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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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So my new year’s resolution is … behind.

I stopped officially make new year’s resolutions a little while ago, mostly because I’m forgetful and–let’s face it–not long-term goal oriented. So we’re halfway through February and I decided to try dieting.

:( frowny face.

My mom said she tried the South Beach diet a while ago, and I didn’t really think much of it until after a long morning of browsing Pinterest I found a blog that touted South Beach diet recipes. And they actually looked good.

So I decided to give it a try! I’m one week through and I actually feel pretty good. The diet’s divided into “phases,” the first of which is the strictest and lasts 2 weeks. I can’t have any carbs except what may be found in the vegetables/legumes I’m allowed to eat. At first I thought it would be impossible to complete–I love bread and scones and basically everything that’s bad for you.

But, I gave the diet book a read and found out that over the course of my pharmacy school career, I’d actually already been taught most of this stuff. It works like this: you eat carb-heavy food and your body digests it very quickly. Your blood glucose shoots up, and your pancreas counters with lots of insulin (which allows your body to utilize glucose for energy but also does a slew of other things). This process happens quickly, and suddenly your blood glucose is low again and your appetite returns.

The diet talks about ways to slow down the whole process of digestion and even out how quickly glucose is poured into your blood. This slowing of digestion, or the emptying of the stomach, is actually an important part of controlling blood sugar in type 2 diabetes, and drugs that can slow digestion are very helpful.

Soooo! Long story short, there’s kind of a small carb withdrawal phase that I felt most on the second day of no-carbs. I got kind of groggy and it was hard to motivate myself to do stuff. Luckily it was a Saturday. ;)

I feel great now. My appetite has finally been curbed! I cheated a little today and went to Chipotle, though, but I didn’t get rice in my burrito bowl (which doesn’t include a tortilla, of course).

Plus it’s not so bad. I can have sugar free Jello and sugar free fudgesicles AND THESE COOKIES:

made from almond flour!

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