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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Finals Are Donezo!

Happy Wednesday to all! Today is a glorious day because as of 8:48 this morning, I finished all of my finals! Yippie skippieeee!!! I only had one written exam for my anthropology class, and that was this morning. Other than that, I had many papers, a presentation, and art projects. The bulk of my finals work was due last week, so this week was not too stressful. Either way, I am very happy to be officially done for the semester!

I was originally supposed to stay until Saturday and dance at the Crossroads Classic basketball game with the rest of the dance team, but unfortunately we are no longer performing. I am going home on Friday now, so I suppose it will be nice to get home a little earlier than I expected. Speaking of nice things, I have some wonderful YouTube videos to share with you.

As you can probably tell from some of my other posts, I love YouTube. I recently started watching some videos by The Fine Brothers and they are all hilarious. They do a lot of different stuff on YouTube from full on television production-type videos to more simple, weekly videos. I have been watching their React series of videos in which they show kids, teens, or elders a video clip of some sort and then ask them questions about it. It might not sound too entertaining, but it is indeed hilarious! I have put some of my favorite videos down below. Good luck with the rest of finals, have a wonderful week, and thanks for reading :)

Elders React to Gangnam Style

YouTube Preview Image

Teens React to Toddlers and Tiaras

YouTube Preview Image

Kids React to It’s Thanksgiving

YouTube Preview Image


Thanksgiving And A Grandma Update

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hopefully everyone is getting back in the swing of things after being home for break. If you are feeling stressed, just power through. I promise you will make it out alive!

Speaking of being home over break, I had a wonderful break. I got to see all of my friends and family and I got to celebrate my birthday at home, which was lovely. Sad story of my existence: my mother forgot to put my birthday on the calendar. In my household, the calendar is a big deal. It is in the kitchen, which is the central spot in my house, and everything happening during the week goes on the calendar. Everyone’s birthday in my family goes on the calendar as well. Well, in typical accordance with my life, my mother forgot to put my birthday on the calendar.

The sad story that is my life.

She remembered to put my brother John’s birthday on the calendar and he wasn’t even home for it! I noticed that I was forgotten on Friday when I came home and waited till Wednesday to see if anyone would notice. No one did. I told my younger brother Ben (have you seen my vlog with him?) that mom forgot so he wrote it on the calendar for me. What a gem!

Speaking of Ben being the greatest and people forgetting about me, I saw my grandmother over break! Yes, the grandmother who favors everyone over me. (I did a vlog about her too!) My roommate Ashni came home with me for a few days over break and she got to meet my grandma. My grandma didn’t say anything particularly hateful towards me, but when I stepped out of the room for a moment, my grandmother started talking to Ashni about Ben and told her that whenever she sees Ben’s face, she just gets so happy. Needless to say, she has never said that about me. In other news, my father told me Ben was more memorable than me. #ADayInTheLife

Other than that, nothing too significant happened over break. My family all came over on Thanksgiving and it was lovely seeing them. I hope everyone had smashing Thanksgivings as well! Have a wonderful rest of the week and thanks for reading :)

P.S. My family really doesn’t hate me. I just have middle child syndrome.

Vlog: Meet My Brother

I did a vlog with my younger brother! He raps at the end, so you might want to to check it out!

YouTube Preview Image

Classic Joke of the week: What did Nala tell Simba after seeing the herd of shoppers on Black Friday? You gotta Mufasa!

Thanks for reading and watching :)

Break Thus Far

Happy Wednesday to all! Even though we have been on break this week, I have been incredibly busy! As I said in my post from Friday, my roommate Ashni came home with me for the first few days of break. She got to meet my friends, see the exciting city that is Peoria, Illinois, and even meet my grandma (the one who hates me). Ashni left on Sunday afternoon and I miss her already!

Ashni and my friends Ally, Breanna, and Allison

On Monday I went to Chicago with my friends Allison and Hannah to visit our friend Maddie. Maddie goes to Loyola University and she still had class on Monday and Tuesday, so we decided to visit her for a day! We got to meet Maddie’s friends and go downtown and shop. We also ate dinner at the Grande Lux Café and got a delicious molten lava cake dessert. Basically, it was a great time.

Allison, Hannah, Maddie and Me at Loyola

Other than that, I have been seeing lots of friends and getting excited for Thanksgiving. The whole fam is coming over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner so I have really been looking forward to it. My birthday is on Friday so I am also looking forward to that quite a bit! One more exciting tid-bit: I am going to be filming a vlog with my awkwardly-charming younger brother Ben that is going up on Friday, so watch out for that! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving and a great rest of the week! Thanks for reading :)

Thanksgiving Break

Happy Friday everyone! Everyone is heading home for Thanksgiving Break today and excitement is in the air! I am SO excited to be going home for break. My roommate Ashni is coming home with me for the first few days of break and I cannot wait for her to see my town, meet my friends, and spend time with my family! Ashni is incredibly excited too-she has had a countdown on her dry erase board for the past twenty-something days. We are friends.

Me and Ashni (I'm like, really tan.)

I am also really excited for this next week because my birthday is next Friday. I love birthdays, not just my own. I get excited for birthdays for people I don’t even know (I’m a creep, judge me). It will be great to be home for my birthday because I will get to spend it with my friends and family. I am also looking forward to catching up on television (particularly The Voice and Modern Family) and just relaxing! I have watched literally no television since I have been at school so I have fallen behind on all of my shows! I am planning on sewing a bit while I am home (who knows if that will happen) so if I make anything significant, I will definitely post some pictures!

Classic Joke of the week: What is a pilgrim’s favorite music? Plymouth Rock!

Happy Friday, have a great break, and thanks for reading :)

Vlog: My Grandmother Hates Me

I did another vlog! Please check it out :)

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks for reading/ watching :)

Presidents and Registration

Happy Wednesday to all! Since I am not really into politics, I will just briefly touch on the appointment of the president last night. As I am sure you all know, President Obama will be serving for another term. As with any election, some people are happy and some people are miffed. As I mentioned before, I am not into politics, so I did not vote (I know I am a horrible person). By the time I actually had the desire to vote, I had missed the registration date. Oh well. Speaking of registering for things, how ‘bout registering for next semester’s classes?!

Over the past few weeks, students across campus have been registering for classes for next semester. I registered today and let me tell you it stressed me the heck out! Picking out classes for my shopping cart was stressful enough, and on top of that I realized last night that two of the classes in my shopping cart overlapped. #FREAKOUT!!!!!!!

A pictorial representation of my mental state while registering.

I spent two and a half hours last night trying to rearrange my schedule so I could figure something out. Finally I got everything settled, so then I was just stressing on getting into every class I picked. I registered today at noon, and thankfully I was able to get into every class I needed to. If any of my classes were full, I probably would have had a brain aneurism. Everyone that I have talked to has said they have been very stressed because of registration, tests, and what not, so the stress in the air is palpable! If you are getting stressed this week, keep calm and remember that Thanksgiving break is ten days away! Have a great rest of the week and thanks for reading :)

Fall Break

“Well, you’re not fat.” Those were the kind, first words my grandmother greeted me with upon seeing me home from college (she is quite the character and says similarly lovely things to me on a regular basis, so she will probably get her own post sometime). Sadly, fall break is drawing to a close. I had not been home since the start of school, so it has been absolutely lovely seeing my family and friends from back home, not to mention sleeping in my own bed.

My family (minus my older brother) when they came and visited a few weeks ago!

Since being home I realized how many little things from back home I took for granted. As I just mentioned, sleeping in my own bed. I’m not saying my bed at Butler prevents me from a fitful sleep (I love sleeping so much, I could honestly sleep anywhere), but nothing compares to your own bed. Another thing that has been really nice is not having to wear shoes into the bathroom or shower. The first shower I took upon arriving home, without shower shoes I might add, was glorious! The water made my skin feel soft, it didn’t have a funny smell to it, and I didn’t have to wear shoes. I had never felt so alive! Another spectacular thing about being home is the food. My mother is an excellent cook and she bakes a lot so it was nice to walk in the door, greeted by brownies, cookies, and candy (This is not a rare occurrence, sweets account for most of the food in my house). Having home cooked meals has been splendid as well.

Although I have loved being home, I do already miss my friends from school, as strange as that sounds since we have only been apart for a few days. Being home is the bee’s knees, but I am anxious to get back to Butler and keep trekking on until coming home for Thanksgiving where there will be even more reunions, and more importantly, even more food!! Enjoy the rest of break, have safe trips back to school, and thanks for reading :)

P.S. I have an older brother. He isn’t not in the picture because we don’t love him, he is off at school at the University of Illinois so he wasn’t there when it was taken!