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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Archive: February 2013

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

If you see me around campus or maybe hear me, because I can be really loud sometimes, I usually say “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” It’s a phrase that I stole from Sweet Brown, a YouTube sensation. If you haven’t seen the video here it is:

YouTube Preview Image

Basically Sweet Brown made me realize that ain’t nobody got time for a lot of things, and a lot of my friends have realized this as well. Recently, many of my friends have been asking, “Katie, what do you have time for?” and my response is there is a list of things I have time for and it’s in a top 5.

#1. Homework
Let’s be honest everybody got time for homework, or at least they should. I am on a scholarship at Butler so if I don’t do homework there’s no more anything for me at Butler, so I really got time for this. Plus I care about my grades either way so even though I may not like it here’s always time for homework.

#2. Butler Basketball or Butler SPORTS in general
If you ain’t got time for butler basketball we honestly can’t be friends. Let me rephrase this if you don’t have time for sports in general we can’t be friends. A lot of people focus on Butler basketball and I will admit I have been a victim to this, but our school has a lot of amazing athletes so really going to any game you should have time for to support your school.

#3. Hanging out with friends and family
I always got time for this. I love my friends and family. They are usually what get me through the day and through school. Whether we are laughing, talking about some serious things, or just hanging out on the weekend I love being with them and always have time for that!

#4. Sleeping
Getting down to basics, if you don’t have time for sleeping you aren’t doing it right. People who say “Oh you will sleep when you die so why are you sleeping now?” WRONG. People don’t want to see me with no sleep it’s not a good time, and I am a feisty person, and ain’t nobody got time for feisty- ness.

#5. Eating
Another basic part of life, but everybody got time for eating. College students who pass up free food baffle me. This is college you know we are broke so eat the free food and make some time to eat!

I apologize for the numerous grammatical errors that are intentionally in this blog, but needless to say if anyone asks me what I have time for I am directing them to this blog, because clearly I got time for things. For all the other shenanigans that’s going on in life one thing is true: AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.


Top 5 Songs Right Now

If you keep up to date with my blogs you know that I occasionally write a blog about new songs that I can’t stop listening to! Sometimes it’s the artist itself and a lot of their songs or sometimes it’s just one song. Right now here are my top five SONGS that I can’t stop listening to.

#1. Lullabies – Yuna
A found this new application on Spotify called Tunigo and they make playlists to match certain moods or party playlists, basically anything you can think of. The playlist I found this song on is called Hanging Out and Relaxing. This song is just that, relaxing. This singers voice is insane. It’s super easy to study to this song.

YouTube Preview Image

#2. Man On The Moon – Kid Cudi
This song isn’t that new at all, but this song also showed up on one of my Tunigo playlists and forgot how much I love it. I love the instrumental on this soundtrack, it’s actually another song called Aquarium that Kid Cudi just laid a verse over. I like both songs without or without the lyrics. Either way I think I’ve been playing this song way too much because people in my hallway are beginning to notice.

YouTube Preview Image

#3. Feel Tall – Oncue
I don’t know what it is about this song, but I seriously can’t stop listening to it. I think it’s the chorus because I really like the guys voice at that part. Sometimes songs are really good music to just study to and I love finding rap songs that are easy to listen to while studying.

YouTube Preview Image

#4. Pyramids – Frank Ocean
I love Frank Ocean. I don’t know why I just started liking this song, but it’s so awesome. I really like the second half of this song. It’s a 9 minute song but right at the 430 mark it goes into this super chill part that I like. Frank Ocean’s voice is just too smooth and I can’t get enough of it.

YouTube Preview Image

#5. Run – Knux ft Kid Cudi
This song is so good to workout to, because it just gets you really pumped up. I’ve never heard of the Knux before Tunigo introduced me to them, but I really like this song! I haven’t heard any of their other songs yet, but I plan on checking them out more!

YouTube Preview Image

Today’s the Day!

At 335 this morning by brother texted me they were on the way to the hospital which means only one thing, MY NEPHEW IS COMING! His due date was 3 days ago so I feel like it’s about time!

My brother and his wife have two other kids, so I’ve been an aunt for a while. I have a nephew and a niece, Sam and Olivia, but I’m excited for the newest edition. If they didn’t change his name last minute I’m pretty sure his name is going to be Stanley Kenji Cessna. All of the kids have Japanese middle names and typically their first name is a family name. This may sound really bad, but I’m hoping that Stanley looks more Asian than Sam or Olivia. My niece and nephew look completely white. They have really light colored hair and blue eyes.

My nephew!

My niece!

I was the third child and ended up looking the most Asian out of my siblings so maybe that will happen to Stanley! Either way I am still excited whether he looks Asian or not. It’s always fun to have a new baby around. Sam and Olivia are quite the handful, but I’m sure they will help with Stanley a lot!

I don't know if you can tell here, but I look the most Asian between my siblings!

I Love Being Sick

Clearly the title of my blog is an exaggeration. I hate being sick. Currently I have a lot of issues going on! If you don’t want detailed information on my sickness you may want to stop reading…

My roommate thinks I have pink eye because the same thing that happened to her is happening to me. One of my eyes is completely red and I woke up with it basically shut from eye crust. My tonsils are currently so swollen that the thing that is in the back of your mouth that hangs there is touching my tonsils, so that’s fun. Since my tonsils are so swollen it’s making it extremely difficult to even swallow. No worries though I’m still talking, so don’t think you have gotten rid of me yet!

I do feel really bad for the cold dorm right now, because since my nose is stuffed and I can’t really swallow unless I really think about I’m snoring extremely loud, but I can’t help it! Hopefully I can go to the doctors ASAP, because this is probably the worse feeling. On top of being sick I have my first Spanish test on Wednesday, so this should be fun studying for.

Anyway enough of my complaining, keep your head up everyone. It is only Monday after all.

What Was That?!

Last night I watched the Super Bowl at my friend Bethany’s house with a couple of our friends! Bethany’s mom went out of control on food, I think I still might be in a food coma. Either way though I thought the food was going to be the thing I was most excited about because I really did not care which team won, but that changed quickly after the game started.

First off everyone knows that if you aren’t a fan of football that many people watch the game just for the commercials. I am not one of those people, I love sports, but the commercials are an extra bonus to watching the game. Although this year I did not think the commercials were that great. They kind of sucked. I didn’t really find any of them that funny and the only one I really liked, the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial, made me want to cry.

On top of the commercials if you never watch the Super Bowl this year you were because of Beyonce and the half time show. Beyonce killed it. I’m really not even that big of a Beyonce fan, but her half time show was insane. On top of that Destiny’s Child came back to do a few songs. It only would have been better if Jay-Z came out and did a song, but I won’t complain.

As if the Super Bowl couldn’t have gotten more crazy with the Ravens killing the 49er’s it only got more crazy when there decided to be a power outage at the dome. All I could think about was that this would never happen in Indianapolis, and we should host the Super Bowl again :)

The Black Out!

Besides everything that happened, the game actually turned out to be really good. The 49er’s made an impressive attempt at a comeback, but just barely missed it. It would have been awesome to see, but since I didn’t really mind who won I was just wanting to go home. With the power outage it added an additional 35 minutes to the game. I just can’t wait until next Super Bowl, but until then at least I have March Madness to look forward to now!

Celebration time for the Ravens!