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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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In my state of hermit zen I have not gone out unless it was super important, and that means I haven’t had too much trouble with shopping crowds. I was lucky enough to not have to leave during our “blizzard” the day after Christmas, which also meant I was skipping out on all of the wild and crazy post-Christmas sales.

I have to grind my teeth a bit when all of the commercials push more and more shopping after we’re all reeling from the holiday shopping. But fine!

I will say I do partake in my favorite pastime, which is waiting for all the Christmas stuff to go on super sale and buying everything I need for the following year. There’s usually only a few things we have to get before Christmas that we have to get at full price (like lights!), but the rest I like to wait and see how cheap we can get.

Like today at Target, we got gift bags for like twenty five cents each. And I bought a desktop light up dove for five bucks. We also got a zillion yards of gaudy tinsel for a dollar a piece.

I named it Helga.

So bottom line, treat yourself to some Christmas stuff because it’s amaaazingly cheap right now. And next year you’ll be like “I’m so glad I got this!” TRUST ME. :D

What time is it?!

One… in the morning. Okay.

So it’s Monday Tuesday. It was Monday until an hour ago. Monday after break is just rough. My first class this morning was at 8AM, which meant leaving by 7AM to beat the traffic (spoiler alert: no one went to work this morning so there was NO TRAFFIC). I had to watch this on an endless loop just to feign happiness.


So I have cluster exams starting Wednesday. And a 2,000 word paper due next Friday. THEN FINALS. These 3 weeks are full of doom. I have done no such things related to “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” or “Christmas shopping.” Instead I have been studying and I’m about at this point right here.

…which is bad because I have 7 tests and a paper before I can call it quits for the semester.

I need to get back to studying flashcards! NO SLEEP TIL BROOKLYN I LEARN ALL THE ALKYLATING AGENTS.

Why I should be banned from Half Price Books

Seriously though.

I went into Half Price Books today looking for Ulysses by James Joyce. Why? Because all pretentious writers have read it. I guess.

I marched right into the store and found the Literature section. There are a lot of authors with the last name of H–I noticed this. Anyway, I found a copy that had a mustache in the cover art with no highlighting inside, so I claimed it.

Then I met the friends I went with in the CD section. This is where it all went south.

I wanted to get a Doors album, anything that was in my price range. I couldn’t find one. I thought that scanning the voluminous markdown CDs would score the album I was looking for. Instead, I left with Radiohead, Spoon, The Wallflowers, and The Strokes. At least they were on markdown?

Well, one of my friends and I were not satisfied, and we thought a quick trip to the Half Price Books on the other side of town would have what we wanted. So we go, we walk in, we attack the CD section, and in less than five seconds, we had the albums we came for. Good day.

Sooo I now have a million CDs scattered around my desk right now. I am not ashamed.

The guy who rang us out at the register is pretty confident that The Strokes have a release date set for their next album. I’m still skeptical of lead singer Julian Casablancas.

He doesn't seem trustworthy.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…


These are from David’s Bridal so I guess this is a free plug for them. Now, way back after I got engaged in January, I pretty much immediately went on their site to look at dresses. I’ve got this idea in my head that I want a dress with off the shoulder straps, kind of like Belle’s dress in Beauty and the Beast. Yeah, I went there.

All I know is, I really, really really don’t want a strapless dress. I don’t. That’s too many pull ups and push ups to get my arms to look okay to stand alone. Just, no. Also, everybody’s doing it. I despise that. :P I’m a rebel.

This is a dress I found online. I love it. It’s also relatively cheap. I had a tiny sliver of hope that just by walking into David’s Bridal, I could magically find this dress and try it on. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it. Bummer.

So these are the dresses I tried on.

The real question is, what am I doing with my arms?

I loved this dress. I tried on one before that I thought was plain, so my saleswoman went and got this one. It has the longest train in their collection, which I enjoy. It’s also sparkly. Sparkle sparkle.

It was a little itchy.

This is the same dress with a jacket. I don’t know if I’m sold on the jacket, mostly because it was itchy.

Everything's yellow. Awesome.

I apologize for my camera’s lack of color sense. So this dress was supposed to be ivory because I wanted to see if I like the color on me. But after I put it on, the saleswoman was like “Whoops! That’s off-white.” Same diff? I don’t know. Anyway, since my camera doesn’t understand color, then it doesn’t make a bit of difference.

This dress is less lacy and more bustle-y and sparkly. I like the waist area on dress #1 more, but I liked this one because it’s a PRINCESS DRESS. hee.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. I love playing dress-up. I’m going to a bridal exhibit at the Cincinnati Art Museum on Friday, then Saturday I’m actually going to a bridal show. Can my wedding be this summer?

[Somewhere in downtown Cincinnati, my mom just got a hernia.]

10 Reasons I’m not doing Black Friday

First of all, it’s my brother’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONATHAN!

Second of all, I just realized when I do these blitzkrieg posts, I utterly SPAM the gobutleru Twitter with my drivel. I’m oddly proud.

Right, top 10 why I’m not doing Black Friday.

10. I need my sleep.

9. I have no money.

8. It’s snowing, I think. And if it’s snowing, that means the 3 inches of rain we just got are making the roads ice-skating rinks.

7. Wal-Mart had a Ronco knife set on sale, online only, from 5am to 11am this morning. It was $20. That beats getting in my car and fighting people to get a knife set, which I guess would actually be pretty cool. So that was my Black Friday purchase this morning… on Thanksgiving.

6. Tryptophan. I am not wrestling a soccer mom for BOGO juniors sweaters at Macy’s after a 1,000 calorie meal. Not enough coffee in the world could motivate me for sweaters at 4 AM.

5. Getting trampled. I don’t want to get trampled.

4. Clusters are next week and I can’t sustain a head injury.

3. I haven’t put together my Christmas gift list for people. No point in buying things if I don’t know what I’m buying.

2. I can’t be bothered getting dressed and going out in–oh–an hour and a half from now.

1. Mom and I are going to work out at the rec center tomorrow. I’m going to run so far and so fast that I’ll get immediately (and illegally) drafted into the Bengals. Because they play like girls. EYOH!!

I love you, crazy Target lady!

Sooo yeah. Not doing Black Friday. Never have done it, and I’m not starting this year. I just heard a car going up the street and I bet they’re going to Target.