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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Archive: December 2011

Awkward Lunch Time

While on break I notice that one thing has been missing from my Tuesdays and Thursday. That one thing missing is awkward lunch!

The first day in my business class I met my friend Lynn. Lynn and I oddly enough had the same schedule where we had business at 11-1215 and then another class at 1. This is why we called it awkward lunch because we had 45 minutes to eat and then leave,which around this time is the busiest time at Atherton. But what started as a little lunch with me, Lynn, and a few others, turned into madness. Awkward lunch is no longer a few people. Instead it consists of the regulars such as Meghan, Kelly, Jimmy, Trey, Lizzie, and Ally. Usually everyday a new person or new face comes to awkward lunch. We always take up a huge table.

Lynn and I after our final presentation in Business, and at awkward lunch!

Through awkward lunch I have gotten closer to Lynn, and we have both realized our obsession with Butler basketball. I have become closer to Jimmy who now calls me airplane because of my last name and loves my mom’s Asian accent. I have gotten closer to all the other people like Kelly, Meghan, Lizzie, Ally, and Trey just through a simple 45 minutes. I don’t know if I would have ever met any of them prior to awkward lunch besides Lynn, but I’m pretty grateful I did.

So shout out to awkward lunch, and may the days of awkwardness continue.

My Life Should Be A Sitcom

I have realized one thing, my family should have their own show. But we should only have holiday special episodes, because for some reason on the holidays my family goes insane.

We did Christmas on Saturday. We open gifts from youngest to oldest, which in itself is where the jokes start. The ages go from 2 to 51. My niece, Olivia, is the youngest and my dad is the oldest.

The youngest are clearly the funniest to watch open presents. My nephew, Sam, thinks everything is the best gift ever and after every gift he usually says, “THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED” or he says “WOW, THIS IS AWESOME” no matter what he finds something awesome whether it be pajamas/slippers to his transformers and stars wars gifts.

Kids opening gifts!

The siblings, my brother, sister, and I all have weird jokes between each other, but especially my brother and sister since they are closer in age. A few years ago my sister got my brother a Mu-Tang Shirt, which is a joke of Wu-Tang, an 80’s rap group. This year my sister got a Wu-Tang book about the history of Wu-Tang. What couldn’t have been planned was that my brother was wearing his Mu-Tang shirt. Ridiculous.

My brother and his mu tang, wu tang obesssion.

On top of that my dad is insane. He got a smokehouse. Basically it smokes foods and tenderizes them. He acted like a five year old, and now cannot stop talking about this awesome smokehouse. He also got a new coat in which he thought it was necessary to model for everyone. Then on top of that my dad likes to explain every gift and why it was bought for you. My brother and his wife, and my sister and her husband both got panini makers. This was my dad’s reasoning “Well I know you guys like food, so…. I figured this would be perfect” My brother in law’s response “Yeah, you know we like to stay alive”

My nephew w/his Captain America present and my dad's smokehouse in the background

This may not be all that funny to you, but had you seen this on a video I’m sure you would be cracking up. My family is ridiculous, insane, but most of all funny, and I’m glad that I get to spend time with them. I hope everyone enjoyed their time with their family too!

True Life: I’m Losing My Mind At Work

Over this break all I have been doing is working. Work has not been too bad because the days go by really fast with so many people shopping. Plus all the college kids are back at work, so it’s just like how it used to be when I worked there. There are a couple things that bother me about working at the mall though.

1. Crazy Shoppers/Drivers/Moms
I understand you are trying to get exactly what your daughter wants, but if your daughter gave you a list from online we most likely don’t have that item in the store. If we did have the item in the store unfortunately I probably would not be able to best assist you because I have only been back at work for a week, and if you didn’t realize we have thousands of pieces of clothing in the store. Also drivers please don’t take up an entire lane just because you are waiting for a spot. You make it difficult for me to get around you and when I have only 10 minutes to find a spot and get to work you are making my life insane. I’m sorry I am ranting but if anyone would like to work a day at the mall you would experience these same things.

2. Crazy Work Hours
Because it is Christmas time the mall decides to open earlier and close later. Unfortunately for us this means that we have to come in earlier and stay later also… a lot later. The mall has been opening at 8 am and closing at 11 pm, which maybe helping but a lot of people don’t even know we are open and closing that early or late. Tonight will be the first night that I have to close with these hours so it should be interesting, and tomorrow I have to go to work at 6 am so I will see how miserable this will be!

3. Things that I can’t change
I’m sorry I can’t change the prices of clothing. I can’t change the fact that we charge for our Christmas boxes. And also I can’t change our exchange policy. I think people think that because I work at Forever 21 I have some magical power to change things. There’s literally nothing I can do. Please do not get mad at workers. It’s not like we look forward to dampening your spirits while you shop. If anything we just want to go home!

I did not mean to rant, but for all of you who do these things I don’t hate you I just wish you would reconsider the situation. While you may not be too thrilled to shop at the mall during this time, many of us are not too thrilled to be working 40+ hours these next few weeks. Anyway for all of you that want a white Christmas I wish you the best of luck, but Indiana isn’t going to cooperate! So here’s a little something to keep you hopeful.

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Bulldogs Don’t Let Down

Saturday was quite an eventful day for me. I woke up really pumped for the Butler vs Purdue game. As I was on my way walking out to pick up my friend I come to find out my car had been broken into and some of my stuff was stolen.

Rock thrown into my window!

The window shattered.

This whole situation was very shocking to me. I would have never expected this in the area I live in, but lesson learned. Even though this whole situation happened with my car I was determined to make the game still. Thankfully my friend’s mom was able to take me to Butler to catch the bus for the game.

After the day that I had so far and it was only noon, all I wanted was a Bulldog win. It’s like Brad Stevens and the team had heard my problems of the day, because not only did we win, but we beat PURDUE and in a traditional Butler fashion. We beat Purdue in the final seconds. It was definitely the best game I have seen so far this season.

Kelly, Meghan, Jimmy, Lizzie, Lynn, and I after the WIN!


So even with my car getting broken into and having to deal with that, and even with Butler being down and then coming back one thing is learned that bulldogs never let down. Check out how crazy the crowd went in the final seconds of the game. It feels like March.

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Finals week is finally over. I was officially done at 415 pm on Wednesday. I’m finally done with my first semester. It’s weird to think that just a while ago I was packing up and moving into Butler.

I keep seeing admissions tweet about the final decisions being sent out. So I thought instead of writing about how finals week went and how much time I spent studying, I would write about why all of you who got accepted should COME TO BUTLER! All of my reasons go back to one major point. Butler’s status of being a SMALL SCHOOL. I have three main reasons so hopefully this helps some people out in deciding!

Small School = Small class sizes = Personal Care
At Butler there is a little over 4000 students. Being able to go to a small school means having personal relationships with your professors and Butler staff. Class sizes are small at Butler because of this. You will know all of your professors on a personal basis. This is something you cannot get at big state schools because classes at times can have 100-300 plus people. My largest class at Butler is maybe 20? This means that I need to be fully prepared and skipping classes really isn’t an option.

Being at a small school means there are so many opportunities. Everyone at Butler is so closely connected that it is easy to find opportunities whether it be for jobs, internships, study abroad, or even just being connected in different groups on campus. I have yet to meet one person on campus that is not involved in anything. Butler makes it so easy to be involved in so many different activities. They don’t want you to just sit in your room! They want you to be active in the community and also on campus!

Everyone at Butler is friendly and fun. I think we are all happy to be bulldogs and we all love our fellow bulldogs. Whether you are going to a basketball game, partying with friends, or even just doing activities that Student Government Association (SGA), there is always something to do that is FUN. Butler’s awesome because if you don’t feel like going to parties it’s no problem! SGA has so many activities they plan such as movie nights, going cave diving, haunted house trips, and so much more. Because Butler is so small they really take the time to connect students and make sure everyone is being safe and having fun.

I know that picking a college is hard, but Butler is an awesome place if you want massive amounts of people that encourage you and are cheering you on.

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Let The Finals Begin

I’m getting all too familiar with the view at Irwin. Second floor is my normal spot, you can usually find me in the stacks somewhere usually with my friend Kelsey. Currently, I am studying for my Religions of the World final that I have tomorrow at one.

I already got my Starbucks fix, which I needed because I already took a nap at 630 – 7 in Irwin. Speaking of Starbucks if you didn’t know they have a secret menu! It’s awesome. Right now I am drinking a Red mocha, which is white chocolate/chocolate mocha and two shots of raspberry. Click the link to see the awesome secret menu!

Shockingly I am not too stressed about finals week. I am slightly worried, but all this studying has me pumped. I feel pretty confident so hopefully I am not jinxing myself. Plus Butler has been awesome with their stress less week, which they had really awesome things. They had dogs come in, doodle night at A Town and so many other things.

One of the dogs that came for Stress Less Week!

Cal's drawing from doodle night!

Hopefully all this fun/stress free life stays with me through finals week! Good luck everyone! Just to keep you from not going crazy, check out what Butler frat, Phi Delt, did to their house! So awesome!

YouTube Preview Image


The Busiest Day EVER.

Today I have so much going on. I have actually already done a lot, and it’s only 11 am. Last night I didn’t go to sleep until 3 am. Lately I haven’t been able to sleep normally! This morning I woke up at 9 and got ready. I went to my sister’s to drop off some things that I borrowed from her and also got my new backpack!

my new backpack

Currently I am back on campus helping my friend Billy with my other friend Trey for our exploratory portfolios. These portfolios take forever, which can be really annoying, and also a lot of people don’t know how to use the program so that’s not very helpful! Anyway, after helping Billy we have exploratory class at noon. I mine as well just show my schedule like I usually do.

Now – 1150: Help Billy with portfolio
12 – 1250: Exploratory Class
1-215: Filming for FYS project
225-340: Sex Gender Sexuality Class
345-600: College Mentors For Kids
630-730: Waiting outside to get inside for Butler vs Xavier on ESPN

Basically I have yet to figure out when I am going to be fitting in food in this whole day. I made a sandwich, but that’s for lunch so dinner is looking kind of grim. It is kind of unfortunate how into sports I am and how few girls are not. I think I might have a slight addiction to Butler basketball. Anyway wish me luck if you don’t hear from me for a while I probably died from excitement or exhaustion at the game.. just kidding.


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My First Semester

Being a freshman I cannot believe my first semester is already done. It’s so weird to think that just a short amount of time ago I was moving into my dorm on the first day to now preparing for finals.

College is a LOT more difficult than high school. I have never studied this much in life, but from studying so much I feel so accomplished with myself. I have no regrets in anything this past semester and I can see how I have improved already. I thought in high school I would definitely have a C in a class, but I can proudly say that is not the case. I’m sure my parents are thrilled I thought I would be getting C’s, but I was definitely afraid of college classes at first!

In my writing I can see how I have already improved. Looking at my first papers compared to now my grades have continued to increase and I continue to receive better comments from professors on every paper.

My first semester has not been all studying though, as many of you know by reading my blogs I had so much fun this past semester. I was able to attend three concerts during the school year, visit other colleges to see friends, see my sister get married, and so many other events. I have also met so many people and I am thankful for everyone in my life! I am so grateful to be able to attend a school of talented, intelligent, and awesome people.

I still have finals to get through, but second semester here I come.
Here’s our holiday tradition at Butler, by Out of the Dawg House Butler’s acapella group.

YouTube Preview Image

Acting Like a Five Year Old

I am almost positive that last night I was acting like a child. I was in awe the entire time. You may be thinking what was I in awe of? Was it Butler basketball? No. Blue 2? Awe inspiring, but No. No it is not either of those things. Instead, I was in awe of the NUTCRACKER. Last night was opening night and it was so awesome. One of our bloggers, Olivia, has been writing about it lately, too! She also has showtimes and dates on her blog!

Even though I live only 25 minutes away from Butler I had never gone to the Nutcracker here. Although, I am glad that I waited. I don’t think when I was younger I would have appreciated it as much. I was in awe of how awesome the dancers were. My sister in law is a ballerina and actually went to Butler for a couple years, and she always told me how awesome Nutcracker was, but I had no idea. Everything was great. The costumes, the dancing, the backdrops, and the music were fantastic.

If you have the time to go I definitely suggest it. Bring friends too! Eight other girls on my floor and myself went together and it was a lot of fun!

The girls that went to the Nutcracker on my floor!

On a more serious note, the other night while IU was playing North Carolina State they honored the late NC State coach Jimmy V. I watched his speech given 8 weeks before he passed to cancer. It is something that is truly inspirational and continues to show me that living life in the moment is so important. It may be a long video but it is definitely worth it.

YouTube Preview Image