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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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Archive: April 2011


I just finished the last compounding lab of my pharmacy school career!!

It’s still lingering on my hands, however. We had to compound an ointment with a lot of sticky ingredients and I didn’t get a chance to wash my hands before running off to PDA.

At any rate, the whole lab final was a little nerve-wracking. I missed some silly things during the sterile compounding but I was also commended at being the only person to do one of the techniques correctly all morning. (Note: I was probably the third person to go in?)

I thiiiink I’m going to apply to be a lab assistant next year. We’ll see how it goes. LOOK OUT, FUTURE P2s. I’m going to do your Code Blue simulation. mwuhahahaha.

I’m just so glad to be done with labs!! It’s a huge relief to have this final off my shoulders so I can finally get around to studying for the rest of my finals. One week from today I’ll be done with 5 of my 6 finals. Yaaaaay!

I don’t have a picture of me turning in my last lab forms. However, I do have a picture of Curtis and me from Easter weekend.




So this is a fun story.

As you may recall, I had an ER simulation last week in lab. Here’s how that went down.

I enter the room, and there is already another poor sap doing his simulation. I scoot around to the station in the back of the room. I will script the rest.

Lab assistant: Pharmacy we need epinephrine [indescriminate dosage]!

Me: [watching other student]

Lab assistant: Where’s that epi, pharmacy?!

Me: …. OH. I’m Cathryn I’m the pharmacist! [begins fiddling with epinephrine syringe]

I then realize I don’t remember how to use the “easy syringe”. I open the box the wrong way and find that I’m staring down at an exposed needle and I have no way of getting the syringe out. The assistant hands me a new box and tells me how to open it. I again fail to operate the syringe and we move on to filling an IV bag. I DO THIS WITH EASE.

Lab assistant: Okay pharmacy we need a dopamine drip. What’s the rate on it pharmacy?

IV rate? NO PROBLEM. I calculate it. Then I stand there, unsure of whether or not I need to do anything with this IV bag. Meanwhile the lab assistants are shouting about how we’re losing Mr Burns and we can’t let the family in until he’s stable.

Finally, I tell them the rate and I’m done. Apparently.

It was kind of a train wreck and I probably killed the fake patient, but I was so done worrying about it that I giggled at myself the whole time. oh well!

I kept waiting for Dr. Cox to jump out and call me a labradoodle.

I still wish my life was Scrubs.


I FINALLY got my summer internship!! Let’s review this journey.

December: Turn in form with time/place preferences.

January-March: ???

April: ???

Late April: Find out the accreditation requirements for pharmacy school have changed and the P3s need to be at hospital sites around town, delaying the P2’s placement. It is probable that we will have to drive 45 minutes to sites outside of the city.

2 weeks: ???

Last week: Find out that they may not have room to place P2s on a 4 week rotation and we may have to do 2 week rotations and make up the hours in a retail pharmacy. Seethe.

2 days ago: Find out I’ve been placed for a 4 week rotation in Noblesville! :) YAAAAY!!


Butler Manuscripts!

It’s not very often that I get to crawl out of the dark forsaken cave that is pharmacy school and find a creative outlet. I’ve wanted to submit a piece to Manuscripts, our undergraduate literary magazine, since I was a freshman!

This year, I finally got around to writing something that wasn’t Star Wars fanfiction (I was hoping to find more hilarious thing in my cleverly-worded Google image search, but alas). I went with a topic that I know very little about but enjoy reading: war stories. I think it’s safe to call it historical fiction now? But anyway, I wrote the journal entries of a Vietnam soldier. I had the piece workshopped by Calliope Creative Writing Club, and I GUESS they liked it… :) So I submitted it to Manuscripts!

And I’m getting published! HOORAY!! I’m so excited! I’ve been stalking their Facebook page waiting for when they have updates about the release date. Then I’m going to hoard all the copies I can get. And snarl.

Yet ANOTHER fun thing to get excited about that isn’t my lab final tomorrow or finals next week. pleaseisitsummeryet.

The main character's name is Bruce. COINCIDENCE?

Tabling Mentality

Tabling is kind of a new concept to me since going to college. Let me define it real quick before we move on.

PAWS is notorious for doing this. Basically, you set up a table in a highly populated area (usually Starbucks), then we offer information about whatever’s going on. Sometimes people have fundraisers via tabling, and there’s usually a stigma with: See a table, get badgered into participating in something. PAWS is guilty of doing this a lot. We made you do tricks for candy. ;)

Today, however, was Brain Food Breakfast for Stress Less Week. The gist of this table is: Walk up, get free food. Nothing else!

We kept experiencing a lot of weird reactions though. No matter how many times we said, “Hey, want free breakfast? It’s free. Free free free. Just walk up and take it. Free.” some people still thought we were bonkers. We had some people politely decline, but others basically thought we were offering frog legs or something. Maybe it was too early to have complex social interactions.

I don’t know, I ate a bag of almonds and string cheese and I was happy as can be. :) Please take a look at the Facebook event I posted above so you can see the schedule for tomorrow. Lots of great stuff going on, and I heard the weather is going to be better!!

Okay, random note. I searched Starbucks on the main Butler website and only found blog entries. GO TEAM!!

Did I unknowingly enter a wormhole?

Since when were finals next week? Since when is May starting in two days? WHERE DID THIS SEMESTER GO?

I’m being a diligent blogger and cleaning out my comments feed (so. much. spam.) and I thought I’d share this gem with you: “Great reading and will thirstily await your approaching updates.” lolwhat? I often have a distinct feeling of needing to ingest liquids when I know updates will be… approaching.

I won’t even mention that I’ve been so busy I forgot about blogging. Oh, I just did. Actually, I can’t believe it’s Thursday! This week flew by! I really meant to get a couple of updates in earlier in the week, but I completely forgot. At least I have good reasons. :P

I had my first of two lab finals on Tuesday. Self Care’s lab final was just a counseling session, which I was a little nervous about because we had 6 possible topics and we didn’t know which one we’d get until we walked in. Sigh! I thought I did okay. I rambled about dieting for high blood pressure/high cholesterol for a looong time.

So despite getting through that, I have a second lab final tomorrow. My very last compounding lab! I’m so excited! … Not to take the final, but to be done. I’m also a teeny bit jealous because most people from my class are already done. But it’ll be over with soon. SOON.

I'm Crookshanks. The lab final is the chihuahua.

I can’t believe the semester is over in 1 week and 4 days. This is insanity. And I am so, so ready for summer. (haha get it? That’s Summer Glau. From Firefly and stuff. I’ll go be lame somewhere else now.)

Gettin’ down on Friday.

Rebecca Black is now stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

Once again, I find myself up at 2 AM with my 8 AM lab looming on the horizon. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Thursday nights are just tough to focus on. The weekend is so close and yet I have to concentrate on prelab calculations and counseling sessions! (That link has a PDF file with a bear using an inhaler?)

I’ve not heard horror stories from the other labs this week, but I’m still a little freaked out about the ER simulation. We’re not graded on it, but I’d still feel guilty if I choked and a fictional person died. That’s not cool.

I guess I’m just going to try and calm myself knowing that this is the second to last lab I’ll have to attend! Hooray!

Here’s a couple bits of pointless trivia: Typing ‘r’ into the Youtube search bar automatically comes up with “rebecca black friday.” Also I read a goofy post where someone equated the song to JFK’s assassination. Not okay.

So now I leave you with this excellent drawing that Ashley put in my journal.

He can't help it that he's sideways.

My poor, neglected iTunes

For a long time, my iTunes library fluctuated between 10GB and 11.5GB.

It is now 14GB. I don’t know when this happened.

I was trying to sort through my iPod library and delete some things, and a thought struck me: I’ve been listening to Bruce Springsteen, Ke$ha, and The Black Keys almost exclusively for at least six months.

This has been my desktop background for almost 3 months.

Right, so, Springsteen only takes up about 1.5GB and the other two artists are negligible data space. So what the heck is in my library?!

Apparently I had two System of a Down albums, Ra Ra Riot, Metric, The Doors–when and where did I acquire these?! Suddenly I remembered I got a public library card over the summer. The public library has tons and tons of CDs. I may or may not have exploited that.

But really, I’ve been so out of touch with my iTunes library that I was genuinely surprised that I had certain songs, like I had always wanted to have them and never realized that I had them the whole time. I can’t believe I’ve listened to that much Springsteen.

And I’m not even ashamed! It gets me through the long hours of studying. :)

LISTEN. WITH. ME. (That last one is adorable because he doesn’t know/hasn’t finished writing the lyrics so he just mumbles. And giggles.)

I’m going to live in Fishers!

Soooooo we found an apartment that we liked in Fishers. It was a tough call because we were going to look at 3 places a couple of Saturdays ago. We went to the Fishers one first and loved it, then the second place we went to had a loft with a  spiral staircase. We had some tough decisions to make.

So the loft place was great. It was updated and already had a nice accent wall and a patio and things. But people. The galley kitchen was AWFUL. It had a gas stove, which I loved, but it was so cramped and small! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen (aside: I would make a woman in the kitchen joke because I think they’re funny, but I won’t), and so does Curtis, so we couldn’t really deal with that space.

We decided not to go to the last place we were going to look at and we weighed our options. Fishers had a washer and dryer in the apartment, a great workout facility (with a RACQUETBALL COURT), and there’s a Super Target within walking distance. The loft place was really nice, but the laundry was far away and cost money, and there was no workout facility. We went with the Fishers apartment!!

Hooray photo from their website that is not our apartment!

I’m suuuper excited to move up north. There’s a lot of fun stuff right around the apartment, too, like a sushi restaurant. eeee!

My only beef right now is that there are no Sonics or Dunkin Donuts within the immediate area. Get on that, Indiana.

The Next Three Weeks

Let me tell you about it.

Basically, everyone I know is swamped in an endless avalanche of stuff to do. P2’s have a schedule that looks like this:

Tomorrow. I have my final lab of the semester (not counting the lab practical)! We’re doing an emergency room  situation where I have to compound while someone yells at me. I’m fully prepared to A) cry and B) kill the fictional patient. It’s at 8 in the morning. I can’t be bothered with saving lives then. :[ Also, the counseling portion of the lab final is tomorrow, so I’m going to be teaching a communication impaired patient how to use an inhaler. (I better learn how to use inhalers QUICK.)

Next week: Clusters Monday-Wednesday. Typical. Friday: They scheduled our therapeutics oral presentation for the Friday after clusters! They officially hate us. Luckily the oral presentation isn’t going to be 7 minutes of me rattling off 10 drug treatment evaluations. whew.

In two weeks: Self Care counseling lab final. Turning in a nutrition assignment that I haven’t started yet. Lab practical. My life is a party.


I have this thing now where I say I want to “pieta” which means I want to go limp in someone’s arms because I can’t take it anymore. Blasphemous? Mmmaybe.

Final four piiiic!