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Hello! I’m Blue2, the official mascot of Butler University. Just thinking back off the top of my furry head, some of the obvious things that come to mind are my appearances at Butler sporting events. Whether it's leading the football team onto the field, greeting the starters on the basketball court, doing my "tricks" during a timeout at center court, or serving as the halftime entertainment at a soccer match where I displayed my own soccer techniques, those are all great instances where I steal the show. Of course, there's more than athletic events, there's also the performing arts. I've been a part of the limelight at several events such as YMCA Geneva Stunts, YMCA Spring Sing and JCFA's REJOICE! where the students sang "Blue Christmas" and I came out on stage riding a sleigh with Santa Claus. I also make appearances at university/campus events for University Advancement, Admissions, Student Affairs, and much more. Basically, I do it all. If you are on campus, be sure to stop by my office and bring me some treats!

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Archive: March 2008

More Chelsea Clinton

When I published my post last night, these tidbits were not available, so I thought I would update the blog with them today.

can’t actually see me in this video, but you can hear Chelsea
acknowledge me at least. I’m not sure that’s worth anything, but it
happened, thus, I’m posting it. You only need to watch about the first
15 seconds, unless you are really bored.

Also, The Indianapolis Star has photos up at in the “multimedia” section. Below is the one with me in it that Charlie Nye.

That’s me, Sean Astin and Chelsea entertaining a nice photo-op on the Butler Seal.
Blue II


A Tough Loss, Tomorrow’s Leaders and the Former First Daughter

Unfortunately, the Butler University men’s basketball season came to
a close yesterday afternoon as our Bulldogs were defeated in overtime
by the University of Tennessee in the second round of the NCAA
Tournament by a score of 76-71. It most assuredly wasn’t our best
showing on the court this season, but one thing is for certain, like
true Bulldogs, our team never gave up…they fought tooth and nail to the
bitter end, an end that came all to quickly for this mascot.

spite of the tough loss, the boys had an incredible season totaling a
school-record 30-wins and only four losses, including a Great Alaska
Shootout Title, Horizon League regular season and tournament
championships and the team’s highest ever national ranking of 8th.

this team made me, Butler Blue II, the most decorated Butler mascot in
school history with regard to men’s basketball. Not only did I witness
our first 30-win season, but that added to my overall record of 92 and
39 since the 2004-05 season. Of the games that I’ve actually attended,
I am 49-8 and in the NCAA Tournament I have a record of 3-2.

appreciation of the team’s efforts, I was present at their arrival back
to campus on Sunday night outside of Gate 1 at Hinkle Fieldhouse. It
was a bit of a somber affair, but the students in attendance did their
best to let the team know just how proud of them we were. Like so many
of our teams in the last several years, they made us proud to be
Bulldogs and they helped to put our school on the map.

For a video of their return, visit BlueTube at:

hangover of defeat was heavy on the hearts of those on campus on
Monday. There was just no way around the sadness so I retreated to my
cage on Monday morning to sleep it off. I just wasn’t ready to see the
season end and I guess David Letterman wasn’t either:

night was bath time as I had to get prepared for my big day today. I
started off the morning with a trip to Pine Tree Elementary School in
Avon, Ind. There my dad and I visited eight classes between
kindergarten and third grade. We read books to over 250 kids and handed
out my READ posters and bookmarks to the teachers and students.

Actually, I let my dad handle the book reading while I took care of the “looking good” part. We make a great team.

After that it was back to campus to rest up for my next big visit with
former “First Daughter,” Chelsea Clinton and actor Sean Astin, better
known as “Rudy, ” or “Mikey” from The Goonies or son of Patty Duke.
Take your pick.

were on the campaign trail, stumping for Democratic Presidential
hopeful, Hillary Clinton. Keep in mind, I don’t do politics, so I could
care less about their background, their beliefs, policies, experience,
etc. I just ask that people register to vote and then do so on election

Sean was really excited to see me, saying something
like “This dog is awesome!” But for as much as Sean was impressed, I’m
not so sure Chelsea was all that awestruck. Perhaps she’s still partial
to Buddy, the former First Dog, God rest his soul.

We all posed for a quick photo-op before Sean introduced Chelsea in front of a packed Starbucks cafe in Atherton Union.

I get to visit with more of “tomorrow’s leaders” only this time on
Butler’s campus as those young students participating in the College
Mentors for Kids! program will be coming to campus.

course, Thursday is my fourth birthday and the Butler University
Student Foundation is inviting all students, faculty, and staff to
Starbucks from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. to celebrate my big day. There will be
free cupcakes and treats, pin-the-tail-on-the-dawg, and other fun games
and prizes.

I’m not sure all of that is necessary, but I’m happy to oblige.

report back after the big birthday bash with a full commentary on the
event and the day itself. Here’s to hoping I get something good present
or two!

Blue II


Next up…. Smokey

Congratulations to the Butler men’s basketball team and their 81-61
victory over South Alabama today in the first round of the NCAA
Tournament. “Pickums” results hold true yet again.

up…Smokey and the Tennessee Volunteers on Sunday afternoon. I took
Smokey down once last season in the pre-season NIT at New York’s
Madison Square Gargden. I’m looking to go 2-0 on the old hound.

Game time is 2:30 p.m. (EST) on Easter Sunday. I’m already excited!

addition to my video profile that was created by Kelly Wilkinson on’s multimedia section which can be found here:

Kelly also put up an album of still photos that she took while she was shooting that video. You can see those here:

Look for the album titled, “It’s a dog’s life…Butler Blue II.”

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Easter that includes a Butler victory!

Blue II


The Microphone Chomp

I forgot to post this last evening so I wanted to get it up on the blog
today. Below is a link to a clip from Indianapolis’ WTHR, NBC Channel
13 coverage of the Butler viewing parties around town yesterday.

the viewing parties got started, Cat, Matt and Korey from Channel 13
came by the office to get some footage of me. I was pretty wound up at
the time having just come from greeting Butler’s newest Bulldogs at an
Office of Admission Early Registration.

When Cat asked me who I
thought was going to win that day’s game between Butler and S. Alabama,
I figured that I would just let my actions do the talking. Message sent.

Check it out:

We captured our 30th win yesterday which is a new school record. I want more…even if it takes eating a whole camera this time!

Go Dawgs, Beat Vols!

Blue II


 Last season, my dad and Uncle Kyle always had me play a game that they
called, “Blue’s Pickums.” The idea is simple, on game day, Uncle Kyle
writes “Butler” on one sheet of paper, and Butler’s opponent on
another. He then folds them up, places a treat on each one, and has me
walk over and select one.

The team written on the paper I select will be the winner of that day’s game.

I said, last season, we played this game all of the time, but for
whatever reason, we have yet to play “pickums” this year. I guess Uncle
Kyle felt like today was a good day to try (Butler plays South Alabama
in the first round of the NCAA Tournament) it again so we set it up and
I did my thing.

Check out the video to see the verdict:



I can’t remember a time that I didn’t pick Butler, and we’ve
probably played this game a dozen times. It just never fails, and yes,
every time I’ve played this game and selected Butler, they’ve won, so
my record is on the line.

Blue II


Early Registration

Saw a ton of incoming freshmen here today for early registration!  Hopefully some of you checked out the Blogger/BUForums flyer in your packet and came to join the fun.    Did everyone have a good time today at Butler? 

Big game today… 2 hours away!!!  Too bad this dawg couldn’t join the team at the tournament, check my blog for more info.  

I Made the Cover of Sports Illustrated!

I wouldn’t say my life as a mascot is complete just yet, but a major
notch in the wood has been made with the news that yours truly graces
the cover of the Sports Illustrated (SI) NCAA March Madness issue.

may remember each year that SI does a collage of photos for their March
Madness issue, well this year, I was included in the collage. Albeit, a
half-inch by inch spot, but I am quite visible in the top right hand
corner of the cover wearing my Dawg Pound shirt and carrying my bone.

can only speak for the canine eye, but I’m told that the upper right
hand corner of any printed page is always where the human eye goes
first in reading in English, and is considered “prime real estate.”
I’ll take it!

You’ll see me and fellow Bulldog, A.J. Graves on
the cover, but A.J. also has a two page spread inside the issue as
well. He’s doing cartwheels at center court. That’s not a joke. Also on
page 67, blog reader and senior Drew Streicher is shown for making SI’s
All-Tournament Brainiac Team.

As elated as I am with my cover
shot, I am almost as equally deflated with it. Let me explain. So last
night, my pops and I hop on the internet to check out a bit further. We
go here:

what do you know, they have ME, Butler Blue II, the Butler University
Mascot, listed as “Drake Bulldog – Drake Bulldogs Mascot.” Are you
kidding me? I get my shot at big time national exposure and SI mistakes
me for “Spike,” the Drake Bulldog!

C’mon SI, it’s sports…that’s
what you do! You can’t be getting mascots incorrect, and on the cover
no less! That would be like listing Indiana’s D.J. White as “Purdue
Pete,” or labeling UNC’s Tyler Hansborough as “Mike Kryzewski.” People
would have you taken behind the wood shed for that sort of thing.

I’m just hoping they didn’t list me that way in the actual print edition because that would be a dog-gone shame. Pun intended.

(And yes, the University Relations staff at Butler is informing SI of their mistake.)

am willing to forgive them for the whole thing and put it behind me if
they are willing to write up a nice multi-page profile about me in a
future issue and they consider giving me another cover shot, much like
UGA’s a while back. (And to anyone with Nike connections, yes, I would
like a custom Butler Nike jersey like UGA’s Georgia version.)

I got to go to the “send-off” pep rally for the Butler men’s basketball
team over at Hinkle Fieldhouse. We sang “The Butler War Song,” did
cheers with the cheerleaders, and just let the team know how proud we
are of them before they headed to Birmingham, Alabama to take on South
Alabama in the NCAA Tournament.

One thing of note from the
rally, Butler President, Dr. Bobby Fong, gave A.J. Graves a hug when he
went through and shook hands with each of the players. I’ve got no
problem with that, unless A.J. goes for only two points in our game on
Friday. If that happens, I bet nobody gives Dr. Fong the same
harassment I received when A.J. touched me on “Senior Day,” then went
for a career low. I’m just saying, fair is fair here, people.

You can see a photographic documentation of the rally on
with photos taken by one of my favorite photographers, Kelly Wilkinson.
Go to the multimedia section or here:

You’ll notice there’s a couple photos in the collection of dad and I.
Since the NCAA won’t allow live mascots at tournament sites, I’ve been
pretty bummed about not getting to go to the game. So dad tried to be
funny and throw me into the cargo bay of the bus and sneak me down to
Birmingham. His accomplice is Carl Heck. Both are now on my “list.”

you are also in the multimedia section, you can see the debut of my
profile video that Kelly shot as well! You may remember me posting
about that a while back. Well, it’s finally finished and ready for
viewing. Look for the video titled “Butler’s mascot” and check it out here:

Unfortunately, it’s only about three minutes long. Kelly actually shot
enough footage to probably put together an hour long piece, but oh
well; I’ll take what I can get. Great job, Kelly! I love it and thank

Today, I’ll be shooting another documentary at the office.
It’s true, a group of students from a media arts class had to pick
something to do a documentary on as a part of a class project. They
chose me and shooting starts today. It should be fun.

I think
that’s about it for now. Oh, I almost forgot, I have a couple of
announcements before I sign off. First, don’t forget to vote for me
again in the Bissell MVP challenge. I’m still trying to get on this
vacuum box and I’m running out of chances so help me out!

Bissell wouldn’t list me as the Drake Bulldog on their vacuum box. I
can’t let it go. Anyway, click here to vote for me:

I have a birthday party coming up! I turn four on Thursday March 27th,
and the nice students in the Butler University Student Foundation
(BUSF) are throwing a party for me during lunch time over at Atherton
Union. They will be playing “pin the tail on the bulldog,”
figuratively, not literally, as well as a “guess the weight of Blue II”
contest and other fun stuff. I’ll let you know how that all goes.

don’t forget to clear your afternoon schedule tomorrow for the Butler
NCAA Tournament game at 2:45 p.m. (EST). There are plenty of Butler
viewing parties around the country which can be found here:

being the first day of spring, it’s also the “most wonderful time of
the year,” as today is the official beginning of “March Madness.” Make
sure the volume on your computer is up loud so all your co-workers can
hear it. It’s time….,%20NCAA%20Basketball.wav

Blue II

Selection Sunday Recap

It was a late night yesterday evening, but it was worth it. In case you
missed it, I was on live with Anthony Calhoun (“AC” [pictured]) on
Indianapolis’ WISH-TV Channel 8 and their Sports Locker program. The
show airs live at 11:15 p.m. on Sunday evenings, so I had to stay up
late, but it was worth it.

Since it was “Selection Sunday” and the Butler Bulldogs are headed to
the NCAA Tournament, AC wanted to have me in studio for effect, if
nothing else. I absolutely loved it. At first the robotic cameras
scared me, but once I got used to it all, I really enjoyed being on
camera, in studio and hanging out at the sports desk with fellow on-air
talent Chris Widlic, Jeane Coakley and the crew. I can’t wait to do it
again sometime. Here’s a little video…


Speaking of “Selection Sunday,” I can’t say that I was too pleased with
Selection Committee’s decision to give Butler a 7 seed in the
tournament. Don’t get me wrong, it’s our second highest seed in school
history and I’m happy to be there, but given that we were ranked in the
AP Poll again today at the 11th spot (above all other schools from the
state of Indiana), clearly we could have been given a little better

I think all Butler fans heard the thud of the
figurative ball being dropped by the Selection Committee early
yesterday evening. Oh well, like I said, it’s still a privelage to be
in the tournament and regardless of your ranking, you have to win to
advance, so let’s just focus on the task at hand and win some games!

During my tenure as mascot, Butler has an NCAA Tournament record of 2-1. I’d like to keep adding to the win column.

the Bulldogs are headed to Birmingham, Alabama for their game against
South Alabama (anything jump out at you there), this Bulldog won’t be
making the trip. That’s right, we heard back from the NCAA regarding
our inquiry about live mascots and tournament sites. They shot us down
citing “too many potential issues and a wide range of variables.”

guess I can’t argue with that since I can’t speak for my live mascot
counterparts in the business, but I can tell you this, when it comes to
me and the guy-in-suit mascots, they might want to concern themselves
with the guy-in-suit version.

Take for instance the Oral Roberts/IUPUI debacle last week at the Summit League Tournament. You can view that here:

well, I’ll let it slide for now, but if by some chance Butler makes an
appearance in the Final Four, you can bet I’ll be fighting tooth and
claw for them to allow me to make the trip. I swear that I saw Jack the
Georgetown Hoya at the Final Four last year.

Anyway, all the
best to our Butler Bulldogs on Friday at 2:45 p.m. Take care of
business boys and earn that respect you so deserve!

Blue II

Horizon League Tournament Champs

It’s official, the Butler University men’s basketball team is not only the regular season Horizon League champions, but they are also the Horizon Leauge Tournament champions as well. A feat they had not repeated since 2001.

There’s actually too many accolades to list from this game/season, so just check out The Indianapolis Star’s David Woods, and his recap from last night’s affair:

addition to Mr. Woods, Star photographer Heather Charles was hard at
work last night as well. Her first two shots from last night’s game are
quite good if I say so myself. I have added the two aforementioned
pictures below. If you’d like to see the rest of her great shots, look

I know a lot of you were in attendance or watched live on ESPN.
Either way, you most assuredly caught a glimpse of me doing my gameday
thing. There are unconfirmed reports via text messages on my dad’s cell
phone that I was on screen during the broadcast as much as four times!
Not bad for not even playing in the game.

We heard that during
the game last night there was some sort of “Butler commercial” or
promo. We are not aware of any such thing, but we didn’t get to see it
either. A friend and faithful blog reader, Jackie, posted this in the
comments section:

Blue, Last night, during the televised
game on ESPN, there was a mid-major commercial for Butler. It featured
3 cheerleaders, and some people who work in the cafeteria. At one
point, the cheerleaders were crowded around the big cement statue in
front of Atherton. The commercial would have been much better if you
were in it. Are you planning to do a Butler commercial in the future?

question, Jackie. I can’t believe they used a concrete stand-in for
this so-called “commercial” that was aired last night. I don’t know if
there’s another commercial in the works, but I’ll have to get my people
in talks to get that worked out. Let’s face it, if a Butler commercial
doesn’t feature the live mascot (in this case: me, with emphasis on
“live”) then it’s not official. Granted, I’m a little biased, but I
think that’s a fair statement.

Anyway, the game was great. It
was bittersweet since it was my last home game this season and the last
home game for our beloved seniors(pictured), but it was more sweet than
anything given the circumstances, outcome, etc.

I enjoy all of the pre-game rituatls and activities that I participate
in, last night’s game was more unique for it’s post-game fun. I
typically end up on the court after most home games to pose for
pictures and mingle with fans, but given the ceremonies (trophy
presentations, net cutting, etc.) we got to enjoy a lot of fanfare
after the game.

I got to take pictures with the Horizon League
Tournament Trophy, pose with Pete Campbell and Drew Streicher (a
special shout-out to Drew who, I understand, reads my blog), mingle
with the media and even tear up a cardboard box at half court!

thanks to the Horizon Leauge for the box…they left a box on the
sidelines that was used for the HL Championship t-shirts, so I helped
myself. It was great fun to thrash on the box at center court and have
a little crowd watching as well. Good times.

Given the late
start time of the game, we finally got home sometime after mid-night
and into bed at 1 a.m. Needless to say, I was tired when it was time to
head to the office this morning. Today was a standard day at the
office. Much sleeping, some playing, and a lot of just hanging out.
Remember, you can catch all of this insanely captivating activity on Blue2TV.

big buzz around the office today, outside of the basketball game, was
an e-mail that was sent on Tuesday afternoon to alumni, parents and
friends of the university. It’s a really cool piece and definitely
worth the watch, especially because I am in it. (Would you expect
anything less?) To watch it, click here:

a full day at the office, I was off on a trip up to Carmel, Ind. for an
appointment with the Official Veterinarian of Butler Unviersity and
Butler graduate, Dr. Kurt Phillips (pictured) of Woodland Animal Hospital.
My mom noticed that my ear has been bothering me this week, so they
took me up to see the good doctor. Sure enough, Dr. Phillips diagnosed
an ear infection and gave me some meds.

it turns out, the ear infection was a result of not getting my ears
dried out enough after that little bath I took on Sunday. You
remember…the one that’s on YouTube and has all of that incriminating footage of me in a tub. Thanks, parents.

said your parents always know what is best for you was lying. My
parents give me the hard-sell on why I should take a bath, blah, blah,
blah, so I oblige and what do I get for my trouble (besides internet
humiliation)? An ear infection!

No “Worlds Greatest Dad/Mom” t-shirts or mugs for them any time in the near future.

Back to ballers…the 29-3 Butler Bulldogs are awaiting their NCAA Tournament assignment
which will be handed out this Sunday, a.k.a. “Selection Sunday,” and I
am eagerly anticipating the Dawg’s first matchup in the “Big Dance.”

whatever reason, I’ve always been under the impression that live
mascots were not allowed at NCAA tournament sites. I had my dad check
with his peeps at the NCAA, and that might not actually be the case.
The verdict is still out, so we’ll see what happens. Should I be
cleared to go, the game location be relatively close, and the stars
align, I might just be hitting the road as well. I’ll keep you posted
on how that develops. I’m crossing my paws in hopes that it all works

Blue II

ESPN All Access – Butler Bulldogs

 If you’ve yet to see ESPN’s “All Access” footage of the Butler Bulldogs men’s basketball team, check it out:

Of course, I’m in it, so look for that too. My appearance is toward the beginning and Willie Veasly is petting me.

dad wants to apologize for having an untucked shirt on in the
background…we had just finished setting up the West Gym in Hinkle
Fieldhouse for hospitality so he was a bit unkempt when I decided to
break loose and run on the main floor during practice.

I also wanted to let everyone know they could vote for me again in the Bissell MVP Contest:

Thanks for the vote, enjoy the video and Go Dawgs!

Blue II