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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Archive: December 2012

Winter Break Obsessions

So over Winter break I haven’t been doing much but working and watching a lot of TV shows. My roommate keeps getting me addicted to different shows and it is really bad, because that’s all I do now. Here are the three latest shows that I can not stop watching!

#1. Parks and Recreation
This show is based in Indiana and is about a local parks department and the crazy things they go through. At first I was not super interested in it, but now it just keeps getting funnier and funnier. I finally caught up to where they are currently. I can not wait until new episodes air!

#2. Walking Dead
Every time the Walking Dead is on TV my Twitter feed blows up. A lot of people I know watch it so I thought I would start. I’m not really into the whole zombie thing but I thought I would give it a try with this show. Now I am officially addicted to this show. It is pretty intense but I like it a lot. I have not caught up with this show yet. I am dog sitting right now and watching this show in a house by yourself kind of freaks me out.

#3. Greek
Greek is an old show, but my roommate has got me addicted to this as well. I like this show because I can relate to it! It reminds me a lot of Greek life at Butler to a certain extent. We are not as crazy as them, but some of the things are what I love about Greek life! This show has six seasons so it may take me a while to finish it!

Obviously when I get back to school it will take me longer to finish shows considering I will have to be studying and doing other things besides watching TV, but until then I will try and watch as much as possible!

Blizzard 2012

Yesterday afternoon everyone started getting warnings on their phones and on TV that we would be under a blizzard warning. Typically I don’t take these very seriously because half of the time it never happens.

This morning when I woke up at 8 AM to get ready for work the roads did not look to bad, but after getting called off of work and seeing outside get relatively worse I realized that we would be getting a ton of snow. Currently it almost seems like a whiteout because the wind is so strong that the snow is blowing everywhere. The only thing that makes me happy about this blizzard is that I do not have to work!

Outside my window, it may not look that bad, but the snow is blowing everywhere and still falling!

Unfortunately I am not like every other kid. I hate snow, unless it involves snowboarding. I would rather this just be a ton of rain. For now though it seems that most of Indianapolis is basically shut down. We are currently on an orange alert from the mayor meaning that employers should send employees home and also that only emergency vehicles are being asked to be on the roads.

While this blizzard continues, which by the way we are expected to get 10-15 inches (Bloomington which is about an hour away already has 11.5 inches) I will be laying in my bed all day and watching Parks and Recreation. I have started this a couple days ago and have all most caught up, so I guess that is the plus with this blizzard.

People Are Crazy

As usual I am working at Forever 21 over the holidays. I don’t really mind ever working at Forever 21 because it is a job I am used to, but this past week has been ridiculous. Let me explain.

To start out, last week I came down with the flu. I’m not completely sure it’s the flu, because I did not go to the doctor, but I am pretty sure it was something to that extent. I had a fever. I threw up at work, and still completed my shift. It was not that big of a deal I’ve thrown up at work before and still worked. You just kind of learn to suck it up and go on. Shockingly though the throw up is not what made my job miserable at times this week. It was the hours and the people. Typically we are open from 10 AM to 9 PM, but for the holiday week we have been open from 8 AM to 11 PM. That may not seem terrible but if you open you have to come an hour early to clean and if you close you have to stay an hour later.

Not only have the hours been ridiculous, people have been out of control. While majority of people are really nice due to it being the holidays and they know it is a crazy time, there are those who usually do not shop and so are stressed out by the craziness. Those are the people that I wish would online shop instead. I have been yelled at about our exchange policy, being too hot in the store, and so many other things. The only positive to this week has been the attractive guys that I typically don’t see in Forever 21. The only bad thing is that most were shopping for their girlfriends…

In the end I am glad that I have tomorrow off, not for the holiday, but just for the mere fact that I can sleep in peace and quiet. No bells going off, no customers with complaints, no cleaning, and no dressing up. Tomorrow you can find me in my bed. I am grateful for my bed. Happy Holidays everyone!

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The Most Amazing Game

Unless you live under a rock you probably have heard that the Butler Bulldogs took down number one Indiana University in basketball yesterday. Instead of doing my typical blog about how much I’m proud to be a dawg, and how the game was so amazing, and how I cried, bruised my wrist (by hitting that instead of clapping my actual hand), hugging everyone after we won, and just smiling instead of yelling through the streets of Indy; I thought instead I would explain some things about what others have been saying about the game.

#1. We are not LUCKY.
It makes me laugh that everyone continues to say we got lucky against IU. That is not what happened. I won’t even go into consideration with the refs. Take out the refs. Look at the fact that a number one team with players considered as “all stars”, not only went to over time with us, took out three of our players from fouling out, and never got over a 6 or 7 point lead over us. Not to give respect to Indiana University, there fans have been waiting long enough for their comeback, but we did not get lucky. Yes in certain shots we got lucky, but our team works just as hard as IU does. Our team has players who have keys to Hinkle, because they put in the work on the court when no one is even there.

#2. Alex Barlow: Walk On.
I think Chase Stigall said it perfectly in the press conference after the game yesterday. He said something along the lines of I hate when people say he’s a walk on, he’s a player. I couldn’t agree more. Yes Alex Barlow was a walk on, but you can tell that he is not a walk on to Stevens he is a player, and many should realize that. Last year Barlow hardly ever played. This year I have gone to see him go from hardly ever playing, to play in games for a little bit, to starting in games, and to now making a game winning shot. Just like an article on CBS Sports said this is typical Stevens in winning bringing someone no one knows to make the shot. This is not typical Stevens, that’s just The Butler Way.

#3. It’s fine, you can still call us UNDERDAWG.
It’s fine go ahead and continue to call our team the underdawg, the Cinderella story, or the upset team. We have seen amazing wins all through two final fours and recently when beating UNC. We are used to being called the underdawgs, but in our mind we our top dawg, and we will battle until we win. The basketball team yesterday believed in themselves, they didn’t go in there with a cocky demeanor, they didn’t think they are “definitely” beating them, but they knew they had the ability to beat them. That’s the way it should be, no team should go into the game with the mind set “we are done, it’s the number one team” All teams should think “I’ve got this.”

In reality here’s a mini paragraph of what this post was going to be until I thought I should probably stop my obsession. I cried when we won. I also hugged everyone around me. I sang the Butler war song with alumni. I also left with my wrist already turning purple, and my throat hurting from yelling. Dawg Pound cheered Boiler up, to thank the Purdue student fan section for cheering us on as well. This may be a little harsh, but I couldn’t help smiling at seeing the faces of the IU fans after we won. Being from Indiana, especially going to a high school where majority of people go to IU, I couldn’t help but smile, because after hearing so much trash talking, I have kept quiet this whole time. I wanted things to play out on the court, words mean nothing, but action means everything. GO DAWGS.

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My first semester of my sophomore year is officially done. I had four finals in two days, and basically had to study non stop. Here is the basic life of a college student during finals week. Play massive amounts of Pandora with either complete rage music or very calming music. Then drink tons of caffeine or Starbucks or even use every possible free thing Butler provides you whether it be food, drinks or any other stress less thing you can come up. Then try to find rooms in Jordan, Gallahue, Irwin, or any other possible building you can think of. After all that is accomplished study away your life as much as possible.

The only problem with this idea is that Butler decided to have a speech competition held on our campus on the Saturday before finals which typically is intense cram time for many students. Many students had trouble finding a room to study in, but I was able to find a place in Gallahue to study. On Monday I had my Strategic Communications final and my Music final for my PCA. On Tuesday I had my Media Literacy final and my Spanish final. Needless to say I am glad that I am officially done with everything. I studied pretty much all day everyday from Saturday to Tuesday.

Now that finals are done I’m just hanging around campus basically going home whenever I feel like it since I live so close. I hope everyone isn’t dying from finals!

Here’s two girls I couldn’t stop watching during finals week to keep me laughing!

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Dead Week

Dead week at Butler is never dead week. It usually means a time for projects and any other random thing the professor would love to give you. This week it seems like everyday I had something due. It gets kind of difficult to keep up.

This past Tuesday I had something due in every class or needed to do something to prepare for every class. Not to sound ridiculous but literally every class I wanted to skip, but couldn’t because there was something holding me back each and every time.

My Tuesday:
PCA 241
: Had to go to class because we had to practice our performance that we had to give on Thursday.
SW 266: Presenting my group’s public service announcement to the class.
COM 101: Had homework to turn in
SP 101: In class writing assignment to due

That may not seem bad but when this week at other schools is called dead week, here at Butler it may as well be called pre finals week where they give us more work than they have ever before during the semester in one week. The only positive to this week was that the class I have Monday, Wednesday, and Friday got canceled Wednesday and today, which means last night was my last class for the semester and now it’s on to FINALS!

I’m not extremely worried about finals and I should be all done by Tuesday. Good luck to everyone is struggling. We are almost done!

Here’s a video as Butler basketball continues to make me proud to be dawg.

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What Is Snow?

70 degrees, camels, and Butler. What? Yes, today on December 3rd it is 70 degrees outside, there are camels on campus, and this is at Butler. This is not typically how Indiana weather works, but this week the temperatures are not dropping below the 50’s for the high, which is awesome.

To explain the camels it’s a Butler twitter joke. This years past family weekend brought a little day of stress when some people running away from the police decided to come onto Butler campus. Thankfully they were caught and sent to jail, but in the midst of this the BU Police twitter sent out a tweet that said something along the lines of “suspect at large, last seen running towards camel.” Well while most of us tried to figure out when did we get a camel, we soon realized that what the police officer actually meant was canal. The canal which runs through our campus is where the suspect was seen heading towards. After the Butler Camel became a sort of inside joke for Butler students and now the Butler Camel even has it’s own twitter.

In the midst of all this craziness, my class (the sophomore class) executive board thought it would brighten it mood of students who are facing the struggles of finals to see some actual camels on campus, and so today there was not one, not two, not three, but four camels.

As if the weather could not be crazy enough, we thought we would just spice it up a little more with some camels. Enjoy.