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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Archive: November 2012

Fiesta Friday!

It’s Friday and I couldn’t be happier, and to get you pumped for the weekend, which for Butler students is the last weekend for shenanigans before we all have mental breakdowns for finals, I am going to provide you my latest top 5 songs that I can’t stop listening to! As usual some are old, some are new!

#1. Need Your Heart – Adventure Club ft Kia
If you are into dubstep this song is probably for you. Kia in the background and the beat are such an awesome combo. I love listening to this song when I’m running!

YouTube Preview Image

#2. Chugjug – Family of the Year
This song has been featured in Advil commercials, but I love the way this song is super upbeat and very laid back. It just makes me want to move my feet side to side. It’s a really good song to just have your windows down and driving down a hilly road on a fall day.

YouTube Preview Image

#3. The Recipe – Kendrick Lamar ft Dr. Dre
Although the beat is simple in this song it’s perfect, because the singer in the background sounds so eerie that it works out perfect. I couldn’t find an edited version to put on here, but if you would like to listen to this just simply You Tube it!

#4. Disparate Youth – Santigold
Santigold always has really awesome and cool beats going on in her songs. Plus the way she sounds is not like many other artists out there. The only other artist comparison out there to her would M.I.A who is also amazing!

YouTube Preview Image

#5. Raphael – CocoRosie
The song starts out sounding like it’s on a vinyl, which is really cool. I like this song because the singers voice is really interesting and has this raspyness to it as well as this old sound to it. It’s a little weird, but I like it.

YouTube Preview Image

There’s my latest five. No worries there will be a next five soon enough when I found more songs that I can’t help but listen to!

The Language of Me

The other day my friend Kameron said, ” I wish I could talk like you, Katie.” and that made me think, how do I talk? Then I realized that I do say some things that most people don’t say. There are two things I say a lot that typically normal people do not say.

#1. Herro
Instead of saying Hello I say Herro to imitate my Japanese heritage. Typically most Japanese cannot tell the different between L’s and R’s, so I just stuck with the R’s and usually elongate the r. It typically looks like this spelled on my texts, herrrrroooooo. I also yell this to people on campus, and it pretty much informs people I am here.

#2. Ya Ninja
This also goes back my heritage, but just because I call you ya ninja does not mean that you are seriously a ninja, it’s kind of my sarcastic response to when people say obvious things or things I find funny or dumb. You have to place emphasis on the ya, basically you just have to hear me say it… I may have to do a vlog on this.

There is really nothing to be jealous of because anyone can say these words or phrases, but my friends say that I do it the best because of the way I say things. I never knew that I could say things better than others, but I guess it’s like how English accents usually sound better than when we speak. I guess I’m just privileged… just kidding!

Here’s a little barbershop quartet of an old school song, I love Jimmy Fallon

YouTube Preview Image

Hide In A Cave Weekend

I worked Black Friday at Forever 21 for my third time. It’s funny because my first day of work at Forever 21 was on Black Friday my junior year of high school and because of that it is easy for me to keep track of my anniversaries of working there. This Black Friday I worked from 5AM to 3 PM. While this may seem crazy to some people we always get 10 hour shifts on Black Friday so most of us are used to it.

My shift was not that bad, I was in the shift where the midnight shoppers were going to sleep and the normal shoppers were finally getting up. Although I heard at midnight that we had insane lines, people banging on our gates to come in early, and all other crazy shenanigans. I understand that there may be deals but at Forever 21 I feel like you are always getting a deal so I really don’t understand the commotion of being there. I will say though that I never felt like we were super busy, until I counted my drawer at the end of the day and realized I had over $14000 in my drawer alone, so I guess we were busy.

Black Friday to me was not that bad. What killed me was the next day. After working Black Friday I went straight downtown with my friends Catrina and Bethany to see the Circle of Lights, which is a tree lighting that downtown Indianapolis does to our Monument Circle.

I got back home and fell asleep right away. The next day (Saturday) I had to work from 11-7 which typically wouldn’t be bad, but I think I overslept from the exhaustion of Friday that Saturday my body felt even worse. I was in such a bad mood, so I feel really bad for the customers that talked to, because I probably seemed completely out of it and uninterested, which typically is not me.

Thankfully I’m back at Butler now, so it’s back to the usual of studying and learning, but I’m starting to realize that I’d rather do that than work any Black Friday.

Proud To Be A Dawg

If you have not been watching the Maui Invitational you are missing out on what the Dawgs do all the time, give their fans heart attacks. You are also missing out on amazing shots like Rotnei Clarke’s shot that blogger Andrew talked about. No matter what though the Dawgs are playing amazing, and as usual we were considered the underdawg, but we proved that wrong once again.

Many of the students know at Butler that the nation considers ourselves as a Cinderella story, but we don’t see ourselves like that. There is no miracle in what we do, it’s what we do as dawgs. We fight til the end whether it’s in our athletics or our academics. This may sound extremely cheesy to you if you aren’t a Butler student or alumni, but I’m pretty sure if you looked at my Twitter right now we are all passionate about Butler. It’s awesome that the Maui Invitational can bring the nation to see once again that while we maybe underdawgs we fight all the way to the end.

I can’t wait until the dawgs are back home so that I can cheer front row in Dawg Pound, cheering in my living room isn’t working out too well… my mom asked me to calm down and then started complaining in Japanese… Whoops.

While you can see the actual shot on Andrew’s blog, check out this video of fan reaction!

YouTube Preview Image


Vlogging Failure

In our past blogging meeting we were asked to start vlogging or video blogging. I’ve tried like a trillion times to vlog, and basically each and every time I feel like I sound extremely dumb. Vlogging is possibly the weirdest thing for me. I don’t really like how I sound, I usually dress like a bum lately because I’m so tired of classes, and I feel like everything in my life isn’t as interesting as the other bloggers.

So over Thanksgiving break my goal is to at least do one vlog and see how it goes. If it is completely horrendous I hope people are honest and tell me. Hopefully if all else fails I get at least get a few people to laugh, and if anything you will at least see my Asian bun, which is when I put all my hair in a bun on top of my head. Many people know it’s me around campus because of it, so that’s entertaining I guess.

If you want to see a vlog that I really enjoy check out Kevjumba on YouTube! We have a lot in common because he has an Asian parent and makes fun of them a lot. His dad even makes appearances sometimes in his videos which is always fun, maybe my mom will make an appearance in mine! Until then here’s a video you can see of Kevjumba!

24 Hours Of Amazing

Pretty much all day I’ve been trying to watch basketball. Of course the 24 hours of college basketball would be on the day that I have a speech to give and also the day I am crazy busy. Because of those reasons unfortunately I have not been able to watch as much as I would like to, but I’m fully prepared to watch Butler play Xavier. It should be on right now, but currently ESPN is in the final minute of the Detroit vs St. John’s game, which this minute is turning into 2 hours it seems like.

Obviously I am prepared for a Butler win tonight against Xavier. If anyone knows Xavier and Butler have had a rivalry for quite some time now and it hasn’t always been pretty, but I won’t go into that. Typically I would travel to the close games for Butler, but because I have to give a speech today I really had no choice but to stay home for this one.

If there’s one thing that probably frustrates professors is how all of sudden everyone becomes sick on basketball days. Typically students will skip class to watch the game or even go to the away game, but with the latest conference switch many teams Butler will be playing will be far away, so maybe this can change the whole sickness of Butler students on game day.

All I can say is if I over blog about Butler basketball I apologize. It’s seriously my favorite time of year.

What I got to saw this past weekend!

YouTube Preview Image

True Life: My iPhone Is A Champ

I honestly have no idea how I lived without an iPhone before I had one. I have my entire life on my iPhone from a day planner to memories of thousands of pictures to having every possible app that provides information on gas prices, banking, and all kinds of other things. Although when I realize half the things that happen to my iPhone I take for granted all the things I could be missing out on if I were to break my iPhone.

This weekend could have been one of those times where I completely demolished my phone. Unfortunately the genius I am I dropped my phone in the toilet. Why I bring my phone every where I could not explain to you, but it did fall into the toilet, and shockingly it is still working. This is all thanks to using an insane blow dryer and rice. Without those two things I’m sure my phone would be demolished right now.

The bag of rice that saved my phone!

On top of that my phone gets dropped all the time, and shockingly I have no scratches or shatters on my iPhone at all. I hope by saying all this I don’t jinx myself, but basically I’m really grateful that my iPhone is taking all of this like a champ, because I think my sister might kill me the next time something insane happens.

Until then I would just like to say take care of your iPhone, they aren’t cheap and as I am beginning to realize not everyone is as lucky as me!

Social Media: Election Style

Last night, the results from the election were revealed. As many stayed up to watch I decided sleep was more important, but what I find appalling afterwards and before and during this whole election process is the amount of opinions of Twitter and Facebook.

It’s great that people want to voice their opinion, but it’s gotten kind of out of control. No one should bash one or the other side for their stance. I may not agree with a certain side, but I have never argued or tried to make a person feel uncomfortable. Whoever you vote for you should not end up getting ridiculed. Honestly during the whole election I just wanted Twitter and Facebook to be shut down. As said before I don’t care who you side with I care that people still respect each other. Yes, we live in a country full of freedom and having our own rights, but to a certain extent last night at least on my twitter and Facebook was an all out war.

This is the only time I will state my opinion on politics on social media. America is not about red and blue states, it’s not about who we hate and who we love, it’s about making this the best place to live, what you think that is why people vote.

In the end I’m thankful the elections are over and people can go back to telling funny jokes about life, happy occasions, sad occasions, inside jokes and more on Twitter/Facebook instead of election craziness.

Here’s a song that I can’t stop listening to!!!

YouTube Preview Image


I’m Getting To Be A Grandma

This past Saturday I turned 20, and all I could think about is how old I am getting. Now if you are a parent, grandparent, or just anyone over 20 reading this I realize that you may think this is ridiculous, but it’s hard to believe that I’ve been around for two decades.

For my birthday I went to Indiana University to see some of my best friends. My best friend, Sara, also went with me from Purdue. I was so glad that I got to spend time with them and just be around people that I have known anywhere from 4-8 years. That was on the Friday before my birthday! On Saturday my actual birthday I came back to Butler to be with my friends here. I also went out to dinner with my sister and her husband. It was a lot of fun and of course I got one of my favorite foods, SUSHI! On Sunday, I went to the Colts game with my dad, and basically my second family mark and jake. It was a lot of fun and it was a colts win, so who can’t get excited about that!

Colts game!

In the end I realize I’m not that old and still have a long road ahead of me, but it’s weird not to be a teenager anymore.

My 100th Post!

I cannot believe that this is my 100th post. It’s insane to think about that this time last year I was freaking out about scheduling, and low and behold I’m still freaking out about scheduling! That’s besides the point though.

When I first found out I got the blogging position I was extremely excited. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging because that’s not the point at all, but I know how intense it is to get the blogging job. Many apply for this position so for me to beat out all those people seems kind of crazy. I don’t think at all that I’m the most interesting person that Butler has to offer, but I’m glad some of you find my blogs entertaining. I can’t wait for the next two more years to continue to share the craziness with you that is my life.

If you are a current high school senior and are thinking about Butler, I suggest you don’t think but do and apply to attend Butler. Butler has given me many opportunities like the blogging that I could have never imagined before applying. Early decision is done, but you still can apply for regular decision!