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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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A plague upon both your houses!

I swear I do everything to try and not get sick.

Tips: hand-washing, hand-sanitizing, regular sleeping and regular eating, avoiding sick friends like they have the plague (they really love that, let me tell you–not), and getting my flu shot.

I still managed to pick up something right before clusters week. And it was a weird one.

We all know how colds usually go–sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, feeling miserable for 3 days-week. This virus was something else. All of the sudden I got super tired and super congested, but my nose wasn’t runny. It was just like somebody stuffed my sinuses with a bunch of cotton balls and then sapped my energy like Superman in a Kryptonite factory.

AND THAT WAS IT. No sore throat, no runny nose. Just… stuffystuffysleepysleepy. For five days during clusters. Now I’m fine. So, so weird. I do appreciate not having to be a living fountain during exams, though, because it’s highly disturbing to know the person sitting near you is spewing virus particles into a tissue and probably into the air.

This is such an image-heavy post. And I’m not sorry. :D Also have you ever read about the Plague? It’s super interesting.

If you need me, I’ll be Trip-ing it on the couch.

Consolation prize

If I got a nickel for every time I was up late on a Thursday night doing a blog entry… I would have SO MANY NICKELS.

At least it’s Friday now. It’s past midnight. I made it home, finally. It looked like it was going to storm when I was driving home but I guess it was all for show. It rained a little bit and maybe some areas of Indy got more than we did in Fishers, but who knows! Weather does whatever it wants around here, I don’t try to understand it. :(

I had a nutritious meal and I’m trying to get some last minute studying in before I finally finally get some sleep. I caught a cold and I guess if I was going to get one, I might as well have gotten it right at the end of the week so it can hit me over the weekend. Sigh. College kid problems, for real.

I hope everyone has fun at BUTLERPALOOZA this weekend!! I will not be attending because I… gosh I don’t even have a good reason other than I will probably making like a bulldog and doing this:

and studying beta-lactams. :[ So glam.