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Hello! I’m Blue2, the official mascot of Butler University. Just thinking back off the top of my furry head, some of the obvious things that come to mind are my appearances at Butler sporting events. Whether it's leading the football team onto the field, greeting the starters on the basketball court, doing my "tricks" during a timeout at center court, or serving as the halftime entertainment at a soccer match where I displayed my own soccer techniques, those are all great instances where I steal the show. Of course, there's more than athletic events, there's also the performing arts. I've been a part of the limelight at several events such as YMCA Geneva Stunts, YMCA Spring Sing and JCFA's REJOICE! where the students sang "Blue Christmas" and I came out on stage riding a sleigh with Santa Claus. I also make appearances at university/campus events for University Advancement, Admissions, Student Affairs, and much more. Basically, I do it all. If you are on campus, be sure to stop by my office and bring me some treats!

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The mascots behind the mascot

During my six years of service as official mascot for Butler University, there have always been a few mascots behind the mascot. And no, I’m not talking about Hink and all of those other human-in-suit varieties running around Hinkle Fieldhouse on “Mascot Day.”

I’m talking a couple of feline counterparts that claim campus shrubbery as home and taunt me with kitty kibble, lightning quick reflexes and strange scents.

Yep, it’s true; when I’m not on campus at night, there are a couple of cats that seem to watch over the place for me. So, I consider them pseudo-mascots, if you will. They are certainly less visible and sociable than yours truly, but they’re holding it down at 46th and Sunset nonetheless.

If you exit Jordan Hall toward the north, turn right, and walk due east to a point that intersects with a point coming from the other way if you were to walk west out of Irwin Library, turn right and head directly north; then you’ve found the natural cat campus habitat. That probably doesn’t make any sense, but suffice to say at the northeast corner of the mall, there is a corner of shrubbery, pine trees and grasses that have made for nice landscaping and a feral kitty cat safe-haven.

cat haven

Look a little closer into the deep line of bushes and you’ll see a bowl or two, often spilling over with cat food kibble and other remnants of kitting living. Rarely do I look in and see a cat, but I have spotted at least two of them; an all black cat and a black and white cat. There may be more, but reports are unconfirmed at this time.

On Campus

I think it’s nice that the lady is keeping these cats alive and somewhat well and it gives me hope that someday if I ever found myself in a similar situation that I could live in the bushes around Butler and someone would come by every now and again to keep me fed. But really, who exactly comes to a college campus at seven in the morning to feed a couple of feral cats in the bushes?

I know it’s been going on for a while as I’ve seen the food in the bowls, that are in the bushes, but what also reaffirmed it was watching the cats (who had no idea I was up and on campus at that hour) come scurrying over to their “home bush” to meet the lady and their precious kibble. Like a couple of Pavlov’s dogs, those cats came running at the sight and sound of that lady and her van.

Blue II

Gordon Hayward: A Jazzy Bulldog

So Butler Bulldog Gordon Hayward got himself a new gig last month when he was selected ninth in the NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz. There were fist pumps and cheers of joy at the Kaltenmark house when NBA Commissioner David Stern made the announcement. And ever since, people have been asking me what I think about it all.

Air Gordon

While I hate to see a kid cut short his one chance to be, well, a kid, I am quite happy for him. If only we could all be so fortunate to have such an incredible opportunity to follow our dream, do what we love, and get paid handsomely for it.

You see, I’m long over the sadness of Gordon’s decision to leave Butler early to pursue a career in the pros. Sure, I would’ve loved to have him give me a pat on the head when introduced at every home game for the next two years, but that’s not going to pay him $2 million a year either.

Gordon Hayward

So to see Gordon represent Butler on a National stage like the NBA draft, get selected ninth overall and go to a fine organization like the Utah Jazz, well, that just makes my big bulldog chest swell a bit more. And I just couldn’t be happier for the kid given the circumstances, I mean, just think about it…


-The Utah Jazz are a successful organization. They win basketball games and a lot of them too. They regularly make the playoffs and win many of those games as well. From the front office to the end of the bench, they have winners.

-The Utah Jazz have room for a player like Gordon which means there’s a good chance he’ll get to play sooner rather than later. Not only that, but Gordon may have the opportunity to be a real impact player for the team.

-The Utah Jazz wanted Gordon…they recognize his game, the understand his abilities, they see his huge potential, and they believe they can help him overcome any weaknesses.

-The Utah Jazz have University of Evansville standout and graduate, Jerry Sloan as their coach. Not only does he have Indiana connections, but he’s also has the longest standing tenure as a head coach in major professional sports.

-The Utah Jazz play in EnergySolutions Arena. Gordon has played their twice. He defeated Syracuse and Kansas State in the NCAA West Regional Semi-Finals and Finals. He’s yet to lose a game there.

-And last, but not least, the Utah Jazz fans make humorous YouTube videos in his honor as well:

The list goes on and on, but I think all Butler Bulldogs can rejoice in the fact that Gordon Hayward will now be a Jazzy Bulldog. So go get your Utah Jazz/Hayward apparel and be prepared to actually follow the NBA this season.

Congrats to Gordon and may have a safe and blessed professional career. I know he’ll make Butler very proud.

Speaking of pride, how about that cover of the July 2010 Indianapolis Monthly? That’s one good-looking dog!

Well, that’s about the only insights I have for you these days. I’m still making plenty of appearances and booking requests. From pet parades, to summer camps, nursing homes, and media announcements, you name it, I’m doing it. I don’t mind…it’s good to get out and see the people and its good job security too.

Big projects of late…my children’s book, my 2011 calendar, and the 10th annual Bulldog Beauty Contest on Oct. 23rd.

Go Dawgs and Go Jazz!

Blue II

My Raider Romp


Remember the Wright State Raider that was lurking near my cage yesterday? (See post below for visual.) Yeah, he got dealt with…


Here’s hoping my fellow Bulldogs do likewise on Thursday evening (9 p.m. EST) at Hinkle Fieldhouse.

the way, no actual Wright State Raiders were physically harmed in the
making of this film. All harm was inflicted figuratively.

yes, Wright State considers the “Raider” to be a wolf. I don’t get it
either. Perhaps the Wright State Mangy Dingos would be more descript.
They actually changed from a red-bearded Viking to a wolf. The wolf is
now known as “Rowdy Raider.”

Here’s a picture of WSU’s current (middle) and former mascots…

see why they switched from the crazy-eyed Viking. That thing is sure to
scare all small children. I believe that to be what a suspect sketch
artist would draw if you said the criminal resembled the off-spring off
a Keebler Elf and one of Willy Wonka’s Ump-Lumpas. (Sorry, that’s the
best I could come up with this close to bed time.)

somewhere Wilbur, Orville and Ovid are sitting around a table, smoking
pipes, wearing distinguished suits and asking each other who came up
with “Bulldogs” and “Raiders.”

Oh well, at least WSU’s “guy in a
suit” actually resemlbes their mascot…which is more than we can say
for a certain school in Des Moines, Iowa. (For visual, see post

Enough about the Raiders, let’s just settle this on the court Thursday night.

In case you missed it, I was featured in Sports’s photo account from the Bulter/Drake game this past Saturday.

The picture taken by John Biever can be seen here:

Also, mad props to A.J. Graves and Drew Streicher for
being named to the 2008 ESPN The Magazine Academic All-America
University Division Men’s Basketball Team, chosen by CoSIDA (College
Sports Information Directors of America). The two Butler
student-athletes were among 15 players chosen to the honor squad, and
Butler was the lone university to have more than one player selected!

work fellas…not only can you challenge opponents in a game of hoops,
but you also can dominate in the occasional standardized test-off.
Clearly old “Dawgs” can learn new tricks!

Blue II

Tread Lightly Young Raider


I hate to dwell too much on the men’s basketball team, especially when there are so many other great student athletes on campus, not to mention so many other great students who don’t even play a sport.

this time of year, it’s inevitable…especially given the success of
our team and the fact that their games are a big part of my life.

Well, the Butler men’s squad took one on the chin against
the Drake University Bulldogs on Saturday evening. It was Bulldogs
versus Bulldogs in a dog fight that would make even the likes of Michael Vick blush.
It was indeed a hard fought game and while Drake gave us all we wanted,
perhaps it was our own mistakes that cost us the victory. Or maybe we
had some help too. (Yeah, I said it.) You decide…

More game pictures by Brad Ward at:

well, if we had to lose, I suppose there’s no shame in losing to our
own kind. I’d rather go down to a fellow Bulldog than some joke of a

Speaking of mascots, I almost had the last laugh against
“Spike,” the Drake Bulldog, on Saturday night. This embarrasing
representation of the breed nearly left part of his leg in Hinkle
Fieldhouse courtesy of my teeth! Hey what would you do if that deranged
looking Eastern Grey squirrel came charging you and your mom in the

out he was just rallying his fellow Drake fans, but I thought he meant
blood. Luckily my mom pulled me off just in time. Sorry Spike!

Congrats to Drake and good luck in the NCAA tournament.

dispirited from the loss, I can’t help but consume myself with the
thought of cleansing my palate from defeat’s bitter taste. What’s the
best way to overcome defeat? Through victory, of course!

victim: The Wright State Raiders. Remember, they took us down by one
point earlier in the season at their place. Combine our angst from
Saturday with our loss to them earlier in the season and this could get

I even saw a Raider lurking around my den earlier this morning. I will share his fate with you later in the week.

The game is scheduled for this Thursday at 9 p.m. (EST) and will be aired on ESPNU. It’s also Young Alumni Night at Hinkle Fieldhouse. I will be there and I hope you will be too!

After all, you just might end up on camera! That’s right, Kelly of The Indianapolis Star will
be following me around to shoot more video for my profile. She hung out
with me around the office and at home on Friday afternoon and is coming
back for some game footage on Thursday. The profile should be featured
online sometime during the NCAA tournament, next month.

Well, as The Bangles once said, “it’s just another manic monday,” and I’ve got work to do…and so do you!

So have a great week and I’ll report back soon.

Blue II

P.S. If you are a runner and are in the Indianapolis area, then you need to get yourself signed up for BUSF’s 16th annual Bulldog Jog!
Originally held during Homecoming weekend, will take place on Saturday,
March 1 on the Butler campus. Proceeds from the 5K run/walk will
benefit the Butler University Student Foundation Book Scholarship.
Visit here for details to sign up:

Front Page News…and second, and third pages too

This week’s issue of The Butler Collegian, Est. 1886 (Vol. 122,
Issue 16) has arrived on campus and just by looking at it, you would
think it was the National Enquirer and I was Britney Spears!

mean, I was all over that thing. You can find a nice color picture of
me on the front page, along with large pictures of me on pages two AND
three! Not to mention, there’s an article about me and the blog on page
two by Butler student and managing editor, Bob Hermon. The headline
reads, “Butler Blue II rolls onto Internet with new blog.” Nice!

to The Butler Collegian staff for the article and the face time. I
suppose it’s fitting that I am a staple in the school/student
newspaper. Not just because I am the mascot, but it is The Collegian,
after all, that is essentially responsible for me being here. Well, in
a round-about sort of way.
According to
and the university archives, prior to 1919, Butler’s athletic teams
were known as the “Christians”. But numerous losses in the 1919
football season caused Butler’s followers to grow weary of the
nickname. During the week leading up to Butler’s game with the heated
rival Franklin “Baptists”, Butler Collegian editor Alex Cavins and his
staff, which included cartoonist George Dickson, decided something
“hot” must be conceived for the school’s weekly pep session.
that time, the mascot of a Butler fraternity….. a bulldog named
Shimmy (you couldn’t shake him), wandered into the Collegian office.
The idea was born. The next school paper came out with a big page-one
cartoon showing Shimmy the bulldog, labeled “Butler”, taking a bite out
of the pants seat of a figure labeled John the Baptist. The caption was: “Bring on That Platter, Salome!” (Butler lost the game to Franklin, 14-0, but the name “Bulldogs stuck).

And what do ya know? It’s another Paul Harvey
(pictured) moment on the The Life and Times of Butler Blue II…”and
know you know…….(long pause)…….the rest of the story.”

the way, I’m guessing it’s never good to reference a bulldog eating the
head of a prominent Biblical figure served on a platter by the person
who is considered to be responsible for that revered person’s death.
Uh, I’m guessing that’s why we lost the game. Something to keep in
mind, Collegian editors…let’s stay away from the negative Biblical
references come March…okay?
Anyway, back to the article…Dawg Pound
president and senior, Loren Snyder was quoted in the story. He said
about my blog, “It’s pretty entertaining sometimes. It’s just funny to
imagine Blue II saying those things.”

Oh yeah,
Loren?! What’s so funny? Next time I see you, I’ll say them to your
face! Then we’ll see who’s laughing! (just kidding)
Loren went on to ask, “What does Blue plan on doing with that huge bone every time he takes it off the court?”

information is confidential and top secret. So much so that I don’t
know what I’m going to do with it. It’s a big bone. It looks cool. I
want it. It’s kind of like going to the Dollar Store and walking out
with stuff you’ll never use or need. It was a dollar and it looked
cool. ‘Nuff said.

Finally, Loren says that
his daughter and English Bulldog, Bella, has become “less demanding”
since our first date and that he’d like for us to give it another shot.
We’ll see, Loren. We’ll see.

Wow, look at the time! I had better get to my afternoon nap.

Until next time…
Blue II


Uncle Ovid Wants You….

…to vote for me!

While you’re online voting for Mike Green for the Bob Cousy Award, direct that index finger to make another couple of clicks to vote for yours truly.

That’s right, after watching Meaty of MTV’s Rob & Big fame land his mug on Dick Van Patten’s brand of dog food on season three, episode four (“Meaty Goes to Hollywood”), I figured, why can’t I break into the product endorsement scene?

Enter Bissell’s MVP competition. You know?! The vacuum company.
Anyway, they are having this contest where people can enter their pets
to be featured on the box of their new Pet Hair Eraser vacuum package.
I just went ahead and logged on and entered myself.

The contest winners are selected through online voting, so Uncle Ovid (Ovid Butler (pictured) wants you to get out and vote for me! Click here to view my submission and to vote.

You know I am looking good and should be on that vacuum box! You see my
face on a vacuum box and you know right away the thing is good. People
be in the store looking at vacuums and then see my face and be like…

Dude: Hey honey, let’s get this one!
Lady: Why, you know something about Bissell?
Dude: No, but it’s got this cool bulldog on it…it has to suck!

(and by suck, I mean in a good way, because that’s what vacuums do…they suck, literally)

Lady: Okay, if you think that’s the best one then get it.

Sold. Everybody wins. What’s not to like about that?

You could put my face on brochure selling ocean front property in Arizona and it would sell. That’s not cocky, it’s just cute.

there was maybe just a little bit of trash talk in all of that, but
still. If my ability to use this face to score treats is any
indication, then get me on the gravy train of endorsements…be bringing
in checks so big it would make Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning and Michael
Jordan look like chump change.

Hey, a dog can dream can’t he?

Regardless, get out there on the world wide web and vote for me and Mike Green; a couple of Bulldogs who need your support!

Enough about that, you get the idea. I’ve got a couple “day in the life” updates for everybody as yesterday was a busy day.

had two appearances to make yesterday. One was for the annual Grad
Finale where seniors go and to the Reilly Room on campus to get their
cap and gown, graduation tickets, make a gift to the senior class fund,
etc. That was cool. It’s always bittersweet to go to the event b/c I
know that I’m not going to get to see that group of students very much
anymore, but I’m happy to know that they will soon enter society and
represent Butler well.

At the same time, I had
to stop in over at an event put on by some business students who
created their own business plan, secured the funding, and started the
business; all for a class project! They had the unveiling of their
product yesterday which essentially, in a nutshell, is a photo booth.
The business is called Strike a Pose and their website is located at Check it out.

After all of that, it was off to home where we cheered the Bulldogs on to victory over the Valpo Crusaiders 71-68 in a thriller of a game!
Although, I had to sit out part of the game in my cage when the storms
rolled through town. I’m not a huge fan of thunder and lighting.

In all, it was a successful day. Living the dream, baby!

Now go vote already!
Blue II
P.S. Be sure to watch all five clips from that episode of Rob & Big which can be viewed online here: If you don’t laugh, see a doctor immediately.