks will most likely be March Madness blogs. However, I will try my best to make sure that I stick in a few non basketball blogs. Below is a video just to get you pumped for March, as if you already were not excited.

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Asian Food Problems

All the sororities on Butler campus have chefs. Our chefs at my house at Wayne and D. Me and D have a love/hate relationship although if he saw this post he would say there is no love because that’s awkward because he’s our chef. Instead I am going to say a like/hate relationship.

It all started when I decided to give D a little grief about his Asian cuisine skills. Being raised on homemade Asian food my whole life I’m used to my mom’s authentic Asian food. Sometimes I can be a real pain in the butt when it comes to eating others Asian food who are not Asian. The things I am especially picky about are rice and any Japanese food. Chinese food and Korean food I don’t really judge on because I am not a good judge at all!

I’m sure D hates me when I do this. It’s not that his food isn’t amazing because it really is good! Everyone else doesn’t complain, but I just give my little critiques here and there. My mom thinks it’s funny, and she’s starting to realize just how Japanese in food she raised me. I think I am becoming more picky than my mom. There are some foods that I like that not even native Japanese like. For example, I love natto. Natto is fermented soy beans that you eat with rice. It looks disgusting but to me tastes amazing, to other Japanese not so much.

Natto with rice!

Also my mom recently has started to buy instant miso soup. My mom thinks it tastes really good for instant miso soup. I cannot do instant miso soup. I know that may sound like I am super high needs, but miso soup is only good when homemade. I literally think I could eat miso paste, just kidding I have before… That also is probably disgusting for some.

NO NO NO. I hate instant miso.

The point is that I miss authentic Asian food.

Extremely Excited

I’m extremely excited and blessed to say that I was chosen for two new positions! I will be the new president of College Mentors for Kids next year, and also a Recruitment Counselor! I am so grateful for the opportunities that are coming to me from these two positions!

My interview for College Mentors for Kids was a 45 minute interview. The time of the interview alone scared me enough. The interview was not bad at all, and I’m really excited for the changes that the organization is deciding to take in the coming years. If you don’t know what College Mentors for Kids is, let me explain.

College Mentors for Kids is a nonprofit organization based out of Indianapolis. It was started at Indiana University and it’s mission is to connect college students with the most to give to kids who need it most. As president I will be overseeing a lot that goes on, but also having a lot of communication with headquarters. I’m really excited for this opportunity and to grow a lot as a person and a leader.

I am just as pumped for being a recruitment counselor too! Recruitment Counselors are girls in sororities that chose to give up their letters for a semester so they can be an unbiased opinion for the new girls going through recruitment. At the end of recruitment the girls will all find out what houses we were in. So for next fall I will not say what house I’m in and not blog,tweet,facebook,show what house I am in. Also I have to hide a lot of things on my Facebook, Twitter, and my blog. The freshmen like to figure out what house their recruitment counselor is in and will do anything to find out. This past year I heard that girls went through every single tweet one counselor had to find out what house she was in. Yes, it can get that intense.

Even though I may not be wearing my letters physically I know I am always wearing my letters no matter what.

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Update: Cleansing

In a previous post I mentioned my roommate, Rori, and I are going through a cleanse. Just to give you an idea of what we are doing here is our regime.

Day 1/2: Only drink anything with no artificial sweeteners. We have chosen V8 vegetable juice as well as V8 Fusion.
Day 3/4: For Day 3 only vegetables, day 4 you can add fruits.
Day 5: Anything but meat
Day 6: Back to normal

Yes I realize how crazy this may be, but shockingly I’m OK. This morning I thought I would wake up and right away eat a thousand different vegetables, but instead I actually was not that hungry. Oddly enough I think my body is getting used to my crazy habit this week, which I don’t know if this is good or bad… Either way I know that this is doing exactly what I want it to do which is shrink the size of my stomach!

I will say I have noticed some changes such as my lack of energy as well as just zoning out. This experience has not only shown me the willpower I have (I avoided a nacho bar and dessert bar the other night) but also has shown me how much we rely on food. I don’t know if I will cleanse again, but I will say I definitely have never looked forward to vegetables this much in my life.

Random: I know the Harlem Shake thing is getting kind of old, but seriously I love this video just not the team.

YouTube Preview Image

Here We Go Again

It’s that time of year again to sign up for positions in organizations and clubs. I think this time I am going a little more crazy, but I’m excited for whatever opportunities I receive! Here’s the full list of positions I’m considering!

VP or President of College Mentors for Kids
Currently I am Director of Recruitment for College Mentors for Kids. I really love this organization because it takes kids from inner city schools or areas that aren’t the best and provides them with the opportunity to visit a college campus once a week and see that they can achieve anything they set out to do. I have this interview on Monday. It’s 45 minutes long, so I’m slightly nervous!

Recruitment Counselor
A Recruitment Counselor is someone in a sorority who has already been through both sides of recruitment (going through as a potential new member, as well as going through as an active member) who decides that they would like to be a leader for the freshmen who go through next recruitment round. Doing this means that you must disassociate yourself from your house. Basically no one can know that you are whatever sorority you are. I really want to do this because I think it will be so much fun as well as I want the freshmen to experience the best time I had through recruitment, because it can be extremely stressful. I have this interview on Monday as well!

PR/Marketing, Dawg Pound
I’m currently on Dawg Pound as a member of Street Team, but I want to have a higher position. This is based on a majority vote by those in Dawg Pound, so we’ll see what happens. Although I am thinking about applying for a Sports Marketing internship at Hinkle so I’m not exactly sure if I will go through with Dawg Pound. It all depends. Either way I plan to be all over Butler athletics next year!

It’s insane to think that next year is my junior year and that I will be advancing further into the organizations that I have been in since freshmen year. I can’t wait to see what happens!