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Hello! I’m Blue2, the official mascot of Butler University. Just thinking back off the top of my furry head, some of the obvious things that come to mind are my appearances at Butler sporting events. Whether it's leading the football team onto the field, greeting the starters on the basketball court, doing my "tricks" during a timeout at center court, or serving as the halftime entertainment at a soccer match where I displayed my own soccer techniques, those are all great instances where I steal the show. Of course, there's more than athletic events, there's also the performing arts. I've been a part of the limelight at several events such as YMCA Geneva Stunts, YMCA Spring Sing and JCFA's REJOICE! where the students sang "Blue Christmas" and I came out on stage riding a sleigh with Santa Claus. I also make appearances at university/campus events for University Advancement, Admissions, Student Affairs, and much more. Basically, I do it all. If you are on campus, be sure to stop by my office and bring me some treats!

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Blue 2

Check Out My New Ride

I am finally riding in style! Don Hinds Ford in Fishers provided me with my very own Blue II Mobile – a 2011 Transit Connect XLT. It features oversized pictures of me (how exciting!) on the outside, as well as information about my website ( and associate sponsors (Nike, City Dogs Grocery, Good Dog Hotel and Spa, Holistic Select, Woodland Animal Hospital, WellPet and the Butler University Bookstore).

Blue II Mobile

Pops will be driving me around in my new Blue II mobile to and from campus and appearances around the Indianapolis metro area. Pops says, “On behalf of Blue and Butler University, I am grateful to Don Hinds Ford for the use of this perfectly suited vehicle. The Blue II Mobile certainly is a benefit to me and further reinforces the great quality of life that we are able to provide to Blue. Moreover, the marketing opportunity this provides Butler is both distinct and valuable. Blue and I are proud to represent Butler and Don Hinds Ford as we traverse the Indy metro area in the Blue II Mobile.”

I am staying pretty busy this summer so if you see me driving around town, don’t forget to honk and/or wave! I will be at Lucas Oil Raceway on July 30 for the NASCAR Nationwide Series race, the Kroger 200 benefitting Riley Hospital for Children. See you out there.

The Indianapolis Monthly Interview – Uncut

The July 2010 issue of Indianapolis Monthly will forever be special to me as it was their annual pet guide edition and yours truly graced the cover.

Blue 2

The July 2010 issue of Indianapolis Monthly will forever be special to me as it was their annual pet guide edition and yours truly graced the cover.

Included in the magazine was Q&A that I did with Indianapolis Monthly and while I received a lot of compliments regarding my answers, what was printed was just a snipet of the actual interview. So, for your reading pleasure, here is the Q&A in its entirety…

IM: As the Butler mascot, what are your “job responsibilities”? And, are you compensated?

BB2: At the core of my “job responsibilities” is to truly be an ambassador for Butler University. I’ve found that if I stick to that, then the rest seems to take care of itself. Of course, you can find me at university sporting events, performances, dinners, receptions, admissions events, etc. You name it, I’ve probably done it. I’m also a bit of a spokesdoggy too, having done numerous media appearances and a great deal of community relations work.

As for compensation, well, I guess I’m well cared for and I have some great sponsors that fulfill almost my every need. So I’m compensated well from that standpoint. I haven’t, however, ever seen any actual dollars. I’m considering a change in personal agents and a revised contract.

IM: What training is required for you to do your job?

BB2: I took six, count them, six total “puppy obedience classes.” That’s it. I had a good teacher and learned a lot, but let’s tell it like it is here…I set foot on Butler’s campus before my parents even took me home. This is all I know. My dad taught me right from wrong, my mom taught me some awesome tricks, and Brad Stevens taught me the Butler Way. I may not be sniffing out bombs in airports or keeping the blind from walking out in traffic, but I like to think I do pretty well for myself.

IM: In addition to being present at basketball games, what other sporting events do you attend?

BB2: I tend to work all of the home men’s basketball games and football games. After that I get to the majority of home volleyball and women’s basketball contests as well. From there I try to get to at least one of each of the other team’s events during the year. That’s easier said than done, however and doesn’t always happen. My goal for 2010-11 is to make it to every sports’ senior day contests and to appear in all of the Butler team photos.

IM: Do you make appearances, such as giving autographs (paw-tographs?), photo with fans, on TV commercials, etc.?

BB2: I make countless appearances these days. I’ve always done appearances, especially as it relates to the university, but I’ve done my share of community appearances in my six years as well. However, since the NCAA Final Four, I probably get an appearance request on a daily basis. Everything from being a part of a student presentation, to serving as the grand marshal of parades, to book fairs, to private parties; you name it and chances are I’m being requested for it.
I get autographs on a daily basis too. The whole paw in ink thing doesn’t really work and is incredibly messy, so don’t ask for a “paw-tograph.” Not happening unless you’re really, really important. I’m happy to sign headshots and pictures, however, and I’m getting regular request for that as well.

Posing for photos with fans is probably my most requested activity. Anytime I’m out in public, it’s inevitable. I’m usually happy to do it, but sometimes I’m on the move and I don’t have time. I think it’s pretty cool that people would want to kneel down and get their picture with me. At the Final Four it wasn’t just fans making the requests either, I had everyone from CBS executives, members of the media and security folks asking as well! And when I got back on campus after those big games, it was funny how the student interest in photos picked up too!

I think the only TV commercials I’ve been on are Butler basketball promos for season tickets and for our games on MyNDY. But, I will say that I am available and affordable, so for those companies that want to align themselves with the Butler brand and have a really handsome spokesdoggy, then now is the time to get in on the ground floor while I’m still cheap!

IM: Any funny stories from your experiences as a mascot? Have you ever failed to give a high-five or run to the end of the court and get the bone? Any accidents on the court?

BB2: I’ve had my share of funny moments during my career. Like the time that I chewed up a Michigan State Spartan hat almost on cue on live national television while shooting for the CBS Early Morning Show. But, the funniest moment probably had to be when I accidentally (on purpose) tripped my two-legged mascot counterpart, Hink, as we ran the football team out onto the field. It’s tradition that Hink and I run the guys out onto the pitch before each home game. Normally the cheerleaders go first with their flags, then me, then Hink, followed by the team. Well, Hink took off at virtually the same time I did and well, I thought I’d have a little fun with that. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to run right under Hink’s feet and watch him tumble. You see, Hink’s line of sight is all of a matter of inches so he never saw it coming. Down Hink went and sometimes I was able to scramble loose and keep going. Don’t worry, Hink didn’t get trampled by the football team or anything. His pride may have been hurt, but there were no hard feelings; just a collective gasp from the crowd followed by lots of laughs. Thankfully my mom caught it all on her iPhone. Priceless.

IM: What are your favorite activities outside of your life at Butler?

BB2: I suppose I’m just a normal pet or dog outside of Butler. I love the outdoors and tend to think that I’m an farm dog. I love helping around the yard. I also enjoy going to visit both sets of my grandparents where I get to ride the four-wheeler and tractor, go boating, go to the hardware store, and of course, sleep.

IM: Favorite treat?

BB2: Ice cream. No question. Don’t get me wrong, I like all of the favorites such as peanut butter, cheese, filet mignon, etc., but ice cream is all the rage. Always has been, always will be.

IM: Favorite toy?

BB2: That depends on how you define “toy.” I have this thing called a Tail Wagon which is made by Burley. It looks like one of those nylon chariots you see kids being hauled around in, behind bikes on the Monon Trail. Anyway, I have one of those and it might be my most favorite toy/contraption that I’ve ever had. Ever. Outside of my tail wagon, I’m a huge fan of small latex chew toys, teddy bears and basketballs.

IM: And finally, please describe your experience at the NCAA Final Four. Were you at all nervous about being surrounded by 70,000 screaming fans?

BB2: My experience at the NCAA Final Four was incredible. That’s the best way that I can explain. There really are not words that exist that allow me to really describe the magnitude of that experience. It made me the most popular dog in America and it made Butler a household name. While Coach Stevens and the men’s basketball team were the focus of the Final Four, I like to think I played the role of best supporting actor. It was the best experience of my life so far and I certainly hope to do it again someday.

I wasn’t nervous to be in front of 70,000 fans. I think that was evident to anyone that was there or whom was watching at home. I live for this sort of thing after all. However, I will say that I did feed of the energy that was in Lucas Oil Stadium during those two games. There was so much positive directed toward Butler…the kind that makes your hair (or fur) stand up on end. I felt it as soon as we would enter the stadium each day…it swelled my broad chest with pride, perched my ears forward, heightened my tail-end, and gave me a strut that would make George Jefferson blush.

I will say that tend to carry and internalize the collective hopes and energy of the Butler nation. That may sound weird, but I’m a perceptive dog and I know what’s up. I knew what was at stake in Lucas Oil Stadium and I also knew what it meant when my pal Gordon Hayward’s shot didn’t go in at the buzzer. I, like the Butler faithful, was crushed. My dad tried to get a rise out of me moments after the championship game. Usually I’m the one doing the consoling, but this time I could sense the pain, anguish, sorrow and disappointment that saturated the heart. I was stone cold. I wanted that championship. I wanted to be top dawg. After sleeping that night I awoke that Tuesday morning still wishing that the outcome would have been different. I continued to contemplate on it. I even went to the pep rally at Hinkle Fieldhouse later that day. By the time I went to sleep that evening, I realized that I was top dawg after all. The score didn’t matter, Butler has already proved its worth. I’d still like to have that trophy, don’t get me wrong, but I think we may have taken home so much more. There’s never been a better time to be a Butler Bulldog, let alone THE Butler Bulldog.

The mascots behind the mascot

During my six years of service as official mascot for Butler University, there have always been a few mascots behind the mascot. And no, I’m not talking about Hink and all of those other human-in-suit varieties running around Hinkle Fieldhouse on “Mascot Day.”

I’m talking a couple of feline counterparts that claim campus shrubbery as home and taunt me with kitty kibble, lightning quick reflexes and strange scents.

Yep, it’s true; when I’m not on campus at night, there are a couple of cats that seem to watch over the place for me. So, I consider them pseudo-mascots, if you will. They are certainly less visible and sociable than yours truly, but they’re holding it down at 46th and Sunset nonetheless.

If you exit Jordan Hall toward the north, turn right, and walk due east to a point that intersects with a point coming from the other way if you were to walk west out of Irwin Library, turn right and head directly north; then you’ve found the natural cat campus habitat. That probably doesn’t make any sense, but suffice to say at the northeast corner of the mall, there is a corner of shrubbery, pine trees and grasses that have made for nice landscaping and a feral kitty cat safe-haven.

cat haven

Look a little closer into the deep line of bushes and you’ll see a bowl or two, often spilling over with cat food kibble and other remnants of kitting living. Rarely do I look in and see a cat, but I have spotted at least two of them; an all black cat and a black and white cat. There may be more, but reports are unconfirmed at this time.

On Campus

I think it’s nice that the lady is keeping these cats alive and somewhat well and it gives me hope that someday if I ever found myself in a similar situation that I could live in the bushes around Butler and someone would come by every now and again to keep me fed. But really, who exactly comes to a college campus at seven in the morning to feed a couple of feral cats in the bushes?

I know it’s been going on for a while as I’ve seen the food in the bowls, that are in the bushes, but what also reaffirmed it was watching the cats (who had no idea I was up and on campus at that hour) come scurrying over to their “home bush” to meet the lady and their precious kibble. Like a couple of Pavlov’s dogs, those cats came running at the sight and sound of that lady and her van.

Blue II

Gordon Hayward: A Jazzy Bulldog

So Butler Bulldog Gordon Hayward got himself a new gig last month when he was selected ninth in the NBA Draft by the Utah Jazz. There were fist pumps and cheers of joy at the Kaltenmark house when NBA Commissioner David Stern made the announcement. And ever since, people have been asking me what I think about it all.

Air Gordon

While I hate to see a kid cut short his one chance to be, well, a kid, I am quite happy for him. If only we could all be so fortunate to have such an incredible opportunity to follow our dream, do what we love, and get paid handsomely for it.

You see, I’m long over the sadness of Gordon’s decision to leave Butler early to pursue a career in the pros. Sure, I would’ve loved to have him give me a pat on the head when introduced at every home game for the next two years, but that’s not going to pay him $2 million a year either.

Gordon Hayward

So to see Gordon represent Butler on a National stage like the NBA draft, get selected ninth overall and go to a fine organization like the Utah Jazz, well, that just makes my big bulldog chest swell a bit more. And I just couldn’t be happier for the kid given the circumstances, I mean, just think about it…


-The Utah Jazz are a successful organization. They win basketball games and a lot of them too. They regularly make the playoffs and win many of those games as well. From the front office to the end of the bench, they have winners.

-The Utah Jazz have room for a player like Gordon which means there’s a good chance he’ll get to play sooner rather than later. Not only that, but Gordon may have the opportunity to be a real impact player for the team.

-The Utah Jazz wanted Gordon…they recognize his game, the understand his abilities, they see his huge potential, and they believe they can help him overcome any weaknesses.

-The Utah Jazz have University of Evansville standout and graduate, Jerry Sloan as their coach. Not only does he have Indiana connections, but he’s also has the longest standing tenure as a head coach in major professional sports.

-The Utah Jazz play in EnergySolutions Arena. Gordon has played their twice. He defeated Syracuse and Kansas State in the NCAA West Regional Semi-Finals and Finals. He’s yet to lose a game there.

-And last, but not least, the Utah Jazz fans make humorous YouTube videos in his honor as well:

The list goes on and on, but I think all Butler Bulldogs can rejoice in the fact that Gordon Hayward will now be a Jazzy Bulldog. So go get your Utah Jazz/Hayward apparel and be prepared to actually follow the NBA this season.

Congrats to Gordon and may have a safe and blessed professional career. I know he’ll make Butler very proud.

Speaking of pride, how about that cover of the July 2010 Indianapolis Monthly? That’s one good-looking dog!

Well, that’s about the only insights I have for you these days. I’m still making plenty of appearances and booking requests. From pet parades, to summer camps, nursing homes, and media announcements, you name it, I’m doing it. I don’t mind…it’s good to get out and see the people and its good job security too.

Big projects of late…my children’s book, my 2011 calendar, and the 10th annual Bulldog Beauty Contest on Oct. 23rd.

Go Dawgs and Go Jazz!

Blue II

As Seen on TV

Three days, three media outlets. It’s just what I do.

Okay, so I
really didn’t have to do too much…I leave the most of it to the guy
on the other end of the leash, my dad. He’s not bad either.

So as I posted previously, it was the Smiley Morning Show on Monday, followed by Good Morning Indiana on WRTV-6 on Tuesday and yesterday, during the Butler/Ball State game at Hinkle Fieldhouse, it was WTHR-13 and reporter Emily Longnecker.

To view last night’s footage and read the story, click here:

Emily was reporting on how the situation that lead to our new bulldog
mascot costumes has now manifested itself into a little “Name that Dawg!” contest to name said costumes so that they aren’t confused with me in the future.

If you’ve got an idea for a good name for the costumed version of the bulldog, then log on to and place your vote today!

was my first reprieve this week from any media requests and that was
fine with me as the men’s basketball regular season home-opening
victory left me quite tired. In other words, I slept all day!

wasn’t until the 4 o’clock hour until I was required to make myself
available. I was asked by the Butler chapter of College Mentors for
Kids! to meet up with some youngsters who were roaming Butler for the
afternoon learning different things about school spirit. It was my job
to show them first hand just what school spirit looks like in the form
of a live mascot.

One young man asked me if I could do back
flips. I thought it sort of a strange question, but to not leave him
empty handed, I peformed my “rollover” (illustrated below) trick to
much enjoyment by the little ones. Anyway, I had a great time and I
think the kids did too.

Tomorrow I’ll return to the Fieldhouse to watch the Butler women play
their first regular season home game against Dayton at 7 p.m. However,
it’s more than just the lady Bulldogs that I’m interested in as my dad
will be the evening’s halftime entertainment as well. Yes, you read
that correctly, he will be the halftime entertainment and by that, I
mean, he will be joining fellow faculty and staff for their own
basketball game against the students at halftime.

I’m not
expecting much, but it should entertaining to watch, nonetheless. If he
knows what’s good for him and if he’s been paying attention these last
few years, he’ll be sure to give me a pat on the head for good luck
before he takes the court. Good luck pops!

After that, I’ll head home to rest up for Saturday’s men’s game at Hinkle against IU-South Bend at 2 p.m.

week seems to be defined with media appearances and basketball games
and those happen to both be some of my favorite things, so I guess you
could say this has been a good week! Here’s to a winter full of good
weeks on the horizon!

Blue II

Media Hound

The first two mornings of this work week have been quite busy for me as
I’ve been in high demand with the media. Okay, I may have exaggerated a
little, but two media hits in two

On Monday the Smiley Morning Show, WZPL-FM 99.5
had my dad call in to do a follow-up on the news that was released over
the weekend about the arrest of suspects in the case of the missing
bulldog mascot costumes. Since we didn’t have to go in studio and I
don’t talk, I really didn’t have to do anything for this one, but sleep
in my office crate while dad chatted with Smiley, Weedman and Paul
Poteet. However, if it wasn’t for me, my dad would have never got the
interview, so I’m going to take credit it for that one anyway.

This morning we were invited down to WRTV-6
studios where we were stumping for Butler Basketball and the annual
RTV-6 Toy Drive on their morning show, Good Morning Indiana. This time
I was on camera, but given the early wake-up call, I wasn’t too lively.

my dad forgot to bring the camera inside, so I’ve nothing in the way of
photography to post, so if you didn’t see the broadcast, you’ll have to
take our word for it that we were on.

As I mentioned, we were
promoting Butler’s four-game homestand at Hinkle Fieldhouse which
starts tomorrow night at 7 p.m. versus the Ball State Cardinals. Show
up early to that game and receive a complimentary Pepsi schedule magnet
and keep your eyes peeled for a look at the to-be-named new bulldog
mascot costume!

On Saturday at 2 p.m. the Bulldogs will take
on IU-South Bend where the SemCycle uni-cycle team will perform at
halftime. Following that will be the Northwestern Wildcats on the
Wednesday before Thanksgiving at 7 p.m. and finally, next Saturday,
Nov. 29, we’ll host the Purple Aces of Evansville for the Toy Drive
game. Bring a toy to Hinkle Fieldhouse for that game and receive a
ticket for admission to the game. In addition, my canine friends
America’s Best Frisbee Dogs will be performing at halftime for that
game, so you’ll definitely want to check that out!

For all of the info, just check out

you saw the RTV-6 broadcast this morning, then you saw my nervous
energy get the best of me when I started chewing on my leash. That
could have been avoided had they let me use the prop that I brought,
but there just wasn’t enough time in the show to make it work.

To promote the Toy Drive, my parents brought a wrapped Build-A-Bear (my
favorite, no plastic eyes, no beads for stuffing, and just as cheap as
Target or other stores) for me to open on-air. They thought it would be
hilarious and a lasting reminder for viewers as I do not take opening
gifts lightly.

I didn’t get to open it on-air, before I left I stopped by the RTV-6
control room where the folks there got to watch me open it so it wasn’t
a completly lost cause. So I guess for getting up so early I got a new
teddy bear…that’s a fair consolation, I suppose.

For the
remainder of the day I think I’ll just stick to chewing on my new teddy
bear and resting up. In addition to the game tomorrow and the
subsequent men’s games over the next several days, I’ll also be at the
women’s home opener on Friday, Nov. 21 at 7 p.m. versus the Dayton
Flyers, so it’s a busy week for me to say the least.

I hope to see you at Hinkle Fieldhouse over the course of the next two weeks. I’ll be there quite often and I hope you are too!

Go Dawgs!

Blue II 

In Memory of a True Bulldog

This past Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2008 saw the unfortunate and sudden passing of
a true friend and Butler Bulldog, Bob Dearing. A Butler graduate of the
class of 1957, Bulldog Bob was as fine of a guy as they come.

was one of my biggest fans and always made a point to read each one of
my blog posts…probably read them twice to be honest! Bulldog Bob was
always happy to see me and I was always happy to return the favor when
I saw him.

Reading Bob’s obituary, it’s easy to see just how involved and successful he was. In addition to all of the things listed in the obituary, Bob also helped me out each year as a judge for the annual Bulldog Beauty Contest…Bob knew bulldogs!

beyond all of the accolades and accomplishments was one of the most
affable and vivacious characters you’ll ever know. Bulldog Bob’s great
character will not soon be lost on any of us that knew him. It is a
great loss for our beloved university, but Butler is a better
institution for having Bulldog Bob in the family.

Being that Bob
bled Butler Bulldog blue when it came to Butler Athletics, it wasn’t
surprising that the men’s basketball team captured a victory on Saturday at Drake University in their regular season opener and it was announced today that the men’s cross country team earned a bid to the NCAA Division I Men’s Cross Country Championships.

I’m sure Bob had a little hand in those successes and I can just see him now, smiling at more Butler Bulldog triumphs.

sad that you’re now gone, but I’ve taken a bit of solace in knowing
that you’re now in an even better place, after all it’s well known that
all bulldogs go to heaven. I’ll miss you, Bulldog Bob, but I’ll never
forget you!

Your friend and fellow bulldog,

Blue II


The Case of the Missing Bulldog Mascots: SOLVED!!

 Finally, the news
we’ve all been waiting for dropped late Friday afternoon and the case
of the missing bulldog costume mascots was solved. Thanks to the
detective work of BUPD, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police
Department, the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center and to a tip or two
from an unnamed witness (of which I think I owe one of my precious
bones) the case has finally come to a close.

result: four dudes not only ruined two bulldog mascot costumes, but
also ruined their reputations, some kid gets a whopping cash reward and
one of my bones in rewards, I get a lot of mileage out of a YouTube
video (featured below), Butler gets two new bulldog mascot costumes and
a plethora of national and local media coverage, and the new mascot
costumes will receive a new storage place under lock and key.

surprisingly, it was NOT Butler University students arrested/charged in
the case. I’m not saying that I don’t think Butler students are capable
of such a thing, I just think they have lives and wouldn’t bother with
such immature antics. Now four guys (named here)
are charged with a Class D Felony for possession of stolen property and
a Class C Felony for burglary. If convicted, each could be fined up to
$10,000 and face a maximum of five-and-a-half years in prison. Smooth

Maybe someone can explain to me the rationale of stealing
unique bulldog mascot costumes. Not that I approve of stealing, it’s
just that there seems to be more obvious things to heist, starting
with, oh, I don’t know, maybe cold hard cash? Again, these weren’t
Butler students so I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised.

Anyway, good luck with future job applications, boys. Just hope that the person doing the hiring isn’t a Butler grad!

granted, the old suits (one pictured below with me) were nine years
old, a bit smelly, visibly tattered and in need of replacing, but we
didn’t need any help with that. It sure would have been nice to have
them on hand to preserve and display for history’s sake. After all,
these were the same suits that were new when my dad was a sophomore and
a young mascot himself. He can remember wearing them when they weren’t
so smelly! Unfortunately, thanks to the work of these jackals all
that’s left is a disfigured suit and a head that’s missing an eye and
an ear.

the new costumes have been ordered from Street Characters (Calgary AB,
Canada) and I believe one of them has already arrived on campus. I’ve
yet to see one of them, but I hear that they are looking good. We’ll
all get our first look at the men’s home basketball opener on Wednesday
against Ball State.

In addition, since everyone thinks the name
“Blue” is synonymous with “Butler mascot” we are having a naming
contest on campus this winter to name the new costumed bulldogs.
(Details coming soon.) Us live versions of the mascot are named “Blue,”
but not the costumed version, so we’ll just clear that up via the
naming contest. My vote: “Buster Bulldog.”

If anything kids,
there’s a valuable lesson here and that is: if you really want to wear
a mascot costume, go buy your own and have a great time, otherwise the
cost is just too expensive.

Blue II

Stars of ‘The Office’

Last night stand-up commedian, actor, and writer B.J. Novak came to
campus and did a stand-up routine in Clowes Hall in front of students,
faculty, staff and the community at large.

B.J. is perhaps best known for playing the character of Ryan Howard on the NBC sitcom The Office. He is also a writer and co-executive producer for the Emmy Award-winning show…the same show that my parents are fans of, so of course they went to the performance.

And while they did that, I hung out behind the control desk over at the HRC where I helped the student staff do laundry and check-in patrons. I rather enjoyed myself over there actually.

after the performance my dad came and grabbed me and we ventured back
over to Clowes so that B.J. could get his picture with me. After all, I
am the star of the Development/University Advancement Office at Butler.

that was cool, and now B.J. can add to his résumé that he had his
picture taken with me so he’s got that going for him. No really, thanks
for playing along, B.J.

That’s the highlight of my week.
Otherwise, it’s just been mascotting and other random stuff. On Monday
I didn’t do too much, but my grandparents Kaltenmark came in to town so
that was cool. Tuesday was my Mom’s birthday so we celebrated that and
the nation in which we live held an election. Today I got to visit with
the Parent Council members and this evening I will be visiting with the
“Lil Sibs” of our current students at a pizza party. Tomorrow is action
packed with the Fall Scholarship Breakfast, a football game and another
basketball exhibition game so that should be a good time.

that’s about it for me. There’s been a few other things happening this
week, but I’m going to wait for those things to further develop before
I let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. Mainly, I’ve really just
been trying to catch back up on rest this week after all of my fun last

So with that said, I’m going back to sleep. Maybe I’ll see you on campus tomorrow for football and/or basketball…Go Dawgs!

Blue II 

A Hard Days Night, and I’ve Been Working Like a Dog

 While Homecoming was a big weekend for me, that certainly hasn’t been
the only thing filling up my work schedule (that’s code for “this is
going to be a long post”). In fact, it all started a week before
Homecoming when I was invited to pay a visit to Clinton Young
Elementary School on the south side of Indianapolis.

You see, Clinton Young Elementary has these little learning communities
where classes at various grade levels get together and learn about
going to college and all of that good stuff. Well, it just so happened
that one of their learning communities picked the bulldog to be their
mascot, and it just so happens that I work for a university and I
happen to be a bulldog. So, I’m pretty sure that’s why they invited me
to be a part of their kickoff convocation.

We all gathered in the gymnasium where the kids got me barking when
they sang “Who let the dogs out?” Then I did my routine of tricks,
posed for pictures and let my dad do a little talking about me to the
students. Good times.

Fast forward past Homecoming and into the week following Homecoming and
I got things going right away with an appearance downtown at the Indianapolis Marriott on Monday. The Office of Admission invited me down there to take part in the annual IACAC Conference. The IACAC is basically a nerd-speak way of just referring to the Indiana delegation of admission counselors and professionals. Sweet.

they had a little competition with other state institutions to see who
displayed the most spirit at their respective admission booths. So it
was set up like a giant college fair, only there were no aspiring
college students, just a bunch of has-beens with name badges and school
gear. I have no idea how Butler faired, but I think we should have won.
Sure, other schools had guy-in-suit mascots on hand like the rat, er
greyhound from UINDY (sorry Mom) and the grizzly from Franklin, but
nobody had the live mascot thing going.

On Tuesday it was a
visit to my favorite professor’s class. That’s right, Dr. Vibbert
invited me to call on one of his PR classes. He lists me on the class
agenda as the “guest speaker.” That just means I get to go run around
the classroom for a few minutes, enjoy some loving from the students
and of course, perform my tricks.

You may remember that Dr.
Vibbert was the one included me in his commencement speech this last
May. That alone earns you honors as being one of Blue II’s favorite

Wednesday it was time for the annual men’s and
women’s basketball tip-off luncheon in Hinkle Fieldhouse. A capacity
lunch time crowd filled the main floor in Hinkle to hear Coach Couture
and Coach Stevens speak about their impending seasons. I had the honor
of welcoming those folks to the event and then my dad stashed me in one
of the admin offices while he enjoyed lunch…hardly fair, but I that
whole reasoning and speech thing puts me behind in these arguments all
the time, so I just have to deal with the consequences.

Although, he awoke me afterwards to another adventure that involved
heading back downtown for an appearance at the new Lucas Oil Stadium,
so I forgave him for leaving me out of lunch pretty quickly. Funny, I
remember not being allowed in that place for a grand opening ceremony
because of some policy about dogs. Just a month or two later and I
guess the sheen and prestige has worn off enough for dogs to enter.
Whatever, I wasn’t going to complain.

It was the gracious NCAA
who happened to make arrangements for me to be there as they were
unveiling the new logo for the 2010 men’s basketball final four which
will be hosted at Lucas Oil. Butler is the host NCAA institution for
that event, thus my/our involvement.

I had a good time greeting guests and media there and posing for
pictures with the Butler cheerleaders and dignitaries. Unfortunately, I
couldn’t get down on the field to “mark my territory,” but I still had

At this point, we were only half way through the week and I was
exhausted. I think my dad could tell as I was asleep in the car before
we even left downtown proper. So he drove me straight home where I
basically slept, or was in some state of sleepiness from 3:30 p.m. on
Wednesday until about 7 p.m. on Thursday. And after some dinner, back
yard business and some play time, I was back to sleep for the night on
Thursday as well.

And for good reason too as I had a big weekend
ahead of me including the made out to be scary, but actually ridiculous
holiday known as Halloween. But before my parents subjected me to the
costumes, parading and pictures, I had real work to do, and early in
the morning too!

After being carried from the bed to the car on
Friday morning, I awoke in the parking lot of the Glendale Mall at 6:15
a.m. where the Smiley Morning Show was set up and doing a remote
broadcast for their annual pumpkin drop. However, my role there had
nothing to do with Halloween, pumpkin destruction, or anything like
that. Instead, I was there to promo Smiley’s presence at the Butler
Bowl on Saturday as a part of his college tailgate tour.

Again, I let me dad do the talking, but I really enjoyed running around
the parking lot, checking out the big crane that was to drop the
pumpkins, barking on-air, and stealing the show.

After that I headed to campus where Brad Ward from the Office of
Admission picked me up and took me over to Atherton Union to visit with
all of the prospective students and families in for the big open-house.
Someone told me that there were 900 visitors on campus for the
open-house, but I don’t really know for sure.

One thing I do know is, I got my picture
taken with a lot of folks and Brad promised all of these people that
their smiling mugs would appear on my blog, so here they are…

work we headed over to Schwitzer Hall where the residents were hosting
trick-or-treaters for the evening. My parents dressed me up in my
lobster suit and took me over to greet the youngsters and families that
came. I also ran into my pals Addison and Wrigley (Bulldog Beauty
Contest winners) who were also dressed up as a bumble bee and a piglet
(respectively). It’s all pictured below…

On Saturday it was back to campus for another round with Dave Smiley of
WZPL-FM, 99.5, who had his camper trailer all set up and ready for the
Butler stop on the Smiley Morning Show College Tailgate Tour.

always knows how to get me fired up and while hanging out with he and
his producer “Weedman,” I located one of Smiley’s footballs in his
camper and made myself at home. And by “made myself at home” I mean
that I destroyed his football. Just check out the video…

parents had to finally pull me off the football so that I wouldn’t
waste all of my energy before kickoff of the game. I did my typical
lead the team to battle routine, but this time my dad let me off of my
leash to see how I would do. I guess I passed the test. I was really
fired up for it…if you watch the video you’ll hear me barking before we
do our 50 yard dash onto the field.

that I left campus and headed to Holliday Park for a family photo
shoot. Instead of posing by myself or with famous people, I finally got
to have a photo session with my parents for once. I enjoyed being out
at the park and I think with the fall colors, we’re going to have some
nice looking photos to choose from for our Christmas Cards. A big
thanks to Butler’s own Christi Isgan of Christina Isgan Photography & Design for taking our photos!

Following the family photos I went home and napped to prepare for the
first men’s basketball contest of the 2008-09 season: an exhibition
matchup with Marian College. I had been looking forward to getting back
in Hinkle Fieldhouse for a basketball game since our final game there
last season. I was so thrilled to be back. Of course, I did my pre-game
routine with the starting five players and the Dawg Pound and even
though we started three freshman, they are all quick learners as all
five starters gave me a little good luck tap when announced. You can
check out the video here…

At halftime of the game, I then headed next door to the HRC
to visit some youngsters who were in the pool and enjoying a Riley Teen
Retreat. They got me a little wet, but I didn’t mind. I was hot by that
point so it felt pretty good actually. I really wanted to join them in
the water, but I’m not exactly a good swimmer so I had to refrain.

Sunday, I tried to relax, but I did my fair share of running around too
as I helped my parents rake leaves in the yard and later went to a
Colts viewing party. And that was my week. Whew. It was even tiring
just to watch my dad type all of that! Hopefully you haven’t been
working as hard as I have. If so, take a break. If not, don’t change.

Blue II