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Hello! I’m Blue2, the official mascot of Butler University. Just thinking back off the top of my furry head, some of the obvious things that come to mind are my appearances at Butler sporting events. Whether it's leading the football team onto the field, greeting the starters on the basketball court, doing my "tricks" during a timeout at center court, or serving as the halftime entertainment at a soccer match where I displayed my own soccer techniques, those are all great instances where I steal the show. Of course, there's more than athletic events, there's also the performing arts. I've been a part of the limelight at several events such as YMCA Geneva Stunts, YMCA Spring Sing and JCFA's REJOICE! where the students sang "Blue Christmas" and I came out on stage riding a sleigh with Santa Claus. I also make appearances at university/campus events for University Advancement, Admissions, Student Affairs, and much more. Basically, I do it all. If you are on campus, be sure to stop by my office and bring me some treats!

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The Search (and Publicity) for the Butler Bulldog Mascot Costumes Continue

 Another day is in the books, and still no missing Butler Bulldog mascot
costumes have surfaced. I can’t say that it isn’t for lack of effort on
my part that these costumes have yet to be found. From internet
campaigns to morning radio shows, I did my fair share of hitting the
beat today.

This morning my dad and I did an hour-long stand on the Smiley Morning Show, WZPL-FM,
99.5. Milk Bones to Dave Smiley (pictured), KJ (pictured) and Weedman
for having us on the show. It was a great segment that included an
investigative report by Smiley, heavey breathing and barking from me,
commentary and the facts from my father, and a call-in phone interview
with Marion County Prosecuter, Carl Brizzi.

expect to have a link to the audio from the radio interview in the near
future and once I have that, I’ll be sure to post it here for all to

Then while I was doing my radio gig, my good buddy Brad Ward in the Office of Admission was
simultaneously uploading a video he shot and edited of me looking
around campus for the mascot costumes. You can scroll down to my
previous post from today to watch that or visit Blue2Tube at

Evidently that video prompted our rivals and fellow Horizon League member, University of Wisconsin Green Bay
and their mascot Phlash to do a costume hunt (video below).
Unfortunately, their exhaustive search produced no results and thus, it
has been determined that the Butler Bulldog costumes are not in Green
Bay, Wisc. Thanks for looking anyway, Phlash!

story continued to generate attention in the media/news again today. It
even got some national coverage! Keith Olbermann (pictured) of MSNBC
picked up the piece and ran it in his “Oddball” segment on his
Countdown show. You can view that here:
Locally, it received a follow-up story in The Indianapolis Star.
In fact, it was front and center with a color picture in the
Metro/State section. Here’s a screen shot of that in case you missed it:

You can read the article here:

It’s worth a quick read and it brings up some quick points of note/clarification.

the Butler Bulldog mascot costume is NOT named “Butler Blue,” or
“Blue.” People (students, university officials, media) have used that
name quite a bit in the last couple of days and I think that’s what’s
generated most of the frantic calls to my parents from friends and
family that think I’ve come up missing.

The name “Butler Blue”
first came about in 2000 when Frank and Jeane King of Kong King Kennel,
Lizton, Ind., donated Butler Blue I to the university. “Butler Blue”
was the name that received the most votes in a “name the new live
mascot” contest and thus the reason why I’m known as “Butler Blue II”

So I just wanted to take the opportunity to clear that up.

at the end of that Indy Star story, it reads, “The new costumes could
arrive as early as Nov. 1, Tuell said. Until then, students will have
to rally around the school’s other mascot, a real live bulldog known as
Butler Blue II who does not dance.”

Well just call me “Blue II
the belittled!” I’m so sorry that the university only has this mangy
old mutt to serve as mascot for the next several weeks. Sure, I might
not be able to dance, but I do have a fine repertoire of tricks and at
least I do not smell like B.O.! Last time I checked, many colleges,
universities and high schools have a costumed mascot, but only a
fortunate few have the privilege of having the real thing to represent
their school. The condescending Heather Gillers is on my list!

well, as long as it continues to make the news, well then I’ll continue
to shamelessly stump for the cause online, on-air and wherever I can.
We just couldn’t buy this kind of coverage otherwise! I can’t say
exactly why media/news outlets keep covering the story. I’m sure there
are lots of reasons, but if it distracts us for just a moment from
political campaigns, hurricanes, oil prices and foreign fighting, then
I suppose it serves a purpose.

I would be remiss if I didn’t
mention that I attended another home volleyball match last night in
historic Hinkle Fieldhouse. After all, I am the only mascot we have at
the moment so I’ve got to make the rounds. My good friend Mike Freeman
took me out on the court for starting lineups in our matching against
the Sycamores of Indiana State University. I had a great time and I
even came home with a mini-volleyball (pictured) signed by all of the
Lady Bulldog players!

Below is some footage from the event…

Good times! I am definitely ready for my first home football game on Saturday!

sure to check back to the blog often for more info, updates and news
regarding the search for the missing mascot costumes. In addition, text
“follow butlerblue2” to 40404 ( for daily updates from
yours truly.

Blue II.

Summertime BLUEs

Summertime BLUEs was just a play on words. Get it? It’s summertime, my name is Blue, there’s the famous song “Summertime Blues,” and I needed a title for this thing. Anyway, my dad thought it was a good idea. Sometimes I just do things to humor him.

not really the blues that I have, but just a bit of frustration. Why,
you ask. (I’m assuming you would ask, anyway.) Well, it all stemmed
from a stroll down the front hallway of my favorite campus building,
Hinkle Fieldhouse.

If you’ve ever been to Hinkle Fieldhouse (and
if you haven’t ever been, then you should make a point to do that some
day) then you know that the hallways feature very large team pictures
of the various sports, etc., for the given academic year. I’ve been
fortunate to be featured in some of those pictures and I hope to be
again soon as I’m always up for that sort of thing.

Well I
noticed that this year’s cheerleading picture was up, but something
about it was amiss. Front and center there happened to be a live
English Bulldog, and while the face staring back shared a resemblance,
it didn’t quite appear to be my likeness.

couldn’t believe my eyes! If I had opposable thumbs, I would have given
them a rub. Instead I stood their panting, speechless. I couldn’t even
bark or muster a growl. I had to look back at my dad just to a.)
confirm what I was seeing and b.) make sure I hadn’t been replaced!

there it was and there it is, for all eyes to see for one whole
year…another bulldog other than myself posing with the squad. It was
“impermissibull,” “inexcusabull,” and “intolerabull!” How dare another
bulldog try and impersonate the official mascot! I mean, the very
thought of it sounds absurd.

But it happened and I’m not going to name any names or call anyone out.
I just hope steps are taken so it doesn’t happen again. I mean, I know
I sleep a lot and have a busy schedule, but university requests,
including photo-ops, take priority and I’ll do whatever I can, within
reason, to make myself available.

Sure, my feelings are hurt,
but at the end of the day, something like this just makes Butler look
silly. I mean, otherwise, what would be the point of even having me
around in the first place? You think that the University of Georgia
would allow me or any other English Bulldog to fill in for UGA? I don’t
think so. It’s UGA, or nothing. Of course, we’re talking about the
mascot that has an air conditioned dog house and a personal golf cart.

you get the idea. Clip Art bulldogs and generics are for places like
Brandywine Elementary School, no offense. Well, that and Ferris State
University. Yeah, I said it.

technically Butler and I represent the entire breed, but I’m not
willing to share duties or the spotlight unless it’s at Homecoming and
we’re holding the Bulldog Beauty Contest. (Shameless plug for my
dad…sign up now! October 25th.

it or not, this isn’t the first time that this has happened. The last
two times our men’s basketball team has made it to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament Sweet 16, the Horizon League has created some really great posters (see below) in honor of the achievement and has even had them placed in USA Today!
Unfortunately, they did not use Blue I or myself in those instances.
Again, we’re available and images of our likeness are on file with the
Office of University Relations.

They are actually really cool posters, I just wish myself and my
predecessor would have been a part of them, but enough about all of
that. After all, there’s nothing I can do about any of it now, so I’ve
moved on with my summer and have been enjoying every bit of it.

do apologize for not posting on the blog for some time, but my dad’s
been busy and as you know, I’m at the mercy of his fingers. For my
parents, there’s been work, home projects, parties, IndyCar
races and camping. That means I’ve been busy with work, sleep, running
around in the yard and frequent trips to Wabash, Ind. to stay with the

A couple Saturday’s ago I even got the green light
to play in the sprinkler! It was everything I remembered and more. I
couldn’t get enough.

If you’ve checked out my YouTube site recently then you’ve probably already seen the videos, but if not, check out BlueTube.

Speaking of refreshing, beat the heat, activities, I also got to enjoy
my very own popsicle the other day as well! Thanks to the Office of
Admission and their BU 101 family picnic, I was not only able to take
part in the festivities and meet our prospective students and families,
but I also got to get in on the frozen treat cooler. I needed it as the
temperatures were into the 90s that day. My dad picked out a purple
popsicle and then arranged for a couple of ladies to feed it to me. I
thought I had died and gone to a very warm heaven!

At Butler, besides bulldog imposters and hot picnics, it’s just been
much of the usual. Random stuffed animal destruction (see below), naps,
camp photo-ops (see below), appearances and trips to the HRC fill my
days. It won’t be long now until all of the students return and campus
really comes to life again. I’ve noticed many of the student athletes
already on campus preparing for their seasons, including some of our
newest members of the men’s basketball team. They’re looking pretty

Okay, that’s probably plenty for now, so wrap this up I’d like to give
a shout-out to Napoleon, a fellow bulldog in Michigan who saved several
kittens from drowning in a lake. You can read all about it here: Nice work, Napoleon!

Would the real Blue II please stand up,

Blue II

A Tough Loss, Tomorrow’s Leaders and the Former First Daughter

Unfortunately, the Butler University men’s basketball season came to
a close yesterday afternoon as our Bulldogs were defeated in overtime
by the University of Tennessee in the second round of the NCAA
Tournament by a score of 76-71. It most assuredly wasn’t our best
showing on the court this season, but one thing is for certain, like
true Bulldogs, our team never gave up…they fought tooth and nail to the
bitter end, an end that came all to quickly for this mascot.

spite of the tough loss, the boys had an incredible season totaling a
school-record 30-wins and only four losses, including a Great Alaska
Shootout Title, Horizon League regular season and tournament
championships and the team’s highest ever national ranking of 8th.

this team made me, Butler Blue II, the most decorated Butler mascot in
school history with regard to men’s basketball. Not only did I witness
our first 30-win season, but that added to my overall record of 92 and
39 since the 2004-05 season. Of the games that I’ve actually attended,
I am 49-8 and in the NCAA Tournament I have a record of 3-2.

appreciation of the team’s efforts, I was present at their arrival back
to campus on Sunday night outside of Gate 1 at Hinkle Fieldhouse. It
was a bit of a somber affair, but the students in attendance did their
best to let the team know just how proud of them we were. Like so many
of our teams in the last several years, they made us proud to be
Bulldogs and they helped to put our school on the map.

For a video of their return, visit BlueTube at:

hangover of defeat was heavy on the hearts of those on campus on
Monday. There was just no way around the sadness so I retreated to my
cage on Monday morning to sleep it off. I just wasn’t ready to see the
season end and I guess David Letterman wasn’t either:

night was bath time as I had to get prepared for my big day today. I
started off the morning with a trip to Pine Tree Elementary School in
Avon, Ind. There my dad and I visited eight classes between
kindergarten and third grade. We read books to over 250 kids and handed
out my READ posters and bookmarks to the teachers and students.

Actually, I let my dad handle the book reading while I took care of the “looking good” part. We make a great team.

After that it was back to campus to rest up for my next big visit with
former “First Daughter,” Chelsea Clinton and actor Sean Astin, better
known as “Rudy, ” or “Mikey” from The Goonies or son of Patty Duke.
Take your pick.

were on the campaign trail, stumping for Democratic Presidential
hopeful, Hillary Clinton. Keep in mind, I don’t do politics, so I could
care less about their background, their beliefs, policies, experience,
etc. I just ask that people register to vote and then do so on election

Sean was really excited to see me, saying something
like “This dog is awesome!” But for as much as Sean was impressed, I’m
not so sure Chelsea was all that awestruck. Perhaps she’s still partial
to Buddy, the former First Dog, God rest his soul.

We all posed for a quick photo-op before Sean introduced Chelsea in front of a packed Starbucks cafe in Atherton Union.

I get to visit with more of “tomorrow’s leaders” only this time on
Butler’s campus as those young students participating in the College
Mentors for Kids! program will be coming to campus.

course, Thursday is my fourth birthday and the Butler University
Student Foundation is inviting all students, faculty, and staff to
Starbucks from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. to celebrate my big day. There will be
free cupcakes and treats, pin-the-tail-on-the-dawg, and other fun games
and prizes.

I’m not sure all of that is necessary, but I’m happy to oblige.

report back after the big birthday bash with a full commentary on the
event and the day itself. Here’s to hoping I get something good present
or two!

Blue II


A New Friend, Sparky the Dragon, HL Tournament, and Bath Time

 Well, how did my web cameras affect your productivity on the job this past week? Add that to March Madness and by May you’ll be on the streets looking for work.

addition to staring on my own lifecasting network this week, I also got
to meet a new friend on Thursday. Her name is Reese, as in “Reese’s
Peanut Butter Cups,” and she’s a 12-week old Daschund. She belongs to
Jason and Betsy Weatherly of Nashville, Tenn.


I don’t think Reese knew what to think of me at first. After all, she’s
so small that she was even scared of my toys, because like me, they are
all bigger than her too!

When I first saw her, I thought she
might be a new toy, but then I realized it was a real dog. I didn’t
know they made them so small! I think I was bigger than her before I
even had my eyes open as a newborn pup. (See pictures below.)

After a while she warmed up pretty well and we had a great time. While
I like being the sole dog at home, it was kind of fun to have playmate
around too.

I ended up having too much fun on Thursday night with Reese and staying up way past my bed time, so if you logged on to Blue2TV
on Friday morning, you probably just saw me sleeping. I know, I know,
that’s nothing new, but I was REALLY sleeping on Friday morning.

I woke up, it was time to head over to the West Gym in Hinkle
Fieldhouse to setup the Bulldog Club/OBS hospitality area for
Saturday’s Horizon League Men’s Basketball Tournament games.

I don’t do any setting up, I let my dad and his colleagues handle that.
I just run around the wide-open space of the West Gym and wear myself

On Saturday, I got to sleep-in and then went to the HRC
while my dad worked out. After that, it was a quick trip back home and
then back to campus for the HL Tournament to watch the Bulldogs take on
the UIC Flames for an opportunity to play in the finals on Tuesday.

right, I said UIC Flames. When teams started picking the Earth’s
natural elements as mascots, I’m not sure. Just think, instead of an
English Bulldog writing this blog right now, maybe it could be the
“wind,” “air,” or “water.” Seriously, “flames,” that’s the best you
could do? I feel bad for the mascot costume maker that got that work
order. No matter what you construct, you can’t win on that deal.

well, I’m going to make fun of it anyway. Just look at this thing, they
call “Sparky the Dragon.” It looks like said mascot costume maker
scraped the whole flame idea and just went for a cartoonish
pre-historic dinosaur that appears to be a reject from the Barney show.
I get that a dragon breathes “flames,” but that’s stretching it, ya’

Perhaps it’s just a left over costume from the Jim Henson’s HBO show, Fraggle Rock, sans the crazy hair.

back on point, the Bulldogs braved the heat of the Flames to win
convincingly by a score of 66-50. (That sentence was so cliché, but
that’s what you get when your mascot is the “Flames.” You will always
be written about in cliché fashion.)

A.J. Graves did not pet me
before this match-up and went for 14 points in the game. It’s
interesting…for his entire career, people have pleading for him to pet
the dog during the announcement of starting lineups. He finally did on
Senior Day and only scored two points. Now before games people are
coming up to me and saying, “Don’t let Graves touch you!” Whatever
people…just be careful what you wish for.

Up next are the
Vikings of Cleveland State for the HL Tournament title which will air
live on ESPN, Tuesday, March 11th at 9 p.m. from Hinkle Fieldhouse. The
winner will not only take the title, but receive an automatic berth
into the men’s NCAA tournament. I already can’t wait to have one last
game at home this season.

Also, a special thanks to Joel
Barnhill of the Horizon League for ordering promotional shirts to be
thrown out during the games. I didn’t get a shirt, but I did get to
destroy one of the boxes the shirts came in after the game over at the
south Dawg Pound. The box was addressed to Joel so I figured he was the
appropriate person to thank.

A congratulations is in
order for the Lady Bulldogs of the women’s basketball program on
getting their 20th win on the season Saturday as they took down
Valparaiso. They will now prepare for their own Horizon League
Tournament and a chance for post-season play. Well done!

Sunday, I again got to sleep-in, followed by another trip to the HRC.
After that it was more skateboard practice and some sun-bathing on the

I then took a nap during the NASCAR race (because that’s
what you do during those things) and after that it was bath time. I
don’t dislike baths, but I don’t really get all pumped up for them
either. I do enjoy that fresh clean feeling once it’s all over. Here is
some video of the event:


I forgot to mention this last week, but when the Bulldogs took on the
Wright State Raiders a couple Thursday’s ago, I had the opportunity to
meet Indianapolis Colts’ Pro-Bowl center, Jeff Saturday who was in
attendance at the game.

That really has no significance, other than Jeff is semi-famous and the
fact that I wanted to record the event. Plus, he’s a cool dude. End of

Finally, it’s spring break week at Butler University and
while many members of the student body are somewhere south of the
Mason-Dixon line, yours truly is staying put. That’s right, no spring
break for me, so be sure to check out Blue2TV all week long to check in on my ever-exciting office life.




Game Day Illustrated

The Butler Bulldogs took down Horizon League conference foe, Cleveland State, on Saturday afternoon by the score of 51-46.
It appeared that a lot of you took my advice and came to Hinkle
Fieldhouse for the game. There was a crowd of more than 8,000, which
included those participating in Alumni Day, so thanks for coming out.

I thought I might provide a quick recap of the game via pictures and captions. Here it goes…

Pre-game nap with my squeaky cow

Packed house for Alumni Day

Coach Stevens speaks at Alumni Day

I ran into my buddy, Julian Phillips, son of my vet, Dr. Phillips, at Alumni Day too.

my appearances in the West Gym for Alumni Day and Bulldog Club/OBS
Donor Hospitality, I went ahead and made my way over to see the
cheerleaders to give them a little pre-game pep talk.

that, it was game time where I do my usual starting lineup routine, and
stop by the Dawg Pound for the big bone. But you’ve all seen that
before, so here’s a shot during a break in the game…nothing better
than a big crowd at Hinkle Fieldhouse on a Saturday afternoon with the
sun shining through the rafters.

Best seat in the house!

A little post-game fun on the court with the kids

After all of that, it’s back home to rest…and another day at the office is in the books for this dog.

so there’s a lot of other stuff that goes on that wasn’t captured, but
these were the pics that my dad had time to snap, so they’ll have to
do. I hope you enjoyed it.

Blue II

P.S. Keep an eye on
those NCAA men’s basketball rankings on Monday. In the AP Poll, Butler
is ranked 9th. On Saturday, No. 7 Stanford, No. 8 Georgetown and No. 10
Michigan State all went down in defeat. We could see a new highest
ranking for the Butler men’s basketball program…stay tuned!


Vote Green in 2008!!

Vote Green in 2008!

no, I’m not talking about all of those environmentally friendly
initiatives that seem to be so in vogue. Nor am I referencing the up
and coming presidential election. I’ve got nothing against saving the
planet, but Blue doesn’t do politics.

What I am referencing, however, is Butler Men’s Basketball player, Mike Green, (pictured) and his place as a finalist for The Bob Cousy Award presented by The Hartford.

Now he needs your vote! The fan voting section is now open, so vote for Mike at And just like the former Chicago mayor, Richard J. Daley once said, “vote early, and vote often!”

The Bob Cousy (no
relation to the koozie [pictured]) Award presented by The Hartford is
given to the top collegiate male basketball point guard annually
spanning across all divisions within the game by the Naismith Memorial
Basketball Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to Mike for even being considered and best of luck with the rest of the season!

Speaking of the rest of the season, the Bulldogs are currently ranked 10th in the AP Poll and will take on conference foe, Valparaiso, this evening at 9 p.m. (EST) on ESPN2. Butler currently holds a two game lead in the Horizon League. Go Dawgs!

For some other great Butler Basketball related announcements and info, click here.

Also, stay up on Butler Basketball via these links as well…


Indy Star:

Indy Star’s David Woods:

Message Board:

Remember, Mike needs your votes, so do your part!

Blue II

(Hey Mike, you think I can get a date with your daughter, Hoops, now?)


Say Cheese!

Another game, another photo opportunity. Your online edition of the Indianapolis Star ( again features my mug. Only this time, it’s post oversized bone pickup, unlike pre bone pickup shot from last game.

Once again, Heather Charles took the picture which can be viewed along with her other game action shots here:

Ironically, the photo also accompanies David Woods’ post-game story which focuses primarilly on senior guard, A.J. Graves. You can read that here:

is that ironic? Just see my post from earlier in the month regarding
the relationship between Graves and I. No big deal, just kind of
humorous. Congrats to A.J. for a game well played yesterday.

of the game, the Dawgs punished the Flames of Illinois-Chicago 73-57.
Thanks to that and a loss by Cleveland State, Butler is back leading
the standings in the Horizon League.

Go Dawgs!