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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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Archive: October 2010

Computer Blunders

As a COPHs student, I have a Dell Latitude XT2 tablet computer. It looks really cool, right?

Okay, first of all, I don’t know where they got that screen on the website with the pretty blue bubbles on it. I would like this computer so much more if it had pretty blue bubbles on it. Instead, it just has this tiny ridge along the bottom of the monitor where dust and skin particles gather, impervious to my every effort to get rid of it with my fingernails. It also freezes if you squint at it the wrong way.

I might abuse this computer a little bit. I don’t take care of the battery like I should (“Oh, I just plugged in two minutes ago? I feel like unplugging now!”), and it may or may not have taken a tumble off of my desk chair. Hard.

Today, I grabbed some grub at C Club (short tangent on the pictures appearing on the dining site: I don’t think I’ve ever seen powder sugared doughnuts in the dining hall–what is this, Cafe du Monde?) because I forgot a lunch. I chose a crispy chicken salad, which came with fried chicken, bacon bits, and a hard-boiled egg. It sort of defeated the purpose of a salad, I know, but I picked off the bacon bits, so there. I almost forewent salad dressing, but I got some anyway, and took it back to the table where my computer was sitting. I ripped open a tiny slit in the corner of the dressing pouch and tried to squeeze the dressing onto my 600-calorie salad.

It didn’t come out. I squeezed harder. Dressing squirted out sideways and landed in a huge, oily puddle on top of my computer’s enter key. So I ripped off the enter key to try and soak up the dressing, and I was in panic mode, because cluster exams are this week and I will probably like the use of my keyboard to study.

Long story short, I couldn’t get the enter key back on, there is now a sticky, gunky feel to the apostrophe key, and IT told me that Dell has to reconstruct the entire keyboard because you can’t replace keys.

Do you see what I have to deal with?

Pandora is playing a depressing acoustic cover of “The Freshman.” I need another cup of coffee, people.

See you on the other side of clusters! Unless I do something stupid again and feel the need to update!

Ongoing struggles with the weather

I woke up around 9:15 AM today to tornado sirens. I decided that, since it wasn’t raining yet, it would be okay to go back to sleep.

My roommates were up already and turning on the news and discussing tornadoes and the like, so about ten minutes later, I got up, since the sirens had actually turned on again. Within five minutes, we were informed that a long chain of storms ranging from the north pole to the south pole were about to tear through the earth, creating a chasm from the earth’s crust to its core. Winds would pick up Hinkle Fieldhouse and drop it into the Atlantic ocean. The storm was also touted to be capable of flooding the world ten times over, leaving us muddy and adrift until the End of Days.

We have a third floor apartment. I decided that the moment the power went out, we should probably go to the first floor or book it to the Dawg House laundry room, which is nestled in a hillside and fortified with concrete.

The Tornado Warning was issued and would last until 10:15 AM. It was time.

By now, Facebook was in an uproar about students being relocated to Jordan Hall’s basement and other various lower levels of the class buildings. Blue 2 was able to shepherd everyone to safety.

Sometime between 9:45 and 10, the red blotchy storm on the Storm Tracker landed right on top of Butler University. The power was still on, the sky was the color of a light overcast, but the wind and rain were really intense. For about five minutes.

Feeling like the rug had been pulled out from under me, I looked back at the TV. First of all, our power was still on. That is not the mark of a good storm. The weather radar showed the storm progressing past Indianapolis. Apparently, Armageddon Storm 2010 was not to be. At least, not on the Butler Bowl.

My friends back in Cincinnati had more exciting stories to tell. Apparently the skies down there were black, and a telephone pole caught on fire. Sigh. So much for an exciting Tuesday here.

The Halo Franchise

My name is Cathryn and I’ve been a Halo fan for five years.

It started in high school when I decided that it was high time a gamer like me got proficient at first-person shooter games (hereby now referred to as “FPS” because that sounds less dangerous). This was also around the time that Halo 2 came out, and Breaking Benjamin had a song in it, and high school sophomore me thought Breaking Benjamin was edgy and cool, so clearly I needed to play Halo 2.

Turns out, I’m completely an utterly worthless at games like Halo. I did find out that the Halo series has a freakin’ sweet back story in novelization form. Nerdy, I know. But the books, if you don’t mind dry scifi, are even better than the games. (Well, Halo 1 and 2, at least.) Reading the second book, The Flood, is literally a play-by-play of the first Halo game. I somehow managed to play Halo 2 and read The Flood before playing Halo 1, so playing the game was a little surreal when I could predict the exact objective and somewhat know what enemies would be in each level.


Unfortunately, due to being at college and unable to play awesome games on my brother’s Xbox 360, I never played Halo 3. Instead, I read the Wiki article on it and found out that everyone you love dies. Awesome.

So then, in a feat of brilliance, Bungie decided to make a prequel game about the planet Reach, where everyone also dies. Sweet move, Bungie. So I had little motivation to play this game, too, knowing that it was only going to end in tragedy. But one of my friends bought it and said we should play.


So much better than Halo 2, which may not be saying anything since I have no idea how good Halo 3 was. :) Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the squad-based gameplay and frequent cut scenes. Also, I could drive a Warthog around all day.

In short, I know way more about Halo than a casual gamer should, and I also would like to admit to the Internet that I spent most of French I and American History in high school reading the Halo books. And I still scored excellently in both classes.


Did I mention I take glamour shots of my Master Chief action figure?

Shameless Self Promotion

Kass, Ashley, and myself have submitted a video to Butler’s My Favorite Place contest.

Watch the video! Then I’m going to tell you a story that would otherwise be a spoiler.

Okay. Did you watch it? QUIZ TIME: What was the song we used?

All right. The story. I think it was toward the end of freshman year that the three of us were presented with the challenge of solidifying our housing plans for sophomore year. This required finding the Office of Residential Life, which is on the third floor of Atherton Union. As freshman, we didn’t really know that there was a third floor of Atherton Union. Cautiously, we ventured up the spiraling staircase, the walls of which showcased the faces of Class Presidents past.

The moment we reach the first floor, we turn into a hallway of offices. It’s very easy to miss, but just as you enter the hallway from the staircase, there’s a wood-framed doorway leading into what looks like a closet. There’s a glass panel in the door, but the tiny “closet” is dark.

Despite there being only wires left, we instantly knew it was a phone booth. And then, we tried to cram all three of us inside. (We failed.) Since that fateful afternoon, we’ve paid the phone booth many a visit. It was even a key location in the great Indy Mob Job of ’09.

This is the Ashley birthday where we pretended we were 1920s gangsters.

So that’s that. We’ve been intrigued by the Atherton Union phone booth since our first year here, and it seemed only fitting to share its presence with the rest of the world.

PS – vote for us? :D

Edit: We now have text wrapping powers? HOLY GUACAMOLE, BATMAN!!

The Journey Home

It’s finally fall break!

Like many of you, I’m sure, I had a class at the end of the day that made me sit around for a few hours, anxiously awaiting my departure. At 2 when my class started, we all settled down for the last 50 minutes before 4 days of freedom, and a storm broke out. It rained heavily for 15 minutes, stopped for 10 minutes (enough time for most of us to get home without being rained on), then at 2:50 when class was over, picked up again full force.

The weather and I are not friends.

It rained while I loaded my car, then it stopped and cleared up. As I drove east, I caught up with the storm again. I followed a guy in a Jeep who had an Apartment Village parking sticker and was also from Ohio. I’m a stalker and noticed he bought his Jeep in one of the dealers in my area. I get really bored and creepy when driving. :/

Just before a construction zone that went down to one lane, Mr. Jeep Man sped around this slow guy, and I got stuck behind him. Slow guy was slow. He went an infuriating 35 mph during the 11 mile stretch of construction. And Ke$ha was playing. It was horrible.

When I crossed state lines into Ohio, the skies cleared, and I got home… JUST BEFORE THE STORM HIT AGAIN. I HATE YOU, STORM!!

Now, I must be off to one of the joys to breaks at home: going to doctor’s appointments.

Note: I did not actually take this picture, people. You think I got out of my car in THAT weather? It’s from Google Images. :P

This is what my drive home looked like. Ominous.

My Current Playlists

If you’re ever on iTunes, and you see a shared library called “IT’S PIKACHU,” that’s me. Just so you know. If you live in the Apartment Village, you’ll definitely see it. ;) I have two gigs of Bruce Springsteen.

Here are my fabulous musical selections.

New Young Pony Club – Chaos. As much as I value good music with meaningful lyrics, sometimes I can cling to a mood. I like the heavy electronic beat and the sound of the lead singer’s voice. It makes me feel like I’m out CLUBBIN’. (I’ve never done that.)

Neon Trees – Animal. This is just a fun, upbeat song. The music video is cute, too, if you can stand looking at the lead singer’s hair the whole time. I find it taxing.

Vampire Weekend – I’m Goin’ Down (Bruce Springsteen Cover). I first heard this cover on Youtube when fans uploaded cell phone recordings of the live performance. I’m so happy Vampire Weekend recorded it! They did a great job. This prompted me to watch a ton of Springsteen covers.

Bruce Springsteen – The Promise. An answer to Thunder Road, “The Promise” is a huge downer about how following your dreams ends in dead end jobs and mundane routine. It’s a beautifully written song, and it gets me every time.

Taylor Swift – Mine. I’m not a fan of country, but I’m so in love with Taylor Swift, it’s sick. She always puts out top-notch work with great music and lyrics. “Mine” is just another great single for her and I hope she can keep making hits!

So, there is a sampling of the music I’ve been listening to.

This is going up in Curtis's and my first place.



Today I’m going to teach you about Panopto and how it teaches me.

This is a new feature that COPHS is utilizing to help us review. This program records our professor’s lectures, both audio and screen-captures of Power Point presentation. It’s a really handy tool for those moments when you drop something or your computer freezes and takes 5 minutes reboot. (I’m not exaggerating, I hate Windows XP. Can we please get Windows 7, IT? :()

It’s also magnificent for those lectures with the professor gets up there and says, “This lecture normally takes about an hour and a half, but I’m going to do it in 50 minutes. Let’s go!” This happened in Therapeutics on Tuesday. It’ll be helpful to watch it again and pick up the things that my lightning-fast fingers missed.

For real though, I can type really fast.  So fast that when I hand write things, my brain is at the middle of the next sentence and my hand is still crossing t’s in the previous one. I digress.

I know some of you are thinking: So all of your classes are recorded? WHY BOTHER GOING?

Oh, don’t worry. I’ve thought of this too. But have you ever thought about how long it takes to watch a 50 minute lecture when you’re sitting in your living room? When it starts getting boring (and it always does), I get up and find something to drink. Then it gets boring again. So I pause it and write an email. Boring again? Read some blogs. All of the sudden, it’s been an hour and a half since I sat down to watch the lecture, and I’m not even done with it!

Lesson: go to class. Don’t watch lectures on your own time. If you’re sick, sleep in. Watch what you missed when you wake up. But don’t skip for the fun of it.

Aside from being excuses not to go to class, Panopto recordings are excellent study tools. Not sure what varices are? Just turn on Panopto and the professor will tell you again! It’s such a great study tool, and I’m really glad that IT put the effort into providing it for us. :)

Now I can watch lectures on fall break! [says so while crying softly]

Here is a slide from my PDA lecture. You can scroll based on the time of the lecture, and you can also jump to slides to hear what is said about them. Note: these slides belong to COPHS. No stealing.

Nashville, IN

Did you know there was a Nashville, Indiana? I didn’t. UNTIL THIS WEEKEND.

Bye bye Indy!

It’s only about an hour and a half to get to Brown County, where the knock off Nashville lives. When we arrived (after following a motorcyclist for ten miles), the place was PACKED. It’s a cute town with shops and restaurants and leather stores (no, seriously), and we drove around for fifteen minutes trying to find a place to park. I had no idea it was going to be that busy in downtown Nashville. INDIANA!

Once we parked the car in a grass parking lot by a Speedway, we walked back into town and saw a puppet show.

We were the oldest people there without young children.

Then we went to a darling coffee shop called the Daily Grind. I haven’t had iced coffee that tasted like it hadn’t been sitting in an unloved pot all day in forever! It also treated my burgeoning migraine extremely well. (Not from the puppet show.)

We ate dinner at the Hobnob restaurant. The food was amazing! And the building has been there since the 1800s. There’s even a remnant wallpaper over the front door showing the American flag from 1899 with only 45 stars!

I'm getting the 1:30 AM munchies.

Ashley, Kass, and me in front of Hobnob!

It was a really great time with gorgeous weather! Although I must say, I’m really getting annoyed with how hot it’s been! It was 80 today! Listen, weather. I’ve got a whole closet full of sweaters and jackets I bought on sale in the spring that I have been waiting for months to wear. Do not make me wait any longer.

Now that I’m making threats to elements of nature, I should go to bed. Good night, Internet!


SGA hosts movies every Friday and Saturday night on campus. The  movies are really awesome–ones that just came out of theaters and aren’t on DVD yet. So far this year, I’ve seen Toy Story 3 and Get Him to the Greek. It’s free and way better than paying $10 at the movie theater. :)

This past weekend was Twilight: Eclipse. That’s the most recent Twilight movie title, right? Whatever.


Now that we’re all here. A review of Twilight: Eclipse.

When I was in 6th grade, I used to write stories in screenplay format. I think that these sub-par .txt files were lost on my ancient Geocities account, uncovered by the producers of Twilight, and adapted for film. In short: I’m pretty sure a 12 year old wrote the script.

Let’s examine this riveting scene between Bella, the protagonist, and Jacob, the shirtless wonder.

Jacob: [on Bella being turned into a vampire] I would rather you be DEAD than turn into one of those blood suckers!

[Thirty seconds of reaction shots filled with furrowed brows and lip-biting follows.]

Bella: … I can’t believe you said that.

This prompted a loud, unnecessary guffaw from me that no one else in the room appreciated. The profound nature of the struggle between Edward and Jacob’s love for Bella nearly moved me to tears.

Edward: You’ll never love Bella like I do!

Jacob: … You’re wrong.

Clarification: tears of laughter. The overall movie was boring as snot, mostly comprising of redundant scenes of Bella and Edward discussing marriage and arguing, and then Jacob coming in and Edward pointing out that he never wears shirts. The other 30% of the movie was major discussion about a gathering vampire army with very little fruition of its touted danger. The last 0.5% was wrapping up an actual plot from the first movie. I thought the anti-climactic, nearly no-score Word Cup final between Netherlands and Spain was more exciting. At least there was more action.

Let me step back for a moment. I have not read the books. I have considered reading the books because, like the true scientist I am, it is best to have first-hand research before forming an opinion. At the very least, I have sufficient data from trusted colleagues who say: “The story is addicting but the writing is atrocious.”

If it’s some consolation, Twilight gives me hope that my slightly-better-than-atrocious writing could one day be published in young adult fiction. I mean, really. If a farce of a vampire love story can yield a multi-million dollar film franchise, maybe I can earn enough money with my action/adventure dystopia to buy a Segway. I really want a Dodge Challenger. But I won’t get full of myself.

PS – Charlie is my favorite character.

They’ve mixed vegetables into fruit juice. Science.

(My titles will rarely make sense or tie into my entries. DEAL.)

My roommates and me, leaving a PAWS meeting Monday night:

Ashley: It smells like fall!

Me: YOU smell like fall.

Ashley: Your MOM smells like fall.

Me: YOUR FACE smells like fall.

Random guy walking toward us: I smell like fall! I just went to a bonfire!

I love you, random guy going to the HRC.

No, but for real, I’ve been drinking Ocean Spray Fruits & Vegetable juice all week. According to the blurb on their website, I’ve probably had 4 servings of fruits and vegetables today. That’s more fruits and vegetables than I’ve had in my ENTIRE LIFE (exaggeration).

As for what I’ve been up to, it’s pretty much been a whole bunch of nothing. Yesterday in compounding lab, I survived the breaking of the ampule without cutting myself or flinging the glass piece across the room. The latter happened last week, although it hit the edge of the trashcan and fell in out of sheer luck. Compounding lab has gotten considerably more dangerous in the past couple of weeks. A little while ago, we had to be careful not to stab ourselves with the needle while trying to insert it into an IV.

So I made a new discovery on Facebook (via CuteOverload) and his name is BOO and he’s a pomeranian. LOOK AT HIM.

I want him! He has 40,000 fans on Facebook too. He’s pretty much famous.

That’s all I’ve got for tonight. Tomorrow is sleep-in day! … but if I’m good, I’ll get up and go to Starbucks and the library. :/ Yeeeah right.