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Welcome to the Office of Admission. This blogs purpose is to give you helpful tips and details for your college search. We will update you with important dates you need to know, special information about the admission process and so much more. If you have questions at anytime, please feel free to contact us at admission@butler.edu.

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Butler University Open House

Choosing a college is about finding the right fit. You might be thinking, what does that really mean? Finding the perfect college or university is all about choosing the right academic program, the right location, the right size, the right community, and the right vibe. And, the only one who can decide if a college is right for you is YOU.

Open House

Open House

That’s why we’ve created Open House at Butler University. It’s a day for you to walk around campus, tour classrooms, speak with faculty in your area of interest, sit in on student panels and so much more. Most importantly though, imagine submerging yourself into what you’re most passionate about—imagine yourself learning, working, playing, volunteering and living at Butler University. So, come visit us in the heart of Indianapolis, take it all in, ask questions, get answers, and find out if Butler is the right fit for you.

Open House Dates:
8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Saturday, September 22

11:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Monday, October 8

8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Saturday, October 27

Space is limited so register for Open House today!

5 Things to Do Before Welcome Week

With Welcome Week just around the corner, there are a few things you might want to consider before arriving on campus. All of these important tasks can be completed through your my.butler.edu account.

Still not sure how to use my.butler.edu? Get all the answers on our website at www.butler.edu/it.

Your checklist:

1. The “Academic Tools” section of my.butler.edu allows you to access Blackboard and library documents directly from the site. Blackboard is a site that houses all of the information you need for each class including notes, PowerPoint presentations, grades, assignments, discussion boards and so much more. You might want to familiarize yourself with Blackboard before arriving to your first class so that you can be fully prepared.

Access Blackboard from your my.butler.edu account.

2. The “Campus Services” portion of my.butler.edu houses the Butler Connection and the Butler Collegian for students. The Butler Connection gives updates about what is happening around campus on a daily basis. The Collegian is our award-winning student newspaper which provides the Butler community with coverage of newsworthy events.

Access the BUConnection for students through your my.butler.edu account

3. Thinking about getting a job at Butler University? Look no further than the “Employment” section of my.butler.edu. It lists everything from internship opportunities to job search tools to on-campus job openings.

Find a job on my.butler.edu

4. Are you bringing a car to campus? If so, you need to register your vehicle to receive your parking permit. The cost is only $60 for the entire year.

Register your vehicle through my.butler.edu

5. Finally, it is important that you review your class schedule and purchase your textbooks before arriving to class the first week of school. To print out a schedule or see which text books your professors require, click on “Self Service” then “Student Center”.

Review your schedule

Have questions? Let us know by emailing admission@butler.edu.

*Please note that your my.butler.edu account may look a little different than what is presented on this blog.

Residence Life at Butler

August will be here before you know it, and you will soon be a student at Butler University.  While it may seem like there is a lot to do before you arrive-don’t fret, a lot of great resources and assistance will be provided to you when you arrive on campus.  The residence halls at Butler are a great place to get started connecting to people and resources here at Butler as soon as you arrive.

By now, you have probably completed your housing contract and housing preference form and are anxiously awaiting to hear where you are living in the fall.  Most freshman are housed in Ross or Schwitzer Halls, which are traditional first year residence halls.   Residence Life staff pairs students with similar lifestyle habits to room together-such as people that stay up late, or like to listen to music while they study, or matches students who previously requested to live together.  Residence hall living is a great way to connect with new people; many students make lasting connections with roommates and students in their unit.

The Butler campus and Indianapolis are both vibrant places to be.  One of the places where students will find a lot to do is within the residence halls.  Resident Assistants (commonly known as RAs) plan a variety of different programs for residents.  These include events both within and outside of the residence hall.  A few examples of programs that RAs plan are movie nights, service projects, exercise classes at the Health and Recreation Complex, Butler athletic events, cultural dinners, study skills workshops, and Clowes Hall performances on campus.  Each residence hall unit is also associated with a Faculty in Residence or Faculty Ally who also plans programs for students and gives them the opportunity to interact with a faculty member outside of the classroom.  Each resident hall also has a common area where students can watch TV, play pool or table tennis and just hang out!  Hall front desks also have a movie library and collection of games that students can check out.  As you can see, there is no shortage of things to do within the hall and on campus.  That is, of course, after all your studying is done!

Move in day can seem stressful-but it doesn’t have to be!  Make sure to contact your roommate(s) before your arrive on campus so you can coordinate who brings what for your residence hall room.  It can be tempting to bring everything you need with you-but remember, you can always purchase items when you arrive in Indianapolis.  There are a many stores where you can purchase what you need on move in day or during your first semester.  The halls will open at 8am for check in, but don’t worry about being the first one in line to check in to the building.  There is plenty of staff to assist with check in and arriving a few hours after 8am may ease the process for you and your family.  Advice for specific items to bring and not to bring can be found on the Frequently Asked Question section of the Residence Life website at: http://www.butler.edu/residence-life.

All the information you are receiving about your new life at Butler University may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  There will be lots of resources provided to you when you arrive in the fall.  For now, get excited about becoming a Butler Bulldog!  Please direct any questions regarding residence life to (317) 940-9458 or reslife@butler.edu.