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Welcome to the Office of Admission. This blogs purpose is to give you helpful tips and details for your college search. We will update you with important dates you need to know, special information about the admission process and so much more. If you have questions at anytime, please feel free to contact us at admission@butler.edu.

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Deposit Deadline Approaching

What is the enrollment deposit?

Freshman students are required to pay a non-refundable enrollment deposit of $300 with their admission acceptance. The enrollment deposit is required in order to reserve a space in the Class of 2016.  All admission deposits must be received or postmarked by May 1.

Submitting an Enrollment Deposit after May 1

An Enrollment Deposit postmarked after May 1 will be considered late. The University reserves the right to return your Enrollment Deposit based on space availability in the freshman class. If your deposit is received after May 1, you need to call your admission counselor to let them know.

How do I accept admission and pay the enrollment deposit?


1. Go to www.butler.edu/deposit.
2. Fill in the form and verify your information.
3. Then…pay the enrollment deposit via MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or electronic check. For timely processing, we strongly suggest you submit your admission acceptance and enrollment deposit online via my.butler.edu You will receive immediate confirmation that your acceptance and deposit have been accepted.

By Mail:

Complete the Enrollment Form and attach a check, credit card information or money order for $300 payable to Butler University. If you mail in the form, please allow at least 2 weeks from the date you mailed your Enrollment Form and enrollment deposit for our system to be updated.

By submitting your deposit by February 1 makes you eligible to:

  • Be among the first to register for classes and get your ideal class schedule
  • Submit housing and roommate preferences
  • Join a Freshman Living-Learning Center


Why I love Butler!

I’m in the middle of my eighth year as Director of Marketing for the College of Business and I still love this place.  I’m an MBA alumna so I’ve actually been here since the late-90s and I’m one of those students who graduated and never wanted to leave.  So I didn’t.  There’s actually a LOT of alumni who work here, mostly for the same reason.

I went to one of the Big Ten schools (let me emphasize BIG) for my undergraduate degree and then got my MBA here, so I can really see the difference between a big school and a small school.  I couldn’t believe the difference of the experience at Butler—everyone knew my name, I got to know the professors personally and it was apparent that everyone was interested in my success.  It’s really fun (and easy) to recruit students to Butler now, as it’s really easy to promote and sell something that I’ve personally experienced and believe in so much.

I was privileged to be at the table for the development of our real life, real business theme and approach to education and to see it evolve over the years.  At its essence, it means that students learn about business by doing business.  Plain and simple.  Students and faculty work with real businesses on real issues and problems—and everyone learns and grows along the way (even the professors).  It starts from the day freshmen hit campus—and goes all the way through our graduate programs and consulting services for businesses.

First year students start learning about business from day one.  They have so many amazing experiences that I wished were available when I went to college.  They have a faculty advisor AND a career mentor (a business professional) who help them choose classes and work toward a career.  They learn a lot about teamwork, develop a business plan, and start working on a four-year career development plan (that includes two internships in the junior and senior year).  Sophomores take this foundation even further and can start and run a REAL business for credit (and keep the profits).  A lot of students participate in life-changing international experiences such as study abroad or our Leadership London program.

It’s funny because I interact with the parents of prospective high school students when they visit campus.  I’ve heard many of them say they wished they could start their college experience over again and come to Butler.  I feel the same way.

Where do I sign up?