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Hello! I’m Blue2, the official mascot of Butler University. Just thinking back off the top of my furry head, some of the obvious things that come to mind are my appearances at Butler sporting events. Whether it's leading the football team onto the field, greeting the starters on the basketball court, doing my "tricks" during a timeout at center court, or serving as the halftime entertainment at a soccer match where I displayed my own soccer techniques, those are all great instances where I steal the show. Of course, there's more than athletic events, there's also the performing arts. I've been a part of the limelight at several events such as YMCA Geneva Stunts, YMCA Spring Sing and JCFA's REJOICE! where the students sang "Blue Christmas" and I came out on stage riding a sleigh with Santa Claus. I also make appearances at university/campus events for University Advancement, Admissions, Student Affairs, and much more. Basically, I do it all. If you are on campus, be sure to stop by my office and bring me some treats!

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A (new) View from the Corner Office

Sorry for my long delay in posting, but I’ve been a busy bulldog over
the past couple of weeks. Sure, I’ve kept my nose to the ground with
the enduring search for the missing Butler Bulldog mascot costumes
(more on that later), but I’ve also been helping my dad move our office.

that’s right, I’ve moved offices at Butler, but this actually isn’t my
first move. We started in Jordan Hall office 11 and not too long after,
we took over office 13 where we spent the majority of the last four
years. But after a six year stint in the Office of Annual Giving, my
pops is changing roles in the development office and that has us moving
down the hall to office 16. I figure I’ll just ride his coattails
wherever they take me.

The move sort of had me a little nervous
and on edge at first, but once I got used to my food, water, cage, toys
and dad being in one spot, I became a little more used to the new
setup. Although I still get a little confused as to where I should
hangout from time to time. I miss my old pals down the hall in annual
giving from time to time.

The good news is that we are still in
the basement of Jordan Hall so it’s all familiar surroundings. And even
though we have smaller digs, we did get a corner office…even if it is
in the corner of a basement. And yes, it’s a basement. Don’t let anyone
tell you it’s a “garden level.” That’s such a joke.

It’s below
ground level, it smells like a basement, there’s moisture like a
basement and there’s those lovely insects and bugs that are often found
in a basement. Therefore, it is a basement…and it even has a lovely
1980s pink décor with worn grey carpet that might be older than my
father. Now you know why the development staff ventures OUT to see

Anyway, after my dad gets all of his pictures up on the
walls and it’s finally all put together, I’ll have him post some
pictures of our new office. Until then, you can always tune in to Blue2TV and
watch my live office cam. Whether or not I’m in view of the webcam is
hit and miss, but if you log on at the right time, you just might see
me. Click here during regular office hours to have a look:

bones back to the missing mascot story…I know that I said there would
be a sequel to the movie that I originally starred in, but I am not
really sure what happened to that second film. We did the shoot, but
the project didn’t make it out of production. Such is life in
Hollywood, I guess.

have been some developments in the case of the missing mascot costumes,
but I’m not at liberty to divulge any details just yet. I’ll be sure to
share the news once it is official, but right now I’ve got other
pressing issues anyway.

My life as a mascot has me doing some
interesting things yet this week and weekend. On Friday I’ll be heading
over to see our neighbors at the Christian Theological Seminary for
their annual “Blessing of the Animals” service. I like to go because we
get to be outside and I get to mingle with a bunch of other animals,
but other than that I don’t really quite grasp what happens at that
thing. My dad seems to get something out of it and he says that it
gives me a Holy blessing for another year, so I got that going for me,
which is nice.

On Saturday I’ve got a busy day on the
books…first I’m set to appear in the annual Circle City Classic parade
with the Butler contingent and after that it’s back to campus as the 2-1 Bulldogs host our first Pioneer Football League contest of the season against the dreaded Drake Bulldogs.
Of course I’ll be there to lead the team onto the field, but I’m not
quite sure about my new friend Blue of the Indianapolis Colts. The
Colts are away this weekend so I’m hoping he’ll be in town to lend me a
hand again with the mascot duties since our new mascot costumes have
yet to arrive.

Thankfully, the weather is looking good for my duties this weekend. A
look to the weather forecast shows signs of plenty of “bulldog weather”
for me to enjoy in the coming weeks. Fall might just be my favorite
season…it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. It’s just right for us

of which, the ninth annual Bulldog Beauty Contest seems to be shaping
up nicely. We’ve got about 35 bulldogs registered with just three weeks
to go, which is more than where we were three weeks out last year when
we had our record turnout of more than 60 dogs.

Eagle Pack Pet
Foods, Inc. and City Dogs Grocery have been helping round up pries for
our participants and I think we’ve got another great event in the
works. If the weather cooperates, then the ninth year might be our best
year yet!

Well, I think that’s about all I’ve got to chat about
at the moment. I’ll make sure my dad doesn’t wait around another two
weeks before he posts for me again!

From a new office down the way,

Blue II


The Case of the Missing Mascot…. Continues.

If you live in or around the central Indiana area, then chances are by now you’ve heard the APB put out for the mising Butler University Bulldog
mascot costumes. In addition to the University’s own announcement, the
local media outlets have latched on to the story as well and ever
since, my parent’s phones have been ringing off the hook with calls and
texts asking if I’ve gone missing. Below is a look at some of the media



Word on the street is Dave Smiley from the Smiley Morning Show, WZPL 99.5
is going to have my dad on air this Wednesday morning, Sept. 10, to
discuss the matter and to clear up any misconceptions that I have gone

Obviously, since I’m dictating this blog to my dad
right now, I haven’t gone missing, but the suits worn by my two-legged
counterparts have seemingly walked off campus. So, the search is on for
the specially designed suits.

I lent my support in an effort to
quickly recover the costumes. In addition to offering my voice for the
University announcement, I also threw in a bone as a part of the
whopping $100 reward.

Seriously, $100 is all they could come up
with? What is this, Bozo’s Grand Prize Game? “You get a crisp $100
bill, a year’s supply of Archway Cookies and a brand new 10-speed
Schwinn bicycle.” Seriously? I’m a dog and I realize that $100 and a
bone leaves a little something to be desired.

It appears that AOL Sports agrees with my assesment:

we really don’t want them back? After all, they were getting a little
rough around the edges and the smell that permeated the air around them
wasn’t exactly that of roses. Still, they are unique and a part of
Butler’s history so it would be nice to have them back.

costumes are approx. nine years old, so they’ve lived a full life. My
dad was one of the first to wear them as he was one of the men behind
the mask when the university got them his sophomore year. Prior to
that, my dad tells me they had a very old and crusty mascot costume
that was actually designed by Disney.

Well, it looks like I’m
going to be extra busy for a while since I’m the only mascot that
Butler has at the moment. A new costume will take about 6-8 weeks to
make and will cost well north of $10,000. Hopefully the university will
act now so we can have the new costume by Homecoming on Oct. 25th.

of being extra busy, with all of the students back to campus and the
classes in full swing, my social calendar has definitely picked up.
Besides all of the additional love, attention and cat calls that I get
when I go outside to take a walk or relieve myself, I have also been
attending several receptions, social gatherings and athletic events.
Last week I attended the first home volleyball game in a very hot and
steamy Hinkle Fieldhouse and this weekend I will be hitting up the
first home football game of the season as well.

In addition, to
the game itself, Saturday will be a busy day for me. In the morning
I’ll be at Hinkle Fieldhouse to help kick off the Dick Lugar Run and to
do a live TV appearance with WISH-TV. After that I’ll hit up the annual
Ovid Butler Society Gridiron Brunch which
is a pre-game tailgate for OBS members. Then, once all of that is done,
I’ll run the undefeated Butler Bulldogs out to battle in the Butler
Bowl to take on Franklin. By Saturday afternoon I’ll be so exhausted
that I will voluntarily be practicing my “dead dog” trick on the living
room floor.

This past weekend my parents went off to Illinois for the final IndyCar Series race
of the season, so of course I went to Wabash, Ind. to stay with my
Grandma and Grandpa Kaltenmark. Staying at the grandparents is always
fun b/c in addition to the extra attention, I also get to sleep in, go
on walks and typically get plenty of ice cream. While I was there this
time, my grandpa, the old college football player and long-time high
school coach taught me some football fundamentals in preparation for
Saturday and the rest of the season.

Granpa K. set up my teddy
bear so that he was holding my football. Then he would set me up and
taught me how to tackle through teddy to knock the ball loose. After
that, he showed me how to pounce on the football to regain possession.
I loved every second of it and I happen to think that I’m pretty good
at it…like Bob Sanders (pictured below) good. My dad said that he’d
try to get some video of it in the near future so you can see it for

my pops works to get my football prowess captured on film, this week we
just have more video of me playing with my best friend, Kirby! That’s
right, Kirby has returned! You may remember that Kirby and his mom,
Jessica Butler, had moved to Minnesota after Jessica graduated from
Butler. Well, Kirby’s mom has since joined the Indiana Pacers’ staff
and thus, Kirby has returned to Naptown!

As soon as he got in
town, he stopped by campus to see me. Although, I think Kirby was more
interested in checking out campus than playing with me, as you’ll see
in the video, but it’s all good. I was just happy to have my friend


Bulldog Beauty Contest news, we have 13 Bulldogs, one Boston Terrier
and one Shih Tzu signed up so far for a total of 15 dogs. Last year we
had over 60 dogs attend so we are well on our way. Susan Smith of City
Dogs Grocery has been working with us and Eagle Pack Pet Foods to get
some great participant prizes and giveaways all lined up as well. It
shaping up to be a great event. Additional details are available in my
previous blog post below. To sign up your dog, just email me at

Well, I think that’s about all that I know for
today. If there are any breaking developments in the case of the
missing mascots, I’ll be sure to post a new blog with additional
details. Until then, keep your ear to the ground and if you stumble
upon them, then notify the authorities!

Blue II


Did Somebody Say "Treats"?

An anonymous guest writes…”Dear Blue II, What are some of your favorite treats/foods?”

yes, the infamous “T” word. Say it, and my ears perk up. Say it again
and might even cock my head and look at you very intently. Pull out the
bag of treats and I’m salivating like I belong to Pavlov.

Unfortunately, my old man scaled back the treat intake, both in
quantity and brand. I used to work the system by wandering around the
office and giving that irresistible “feed me” face to any sucker that
would look my way.

I had people feeding me right and left. Even Butler University President, Bobby Fong, keeps treats for me in his office.

was all going as planned until my my digestive tract and eating habits
caught up with me. In spite of eating all of those treats, I still
managed to maintain a steady weight at 60 lbs., but that was because I
was so full from treats by the time I got home from work I skipped

In addition all of those different makes and models of
treats gave me flatulence that could choke a horse. I mean, this gas
could bring a tear to the eye it was that pundgent. I was already known
for clearing out a room from time to time and my treat intake was just
compounding the issue. Finally, enough was enough.

It all came
to a head this past fall as Susan Smith of City Dogs Grocery (49th
& College – Indpls.) came forward and offered to provide me with a
food sponsorship. The sponsorship is a partnership between Smith’s City
Dogs store and Eagle Pack Pet Foods.

to allergies, I was already on a special blend of prescription dog
food, primarilly made of salmon and potato when I got the call from
Susan. As it turns out, Eagle Pack had a blend of food, also
fish-based, (those fatty acids help my skin and coat) that would work
for me. It’s an anchovy, sardine and salmon mix from their Holistic Select line.

when we began switching foods, my dad limited any foreign substances,
including treats, to ensure that the switch went well. Sure enough, the
discipline on food intake and limited to no treats solved the gas
issue. Thus, it’s pretty evident to tell when someone slips me a little

But, a dog cannot go without treats! That’s just
cruel and unsual punishment. So we found some treats that compliment my
current diet. Also made by Eagle Pack and sold at City Dogs Grocery,
the Holistix Menhaden Biscuit is on the approved list.

ask about other favorite foods…of course, I’m generally not allowed
table scraps, people food, or whatever you want to call it, but I still
have my favorites. I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last
night. I know the good stuff.

I love anything made with
milk. Milk, ice cream and cheese are all favorites. I have a nose for
those things as well. I am also a huge fan of eggs, plain spaghetti
noodles and rice. Other than that, I pretty much like it all except
lettuce and pretzels.

enough about all of this talk of treats and food! I can’t take it any
more. I don’t want to suffer a relapse. Hunger management isn’t a dog’s
strong suit. They say that reason should direct and appetite should
obey, but they forgot, I’m a dog…therefore I don’t reason.

in all, I’ve been coping well with life without treats, or life without
A LOT of treats, anyway. The lack of gas, if nothing else, has been
good for everybody. I like treats as much as the next dog, but I
suppose the refrain has been for the best.

thanks for the question. I saw where I was asked about a girlfriend…I
will tackle that one later in the week. Keep up the comments and the
questions and thanks for reading. Until next time…bon appetit!


Long Time Barker, First Time Poster

Well, I’ve done a lot of barking in my day, but never really had my own
blog site, so bear with me. Well, actually, bear with my dad, he does
all of my typing…that whole opposable thumbs thing gets me everytime.

I’ve got a blog now and that means that I have a place all my own to
speak my mind, tell stories, etc. Sure, you can find me elsewhere on
the web at places like Myspace (, Facebook,, and Wikipedia, but here at, I can really share my thoughts and opinions.

don’t take life too seriously so I hope you’ll find my blog humorous
and even get a nice chuckle from time to time. Afterall, I’m a dog, so
other than “going potty,” treats/food, toys, and sharp objects, what
else is there to take seriously?

As the official mascot of
Butler University, I’m a privelaged pup. I guess you could say that I’m
not your average dog as I get to witness and experience so much. From
daily campus life to university events, I’ve seen and done quite a bit.
Hopefully with this blog I’ll be able to document much of it.

I’m out and about I get asked a lot of the same questions. It’s no big
deal and as a university ambassador, I’m happy to answer them, but I
thought I might use my first post to answer some of those FAQ’s as well
as some of the funniest questions I’ve ever been asked. Here it goes…

Q. How old are you?
A. I was born March 27, 2004…do the math. And no, the wrinkles give no indication of age.

Q. Are you a bulldog?
Are you a human? C’mon people! Yes, my dad was actually asked this
question of me at a Butler basketball game. The best part was, this
dude’s sweatshirt said “Bulldogs” on it. Priceless. For the record, I’m
a purebred ENGLISH Bulldog. Note the emphasis on “English” as there are
such things as French and American Bulldogs. Knock-offs.

Q. Does he just stay at the university? Where does he live?
Yeah, my dad just shuts me in the office at 5 p.m. and wishes me luck
for the next 15 hours. This is another one that cracks me up. Sure, I
was donated to the university and selected as the mascot, but I have a
family too. I live at the Kaltenmark residence and when I’m not
working, I suppose I’m your typical pet. It’s a good life.

Q. Since he’s the mascot, does he get steaks? What does he eat?
Steaks! Are you kidding me?! Yeah, I’ve got St. Elmo’s Steakhouse on
speed dial. The fact is, I like people food just as much as the next
dog, but us Bulldogs aren’t known for our great digestive system. In
fact, given my allergies and such, I’m on a special diet of dry dog
food that’s made primarily from fish. Those omega-3 fatty acids do
wonders for the skin and coat. Thanks to City Dogs Grocery of
Indianapolis, Ind. and Eagle Pack Pet Foods of South Bend, Ind. who
work together to provide me with food throughout the year, I’m eating
well and looking good.

Q. How did he learn those tricks?
A. I
got a “Tricks for Dummies” book from and the rest was
history. No, really, my mom taught me most of those. I’ll do anything
for food and I’ve got a mind like a steel trap, so if just show me what
you want me to do, praise me and reward me, then I suppose I’ll figure
it out. My repitoire includes “hi-five,” “roll over,” “pout,” “dead
dog,” and “speak.”

Q.How much does he weigh? (He’s fat!)
Stout or stocky, sure, but fat! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I’m not fat! I weigh
60 lbs. I’ve weighed that much for about 3 years now so for all of you
people that think I’m “bigger” than the last time you saw me, you’re
wrong and you should call your eye doctor. If you’ve ever seen a “fat”
bulldog, you’ll know it. Otherwise, I’m right where I should be. No
diet needed. And remember, those female bulldogs are supposed to be
smaller, so don’t judge me against any of my female counterparts either.

one time I got asked if the university put in an electric fence around
the entire perimeter of campus. I guess that’s conceivable, but
seriously, if you’ve ever seen me, you know I’m going nowhere fast.

Okay, enough for now. If you want to know something, ask me. Otherwise, I’ll just enlighten all of you as I go.

Until then, be sure to add my blog to your “favorites” and Go Dawgs!