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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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Archive: December 2012

Quote-unquote Blizzard

All we heard about for an entire day was the giiiant blizzard that was going to destroy us all!

Here in Fishers, we got about five inches of snow, but just about anywhere south of here there was a lot more. I was lucky enough to be home during the actual storm (I heard driving conditions were AWFUL), which hit right during the commute. A ton of storms and the malls closed yesterday, too, which I thought was good at least so people could stay home (although I think in a lot of cases employees were at their jobs and told to leave, so… logic.)

Still! It gave me an excuse to wear my new boots and bake cookies.

Not at the same time.

Sorry I took this one from inside the screen door but IT WAS COLD.

It’s not even IMPRESSIVE. Gosh.

Anyway, upcoming plans are to keep seeing a ton of movies. Today we saw Lincoln and tomorrow we’re going to see Django Unchained. Perfect pairing if you ask me.

Roll out the holly!

That song is annoying BUT SO CATCHY.

I’m quite in awe that Christmas has come and gone. It didn’t feel like Christmas, especially with our first snow coming so close to the day (and after, really).

At least we put up lights.

And good spirits.

All of our family is back in Cincinnati so we went to see them, if only for a day and a half since Curtis had to work back here. But it was so good to see all of our extended families that we never get to see! I would say our Christmas went without a hitch were it not for exploding tires, but, what can you do? ;)

There’s not much to say for what we got. Really it was time with our families, things for the apartment, clothes–oh, and Forza 4.

If you’ve never watched Top Gear, that would be Jeremy Clarkson narrating. Also the game and Top Gear have a lot more racing cars and, well, shouting.

How to change a tire

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday! We certainly did! We were making a quick getaway from Cincinnati with our loot when our tire blew out on I-74.

…and it was terrifying.

I’m one of those “worst case scenario” people. The minute we’ve pulled off on a highway–on Christmas day when people are fleeing to their homes in the wake of a ginormous blizzard–I thought we were going to get chopped up by an ax murderer. I didn’t have to be logical at the time.

The sound the tire made was a strange one, and at first I thought (and this is from driving a car that made weird noises for years) it was a normal sound, until the car lurched and the flat started slapping the pavement.

BUT! We survived okay, and Curtis took charge and changed the tire! People were really mad about us driving 55mph on a 70mph highway but there was literally no other way for us to get home on the donut!

I would have taken a picture of our misery if it was prudent and if my blood pressure wasn’t around 200/100.

Sidenote: Please make sure you have a nice emergency kit in your car. We didn’t have so much as a flashlight and I had to download an app onto my phone mid-car jack assembly.

I was told there would be snow

I’ve been habitually checking the Weather Channel 10-day forecast looking for snow. It’s supposed to happen today what with Winter Storm Draco and all.

The weather alarm even buzzed about high winds and Christmas decorations flying about, but no mention of snow. Yet. The current temperature is 52 degrees. This does not look promising.

Holiday spirit abounds in our household.

We’ve watched It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Elf, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. There is no breaking our Christmas Spirit.

Still dreaming of a white Christmas though. Snow’s in the forecast for tomorrow even though temperatures are going to be above freezing for the next few days. I guess I shouldn’t have asked for snow boots this year, huh?

An Unexpected Skyfall

Finally saw two great movies this week–and right in a row!

small caveat: I was really proud I found two movie posters on tumblr but then I noticed The Hobbit is way shorter than the Skyfall one. Then I realized: IT’S THE HOBBIT. HOBBITS ARE SHORT. GET IT?

I’m funny.

But seriously, these movies are totally worth it.

Exhibit A: Daniel Craig and Martin Freeman.


I love a movie where I’m thrilled to watch it the entire time. I felt that way throughout Casino Royale and the entire Lord of the Rings series (you can fight me on this, I’m a huge nerd, and I was not bored when watching). Skyfall was a ton of background story for both James Bond and M as characters and it felt “more like a Bond movie” in the words of Curtis. The scenery and casting and just EVERYTHING were awesome.

The Hobbit–I was afraid I was going to think it was just okay. I couldn’t figure out why that book had to be made into three movies. I mean, if you’ve read it, there’s not much going on. A dragon takes over a mountain and Gandalf gets Bilbo Baggins to join a group of dwarves to get the mountain back. There’s a ring involved. Swords, trolls, whatever. THERE AND BACK AGAIN. How is this three movies?

Let me just say I was not at all disappointed. The dwarves are lovable, the side plots are thrilling and I was reminded of just how much of a giant nerd I am. In junior high I learned everything there was to know about Middle Earth and I still remember most of it. Mithrandír help me.

Anyway, great films. If you were on the fence about seeing them, I highly recommend them! DO A DOUBLE FEATURE! :)


What is there to say after news like Newtown, Connecticut?

YouTube Preview Image

I have nothing further to say that hasn’t already been said. I share in the nation’s grief for this tragic loss of life.

There are some important articles to read on this trying time in America and I hope no one has taken the past year–or past two decades–of violence lightly.

Follow author Joyce Carol Oates on Twitter

The New Yorker: Guns and the Limits of Shame

Mother Jones: Mass Shootings Investigation

Please read “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother” if you have not already. There is some strong language in it so I won’t link it here. It is a piece about mental illness and it’s a powerful one.

CNN: A List of the Victims. I hate to encourage the media peering into the grieving families at this time but the victims should be remembered.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday. I know I have a new perspective after what happened last week.

Post-semester Field Study

[thick British accent whispering voice] And now we watch the wild Cathryn in her natural habitat as she prepares for winter break hibernation.

If I could just curl up in a box and not be disturbed for three weeks, that would be awesome. Then again, I have a ton of fun stuff to do!

As I mentioned before, I’ve got a ton of Netflix to watch. I hear they added a TON OF DISNEY MOVIES.

I’m also going to work on my novel.


For now, we already watched the movie Piranha (apparently we will watch literally anything with Adam Scott in it), which I don’t recommend if you have a weak stomach. Or self respect.

And later we are going out for a night! on! the town! And in case you were wondering where I went in Broad Ripple a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t go. I won’t tell you until I go there. Nyaahhh!

An ode to PDA

Once upon a time, COPHS decided to make a class called Principles of Drug Action. Most schools teach pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, and toxicology separately. Most schools are normal. Butler is not. Butler combined those classes all into one and we take it all four years of pharmacy school.


YouTube Preview Image

But there was a lot of studying before that. And, of course, food.

This is me weeping over a 2 liter of Mountain Dew.

We ordered Greek’s Pizza while studying in Jordan Hall. We had no plates. So we used pieces of notebook paper because we are classy.

If our faces aren’t any indication, it wasn’t just eating greasy (but delicious) pizza off of paper that was making us upset. Studying for our last PDA final was absolutely dreadful. And finding out 90 minutes before the test that there were essay questions was unpleasant.

But! It is over! I am done with this semester! Let the Netflix marathon and Christmas shopping BEGIN!


The two things that normally come with nonstop finals studying are, well, studying and sleep deprivation. But there’s one last component that really makes finals week a triumvirate of bad decisions and general uncomfortableness.

This was study-thon Sunday. We were holed up in the basement of Irwin and there was no leaving until we learned everything there was to know about therapeutics, kinetics, and PDA.

…oh yeah. Mustn’t forget the bag full of candy.

It’s week like this I can’t really decide if we’re going to get diabetes or anemia first. Like that is NOT NUTRITION but it’s what we ate all day long. No regrets.

The library has a new reservable room policy which has actually worked out in our favor. Studying in groups on campus means needing table space (see above) and also being free of distraction, and there are only so many large study rooms on campus. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve stared into that particular room to see one person in it watching Hulu. For hours and hours.

SO NOW, being able to reserve the room, we show up for four hour blocks (or more if each of us books it) and just… well, it may look like a party, but it isn’t. Maybe we put a little fun in education. For the most part we shout questions at each other and try to use the chalkboard (CHALK IS A TERRIBLE THING) and then we sit silently and think about our lives.

It’s not time for Christmas music. YET.

Sooo due to inclement (read: HOT) weather, I haven’t really been listening to Christmas music. :(

SO INSTEAD I will share with you my favorite songs of the moment!

Gaslight Anthem – National Anthem. This is from their most recent album, Handwritten, which I’m obsessed with. You know what? You need to see the music video for Handwritten.

YouTube Preview Image

I can’t preface those songs anymore. They’re just excellent.

The Killers – Heart of a Girl. I’ve got some really laid back tracks this time around, geez. Well, this song is just sweet and I like it. :)

I’ve been listening to albums off of The Rolling Stone’s Top 50. My top picks of artists so far off of it: Best Coast, Divine Fits, and Hospitality. I haven’t had a chance to delve too deeply into the rest, but I imagine with hours and hours of studying ahead of me, I’ll get there.

Oh, and if you’re still itching for Christmas:

YouTube Preview Image

Ella Fitzgerald – Sleigh Ride. Perfection.

Vince Guaraldi – The Christmas Song. This entire album is by far one of the greatest holiday classics … ever. And this song in particular is just so bittersweet and perfect and GAH. I love it.