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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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Archive: October 2012

Napping and Netflix


Okay, I just shared a secret. Now you share a secret!

Whenever I take a nap on the couch, if I’m coherent enough to plan it, I’ll try and set my phone with an alarm to wake me up. I’ll also turn on Netflix so there’s something on the TV to help me wake up. If I don’t, I could sleep for hours. Especially now that it gets dark early, if it’s nighttime-looking outside and quiet in the apartment I’m just out like a light.

This is especially important during study times when I tend to get tired and just fall asleep at random. I need to be prepared.

On Netflix, I need to pick something that I can stand having on the TV but isn’t interesting enough for me to want to watch. The other day I made the mistake of turning on Paranormal Witness.

IT WAS AWESOME. And terrifying. And weird. There’s only 6 episodes up right now but the ones I watched so far were pretty excellent, especially with Halloween coming up. Needless to say, I didn’t really get a nap in after I turned it on. The first episode had to do with a poltergeist befriending a little girl and … yeah. Creepy.

So speaking of creepy things, we’re getting really giant spiders in our apartment, including tarantula-sized wolf spiders and one that dared to show its face in daylight. Here is the harrowing tale. And I know I didn’t crop the video and I don’t want to talk about it–I had to listen to like 8 Richard Mourdock videos while I mistakenly tried to upload it to Photobucket.

YouTube Preview Image

The list of Things I have no time for

I have a lot of time to think about things while I drive to and from campus. And when I have too much time to think, I get ideas.

So I have two ideas for novels, and no time at all to write them. This is probably the complaint of a lot of writers, and I don’t want to be one of those writers who just laments never having time, and never making the time. I won’t leave the ideas for dead. NOPE.

Then I guess more importantly, I have to come up with a project for my last year of school–the dreaded P4 project. I actually have a lot to work with here, even though all of my pharmacy student career I’ve been dreading this thing. I like reading and interpreting research, but actually designing and conducting it makes me fall asleep. BUT. I definitely want to work with veterans and mental health and, well, drugs. So we’ll see what comes up as this year progresses–I have to decide … well, soon.

Then there’s books. I want to read books for fun like a normal human being. I still haven’t finished this book and I’m borrowing this book and literally two years ago I started this book and never finished it. Not to mention I kind of want to reread Harry Potter from start to finish.

Instead this is my weekend after clusters because reading books and writing novels far exceeds my brain capacity. Plus I probably have work to do, I just haven’t had the heart to look yet.

This weather is not conducive to fashion

Remember barely more than a week ago when it was cold and rainy?

We could wear boots and sweaters and be merry.

Butler, you all looked fabulous. I saw a girl rocking a skirt with knee-high wool socks and, I kid you not, patent leather oxfords. I saw a boy wearing rusty red pants, ankles rolled, with those boat-shoes-turned-to-boots. And this other girl had skinny khakis with black riding boots. SO EQUESTRIAN.

Fabulous. So fabulous.

And then I got myself a big, ol’ patterned wool sweater that I’m really proud of. I wore it when it was rainy last week and I showed up to class and saw that a guy was wearing a blue version of basically the same sweater (guy version without the boatneck) in blue. It was hilarious to me. SWEATER TWINS!

But now it’s 80 degrees outside (and inside!) and I feel like I should have worn shorts today. My caramel macchiato had to be ordered iced, it was imperative.

So this is MY fall outfit, which I had to specifically put on because there was no way I was wearing it in 80 degree weather today. Wool sweater? pfffft.

That post-clusters haze

Every time cluster exams end I feel like I got put on that bungee jump ride at Kings Island (YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT?) after eating, like, 8 Skyline Chili cheese coneys.

I made so many Cincinnati references just now I should just go to LaRosa’s and eat Graeter’s and think about my life. ;)

But clusters. (Even though I just made myself really hungry for pizza and ice cream.) I’m very tired. We had our exams Monday-Wednesday and now we have to finish off the week going to class, which is not my favorite scenario.

I figure if the college can manipulate our schedule, they could at least make it convenient for us? And I know we’ve had Thursday-Monday exams before. If my weekend is going to be shot, might as well use it to study really hard for one exam and do awesome on it. Because PDA yesterday was … ugly.

This is what we lived like for the past week. Mountain Dew and candy. We sat in the pharmacy conference room (me for six hours, my friends for more) reading out of Alicia’s Binder of Doom.

Which is HORRIFYINGLY LARGE. What is that, a 4-incher? I don’t even want to know.

So I’m still recovering, but expect more entries from me as I spew my thoughts from the past couple of weeks onto the Internet. (I’m a writer, imagery is my strong suit.)

We’re taking out all the stops!

This is me. Because it’s CLUSTERS WEEEEK!

It’s been clusters MONTH, I swear. I feel like I haven’t left my house since early October. Well, that’s not true.

We studied at McDonald’s after our therapeutics test yesterday. It seems strange, but Starbucks just doesn’t have burgers and fries to eat and giant tables like the Broad Ripple McDonald’s does.

SO HAPPY to be working on kinetics problems at McDonald’s! :D not. Kind of. I ate pumpkin pies and they were fantastic.

But seriously, this clusters week has been killing us! Homecoming, apparently, was this past Saturday. I only knew because they blocked off commuter parking on Friday. This is my reality at Butler right now–finding out about events based on commuter parking.

Right, so, I need to get back to my current venture, which is cramming for Principles of Drug Action. Viruses, mycobacteria, antimalarials, and cancer are going to be my only thoughts from now until tomorrow at noon.

Debate aftermath

I didn’t watch the debate last night. :( I was out. So I thought, HEY! I should see what happened!

Nah, I’ll get on Tumblr. Which might kill two birds with one stone.

FIRST I GIVE YOU, the Paul Ryan/Joe Biden Mean Girls parody.

I have no idea why they’re so close. Maybe they’re sniffing each other. Or it’s photoshopped.

The longing stare:

I want candlelight and homemade pasta photoshopped in front of them STAT.

This one is my favorite. These are always the best. THE RYDEN FACE SWAP.


Okay but seriously I want to catch up on that. Was it worth it? Yes/no? Should I just go back to looking at cat pictures? I’ve heard it was a little more exciting than the first presidential debate, so that’s promising. At the top of my wishlist is Paul Ryan doing some Insanity workouts on camera and I just don’t think that’s going to happen.


Fall breakin’

I wanted to title this post “Fall Break” and realized everyone probably has a blog called “fall break” so I titled it “fall breakin” and… I don’t know why. I turned fall break into a verb and you can’t stop me.

The leaves are not turning as quickly as I like. Here is evidence.

I’d say we’re at 30% capacity right now. WEAK, TREES.

Hopefully in a week or two we’ll see some real autumn colors. Pah. It barely even feels like fall break, nature. Do I have to do everything myself?

Actually, I was disappointed because it was rather warm yesterday and I went to campus Starbucks to get a salted caramel mocha (I prefer these to pumpkin spice lattes this year, sorry pumpkins!), and I actually was craving a green tea lemonade instead. I am an autumn traitor.

BUT. I want to point out that pumpkin spice latte ice cream is a thing. And I am excited. All I know is, this fall break (which I’m spending half at home in Cincinnati and half at my regular home in Indy), I will be doing a whole lot of NOTHING. And maybe some Panopto. :/ Meanwhile, trees, I expect results.

I am a musical PROPHET!

Remember when I asked for a new Ke$ha album?


YouTube Preview Image

I’m fairly certain Ke$ha doesn’t take herself seriously. At least, not as seriously as Rihanna? That’s all I can ask for.

I really can’t emphasize enough how much I despise turning on the radio anymore. I listen to X-103 and WTTS exclusively now if my iPod is otherwise incapacitated. But every time I turn on a pop station it’s: cruddy Pink, cruddy Adam Levine (WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, ADAM?), Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Fun. (sorry, I just–can’t), sometimes if I’m lucky it’s Cher Lloyd or blast-from-the-past Domino by Jessie Jay, but otherwise… NOISE.


I usually go through phases where the new pop music isn’t doing it for me, but within a few months a few new songs will come out and I’m right back on the pop bandwagon. I mean, my heart and soul is always with rock (see: why I listen to X-103 and WTTS), but I can get into some silly pop music. Nowadays, though, I’ve been waiting and waiting for something good to come out and it’s just the same people coming out with the same-sounding soulless singles.

Argh, you know what? Cleanse your palate.

YouTube Preview Image

I feel better.

On entertaining group case sessions

We had to present a case to our session meeting last week. Here’s how that went down.

Our cases all come out of a book, so they’re fictional (although since some are written by our professors and other clinicians then I imagine they’re somewhat based on fact!)–just to lay down some ground rules. The case that my group presented on was for cellulitis, which is a soft tissue infection that this 19 year old patient got from playing baseball when he slid into a base. The cellulitis is on his butt.

I know I’m a 5th year pharmacy student but oh man that is unfortunate and worth making a thousand jokes about. My group was chosen as the group to present the case to the class and all I could think about was how this college student needed to elevate and immobilize the wound. I was in charge of patient education, so naturally, I wanted to tell the patient that he couldn’t do any booty-shaking at “da club” and he would need to lay like Forrest Gump in his bed to keep the wound clean.


I may or may not have quoted this scene to the class. If you guessed “may have,” then you would be right.

Who knew soft tissue infections could be so fun?! I make it fun.

Flu shots!

In keeping with my obsession with infectious disease, here’s a plug for getting your flu shot this season!

I got mine at Butler’s clinic last week. :) I was really close to getting my shot from my medchem professor, which would have been awesome. I cannot think of something more literal than my medchem professor stabbing me. But! A pharmacy resident gave me my flu shot and it was absolutely painless with no residual soreness or anything. She was a pro! And she gave me a sticker, so, automatic win.

I heard that they ran out so there won’t be another clinic until after Fall Break, but keep an eye out! Butler students get free flu shots with ID!

I only wish they had these awesome band aids.