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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Archive: September 2012

What I’ve Been Listening To Lately

You can ask my roommates or anyone that lives in my hallway that I play music all the time whether just waking up or even going to bed. I also can’t study without music, which some people think is crazy but I can’t help it! I always love when people give me new music to listen to because it’s usually always really good! Here’s a couple of the songs or artists I have been listening to lately!

#1. Imagine Dragons
Right now they are my favorite band! They have a popular song out called It’s Time, but I personally love Radioactive or On Top Of The World! I really just like the beats in their songs and also how you can just jam out to almost every song. I have yet to find a song I don’t like!

YouTube Preview Image

#2. Miguel
Miguel has such a smooth voice. It’s insane. Lately I’ve just been listening a lot to his latest album and his old songs. Right now I can’t stop listening to All I Want Is You, because it not only has Miguel, but an awesome beat to it and J. Cole raps in it, which I love.

YouTube Preview Image

#3. Kimbra
Kimbra is recently new. She got a lot of publicity on VH1 and MTV, but I don’t think she has really hit it off yet. She has this really awesome voice that you just have to listen to understand. I really like her song Cameo Lover.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m sure in two weeks I will have another obsession with three different artists and more songs, but no worries my iTunes library always has more space.

Concerts Galore

If you have seen my previous blogs I love going to concerts, especially ones that I don’t have to pay for. Since I didn’t talk much about the concerts I went to this summer I thought I would talk about that and also the free concert Butler provided with Smash Mouth and Chiddy Bang!

This summer I didn’t go to many concerts because I had to work a lot, or I would forget to take off of work. I did manage to go to Dave Matthews Band and Young the Giant. With the Dave Matthews Band I got really lucky! My best friend’s parents or my adopted parents basically gave me tickets to see Dave on Friday night! It was really awesome, because of how close we were to the stage, and on top of that I really like DMB! I was able to go with my sister and her friends and then brought along my friend Sara. We had a lot of fun!

Front row at Dave Matthews Band

YouTube Preview Image

Although I didn’t get free tickets to Young the Giant, I got to be in the front. They played at The Old National Center. At this venue there is no seating, so if you shimmy your way to the front, which you usually can, you get front row! Young the Giant was amazing. They sound as good live as they do on their CD’s, which I feel like you don’t hear that much anymore. Blogger Bekah wrote about them in her latest blog, so you can get to know more about them!

Front row at Young the Giant!

YouTube Preview Image

A couple of weeks ago I went to Butlerpalooza, which was free for Butler students. Smash Mouth and Chiddy Bang came. It was a lot of fun. Smash Mouth was great because it was all songs I remember from when I was younger! Chiddy Bang was entertaining and got the crowd involved a lot with their songs. I didn’t know that many Chiddy Bang songs, but for the ones I did know it was really good!

Smash Mouth at Butler

YouTube Preview Image

Chiddy Bang at Butler!

YouTube Preview Image

Sorry if my videos are shaky, you hear me or others singing annoyingly, or you just realize that I should never take a video again in my life… I understand. On a positive note my concert tour isn’t over yet for the year. I won free tickets to Dayglow, which is a huge concert/rage where DJ’s play different songs and then throw paint out into the crowd. I’m extremely excited! Also I’m trying to go to a few concerts in Chicago, but right now money is an issue, so we’ll see how that goes.

Broad Ripple Ink

Yesterday I went with my friend Hank to see him get his tattoo. I was expecting this whole Miami Ink experience, but instead I left feeling freaked out and scared.

Hank getting his tattoo at Metamorphosis in Broad Ripple!

First off seeing Hank just lay there with blood all over his arm was awesome… not. I really don’t mind blood I just never realized how much you bleed when you get a tattoo. I think when watching Miami Ink you are so distracted by what is actually going on with the person’s background story that you just focus solely on that and don’t realize the blood that is going on.

Second, that noise of the needle hitting the skin is a turn on for Hank, but for me is a complete turn off. It just sounds terrible and it sounds like I’m in a weird scientific laboratory about to get worked on. Also seeing Hank’s face every time the tattoo artist hit a sensitive spot brought pain to me, and I was not even getting the tattoo. I just kept telling Hank that I’m glad it was him and not me… I’m such a good friend. :)

I’m sure this post will thrill my parents in knowing they don’t have to worry about tattoos on me. I’m way too indecisive about what I would get and also it freaks me out now. I’ll stick to piercings! Anyway, Hank’s tattoo turned out really well and I like it a lot!

Hank's finished tattoo!

Mo Money Mo Problems

Being a college student can sometimes be the greatest experience and the worse experience all at the same time. The reason I say this is because in college you get so many opportunities to do things, but you are also really broke in college. It’s almost like you are getting teased all the time.

Unfortunately it seems like everyone in the world knows you are broke and tries to get you to buy. Unlike high school in college you have a lot of free time. Whether you choose to use that free time for studying is up to you. For me, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are really easy days. I only have one class from 9-950 and then I’m done for the rest of the day. This is awesome except for the fact that sometimes I like to use my free time online shopping.

I am addicted to online shopping, and lately I’m addicted to the finer things in life, which I feel like I have my sister to thank for that. I thought I would write this blog to possibly give peoples ideas as to what they can get me. Just kidding this is more of me just continuously teasing myself into the things I want but don’t necessarily need. Here are the top things I want lately, and you will understand why my fantasy life of luxury is getting out of hand.

#1. Ultimate Short UGGS – $220
The Ultimate collection of UGGS is different from their classic because it is a more heavy duty shoe intended to last longer. The classic sole is more of a foam type of padding that doesn’t last. The Ultimate on the other hand has a really thick sole that tends to last way longer.

The exact pair I want!

#2. Michael Kors Watch – $225-250
I have an obsession with watches. I think watches are so pretty. I do understand how ridiculous it is that I want a Michael Kors watch, but his watches are so pretty and plus they are huge, which I like. I’m not trying to be over the top they are just really fashionable and I feel like my wrist is lonely.

I can't figure out which one I want, they are all so pretty!

#3. Victoria Secret Yoga Pants/Sweaters – $50 +
My sister got me a Victoria Secret gift card and instead of buying underwear or bras I got yoga pants on sale. I’m obsessed with these yoga pants but if they are not on sale they are close to $50, which is kind of ridiculous. In the words of Despicable Me, “IT’S SO FLUFFY!”

So comfy!

I’m currently saving up for the boots first, because those will come in more handy. Hopefully I’ll have enough money by the end of September to be able to buy them! It’s such a great feeling when you realize you bought nice things with your own money! I felt so accomplished when I bought my Coach rain boots last year, and every time I wear them it makes me realize all the work I put into paying for this! Ahh the things I do for fashion.

Cheers For The Weekend.

This weekend at Butler is suppose to be extremely crazy, and being Greek makes it even more crazy!

Tonight we are having Butlerpalooza, which is an event we had last year as well! It’s a concert with multiple acts. Last year it was a lot of fun and I got to be front row at Dev! So exciting! This year we are having Chiddy Bang and Smash Mouth. I’m sure everyone knows Smash Mouth, but Chiddy Bang is really popular for a lot of college students and they are really good!

YouTube Preview Image

Besides Butlerpalooza a lot of Greek houses are having their philanthropy events! Delta Delta Delta is having their carnival for their philanthropy event with St. Jude’s tonight. Phi Delta Theta is having their event for ALS tomorrow, and Lambda Chi Alpha is having their event for North American Food Bank and Gleaners. Even Blue 2 and Trip are getting into the action as you can see below! All the events have lipsyncs, food, and lots of other different competitions. It’s a really easy way to meet a lot of other people and support the other Greek houses on campus!

YouTube Preview Image

On top of all these events, there is the Penrod Arts festival that is going on right down the street from Butler at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). A lot of people say it’s a really awesome festival. I’ve never been but tomorrow I get to volunteer so I’m really excited about that! There is also a 5k tomorrow where people run the 5k and get paint splattered on them as they run. It’s really fun!

In the end this weekend at Butler will be exhausting but it will be the good kind of exhausting. I’m so excited!

My Life In Shambles

A lot of words I use at times don’t even make sense, but people know that these are words I say. Shambles is a word that I like to use a lot. If you’re having problems in your life that’s called shambles. If you failed at a test when you thought you got an A, yeah you guessed it… shambles.

This past Monday my life was in shambles. Minor shambles, but still shambles. I went to Indy Boot Camps with my sister like I do every Monday and Wednesday. This class is intense. Think Biggest Loser. We even use those huge ropes that they use in Biggest Loser which I hate, but it’s still a great feeling after class. Although this past Monday I did not experience that great feeling because I fell during one of our exercises.

I hate these.

We were doing an exercise where you jump up and over a bar. It was our last one to do and I accidentally tripped and fell over the bar. I’m a klutz anyway, so I figured this would just be like any other time. Instead I heard a pop in my ankle, and ever since then it has been hurting. Today around campus I wore a brace and have been icing it all day. It’s really puffy and basically making my left foot look huge. If you want to see what my sister and I have been doing and what I messed my ankle up on check out the video around the 17 second mark. Yes I’m a genius.

YouTube Preview Image

With my big puffy foot this is what I had to do today

935-1050: Class
1-215: Class
225 – 340: Class
6-740: Class
830- ?: Chapter

Instead of resting my ankle today I’m sure I stressed it more. Keep exercising people.