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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Tuney Tuesday: Young the Giant in Concert

Happy Tuesday everyone. Since I didn’t post a Music Monday yesterday, let’s call today Tuney Tuesday. My friend Brandon and I went and saw Young the Giant in concert last night, and they were so fun.

Dat lighting doe.

Dat lighting doe.

I blogged about Young the Giant last year in this post, so obviously I am a fan. I have wanted to see them in concert for a while, so back in December when I heard they were coming to Indianapolis, I made my mind up to go. Coincidentally, a few weeks later, the band tweeted something saying they would give away free tickets to one random person who retweeted them. Since I love the Internet and was already planning on going, I retweeted them, and ended up winning. It was really random and unexpected since I don’t usually win things, but I was pumped that my tickets were free, plus they tweeted at me congratulating my win (I’m kind of a big deal).

The show was at the Egyptian Room, which has proven to be my go-to place for concerts in Indy. My friend Sam has seen Young the Giant before and told me that they were great live, and they were. They had really cool purple and yellow lights going the whole time, and the lead singer danced and grooved throughout the whole show. He danced a bit each time before he sang, so it kind of looked like he was working the notes through his whole body; it was cool. Also, one of the guitar players bopped around the stage the whole time, which was fun. They were all so into what they were playing and clearly enjoyed it. They also sounded fantastic! Probably even better than on their CDs. I would definitely see them again, and one hundred percent recommend their show to anyone who is a fan.

Have a great rest of the night, and thanks for reading :)

Tuney Tuesday: Twenty One Pilots in Concert

Happy Tuesday to all. I hope you all had a fabulous fall break. Just a handful of weeks till Thanksgiving! Hurrah! Over fall break, I saw Twenty One Pilots in concert and it was incredible. Since I missed Music Monday yesterday, I am dubbing today “Tuney Tuesday” so I can tell you about the concert. (Also, check out this post I did about them on Butler’s U lala page!)

Twenty One Pilots is a musical duo from Columbus, Ohio consisting of Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph. The pair has released three albums since its formation in 2009, and I just can’t get enough of them. I’m not quite sure how to classify their music since it ranges so much from song to song, but they are an indie pop, indie rap, spoken word, electronic-type hybrid. All of their songs have solid lyrics and are so darn catchy. Plus, Tyler’s voice is incredibly unique.

Performing on the crowd.

Performing on the crowd.

I first saw these two at Lollapalooza over the summer and I instantly fell in love. Their live performance is so incredible and full of energy, I could see them about three hundred times. Josh plays drums and back flips off Tyler’s piano at every show, and at the concert this past weekend, Tyler stood on the audience’s hands for a song. Totally casual. On top of that, the lights for the show were sick! Their show at Lollapalooza was during the day and obviously did not have theatrical lights, so the lights at this show blew me away. They were super bright and crazy and matched the tempo and energy of each song. My favorite part of the show, however, was when Tyler and Josh sat down at chatted with the audience about how thankful they were for the opportunity to perform for us, and then introduced their crew.

They are such cool dudes and I want to be friends with them so badly. Seriously though, if you ever have the opportunity to see Twenty One Pilots in concert, whether you know their music or not, take it! I promise you will not be disappointed.

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)


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