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Hello! I’m Blue2, the official mascot of Butler University. Just thinking back off the top of my furry head, some of the obvious things that come to mind are my appearances at Butler sporting events. Whether it's leading the football team onto the field, greeting the starters on the basketball court, doing my "tricks" during a timeout at center court, or serving as the halftime entertainment at a soccer match where I displayed my own soccer techniques, those are all great instances where I steal the show. Of course, there's more than athletic events, there's also the performing arts. I've been a part of the limelight at several events such as YMCA Geneva Stunts, YMCA Spring Sing and JCFA's REJOICE! where the students sang "Blue Christmas" and I came out on stage riding a sleigh with Santa Claus. I also make appearances at university/campus events for University Advancement, Admissions, Student Affairs, and much more. Basically, I do it all. If you are on campus, be sure to stop by my office and bring me some treats!

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Blue 2


 Last season, my dad and Uncle Kyle always had me play a game that they
called, “Blue’s Pickums.” The idea is simple, on game day, Uncle Kyle
writes “Butler” on one sheet of paper, and Butler’s opponent on
another. He then folds them up, places a treat on each one, and has me
walk over and select one.

The team written on the paper I select will be the winner of that day’s game.

I said, last season, we played this game all of the time, but for
whatever reason, we have yet to play “pickums” this year. I guess Uncle
Kyle felt like today was a good day to try (Butler plays South Alabama
in the first round of the NCAA Tournament) it again so we set it up and
I did my thing.

Check out the video to see the verdict:



I can’t remember a time that I didn’t pick Butler, and we’ve
probably played this game a dozen times. It just never fails, and yes,
every time I’ve played this game and selected Butler, they’ve won, so
my record is on the line.

Blue II


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