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Welcome to the Office of Admission. This blogs purpose is to give you helpful tips and details for your college search. We will update you with important dates you need to know, special information about the admission process and so much more. If you have questions at anytime, please feel free to contact us at admission@butler.edu.

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Academic Advising: What You Need to Know

Before you arrive on Butler University’s campus for New Student Registration, we want to pass along a few help tips to get you started. Each student gets the opportunity to meet with their academic advisor while on campus. Your academic advisor will help you do more than just schedule your classes. Academic advisors at Butler University are personal, professional, and prepared to give you the advice you need and the resources you will use to successfully map a journey that leads to your graduation and beyond.

Helpful Tips

  • Explore the academic opportunities at Butler University. Familiarize yourself with the curriculum sheets by visiting your college website and clicking on your major:
  • View the 2013 Freshman Course Recommendation Guide for more information.
  • Learn more about Butler University’s Core Curriculum. In your first semester, you will take a First Year Seminar and will likely take one or two other Core classes alongside one or two courses from your major. Select several topics that interest you in each category.
  • Review the course catalog that has been specially prepared for New Student Registration. It highlights courses most appropriate for first-year student enrollment, including course descriptions of Core Curriculum classes.
  • Consider potential second majors and minors when choosing classes. Your advising appointment will be with the advisor of your primary major; if you intend to pursue multiple programs of study, alert your advisor to this at the beginning of your appointment.
  • As you look for courses, be flexible with regard to topic, class section, and time of day.
  • You will need to enroll in at least 12 credit hours to be considered a full-time student.
    • The average first year student will enroll in 15-16 credit hours.
    • Most courses are 3-credit hours each, but some are 2 credits and others, particularly natural science courses with labs, are 5-credit hours.
  • Get all of your advising questions answered on our New Student Registration website.

Still have questions? Be sure to contact your admission counselor before arriving on campus.

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