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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Archive: January 2012

Pumping Iron

Living on Butler campus you start to take certain things for granted. Like the fact that it only takes you tops maybe 5 minutes to get to class. Or the fact that we have history in our own backyard with Hinkle Fieldhouse. Or maybe it’s the fact that our teachers take the time to really make sure we are understanding our lessons and class. But something that may not get mentioned a lot that we take for granted is our Health and Recreation Complex or HRC.

If you go to a big state school like Purdue or IU your health center may be far away from you. Although a lot of us think that the HRC is far away it really is only a ten minute walk. Yes, here at Butler 10 minute walks are long for us. We are spoiled. The HRC is awesome. With everyone trying to lose weight or get toned for Spring Break there has been a lot of people at the HRC.

I really like the track at the HRC, and now I am obsessed with the bikes there. If anything I think working out is such a great way to destress and refocus on school work or anything else that needs to be done. It’s awesome though because as a student at Butler you get to use all the HRC offers, whether it be classes or even the pool! It’s great! Here’s a video about the HRC!

YouTube Preview Image

One more thing if everyone could do something for me that would be amazing. If you didn’t know one of our fellow Butler students is up for the Lowe’s Senior Class Award. It’s Ronald Nored! He is a very deserving guy and is awesome, so if you could take the time to vote for him that would be great!

Adventures With A Four Year Old

This past Saturday I got to do something really awesome with my nephew! My nephew, Sam, is four and attends preschool at the Children’s Museum. On Saturday they allowed families to tour their collections, which are not out on the floor because there is not enough room for them.

Random fact, but if you didn’t know the Indianapolis Children Museum has the largest collection in the nation. A lot of their collection has many different things, and depending on what they plan on showing in the museum they put different things out at different times.

Some items that are placed in the collection are very old items that people remember from childhood, while other items are items that are more movie related items. Although the preschoolers were excited I think the grownups were more excited than the kids.

My nephew with a huge polar bear!

One of the many Star Wars items they had.

My nephew on the other hand just wanted to take five billion pictures, but most of his pictures were blurry so I had to take over. Even though you may not be able to see the collections, what the children museum has out currently is awesome. Especially with all the people here for the Super Bowl I hope that people really take the time to see the city of Indianapolis. We may be known for our sports, but we have pretty awesome museums that are not even that expensive!


Today’s The Day

I know I said I was going to blog for each day of recruitment, but after going through the most draining week ever it was difficult to gather up the energy to write a blog. So I will try and take you through what has happened so far since my first blog!

Recruitment week has been awesome, but also the most overwhelming week. Each day there’s a theme or something the sororities will be covering when you go back to their house. Each day you get cut from different houses and begin to narrow down your choices. The second day of recruitment was philanthropy day, then skit day, pref night, and now today bid day.

Philanthropy day is where the sororities talk about what their house does for service. For me this is a pretty important because I did a lot of community service in high school and want to continue that in college! On skit day the sororities do a skit and really show the personality of the house. It’s awesome to see how funny some of the houses are. Preference night is the most serious night out of all the nights. Most girls are down to their two final choices and must decide who they want to be their top house. These nights are very emotional for the houses because for the seniors it is the end to their last recruitment week.

I cannot believe that today is the last day. Finally I will know what house I am in. I plan to tell you all the exciting news tomorrow! Good luck to all those BU GREEK LIFE people.

Recruitment 1 Katie 0

Today began my first day going GREEK. Being the first person in my family to do formal recruitment, I had no idea what to expect. It is quite the experience that I don’t think I can describe. It is something you have just to go through, but I will try my best to describe what happened today. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures to show except one because we are not allowed to have phones with us while going through recruitment.

An outsider looking inside the “Butler Bubble” today may have laughed at what they saw. 300 girls all walking with umbrellas to and from each sorority house and then back to Atherton, but there is a plan behind all this madness. Each girl that is going through formal recruitment is put into a group. These groups are random, and is a way for there to be an organized way for each girl to see each house. It also helps the sororities pair up girls with sisters better so they can have a more effective time at each house.

Going into a house can be overwhelming. Each sorority has their own songs and chants they sing/shout when you enter. It’s an exciting thing to see! Every house usually sits you down with two or three sisters. The members will then talk to you about any topic really. It’s more of just a way to get to know you better, and a chance for you to get to know more about the house. This is why this day seems to be so exhausting because in total you are talking to 20-25 random people you have never met, and you are continually reintroducing yourself.

This may seem like a lot of craziness, but everything is extremely organized. I must give credit to all the sororities and the Greek life staff here because I would totally messed up all of today had I planned this. Tomorrow is Philanthropy day where we learn more about the sorority’s service in the community. It also means going from 7 houses to a possible 6 houses tomorrow. So far recruitment is winning when it comes to completely exhausting me, but no worries because this is becoming such an awesome experience. Good luck to anyone trying for Greek Life!

Picture of the Day:

A view from my window of what I did all day, walk from house to house!

And So It Begins…

Tomorrow I will be going back to Butler a week earlier than everyone else. This because myself and 3oo other girls are going to be rushing for a sorority!

Obviously I have never been through rush, but it seems like a pretty intense and fun week. Rush goes for five days. Wednesday – Sunday. Tomorrow night at 9 pm we have our first meeting, which basically puts us into our groups and with our recruitment counselors. Each counselor is a sister from one of the sororities, but they cannot tell you what sorority they are in. They don’t tell any of the girls until the last night, and they have to hide the fact they are part of any the sororities from august until Sunday! They do this so that everything is fair and open.

I’m planning to blog about each of my days during rush, because I personally know that coming into this not having any idea of what to expect I want to be help others see what it’s like! Being at a smaller school I can expect a lot of differences from other big schools like IU or Purdue, which many of my friends rushed. Hearing their experiences makes me even more excited. I cannot wait to share all my experiences with you throughout this week! And hopefully by the end of the week I can share with you the sorority I am in!


Picture A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

I know the actual saying is an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but I have changed it because this year for 2012 I have a goal that I want to accomplish.

A girl I knew in high school did this our senior year and took a picture a day. It was awesome to be able to look back and even though we may not have had the same friends I was still able to see similar things during high school. I wanted to be able to do this for 2012. So far I have been doing really well and have kept up with my pictures. I can only imagine how intense this may start to get.

Hopefully I keep up with it and most likely you will start seeing my pictures of the day on my blogs even if it has nothing to do with the subject I am writing about. By the end of the year I hope that I can look back and see how things have changed or stayed the same. Also I want to be able to look back and remember what I all did in that year, because even though I am 19 I feel like I am slowly losing my memory!

Here is today’s picture of the day

Got to see my friends for some frozen yogurt!

On my facebook is where I have the longer drawn out descriptions. My pictures are all different, but I really just pick and choose a picture for the day. Hopefully each picture will bring me some memory at the end of the year.

2011, You Were Great To Me.

I know this is two days late, but I have been rather busy so I have not been able to write! Anyway, I wanted to do a little year in review of 2011. The biggest memories that come to mind are obviously graduation, and moving into Butler.

There are a lot more memories than just those two, but those are the major ones for me. Finishing up high school was all too surreal. Whether it was my last prom, my last tennis match, my last time walking through the doors at Lawrence North for school, I’m sure there were many moments I was crying. Even though I wanted to leave so bad, I had some great memories in high school. Here are a couple pictures from senior prom and graduation.

Jordan, Nicole, and I at senior prom.

Prior to graduation with some friends!

My graduating class!

Although 2011 brought me great things in high school it only got better once I got to Butler, which I do not think there is any need for a review. One just needs to look at my previous blogs to see how amazing my past months have been at Butler!

Here’s London’s New Year’s Eve Countdown, so amazing!