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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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It begins

Well, the semester started … on Monday. I can’t say I haven’t been around the block on semesters starting and all of that, so my excitement levels were not through the roof when the time finally came to go to class. In fact, I sort of feel like some grizzled old veteran now that I’m in my last semester and this has been my face during every syllabus reading and all of the group projects we have to do:

The good news is my planner is FILLED OUT and my week is OVER. So I have all of tomorrow to work on the piles of assignments bestowed upon me by my professors. All in all it was a good week, though, because I got to watch Sicko and an episode of Intervention in class! I haven’t watched movies in class in ages! It’s like the good old days again. :)

A Day Trip

Last week, Curtis and I visited our friend Anna in Bloomington! It’s a fun ride down there with lots of pretty scenery and it’s only an hour away from Butler (it’s an extra 20-30 minutes from us, and I blame I-465 … and the conventions of distance).

It was so much fun! Anna works at the Lilly Library and knows All Things About Books, so she had awesome things to show us liiike AN ORIGINAL SHOOTING SCRIPT OF STAR WARS A NEW HOPE. (Imagine me shouting this while flailing my arms around.) We also got to see the original written manuscript of Patrick O’Brien’s The Far Side of the World, which my favorite movie Master and Commander is based off of.

Paul Bettany + Russell Crowe + Napoleonic era naval warfare = MASTER AND COMMANDER.

We had a ton of fun visiting Anna’s favorite haunts. It’s so cute and cozy down there! It was nice to take a little trip out of the city to visit our buddy. I heeeard there’s a rotation block down there and I wonder if I should request it! Free housing and everything! ;)

Quote-unquote Blizzard

All we heard about for an entire day was the giiiant blizzard that was going to destroy us all!

Here in Fishers, we got about five inches of snow, but just about anywhere south of here there was a lot more. I was lucky enough to be home during the actual storm (I heard driving conditions were AWFUL), which hit right during the commute. A ton of storms and the malls closed yesterday, too, which I thought was good at least so people could stay home (although I think in a lot of cases employees were at their jobs and told to leave, so… logic.)

Still! It gave me an excuse to wear my new boots and bake cookies.

Not at the same time.

Sorry I took this one from inside the screen door but IT WAS COLD.

It’s not even IMPRESSIVE. Gosh.

Anyway, upcoming plans are to keep seeing a ton of movies. Today we saw Lincoln and tomorrow we’re going to see Django Unchained. Perfect pairing if you ask me.

I was told there would be snow

I’ve been habitually checking the Weather Channel 10-day forecast looking for snow. It’s supposed to happen today what with Winter Storm Draco and all.

The weather alarm even buzzed about high winds and Christmas decorations flying about, but no mention of snow. Yet. The current temperature is 52 degrees. This does not look promising.

Holiday spirit abounds in our household.

We’ve watched It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Elf, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. There is no breaking our Christmas Spirit.

Still dreaming of a white Christmas though. Snow’s in the forecast for tomorrow even though temperatures are going to be above freezing for the next few days. I guess I shouldn’t have asked for snow boots this year, huh?

An Unexpected Skyfall

Finally saw two great movies this week–and right in a row!

small caveat: I was really proud I found two movie posters on tumblr but then I noticed The Hobbit is way shorter than the Skyfall one. Then I realized: IT’S THE HOBBIT. HOBBITS ARE SHORT. GET IT?

I’m funny.

But seriously, these movies are totally worth it.

Exhibit A: Daniel Craig and Martin Freeman.


I love a movie where I’m thrilled to watch it the entire time. I felt that way throughout Casino Royale and the entire Lord of the Rings series (you can fight me on this, I’m a huge nerd, and I was not bored when watching). Skyfall was a ton of background story for both James Bond and M as characters and it felt “more like a Bond movie” in the words of Curtis. The scenery and casting and just EVERYTHING were awesome.

The Hobbit–I was afraid I was going to think it was just okay. I couldn’t figure out why that book had to be made into three movies. I mean, if you’ve read it, there’s not much going on. A dragon takes over a mountain and Gandalf gets Bilbo Baggins to join a group of dwarves to get the mountain back. There’s a ring involved. Swords, trolls, whatever. THERE AND BACK AGAIN. How is this three movies?

Let me just say I was not at all disappointed. The dwarves are lovable, the side plots are thrilling and I was reminded of just how much of a giant nerd I am. In junior high I learned everything there was to know about Middle Earth and I still remember most of it. Mithrandír help me.

Anyway, great films. If you were on the fence about seeing them, I highly recommend them! DO A DOUBLE FEATURE! :)

On entertaining group case sessions

We had to present a case to our session meeting last week. Here’s how that went down.

Our cases all come out of a book, so they’re fictional (although since some are written by our professors and other clinicians then I imagine they’re somewhat based on fact!)–just to lay down some ground rules. The case that my group presented on was for cellulitis, which is a soft tissue infection that this 19 year old patient got from playing baseball when he slid into a base. The cellulitis is on his butt.

I know I’m a 5th year pharmacy student but oh man that is unfortunate and worth making a thousand jokes about. My group was chosen as the group to present the case to the class and all I could think about was how this college student needed to elevate and immobilize the wound. I was in charge of patient education, so naturally, I wanted to tell the patient that he couldn’t do any booty-shaking at “da club” and he would need to lay like Forrest Gump in his bed to keep the wound clean.


I may or may not have quoted this scene to the class. If you guessed “may have,” then you would be right.

Who knew soft tissue infections could be so fun?! I make it fun.


What have I done since finals ended? Well, let me tell you!

– I forgot my Blackboard password

– Saw The Avengers twice

– Put in 80 (free) hours at my Target internship

– Ate pancakes with Curtis at Bob Evans

– Played some INTENSE miniature golf at Ben and Ari’s (please note their “hompage” title–it made me laugh way too hard)

And that is really it.

I feel like my summer hasn’t really started until just now–right after finals finished, I went straight to Target to do my hours. And since I’m a genius, I decided to schedule myself for 10 hour days to get it done faster. It was a bad choice–I’ve been nothing but exhausted for the past two weeks!

So I’m going to quit everything and join SHIELD. Bye!

SB2012? More like THE HUNGER GAMES 2012.

For once, it wasn’t entirely necessary to travel for spring break to find good weather. It was in the 70s and sunny all week here in Indy!

That said, I spent most of my break inside. Reading. Reading THE HUNGER GAMES. I got through the first two books in a matter of 4 days. Third book has been slower because I actually had to leave the house for the latter half of break.

But yes, I have Hunger Games fever. Every time I hit up a store, I’ve had to buy every magazine with Jennifer Lawrence’s face on it. (This includes Seventeen magazine which was sort of a mistake.) Also, I’m Team Peeta.

I mean, he paints AND bakes AND is a hopeless romantic? Y’all can have rugged Gale. Team Peeta forever.

(I also have a tiny crush on Woody Harrelson, but that is an aside.)

Anyway, the movie premieres THIS FRIDAY and I’m super pumped. It’s nice to have another fandom to look forward to now that Harry Potter’s done. On top of that: a young adult series with a strong female main character? GASP. So much better than that lovesick sissy in Twilight. (There, I said it.)

May the odds be ever in your favor!


Remember the Super Bowl? FORGET THE SUPER BOWL. It was my birthday.

What did I do? Well let me tell you!

I studied all day for cluster exams. :(

In between, I got Taco Bell and went to Target to try and find a dress from their newly released Jason Wu line. Were most sizes in every cute dress sold out? Yes. That’s okay though, I found a different dress and some nail polish and it’s all good.

I also made the incredibly thrilling discovery that Taco Bell now has a $5 box with a CRUNCHWRAP SUPREME. I couldn’t actually eat it all but you can’t always win on your birthday, I s’pose!

Instead of watching the Super Bowl, Curtis took me out to my restaurant of choice: Buca di beppo! It was lovely! Also, driving north of Indianapolis at 6:30 PM on the day of the Super Bowl was eerie. No one was on the roads. It was like The Road.

If my SD card reader could read Curtis’s camera’s SD card then you would see a picture of us from my birthday. Since that’s not the case… you get this.

US. ON THE ROAD. It looked a little dreary so I added a Pikachu. aw snap.

ps – GO GIANTS!!

I’ve reemerged!

I am appalled at my lack of frequent updating. I don’t really have a concrete reason for the giant gaps. I think it is because my life is so uninteresting that I have to let several days creep by in order to let something interesting happen. ;)

I hope everyone had a super Halloween! We had 0 trick or treaters! MORE CANDY FOR ME.

My costume was really cool though. I was a Mandalorian. I bet you didn’t know until just now that there’s a Star Wars specific wiki. You’re welcome!

I bought not one, but TWO bags of candy in preparation for Halloween festivities. I like chocolate, myself, so I bought the Milky Way/Snickers/3 Musketeers combo, and because it was severely lacking in peanut butter, I bought a separate bag of Reese’s to mix in. Although we didn’t have trick or treaters, I took it upon myself to mow through several candy bars to make myself feel better (at least they were fun-sized?).

All in all, Halloween was a bust. What we did manage to accomplish the week before was watching all three Paranormal Activity movies, and The Exorcist. I’m not really a horror movie fan, but I really liked the PA series and The Exorcist. I think I prefer movies that don’t have murderers in them. That just bothers me for some reason.

Okay well! Lighter topics! I’m in the Science Library right now and I just ate food. I feel ostracized when I eat food in libraries because the wrappers are all loud and everyone else is like, “Stupid person eating, ruining my studying and making me hungry!” This may be all in my head, however.