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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Archive: October 2012

Please Don’t Stop The Music

I’ve done a couple blogs like this before, but if you already didn’t know I am constantly listening to music. If I’m at a party I usually try to take over on the music, because I feel like I’m pretty good at it, and most people say I’m good at it, so I think why not? As usual I have a couple songs that I can’t stop playing so I thought I would share these with you, maybe if you haven’t heard them yet you can start listening to them!

#1. Locked Out Of Heaven – Bruno Mars
This song is so fun. I love driving around to this song. I watched Bruno Mars perform this on SNL and it was good live just as it is on the radio. I really like the chorus because it goes from this awesome upbeat type of song to then a more chilled out part, which I think is really cool. I also like the old vibe. Some aspects of the song remind me of The Temptations, but obviously a way more modern version.

YouTube Preview Image

#2. Just What I Am – Kid Cudi ft. King Chip
I love this song. The beat is really sick and when Kid Cudi come in it’s so cool the effects he uses on his voice. It’s a really good song to just chill out to or listen to in your car. I just am really glad that Cudi has come out with new stuff!

YouTube Preview Image

#3. Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch
I love Florence and the Machine and she is used in this song. She has such an awesome voice, but with the beat from Calvin Harris it’s even ten times better. At first with Florence you think it will be her just singing, but turns into this huge rage song which is awesome. It’s an awesome song to run to! Go to the 55 second mark on the video to start the song!

YouTube Preview Image

#4. Die Young – Kesha
I used to not like this song at all, but then my roommate, Rori, started playing it all the time and now we always listen to it when are getting ready. It gets you so hyped up for anything that you are about to do. It’s more of a party anthem, but what do you expect from Kesha?

YouTube Preview Image

#5. Doo Wop – Lauryn Hill
I realize this isn’t new and is from the 90’s, but lately I cannot stop listening to Lauryn Hill. Her voice is just so insane and soulful. If I had her voice I would be so happy with life, and on top of that all her songs have great beats. If you don’t know at least one Lauryn Hill song or when she was with the Fugees you are missing out.

YouTube Preview Image


Can You Hear It?

This Saturday is finally the end to my countdown. The countdown of Butler basketball. Not to sound like a crazy person, but I seriously wait for basketball season every year.

Butler basketball will be a little different this year. As many of you know we moved to the A-10 conference (Atlantic 10). Our schedule is harder than before and we have a lot of new talent that we have to look forward to! This Saturday is just an exhibition game vs Marian, but either way it just means that we are finally starting basketball season.

For me college basketball is awesome, I like it a lot better than NBA. Now that college basketball is starting up I can not only focus my time on the Colts in the NFL, but with Butler basketball. This year I am on street team for Dawg Pound, which basically means I inform people about games and get them hyped, so I will be in the front row for all the games to hype people up, which I’m really excited about!

Get ready to hear the yelling and chanting coming from Hinkle, it’s finally the time for me to lose my voice every game. LET’S GO DAWGS!

To keep you excited here’s a clip from Homecoming of the Bulldog Pageant!

YouTube Preview Image

Planning My Life

Believe it or not scheduling is just right around the corner for next semester. My adviser sent me an email on what I should have prepared for our advising meeting and to say the least I feel like I am getting extremely old.

It’s weird to think that after this year I will be half done with my college career, and seeing questions that ask what do you plan on doing after college freak me out. In the past two weeks, I’ve been to meetings about internships and learning about the professional field of what I want to do in Public Relations. Needless to say I am a little freaked out but mostly excited, but as many of you know I am trying to perfect my college plan.

I never thought I would say this but I actually do not want to leave school. There is so much left that I want to learn and not enough time. If I have any advice for those of you still in high school pick a foreign language and stick with it, because not coming in with any credit toward a language is causing me so much stress at this point. Every one tells me it’s not a huge deal, but when I’m trying to study abroad in Spain and still am in Spanish 101 at this point, it’s kind of a big deal.

I will try not to rip my hair out at my adviser meeting, and at this point I’m just trying to stay positive even though it may not seem like it! Other than that I’m extremely excited about all the Strategic Communication classes that I get to take next semester! Wish me luck!

Here’s a video from Google Chrome, which I just had to do an analysis on their ad campaign. I think this one is so cute!

YouTube Preview Image

Welcome To The Big House

This fall break my roommate, Rori, and I went to the University of Michigan to visit her friend Arie! It was insane. Going to Michigan is completely different from Butler for obvious reasons like size. University of Michigan has about 30,000 while Butler has over 4000. Not only that the atmosphere is very different. Football at Michigan is huge unlike at Butler.

The Big House is what Michigan’s football stadium is called and it totally deserves its title. It is the largest college stadium in the nation. It fits 109,000 people in the stadium at full capacity. We went to the Michigan vs University of Illinois game and although it was pouring and freezing it was still awesome to experience. Arie was able to get us student tickets so that was exciting.

The Big House!

Michigan tailgate!

The weird thing about going to the Michigan game is it didn’t get me more excited about football, but just more excited for Butler basketball. Yes I realize how weird this is, but I cannot wait! Although I will say if you’ve never been to a Michigan game you need to experience it.

Overall this fall break was a lot of fun, but now it’s back to reality with school.

You Always Know

You always know on Butler campus when it’s getting close to a break, because all of sudden it’s like our professors huddle to together and stack tests on tests on tests or major assignments all due before break. Currently as I type this many are tucked away inside rooms trying to figure out why they didn’t study three days before.

This was me last night, and now that I am finally free for Fall Break it’s sad that I can’t play around my house because everyone is so busy studying. It’s so nice to just relax. Today was insane. I had a test in my first class, a speech that is worth half my grade in my second class, and an in class write in my Spanish class. Monday was total misery for me considering I spent the entire day just studying or working on things that had to be done.

Finally I can work out, hang out, get things organized, and get ready for break. I’m going to Michigan with my roommate Rori to visit some of her friends. I’m really excited to see the Michigan vs Michigan State game! It should be fun!

Good luck to all of Butler, because by the looks of Starbucks tonight everyone is currently cramming.

Here’s a video that I love especially after beating the Packers this past Sunday! This is a great speech by someone who is going through a lot in his own life right now. COLTSRONG & CHUCKSTRONG

YouTube Preview Image

When You Have An Asian Mother

In case you didn’t know I am half Japanese. My mom is from Japan, and although she doesn’t think so she has an accent, but it makes everything ten times better.

It starts to get funny when I can hear my mom’s accent come out through text messages. For example, the other night my mom texted me a picture of our cat with evil looking eyes. She continued to go on and explain to me how the cat escaped, so I suggested that maybe the cat is not happy with life. My mom thought that was a ridiculous statement. She then went on to tell me what happened. If you are friends with my on Facebook then you already know the story, but if not here is what my mom texted me word for word. I changed nothing about this text. This is 100% my mom.

“Hey you must be boring since you don’t live with me. So I give you a story. Mikan did a great escape last night. After I went to bed he got up on kitchen counter and tore screen. I left window open about 5-6 inches. And he got through the opening and went to patio, I think. I don’t think he fell to the ground. Anyways, he usually come to my bed in the morning and greet me but this morning he didn’t. But I didn’t think anything of it. Then I went to kitchen and saw screen was torn. First I thought maybe stray cat tore the screen and came inside. But then I heard meaw from outside. I thought “is that Mikan? Nah” but I didn’t see Mikan anywhere so I opened sliding door a little and looked outside, he was there in a corner curled up. I went out and tried to pick him up, but he meawed so loud and ran away form me but not too far so I opened door wider and told him to go in then he went in. but he was meawing so loud for a while. Maybe he had a scary experience last night. I hope he had his lesson! (ghost emoji, eggplant emoji, grin emoji)”

Mikan is our cat who decided to escape. That’s my mom for you. If you think I’m funny you mine as well just thank my mom for my comedy, because all my jokes are based off her. I’m not laughing at her I’m laughing with her…. literally my mom laughs at her own jokes. Gotta love my mom.

My mom doing the Asian pose.


Is It Fall Break Yet?

Typically my course load is not that bad. Compared to a lot of other people my classes are mainly all reading. I don’t have that many tests or assignments, and I usually can just read and be fine in my classes. This week is a different story.

About an hour ago I took an exam for my Strategic Communications class. I think I did pretty well, but I’m not completely sure. It was difficult to study for just because I had so much going on last week with classes as well as social/greek life.

Today I have to study all day again, because I have another exam tomorrow in my media literacy class. It doesn’t help that I stayed up until 2 this morning and woke back up again at 630 to continue studying, but in a sense this is all my fault. After I take this test tomorrow I am done with tests for the week, but then next week I have a lot to do again!

Next Tuesday I have tests in three out of my four classes in one day. Some times I wish I was still in middle school when all the teachers discussed about when they were having tests so they were not all jammed packed… Welcome to real life, I guess.

Even though right now is slightly stressful, Fall Break is right around the corner and I can’t wait. Until then I’m praying I make it through these tests!

Here’s a flash mob I participated in for Sigma Chi Derby Days this past week!

YouTube Preview Image