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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Tips For Last Day of Class Success

Happy Monday everyone! Today is the last day of classes before finals start, so naturally you want to ensure you have a great day. Lucky for you, I have some tips and tricks for how to make your last day of class nothing but spectacular.

1. Dress like you have the rest of the semester in the bag. Since this is your last day of class, and your last chance to make an impression on your classmates and professors before you take the final and part ways for three months, you’ll want to make sure you dress really well. The simplest look to ensure stylish and academic success is the classic paper bag over the head. (The one where you cut some eye holes out of a paper sack.) This look pairs nicely with shoulder pads and a necklace made of twigs. The browns in the paper and tree branches will play with each other nicely, while the shoulder pads will tie the whole look together with an air of sophistication. Plus, you can use your twig necklace as a little shelf to carry your books around all day.



2. Volunteer in class. Professors love when students participate in class. Leave a lasting impression on your professor by volunteering to do a performance for the class. Climb up on top of tables, flail your limbs, and probably sing a little bit. Since you’ll have a paper bag over your head, your singing will be even more impressive because your classmates won’t know exactly where that joyous sound is coming from.

3. Make new friends. Now is your last chance to bond with a friend crush in class. The surest way to secure a fast friendship is through flattery. Lightly caress your potential friend’s face, sniff his or her hair, and tell them they would look great strolling with you hand in hand to buy best friend forever necklaces. Invite them to have late-night life chats in the darkness of Holcomb Gardens. Nothing cultivates friendship faster than the pitch-black stillness of night with a stranger in a secluded area. Since your time to secure this friendship is limited, there is no such thing as coming on too strong.

4. Treat yourself. To celebrate the end of the semester, you will eat like royalty today. Take advantage of that unlimited meal plan in Atherton, spend the rest of your flex dollars in C Club, and buy everyone in Starbucks a drink. Eat French fries and cereal. How about some jello and hummus? And forget cups! Spread that double-whip frappucino out over the table and slurp it up. It’s the last day of the semester, you eat what you want, how you want it. Added bonus: since you already have a paper bag over your head, it will be super easy to store snacks to eat throughout the day.

5. Gather your study materials. Gather all of your resources for your final exams and crumble them up. Run around campus and throw them at squirrels. If you’re feeling extra empowered to study, toss around a textbook or two. The squirrels will think it’s fun, and the exercise will stimulate your brain cells so you will be guaranteed to do well on your exams.

Have a great day, and thanks for reading :)

Eavesdropping in Starbucks

Happy Thursday everyone! Yesterday afternoon whilst studying in Starbucks, I overheard an intriguing conversation between two businessmen sitting behind me. They were discussing some sort of art-related event coming up. Here’s what I recorded as they sat behind me:

There are two business men wearing chunky knit navy blue sweaters sitting behind me. They are discussing some sort of arty, businessy type event. I am sitting in a corner table, having the two men meet my table in the corner. I imagine the one closest to me to be named Clark, while I imagine his companion to be Beau. (Please note: I totally made up their names. They just felt right.)

Clark has a long pea coat as well as a striped scarf hanging from his chair. He has brown hair and a scruffy beard. He seems to be the younger of the two. Beau faces me and has short blonde hair and a bit of a sour expression on his face. He has a pea coat as well, but it’s not nearly as stylish or long as Clark’s. He also lacks a sweater and facial hair. Maybe that’s why he looks so ticked. After trying to record details of the two’s appearances, I begin eavesdropping.

“If they don’t come through on those we can think of some others. I can think of some clients,” Clark says, reassuring his partner.

“They will easily sell. It doesn’t matter how many arts packages we have. I can package them together if we have too many. We always sell them,” Beau answers confidently.

“I’m trying to spend less money,” Clark adds.

“Good luck,” chuckles his companion.

I become paranoid that they see me typing their conversation and float in and out of listening. Over the next few minutes I gather they are having some sort of silent auction to benefit some artistic organization in the area. It’s perhaps a choir because they mention having a student from Fishers talk about his experience signing with “them” during the auction. I’m not sure who “them” is, but I imagine it to be whatever organization these two men work for.

Beau has obviously worked for this company longer as he mentions how he moved to London for a bit, and also describes past silent auctions to Clark. After this description, I hear that Clark is going to email Nancy and get half off tuxedos for the event. Unfortunately, though, he has done nothing about Tim getting wine bottles.

Get it? Eavesdropping. Like me.

Get it? Eavesdropping. Like me.

“We could always use more liquor,” Beau says. By now I’ve deduced that Beau is a bit sassier and more opinionated than Clark. This silent auction isn’t his first time at the rodeo, so he expresses his confidence regarding the preparation.

A bit more time passes, they discuss the possibility of a February board meeting (can I come?), and one of the two points out, “They’re putting their asses on the line, too.” I wonder what that could be about. I need to pay more attention. But oh no, I feel paranoid again, so my interest fades out.

When I tune back in, Beau is passionately telling Clark they can’t play a certain piece at the event.

“It’s a fabulous piece,” Beau starts. “To me it’s ecstasy, but we’re not doing that piece.”

He reaches an all-time high for sassiness in this moment, and I am a little surprised by his tone. The conversation shifts to a preparation meeting before the event.

“Do you want Eric there?” Clark asks.

Beau takes a long pause before he answers, and I’m certain he sees me typing their words. Really, he’s just being sassy and finally answers that he doesn’t want Eric helping yet. Ouch. The two continue to plan things and Clark chimes in saying, “That’s classy.”

The last bit of dialogue I acknowledge is Beau emphatically saying, “Well, it has to be that way.” I smile to myself, the men say a bit more, then put on their fitted coats and leave. I stare at them as they walk out, and get excited to write this post.

Have a great end to the week, and thanks for reading :)



Happy Thursday everyone! I do apologize for my lack of creativity in these blog posts lately. Just like everyone else on campus, I have been incredibly busy with finals shtuff. Wrapping up loose ends for the end of the year/studying for finals has been consuming my life, but it will all be over soon enough!

Since I am an art + design major, a lot of my work for finals was due last week at Art Now. Although I had a lot due then, the fun didn’t stop there! I have to write a manifesto for my art history class, which is proving to be incredibly challenging, as well as make a visual for it. I also have to create an artist website, complete with a bio, artist statement, and resume for another one of my art classes. So much art, so little time.

The final for my FYS was simple enough. We just had to answer some short essay questions. The only test final I have is for my urban ecology class, and let me tell you, I cannot wait for that to be over. I am not a sciencey person in the slightest, so I am anxiously awaiting the day that science can be out of my life forever.

The awkward, "finals are over!!" celebration dance.

My journalism class’ final was a paper, which I turned in last week, so I just need to finish up my art and urban ecology stuff and I will be free!

Have a great end to the week, thanks for reading, and keep rockin’ those finals :)

Managing Stress

Happy Wednesday! Finals are next week, so naturally everyone is freaking out. I do get really stressed about school, but if I try really hard, I can manage my stress. I thought I would share some of my expert stress managing tips with you to get through finals week!

1. Make a to-do list. Think of the best thing that you have ever done and how it felt. Crossing things off your to-do list is approximately two times better. Write down everything that you have to get done (I like to put the most pressing issues towards the top) and then enjoy the immense satisfaction of crossing them off as you finish each task. Writing everything out helps sort things out in your brain, making it easier to get stuff done.

2. Take it one task at a time. Having a to-do list helps with this. It is really easy to freak out about everything you have to accomplish if you look at everything as a whole blob of stuff to get done. Take it one project, paper, or reading at a time and it makes everything more manageable and less daunting.

3. Take breaks. Even though you feel like you have no time to even breathe without simultaneously studying in some way, you will lose your mind if you do not take a break. After staring at one assignment for hours, your brain will become fried faster than an egg on a sidewalk on a hot day! Give yourself short little breaks in which you take a walk outside, chat with some friends, or do something to get away from being stationary and alone. You will come back from your break feeling recharged and ready to conquer the world!!!

4. Have some chocolate. This is my favorite of all of the stress relieving tips. Science has proven that chocolate diminishes the levels of stress hormones, so instead of freaking out about everything, take a few deep breaths and eat a candy bar. It really helps!

My life motto.

5. Keep calm and think of how good your life is compared to Snooki’s. This needs no further explanation.

Have a great rest of the week, stay calm, and thanks for reading :)