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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Archive: February 2012

How Did I Get In?

A local news station showed a report last night about college admissions particularly pertaining to Butler. The reporter got to take an inside like at Butler admissions. A lot of people consider college admissions to be a secret or a mystery. The clip, which you can see by clicking the link, makes me wonder how I got into Butler.

I do not mean to post this to scare anyone! Butler does have really high standards, which was why out of the seven schools I applied to Butler was one that I was really worried about. What I love about the video though is that if you are admitted into Butler you have to be somewhat special. This year a little over 10,000 people applied to Butler. We can only accept a class of 1000. The thought of this is mind boggling!

Today at lunch a lot of my friends and I were wondering what could have sparked the eyes of one of the admissions counselors into picking us. But this is where Butler I feel is different from other schools. In the video it shows how unlike other schools it seems at least five people will see your application at Butler, and that’s if you have no red flags. If you have a red flag, which is explained in the video, then you may get looked at by up to 12 people. It’s insane to think that I made it past that many people’s opinions and thoughts about being a good choice for Butler.

After watching the video and how intensely everything gets looked at I am just blessed that I was able to make it. The video also made me realize how I never want to be an admissions counselor ever in my life.

Here’s a video of Blue 3, this is how far the obsession of Butler University goes for this dog. Yes, we will watch videos of him yawning, sleeping, and dreaming.

YouTube Preview Image


I Will Admit

Yes, I will admit I watch some pretty awful shows. Some of the shows I watch are good while others are just down right sometimes embarrassing to even say I watch. Here’s my weekly schedule of shows.

Sunday: The Amazing Race, The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Monday: Pretty Little Liars, The Bachelor
Tuesday: –
Wednesday: Revenge, Battle of the Exes, Survivor, Modern Family
Thursday: Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of Orange County
Friday: Shark Tank, Say Yes to the Dress
Saturday: Saturday Night Live

I’m not going to lie I never watch the shows on the day they air. I usually have a lot of homework to do, so I watch whatever shows I can on hulu. I understand how awful the taste of my shows are. A lot of the shows that I used to watch stopped. I used to watch Entourage and LOST, but their shows are done. So now I have succumbed to really bad TV. Although not all those shows are terrible!

It’s good being in a sorority and also living in an all girl’s dorm because you can probably find someone who watches the same shows as you. When this happens usually people get together and bring food and watch the shows together! It’s pretty much an excuse just to avoid homework.

Please if you decide to watch any of these shows minus a couple that are actually good, do not say I didn’t warn you of how ridiculous they may be!


The Secrets Out.

If you didn’t know we have a new bulldog on campus! Blue 2 is still around, but he now has Blue 3 aka Trip to teach and learn the ways of being a Butler bulldog.

Blue 3 aka Trip!


Butler wasted no time in getting Trip his own Twitter, Facebook, and website started. There are many rumors going around about Trip, and whether Blue 2 is healthy or not. According to reliable sources from Butler, Blue 2 is still healthy and well, so Trip will most likely not be stepping up anytime soon.

Trip is all the rage around campus right now. People are trying to find any chance to be able to see Trip. Today there was a meet and greet with him at Starbucks. He seems really sleepy most of the time, but I would be too with the amounts of events he is doing! His announcement was a huge deal, and many news channels were here on his introduction day at Hinkle. The day Trip was announced at Hinkle there was an audience of over 10000 people awaiting his arrival. He has also been on many news stations around the area. Check out this video for the day when Blue 3 was announced from Blue 2’s point of view!

YouTube Preview Image

If you want to get to know more about Trip I suggest you check out his twitter, facebook, or website! He is possibly the cutest puppy I have ever seen! Many tweets from Butler students said something like, “The only school I know where students will flock to Starbucks to see a dog #butlerstudentproblems” I will have to agree, I am pretty sure we are the only school to see this happen, and also see grown college men gushing over a dog.

Blue 3, Melanie, Lynn and I taking a picture with Blue 2, and then Blue 3 being a little sleepy!

I Love Butler… Squirrels.

This is me everyday on campus…

YouTube Preview Image


This is not a joke. Midway through conversations I will yell SQUIRREL. I don’t really have a obsession with squirrels, just Butler squirrels. Butler squirrels are not your average squirrel. Just like the students here, Butler squirrels are extremely happy. They will get extremely close to you, and you almost start to debate whether you should pet them or not. I would suggest you do not pet them.


This is a picture my friend Billy took of a Butler squirrel. They pose for us!


In all seriousness, I feel like the squirrels are so happy on our campus for the same reasons the students are. Our campus is so pretty whether it’s snowing or raining or sunny!

These are pictures a Butler student took yesterday after the snow we got, which is now gone.

The squirrels are always out and about. Sometimes they are playing, which is funny to watch. The other day when I was walking back from class there were two squirrels playing and one tried to jump on top of the other one and instead fell off the tree. I was laughing so hard.

Well now that I just compared Butler students to squirrels you probably all I think I am officially crazy. Just wait until you come to Butler for your first semester. You’ll probably write a blog about squirrels too.

Ever Wonder?

The other day someone tweeted,” I always wonder what people are listening to when I walk past them.” I have to admit I always question this too! So I thought why not write about what I have been listening to lately. I listen to a lot of different music, and hopefully some of these artists are new to you! I love spreading new music.

I have an issue with just narrowing down music choices, so instead I will tell you what my top five pandora stations I have been listening to lately are!

1. Fitz and the Tantrums
I mentioned them on a previous blog. I first heard about them when going to Jimmy Fallon. They are actually pretty good live, which is sometimes hard to come by with the singers today. Some of my favorite songs they sing are Moneygrabber, Don’t Gotta Work It Out, and Breakin’ The Chains of Love. Their Pandora is awesome and has songs from a ton of different people like Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong to Adele and Kate Earl. It’s really funky and I love it!

2. J. Cole
I’ve been listening to J. Cole for a while. Some people don’t think he’s that great, but I think he’s pretty awesome. His new single Work Out has an awesome beat and is great for just listening to in the car or working out, but I especially like his songs Lost Ones and Nobody’s Perfect, because I love the lyrics. I got to see him at the celebrity basketball game. He’s not that great at basketball but he’s good at rapping and on his Pandora you can hear artists like Drake, Tyga, and Kid Cudi.

3. The Xx
The Xx is a band that isn’t really well known but has awesome songs. Songs such as Intro and Shelter are some of my favorites from them. Most of their songs are pretty chilled out and mellow, but I think that is what I like about them. On their Pandora you can here songs from the Pixies, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Radiohead.

4. Dave Matthews Band
I can never get enough Dave Matthews Band. People consider Dave fans as bandwagoners, but thanks to my sister being ten years older than me I have been listening or hearing Dave since I was five, and I have grown to love him. Plus he’s coming back to Indy this summer, which last summer he didn’t and I was pretty much devastated. What’s great about Dave is that he is awesome live and you’ll have an awesome time whether sunshine or pouring rain. Some of my favorite dave songs are Crash Into Me, #41, and Two Step. I pretty much like a lot of Dave’s old stuff. On his Pandora you can hear from bands like Blind Melon, Spin Doctors, and live acoustic versions of popular songs.

5. Florence and the Machine
I love Florence and the Machine. I have not seen her live, but I have heard live. She was in Indy one time and her concert was outside and I could hear it and she sounded awesome! Her voice is pretty much insane, and you get this extreme full sound from all her songs. Artists you might hear on her Pandora would be Bon Iver, City and Colour, and Mazzy Star.

One other thing I wanted to mention before I go off to do homework! If you have time it takes only 5 minutes to do both. Vote for Ronald Nored on the Lowe’s Senior Class Award, he’s been slipping a little bit in the ranks and he definitely deserves the win! Also vote for our mascot Blue 2! He’s up for the Shorty Awards and is currently in second place! Click on the links to vote!

The Benefits of Dawg Pound

Being in the Dawg Pound has more benefits than just getting awesome seats in Hinkle. Because of Dawg Pound last night I got to go to the Pacers vs Jazz game for free, in club level seating and see Gordon Hayward afterwards!

Jazz vs Pacer game!

Last week during my journalism class I got an email saying that the first fifty people to respond would be able to go to the game for free! I emailed right away and got one of the first tickets! I was so excited. Being from Indy I’ve been to Pacers games before, but the Pacers have not always been that great but lately they have been playing really, so it was fun to see them win!

Gordon Hayward!

Since Gordon Hayward was back in town, Brad Stevens and a lot of players were at the game as well! Going to the game was a nice break considering right now a lot of things for greek life is going on especially for freshmen since a lot of us have freshmen skits soon! I’ll explain what that is later.

Also I just wanted to give a shout out to any students who may be shadowing any student at Butler this week. I hope you love our school! Here’s something to get you pumped for basketball games!

YouTube Preview Image

We’re Pretty Much Best Friends

In one week I have seen Jimmy Fallon four times. In my previous blog I talked about how Jimmy came to Butler to perform and then also do a segment for his show, which will air tonight on his first ever live show. There will also be appearances from Blue 2, Butler cheerleaders, and a ton of Butler students.

No, I did not stalk Jimmy Fallon. I went to his shows downtown! On Thursday, my friend Kelsey and I tried to go to his show, but to make sure he fills the theater they overbook the show so it’s first come first serve for tickets. Kelsey and I weren’t so lucky so instead of seeing his show we were able to hear Jimmy Fallon’s monologue and see him in a more intimate setting.

The numerals downtown!

On Friday, I went with my friend from Ball State, Ross. This time we made the show and got this awesome deal where I got to go up in the balcony and dance while the performer, Fitz and the Trantrums, played! It was so much fun.

Besides wasting away my life waiting in line for Jimmy Fallon on Friday I also walked up 334 steps to the top of the monument in the circle downtown. It’s an awesome experience and if you ever get the chance you should do it! If you don’t feel like going up 334 steps or 32 flights then you can take the elevator! Also last night I got to see the celebrity basketball game and Stevie Wonder was in Hinkle!

My view from the top of the monument!

I know I haven’t been blogging much, but now that the Super Bowl will be ending my life should be slowing down a little. Except for on Tuesday I get to meet Gordon Hayward, so I guess the excitement is never ending around here. Here’s Fitz and the Tantrums who I got to see at Jimmy Fallon!

YouTube Preview Image