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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Archive: March 2012

Butler Tours

Supposedly it’s spring breaks for high schools so a lot of people have been touring campus! I am a complete nerd when it comes to seeing tours. I get so excited. Because Butler is such a small campus you notice when there are a lot of tours or even when a tour is around.

Before coming to Butler I never toured. I am from Indy and had heard nothing but great things about Butler. I had been to Hinkle before coming but never the actual campus, but I saw the way people talked about Butler and how much they loved it. I hope people who come on tours see the same things that I see everyday that make me fall in love with Butler more and more.

What I hope you notice on your tour:

Our beautiful campus: Butler is such a pretty campus. Especially right now with all the flowers blooming, and the trees flowering it looks so pretty. I’m not sure what they show on the tour but if you get the chance try and see Holcomb Gardens. It’s gorgeous on a sunny day, and you can see many people running on the Canal, which travels all over Indy. Also take a chance to see students outside on the lawn on nice days usually playing campus golf, a tradition on campus, or ultimate frisbee, or maybe studying.

Here’s a video that not only shows campus golf, but a tour of campus!

YouTube Preview Image

Hinkle Fieldhouse: one of our prized possessions. Hinkle is probably the one thing on campus that will always stay the same on the outside. On the inside renovations are planning to happen. If you already didn’t know the movie Hoosiers was filmed in Hinkle Fieldhouse, just a little fact we like to pride ourselves on. If you can, try and come to a game next season, and feel the energy of Dawg Pound, which I love.

Classrooms: I hope that you take notice in how small our classes are, and how engaged everyone is. Professors are willing to help at any time no matter what. Our campus is small enough that I still know at least one person in all my classes, and meet way more.

Students: If you stop any student they are willing to help. Whether we are playing on the lawn, studying in the library, volunteering in the community, or yelling at games we are always here to answer any questions you may have. Not only that I’m sure you will see all smiling faces. I will add a disclaimer though I am obsessed with Butler, it can be slightly annoying, so some students may not be as addicted as me, but they still love Butler.

Press Conference Time

Today I feel like I should be giving a press conference. Finally, I feel like I have come to a decision. If you did not know I was an Exploratory major. This means that I am undecided, but unlike other schools Butler really tries to help you figure out what best fits for you. I have taken numerous personality, strengths, and work surveys/tests to see what best fits me. I have noticed many things from these and just the classes I am taking.

The same thing keeps popping up no matter what test. I am a communicator. I love talking to just about anyone and knowing about them. Also I noticed that my strengths are not really in the sciences or maths. I have never had a strong suit in any of these and because of that I have realized that my writing is my strongest area. Although I may not be the strongest writer I see that I have room to grow and I am excited about that!

So what am I declaring in? I have officially decided to become a Public Relations major. Here at Butler my major is not called PR but instead Strategic Communications with a focus in Public Relations. I think I have known that this would be my major for a while, but I was too afraid to declare. Last night while looking through all the different majors Butler has to offer I realized that any major I liked was in the College of Communications. It did not make sense to me why I was afraid to declare, when all along Public Relations was my main choice.

Even though a lot of people say that the personality tests, strengths tests, job tests, and job shadowing did not help them I think it helped me tremendously. I am so grateful for all the people in my life that helped support me and encourage me. From now on I can say I am a Strat Comm major instead of Exploratory, and that for me might the biggest accomplishment of my semester/year.

My certificate for declaring!

Don’t Worry

This blog is more for incoming freshmen! It’s weird to think that my freshmen year is coming to an end. I know when the time came to start packing for Butler I got so confused. Neither of my siblings lived in dorms when they went to college, so I had no idea what to expect. Since I was so lost in the madness I thought I would post some pictures of what dorm life is like so you can start getting an idea!

First of all, Butler is really great at providing you with lists of things that you should bring with you to live on campus! They will post it on the class of 2016 facebook page, so you can start getting an idea of what you need to buy!

Second of all, for such a small space you can arrange your dorm in a couple of different ways. I have seen all different kinds of arrangements whether it’s in Ross Hall or in Schwitzer. I thought it would help incoming freshmen if I post some pictures of my dorm, so you can get an idea of space. Sorry boys, but I live in the all girls dorm so the rooms aren’t exactly the same, but they are very similar! I will try and get pictures of the guy’s dorms in another blog.

This is my closet. There are two shelves inside the closet which is really nice! Some girls put their dressers in the closest, but my roommate and I decided to keep ours out!

This is one side of our room, which is our closets. Some rooms have the closets on separate sides of the room, but ours are next to each other.

This is the way my room mate and I have our beds set up. Neither of us wanted top bunk so we decided to do our room like this!

We put our desks across from our beds. Basically you live in a square!

So you have seen all four sides of my room. There are so many ways to arrange your room, but you really can’t plan any of it. You just have to wait until you get here for the arrangement. If you have any questions, please ask!


Spring Break Meltdown

Today was the first day back from Spring Break, and I think I can speak for everyone that we all still feel like we are on break. In Indy, the weather is so nice right now. Not to call out my friend Lindsay but she went back home to California, and we had better weather than Cali!

Right now the weather here is near the 80’s and is expected to be like this until Friday. On Friday it is expected to be in the 60’s , which is still crazy for Indy this time of year. Going to class and focusing has been so hard today. Since I have a break from 1-5 in the afternoon I decided to sit outside on the mall. When weather is this great I absolutely love campus. You see kids laying out on the lawn, boys playing campus golf, and so many people just out having fun.

The mall on such a pretty day!

The only unfortunate thing about this weather is because it is so nice, and because everyone wants to go do homework outside there are some weird tan lines going on. Currently, I have a tan line from my shirt and where I sat my computer on my legs. This will be extremely attractive later. Just a heads up to anyone planning on touring Butler, if you plan to tour this month do it this week or next week! The weather is so gorgeous.

Also here’s a video of Blue 2 and Blue 3 tearing up our next opponent in the CBI!

YouTube Preview Image

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Today is the start of March Madness. Even though Butler did not make the tournament this year I still had this slight urge to put them to the final four, just kidding.

I love this time of year. This is why I love college basketball so much. There are always crazy games, upsets, and amazing games/shots that people talk about the next day. It’s different this year, because before I was usually in school during March Madness so I would always beg my teachers to let us watch in class or sneak peeks at my phone to see scores. Now being on Spring Break I can watch all the games I want. However, I do miss the crazy bracket tournaments we would have in my classes such as yearbook!

My final four picks for this year are Kentucky, Ohio State, Missouri, and Kansas. I have Ohio State and Kentucky going to the finals. I am not going to say I am a pro at making brackets, but the first time Butler went to the finals I had them going to final four! Shocking, I know. I am sure by the time this is all over my bracket will be so messed up, but it doesn’t matter because this is what I wait for all college basketball season, and in two hours it is finally here!

YouTube Preview Image

You Have A Voice

Lately on facebook there has been a video popping up. It’s called Kony 2012. I had no idea what this video was about. Not looking at how long the video was I just assumed it was some new movie or something that people were freaking out about, but when one of my friends tweeted about the movement of Kony 2012 and being important I knew it was more than a movie.

Kony 2012 is something you just need to watch. Yes it takes 30 minutes out of your day, but for those 30 minutes you learn about something horrible that is happening in Africa. I’m usually not the type to go advocating things, but for some reason this hit me. I have a niece and nephew who I love, and I cannot imagine the things that are happening to these African children happening to them. I’m not going to describe Kony 2012 on here, because the video is so worth the watch, so please watch the video.

On campus there has been groups started to spread the word. This is another reason why I love the size of our campus, because getting out the word to people is not as difficult as a large campus. Many people on campus are starting to learn about Kony 2012 and spread the news. It’s great to see people come together for this cause, but Kony 2012 is not the only thing wrong in the world and I realize that. So I don’t want to say only focus on this one problem. There are many problems that need attention also! Basically use your voice for anything you strongly believe in.

Here’s the Kony 2012 video:

YouTube Preview Image

The Best Things In Life Are Free.

This may seem like an obvious statement. As college students we are usually broke and will take anything free whether that be free food or free random things that will not benefit us in anyway, but we take them anyway. This week I learned that sometimes free doesn’t always have to be material things.

As I have mentioned in other posts I am part of College Mentors For Kids. What we do is mentor kids from inner city schools and provide them with information about higher education, but also a friendship. Being in this group has showed me that the best things in life really are free. We do not get paid to mentor this kids, but we get so much more in return. This week College Mentors For Kids hosted an event called the Inspire Awards. At these awards community leaders, businesses, and many more are nominated, evaluated, and awarded for mentoring others. Seeing this showed me that even as I get older I can take this idea forward.

I also was able to volunteer at the Greenhouse at the Indiana School for Blind and Visually Impaired. Volunteering at the blind school was great, because I was able to have fun while doing it. I think that’s the best. Some times people see volunteering as a hassle I see it as a way of me earning so much more. This is why I think the best things in life are free, because things like volunteering where you are spending time and not getting paid, yet you gain so much from it.

Also here’s another free thing…. creeping on Blue 2 and Blue 3

YouTube Preview Image