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Archive: January 2012

Deposit Deadline Approaching

What is the enrollment deposit?

Freshman students are required to pay a non-refundable enrollment deposit of $300 with their admission acceptance. The enrollment deposit is required in order to reserve a space in the Class of 2016.  All admission deposits must be received or postmarked by May 1.

Submitting an Enrollment Deposit after May 1

An Enrollment Deposit postmarked after May 1 will be considered late. The University reserves the right to return your Enrollment Deposit based on space availability in the freshman class. If your deposit is received after May 1, you need to call your admission counselor to let them know.

How do I accept admission and pay the enrollment deposit?


1. Go to www.butler.edu/deposit.
2. Fill in the form and verify your information.
3. Then…pay the enrollment deposit via MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or electronic check. For timely processing, we strongly suggest you submit your admission acceptance and enrollment deposit online via my.butler.edu You will receive immediate confirmation that your acceptance and deposit have been accepted.

By Mail:

Complete the Enrollment Form and attach a check, credit card information or money order for $300 payable to Butler University. If you mail in the form, please allow at least 2 weeks from the date you mailed your Enrollment Form and enrollment deposit for our system to be updated.

By submitting your deposit by February 1 makes you eligible to:

  • Be among the first to register for classes and get your ideal class schedule
  • Submit housing and roommate preferences
  • Join a Freshman Living-Learning Center


What is the Cost of Opportunity?

For many high school seniors, and college students alike, it might just be a few hours of your time. We know in today’s economy families are trying to make every dollar stretch as far as they can and sometimes the financial aid offered through federal and state government and colleges or universities just aren’t enough. Colleges and universities are spending every dime they have to help students just like you, but if you want a piece of the pie from all the dollars that go unspent every year you just might have to commit to a little time.

Outside scholarships are scholarships that are awarded outside of the normal financial aid processes and available through community groups, Fortune 500 companies and professional organizations.  But how do you find these scholarships? There are a number of ways…I recommend starting with your high school guidance office. Your advisor has most likely been developing a list of scholarship opportunities from community and service organizations such as:  Optimists, Kiwanis and Dollars for Scholars.  Your parents may even be an unrealized source through their involvement in religious, social and trade memberships such as the Knights of Columbus, Masonic Lodge and the union local.

The corporate pages of Fortune 500 companies and scholarship search engines like Fastweb.com, College Board Scholarship Search and Sallie Mae’s Scholarship Search are just a few good online sources. Many corporations will provide college scholarships for students who qualify, so it does not hurt to search the corporate website for scholarships.  The scholarship search engines will ask for students to register and complete a student profile so the student can be matched up with possible scholarship opportunities.  There are no guarantees and you still have to apply for the scholarships, these websites do give you a start in locating scholarships for which you may apply.  One piece of advice set up a separate email account just for your scholarship search; some sites, not all, will sell email addresses to keep the service free.


  • Start now and keep looking.  Not all scholarships are offered at the same time.
  • Apply, apply, apply!  Cast a wide net by applying for as many scholarships as you can – you are bound to catch something.
  • Don’t discount any scholarship.  A $100 can go a long way.
  • Scholarship opportunities are not limited to graduating high school seniors.  It is important that you apply every year.
  • A little time and effort can net results.  Don’t overlook a scholarship because the application requires an essay or additional information that may time to create.  Consider the amount of time it takes in relation to the potential return.

Kristine Butz
Associate Director of Financial Aid


Plan a Visit to Indy

As many of you know, Indianapolis was awarded Super Bowl XLVI, which will be played on February 5. This will be the first Super Bowl held in Indianapolis, and the first one held in a cold-weather city since Detroit hosted Super Bowl XL. The game will be held in Lucas Oil Stadium, which seats just over 75,000 people. The Super Bowl Village will transform the heart of downtown Indianapolis into a ten-day interactive festival. From the NFL Experience at the Indiana Convention Center to awe-inspiring performances on Monument Circle, Indy promises to deliver an unforgettable experience. Visitors from across the world will experience the exhilaration of the Super Bowl while being introduced to downtown Indianapolis world-class restaurants, bars, hotels and attractions.

If you are planning to visit that weekend, or any other weekend, there is always something to do in Indianapolis. Check out a few of the Indy happenings going on now:

The Children's Museum