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Hi I'm Katie, I am a junior at Butler. I am a Strategic Communication major with a focus in Public Relations. I love being involved in campus and hold positions in College Mentors for Kids and Dawg Pound. I am also a Butler Student Ambassador, Morton Finney Scholar, and a member of Pi Beta Phi. I am huge Indy sports fan! Currently I am studying abroad in Sydney Australia!

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Archive: October 2011

5 Things I Take For Granted

I know I love Butler, but there are a few things that I miss about home that I did not think I would miss!

  • Laundry: I never thought I would miss being able to doing laundry whenever and just downstairs in my house. Now this includes quarters, carrying a ton of laundry down three flights of stairs and then up three flights of stairs. It takes so much effort just to do some laundry. On the positive side, I work at Forever 21 so my clothes are pretty much endless for the most part!

All the laundry I need to do :(

  • Mom’s Food: I miss my mom’s food so much. I am half Japanese and my mom cooks authentic Japanese food. I miss rice, and not like Atherton or Resco rice, like my mom’s legit sticky white rice. The one good thing though about Atown and Resco is that I love the salad bar, but still I miss my mom’s food.
  • Working: I never thought I would say this, but I actually miss working at my job. I work at Forever 21 but currently I am a seasonal worker. I could still work, but I’m too worried about them overdoing my hours and then not being able to have enough time to do school work. I used to hate working because I was working so much, but now that I’m on a hiatus because of school I miss it!

Oh, clothes. Such a bad & good job all at the same time!

  • Mikan: Mikan is my cat’s name. In Japanese it means tangerine, which you can understand as you see the picture! I used to not be a big fan of my cat, but I miss it coming up to me and wanting to be pet, and all that jazz.

It looks like a snake, but my cat likes to sleep in the sink.

  • Friends: I miss my really good friends and even my not so good friends! I see a lot of them because I visit a lot, but there’s some that I can’t see because they are too far, so I want to see them soon!

The sad thing about all of this is that I’m only 20 minutes away from home… yeah I’ll stop complaining now. Happy Friday!!!

I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself… this video just makes me laugh oh the 80’s.

YouTube Preview Image

Too Many Options

A lot of people I know have declared their major. Their advising appointments go more along the lines of, “You need this for your major, and well you don’t have time for that core credit so you will have to take that later.” My advising appointments go more like this, “So what are you interested in now? Oh, it looks like next semester you will be done with all your core.”

Maybe I am getting a bit ahead of myself. Let me explain what I mean by Core. Butler University has a core curriculum. Being a liberal arts school we are considered to be more well rounded by taking all different sorts of classes even if they do not relate to our major. I’ll try and give a brief description of the core, but there is a lot involved with it! The main aspects of the core are:

  • Physical Well Being
  • Natural World
  • Perspectives in the Creative Arts
  • Text & Ideas
  • The Social World
  • Analytical Reasoning

Those are the main six, there is also FYS (Freshmen Year Seminar), which you must take as a freshman, and then also Global & Historical Studies (GHS) that you must take as a sophomore. The core may seem annoying to some, but I love it because they are probably classes I would have never taken had I gone to a bigger university. Currently how I am covering my core is taking Sex Gender & Sexuality in Japan (Social World Credit), Religions of the World (Text & Ideas Credit), and Helen of Troy (FYS).

The book for my FYS!


Next semester I plan to take Codes & Secret Messages (Analytical Reasoning Credit), Intro to Ballet (Physical Well Being Credit), and Intro to Visual Arts (Perspective in the Creative Arts Credit). I am so excited! I am still trying to figure out my major, but with all these core it’s helping me see things that I thought I may not be interested in.

Also, everyone keeps posting this video everywhere on Facebook, now I know why…

YouTube Preview Image

My Obsession With DAWGS

As I said in my previous post, homecoming was this past weekend. This year’s theme was I Love the 90’s. The team I was on was with Schwitzer, Sigma Nu, and Kappa Alpha Theta. It was so much fun! I was in the parade and our float was the magic school bus, and we all dressed up like little kids!

There were so many people at homecoming, and although our homecoming may not be as big as a major state school homecoming everyone at butler homecoming just seems so happy to be back home! I was especially excited because Blue 2 was out, and so was Hink taking pictures with everybody! Me and my friends got a little excited.

Shannon, Lindsay, Kelsey, and I with Blue 2!


Definitely made my day. Well that and also the five billion other things we did on homecoming weekend and day! Also shout out to the Butler bookstore for my awesome hat and sweatshirt. My hat was only $20 and my sweatshirt only $15, pretty fantastic. Anyway, I hope everyone had a fabulous and safe homecoming weekend!

Does anyone think our football players need this? Just kidding.

YouTube Preview Image

Silly Freshmen

I have started to learn that it is impossible to do everything, and eventually you need to start narrowing things down. For example, this week is HOMECOMING WEEK! I am not going to lie I am a social butterfly. I love homecoming, because it means everyone is so pumped for everything! Especially at Butler we have so many activities like Yell Like Hell, which is a cheer competition or Lawn Decs, which is where the different teams decorate their lawns with their themes!

This year the theme is I Love the 90’s. It is a lot of fun, but has made me realize that for once I need to make the responsible decision. I say this because I originally planned on doing Yell Like Hell, but did not realize how time consuming it can be. At times it can be 2-3 hour practices. Unfortunately, I have a religions presentation on Tuesday, and have to attend Buddhist temples to complete this project, so I decided that trying to do Yell Like Hell would be too much, but on the bright side I have three more years for all this stuff!

Instead of Yell Like Hell, I am participating in the homecoming parade on Saturday! I am dressing up like a Magic School Bus kid, which is our teams 90’s tv show.

I am so excited! Hopefully the rain stops, until then all the kids on Butler looked sightly cold, wet, and wanting Starbucks. I’ll try and get pictures from the parade on here! Until then HAPPY HOMECOMING :)

Also I just found this random singer on YouTube and I think he is really good! So good for rainy weather right now.


It’s Not All About…

The money! College is not all about the money! On Thursday, I went back to my high school to visit some of my teachers and see how were they doing. While I was there I saw a lot of the now, upperclassmen, that I used to be in yearbook with and some other extracurricular activities. It was only last year that I was in their position looking at colleges and trying to decide where to go. Now, as many of them continue to look and find out what is the best fit for them they all had one thing to say about Butler, “It is too expensive!”

I thought the same thing before coming to Butler. I never thought there would be anyway my parents or myself would be able to afford Butler, but I never let that be a deciding factor. I applied to 5 private schools and 2 public and although my parents thought I was crazy and would never get the money for private I found a way. Private schools are just as attainable as public. Even though the economy may be doing bad, there is so much money floating around in scholarships, grants, and so on. If there is anything that comes out of this rant, DO NOT let money make your decision.

As long as you work hard, and know your goals you can achieve anything you want. That may sound extremely cheesy but it’s true. I knew I wanted a private school, and I knew that no matter what I would have to search for the money, but with Butler the money found me. My admissions counselor saw that I met the criteria for a scholarship and I was invited to attend an interview. In the end I received the scholarship.

College is a big decision, but don’t allow your decision to come solely down to money. Now I have to get back to studying!

Yesterday Butler basketball had their first official practice! Check out this video about Ronald Nored as they follow him through the season!

YouTube Preview Image


Life Is Just Too Good

Right now everyone is on Fall Break, but it doesn’t even feel like Fall Break to me. Yes, I am getting to see all my friends from high school, which is so awesome, but I have so much work to do! Here we go again with how much I have due:
Sunday: Sex, Gender, Sexuality Midterm due (I thought it was due Wednesday, I was wrong… and still have yet to do it.)
Tuesday: Freshmen Business Experience Research Paper due, Freshmen Year Seminar Research Phase 1 due, Freshmen Year Seminar Film Review paper due. Total: 9 pages.
I also cannot believe that next week is already Homecoming it’s so insane! I will most likely be talking about that within the next week!

Anyway, I have a lot to talk about considering last night I got to meet MAC MILLER. It was possibly the most thrilling experience of my life so far. I love Mac Miller and I got to be front row at his concert last night at the Egyptian Room, which is in downtown Indy, such a great venue!

Mac Miller and me!!!


Needless to say, I am still in shock from last night. I am getting spoiled with all these concerts lately. It is insane! A lot of Butler people went to this concert, so basically Mac Miller should have just come to Butler. Just kidding, no but really.

Also as promised, here are more pictures from my sister’s wedding. She was so beautiful on her wedding day, and I am so happy for her and her husband! Currently they are in Puerto Rico for their first honeymoon. Later on they are going to Japan so my brother in law can meet our family! I am so jealous!

My sister and me! The weather was so perfect!!!

The bridesmaids! When we were doing this whole "walk towards the camera" thing I felt stupid, but it actually looks cool! haha

My sister and her husband, John! So pretty!

The pictures turned out amazing, and the photographer actually went to my high school! I can’t wait to see all the pictures!

Random video: This kid goes around to apple stores, and dances everywhere. HOW AWESOME. I saw this on my friend’s Facebook and was in astonished!

YouTube Preview Image

Only 2 More Days

This week it feels like everything just got piled on in my classes! This past weekend my sister got married, so I did not have that much time to be able to do a lot of homework over the weekend. The wedding was on a gorgeous day looking over Lake Michigan! Here are some pictures from the wedding, I will probably post more later!

The reception area

Awesome sunset from my sister's wedding!

The wedding was awesome and I am so happy for my sister, but now it’s all back to reality! This week I have so much to do and it is only a three day week! Let me break it down to you what I have to do within this week.

Monday: 2-4 page paper due for Exploratory/Major Fair Paper due
Read 25 pages for class discussion
Tuesday: Wall Street Journal worth 50 points due for Freshmen Business
Freshmen Business Exam worth 100 points
Freshmen Year Seminar midterm
Wednesday: Sex Gender Sexuality in Modern Japan midterm

It does not seem like that much, but it just can be overwhelming. In reality, it is really just Tuesday I am worried about. I know it really is not that much I just have the slightest case of procrastination and with Fall Break being so close it can be really difficult to focus at times. Wish me luck! I’m sure everything will be fine!

Sickness update: Not too bad now. Not coughing as much, but I could not yell at the wedding. I think I lost my voice almost, and I’m out of cough drops… problem.

Here’s a video for you guys. You may hate this song, because it is played so much, but it’s dubstep so it’s pretty much awesome.

YouTube Preview Image

This Is More Like It.

I will admit, I am a busy bee. I love being constantly busy and I love watching my little planner fill up or calendar board fill up. I guess I get this weird satisfaction of knowing I have something scheduled or planned. I love being involved in a lot of things, and at Butler it is so easy to do that.

My schedule from last week in my planner!

Right now I am a Morton Finney Scholar, involved with College Mentor For Kids, and the Emerging Leaders Program. Being a Morton Finney Scholar allows me to participate in many activities around the community and also allows me to benefit the community in ways of leadership and community service.

College Mentors For Kids (CMFK) is awesome. Today we actually get to meet our kids so I am really excited. CMFK is a program that allows college students to mentor inner city kids. I’m sure there will be plenty of blogs where I talk about CMFK, but since today is the first day we meet the kids I don’t know what to expect!

The Emerging Leaders Program is a program where students can learn how to become better leaders in their community and within Butler. We have a meeting every Thursday and also individual meetings with our mentors. My mentor is Amanda she is so nice and it’s so easy to talk with her about the program and just life in general! At our meetings for Emerging Leaders we have guest speakers come in and we do different activities so it is a really awesome program that I am very excited about!

I definitely plan on getting involved with a lot more on campus. Many students say not to get involved with too much, but get involved with a couple organizations. For me, a lot of the programs I am involved in go hand in hand with each other so I feel like I am not overdoing it. I will let you know if it gets worse next semester when I start rushing and sorority life hopefully! Until then, I need to go outside and study it is just too pretty!

Update on my sickness: I’m still sick. I feel terrible for my roommate that has to hear me cough all through the night, and the multiple classes that have to hear me cough all through class. Also anyone that I Skype because I’m sure it sounds lovely to hear that! I bought medicine yesterday so let’s hope it gets better!!

Also check out this awesome video of Butler students (including me!) trying to get Jimmy Fallon back to Butler. For the Super Bowl Jimmy Fallon will be doing 4 shows in Indy and since Jimmy has been to Butler once, we are trying to get him back to Butler! COME BACK TO BUTLER JIMMY! P.S. I am in the second row, check out my awesome dance moves :)

Sunday Apple Pickin’

Yesterday my RA took our unit to Stuckey Farm Market, which is a farm for apple picking! It was so much fun! I was not sure if I would be able to make because over the weekend I went to Purdue to visit friends, and tailgate for the Purdue Notre Dame game. On top of that, Sunday from 1-3 I was suppose to have a College Mentors For Kids meeting, but thankfully it only took 45 minutes instead of 2 hours!

What do Boilermakers do? BOILER UP!

There were 10 of us that went apple picking! I had never been to the farm we went to, I usually go to one in Noblesville called Tuttle’s. Stuckey’s was really cool though. I felt like their farm was a lot bigger than Tuttle’s. We were able to get a lot of apples, and eat a lot while we were walking too. Apples from the farm, like anything else, are so much better than store bought. They taste so juicy! All the apples looked so good!

Apples on the ground that still looked awesome!

At times we got a bit dangerous and lifted girls up to get the best apples. One of the girls on my floor, Sara, told us that the best apples to pick are at the top of the tree, which makes sense, hence the reasoning behind our lifting up girls. As we were leaving I saw little pumpkins for 50 cents, so I bought some to decorate my desk! We also listened to a lot of old school music on the way back to Butler, which is always a plus! We are suppose to make caramel apples soon, so I am pretty pumped!

Our RA lifting Katie to grab apples!

The group of girls that went to Stuckeys!

By the way I would just like to give a shout out to anyone whose has dealt with my cough this past weekend and currently. Being sick is the worst thing ever!

Here’s a video from my high school, Lawrence North, where a lot of people like to Bernie… even our principal who is a Butler Alum!