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Hello! I’m Blue2, the official mascot of Butler University. Just thinking back off the top of my furry head, some of the obvious things that come to mind are my appearances at Butler sporting events. Whether it's leading the football team onto the field, greeting the starters on the basketball court, doing my "tricks" during a timeout at center court, or serving as the halftime entertainment at a soccer match where I displayed my own soccer techniques, those are all great instances where I steal the show. Of course, there's more than athletic events, there's also the performing arts. I've been a part of the limelight at several events such as YMCA Geneva Stunts, YMCA Spring Sing and JCFA's REJOICE! where the students sang "Blue Christmas" and I came out on stage riding a sleigh with Santa Claus. I also make appearances at university/campus events for University Advancement, Admissions, Student Affairs, and much more. Basically, I do it all. If you are on campus, be sure to stop by my office and bring me some treats!

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Blue 2

Did Somebody Say "Treats"?

An anonymous guest writes…”Dear Blue II, What are some of your favorite treats/foods?”

yes, the infamous “T” word. Say it, and my ears perk up. Say it again
and might even cock my head and look at you very intently. Pull out the
bag of treats and I’m salivating like I belong to Pavlov.

Unfortunately, my old man scaled back the treat intake, both in
quantity and brand. I used to work the system by wandering around the
office and giving that irresistible “feed me” face to any sucker that
would look my way.

I had people feeding me right and left. Even Butler University President, Bobby Fong, keeps treats for me in his office.

was all going as planned until my my digestive tract and eating habits
caught up with me. In spite of eating all of those treats, I still
managed to maintain a steady weight at 60 lbs., but that was because I
was so full from treats by the time I got home from work I skipped

In addition all of those different makes and models of
treats gave me flatulence that could choke a horse. I mean, this gas
could bring a tear to the eye it was that pundgent. I was already known
for clearing out a room from time to time and my treat intake was just
compounding the issue. Finally, enough was enough.

It all came
to a head this past fall as Susan Smith of City Dogs Grocery (49th
& College – Indpls.) came forward and offered to provide me with a
food sponsorship. The sponsorship is a partnership between Smith’s City
Dogs store and Eagle Pack Pet Foods.

to allergies, I was already on a special blend of prescription dog
food, primarilly made of salmon and potato when I got the call from
Susan. As it turns out, Eagle Pack had a blend of food, also
fish-based, (those fatty acids help my skin and coat) that would work
for me. It’s an anchovy, sardine and salmon mix from their Holistic Select line.

when we began switching foods, my dad limited any foreign substances,
including treats, to ensure that the switch went well. Sure enough, the
discipline on food intake and limited to no treats solved the gas
issue. Thus, it’s pretty evident to tell when someone slips me a little

But, a dog cannot go without treats! That’s just
cruel and unsual punishment. So we found some treats that compliment my
current diet. Also made by Eagle Pack and sold at City Dogs Grocery,
the Holistix Menhaden Biscuit is on the approved list.

ask about other favorite foods…of course, I’m generally not allowed
table scraps, people food, or whatever you want to call it, but I still
have my favorites. I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last
night. I know the good stuff.

I love anything made with
milk. Milk, ice cream and cheese are all favorites. I have a nose for
those things as well. I am also a huge fan of eggs, plain spaghetti
noodles and rice. Other than that, I pretty much like it all except
lettuce and pretzels.

enough about all of this talk of treats and food! I can’t take it any
more. I don’t want to suffer a relapse. Hunger management isn’t a dog’s
strong suit. They say that reason should direct and appetite should
obey, but they forgot, I’m a dog…therefore I don’t reason.

in all, I’ve been coping well with life without treats, or life without
A LOT of treats, anyway. The lack of gas, if nothing else, has been
good for everybody. I like treats as much as the next dog, but I
suppose the refrain has been for the best.

thanks for the question. I saw where I was asked about a girlfriend…I
will tackle that one later in the week. Keep up the comments and the
questions and thanks for reading. Until next time…bon appetit!


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