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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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My Afternoon

Happy Friday to all. I had an afternoon filled with fun and friends, so I thought I’d share it with you.

The afternoon started with a trip to Value World. As I mentioned in this post, I love Value World. For those of you that don’t know, VW is a majestically beautiful thrift store in Indianapolis. I bought several shirts and sweaters there, and it was grand.

Katie in her hammock

Katie in her hammock

After Value World, my friend Katie and I bundled up and went to lay out on the mall. Katie set up her hammock and I laid on a blanket and fell asleep. We ran into our friend Sam and hit up Starbucks afterwards.

Finally, a few of my friends and I went to Graeters and got ice cream. Graeters opened recently, and I had not been there yet, so of course I was excited to go. The ice cream was delicious and I already want some more.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading :)

People Are Great, and You Should Tell Them

Happy Wednesday everyone! A few things have recently revealed to me how important and significant it is to tell people how you feel, and I know you’re dying to hear about it.

Last night whilst studying in Starbucks, I made a new friend named Luke. Luke is friends with one of my friends named Alex who I met in Starbucks earlier this year, and he came over to my table and started talking with me and Alex. Luke told me he had seen me around before and had heard of me. I have that experience with a lot of people: you hear of someone and vaguely know who they are, but you have never met, so you’re not really sure how or why you are aware of them. Having someone openly tell me that I was that for them made me really excited. His “confession” of sorts broke ground of any initial awkwardness and allowed us to delve right into getting to know each other. I wish we all did what Luke did. I say screw subtly and delve right in, telling others you are aware of them and their accomplishments. It’s not creepy; it shows your interest in being their friend and makes them feel good. Plus, blatantly putting your thoughts out there takes vulnerability, and vulnerability breeds friendship. great

After my encounter at Starbucks, a kid I went to high school with posted a video on Youtube in which he discussed social norms. He also recently posted a photo (the first in a series he is working on) disturbingly displaying the effect others can have on people trying to express themselves. Being all for expressing your thoughts and feelings at all times and encouraging others to do so, I was naturally jazzed to see him making such strong statements and encouraging others to notice. I messaged him and told him how inspired I was by it, and he was incredibly grateful. I thought telling him that what he was doing was indeed influencing others was important, so by golly I did just that.

Finally, I wrote this post last week about Jamie Woodham’s Twitter account. Much to my surprise, I logged onto Twitter today to find a message from him. Mr. Woodham said he stumbled across my article and thanked me for my words, expressing that nice comments from strangers are less common than rude ones. By me simply expressing my liking of his Twitter account, he was obviously excited enough to thank me. I think that’s totally rad. And by him reaching out and thanking me, that makes me feel good that people actually enjoy what I am writing. IT ALL COMES FULL CIRICLE!

Moral of the story: if you have a thought or want to tell someone you think they are really pretty, or funny, or rad, or inspiring, go freaking do it. It will make them feel great and you will feel great too. People are truly incredible and we should use every opportunity we have to tell them so.

Have a great rest of the week, go tell someone you admire them, and thanks for reading :)

Eavesdropping in Starbucks

Happy Thursday everyone! Yesterday afternoon whilst studying in Starbucks, I overheard an intriguing conversation between two businessmen sitting behind me. They were discussing some sort of art-related event coming up. Here’s what I recorded as they sat behind me:

There are two business men wearing chunky knit navy blue sweaters sitting behind me. They are discussing some sort of arty, businessy type event. I am sitting in a corner table, having the two men meet my table in the corner. I imagine the one closest to me to be named Clark, while I imagine his companion to be Beau. (Please note: I totally made up their names. They just felt right.)

Clark has a long pea coat as well as a striped scarf hanging from his chair. He has brown hair and a scruffy beard. He seems to be the younger of the two. Beau faces me and has short blonde hair and a bit of a sour expression on his face. He has a pea coat as well, but it’s not nearly as stylish or long as Clark’s. He also lacks a sweater and facial hair. Maybe that’s why he looks so ticked. After trying to record details of the two’s appearances, I begin eavesdropping.

“If they don’t come through on those we can think of some others. I can think of some clients,” Clark says, reassuring his partner.

“They will easily sell. It doesn’t matter how many arts packages we have. I can package them together if we have too many. We always sell them,” Beau answers confidently.

“I’m trying to spend less money,” Clark adds.

“Good luck,” chuckles his companion.

I become paranoid that they see me typing their conversation and float in and out of listening. Over the next few minutes I gather they are having some sort of silent auction to benefit some artistic organization in the area. It’s perhaps a choir because they mention having a student from Fishers talk about his experience signing with “them” during the auction. I’m not sure who “them” is, but I imagine it to be whatever organization these two men work for.

Beau has obviously worked for this company longer as he mentions how he moved to London for a bit, and also describes past silent auctions to Clark. After this description, I hear that Clark is going to email Nancy and get half off tuxedos for the event. Unfortunately, though, he has done nothing about Tim getting wine bottles.

Get it? Eavesdropping. Like me.

Get it? Eavesdropping. Like me.

“We could always use more liquor,” Beau says. By now I’ve deduced that Beau is a bit sassier and more opinionated than Clark. This silent auction isn’t his first time at the rodeo, so he expresses his confidence regarding the preparation.

A bit more time passes, they discuss the possibility of a February board meeting (can I come?), and one of the two points out, “They’re putting their asses on the line, too.” I wonder what that could be about. I need to pay more attention. But oh no, I feel paranoid again, so my interest fades out.

When I tune back in, Beau is passionately telling Clark they can’t play a certain piece at the event.

“It’s a fabulous piece,” Beau starts. “To me it’s ecstasy, but we’re not doing that piece.”

He reaches an all-time high for sassiness in this moment, and I am a little surprised by his tone. The conversation shifts to a preparation meeting before the event.

“Do you want Eric there?” Clark asks.

Beau takes a long pause before he answers, and I’m certain he sees me typing their words. Really, he’s just being sassy and finally answers that he doesn’t want Eric helping yet. Ouch. The two continue to plan things and Clark chimes in saying, “That’s classy.”

The last bit of dialogue I acknowledge is Beau emphatically saying, “Well, it has to be that way.” I smile to myself, the men say a bit more, then put on their fitted coats and leave. I stare at them as they walk out, and get excited to write this post.

Have a great end to the week, and thanks for reading :)


Brain Scrub

Happy Wednesday, my friends! In case you haven’t noticed by now from my blog and videos, I am quite strange. Most recently, I have had the peculiar desire to “scrub” my brain. Let me explain.

You know how whenever you get really tired or overstressed, you get a kind of foggy, cloudy feeling in your head? Like there is literal fog or extra air in your brain and everything happening around you is really a dream? No? Well I do. This brain-fog happens to me every once in a while and usually lasts for just the day, but for the first few weeks of school, I was in a fog state for a good few days, feeling as if I was living in a dream. (Maybe I should be psychoanalyzed..?) For whatever reason, the only way I can imagine ridding myself of this fog and confusion is by scrubbing my brain.

The closest thing to a brain scrubber I could find.

The closest thing to a brain scrubber I could find.

I have this very vivid imagery of me scrubbing my brain in the way one brushes his or her teeth. I imagine myself brushing my brain with a potato scrubber of sorts. If I could brush my brain with this magical tool, surely I could rid myself of any and all light-headedness and fog, and emerge from the dream like trance my brain-fog makes me enter. I have vocalized this desire to scrub my brain to many of my friends, with the explanation of the potato scrubber imagery, but no one gets it. (Perhaps I’ll use this image as a form of artistic inspiration and illustrate it in a painting for something.) I am sitting here laughing at myself as I write this because I am totally aware that this is a really bizarre desire, but I think about it far too consistently to not share it with you all.

All I know is that I really need to scrub my brain today, but since that is obviously not possible, coffee will suffice.

Have a great rest of the week, keep pushing through till break, go scrub your brains, and thanks for reading :)

Stream of Consciousness

Happy Wednesday everyone! I only got about four hours of sleep last night, so my mind is extra strange today. Due to this strangeness, I think we should play a game where I write whatever the heck randomly pops into my head, and you come along for the ride. Let’s begin!

I, along with my friend Britt, keep thinking today is Thursday. My sweater is extremely staticy. My friend Sam just walked in the door. I’m at Starbucks. I am going to go say hello. I’ll be back shortly.

I’m back. Anyway, back to my sweater: I bought it at Value World, which if you don’t know, is the closest thing to Heaven on earth besides Target. It’s a really large thrift store with all kinds of great finds, and the one on 38th street happens to be the largest Thrift Store in Indianapolis. I just saw a kid from my English class walk by. He was wearing a black pea coat. If he were to ever read this, would that be creepy? Not sure. 2423339575_044c637a0c

I actually left there for a period of about six hours due to meetings and dance team practice. Isn’t that strange how the end of a sentence and a break in a line can either represent moving from one thought to another in one instant, or within several hours. CRAZY STUFF! I am eating some Baked Lays right now, and they are pretty tasty. My mom doesn’t like Baked Lays. She also doesn’t like my fanny packs, as I mention in this video. I have a Napoleon Dynamite pen. It actually talks, but the battery ran out, so it has been silenced. That was one of the dumbest thoughts I’ve had all day. I’m sorry I shared that with you. Actually, it probably wasn’t the dumbest thought. Thinking it was the dumbest thought was my dumbest thought.

K byeeeeee!

Have a great rest of the week and thanks for reading :)

Music Monday: Yellow Ostrich

Happy Monday everyone! This Music Monday is a bit unique because the band I’m writing about is coming to Butler one week from today. This band is none other than Yellow Ostrich.

Yellow Ostrich is a three-person American-indie rock band from New York. The trio has performed at festivals such as Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits, so it’s kind of rad that they are coming to perform at Butler. The band has five albums and six EP’s, so you should check them out before the show.

Fun fact: I made this poster.

Fun fact: I made this poster.

They have a sound similar to Noah and the Whale, and are just kind of funky and dreamy in general. I dig them real hard, and I think you will too. Another cool thing about them, Daniel Radcliffe digs them too (click here to see what I’m talking about). The concert is being presented by program board’s Coffeehouse, so the concert will be in Starbucks. It’s free, there will be free food, AND there will be great music. Plus I’ll be there, so what’s not to love?!

Moral of the story, come see Yellow Ostrich on Monday October 21 at 7 p.m. in Starbucks!

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

“Marathon Runner”

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image

iPhone Mania

Happy Thursday everyone! It seems as if everyone and their mother has been talking about the iPhone lately. Between the new iPhone 5s, 5c, and the new iOS7 upgrade, everyone is hooked on the latest apple technology. Although I have no iPhone experience (I have a flip phone), constantly hearing about this new technology and upgrades got me curious, so I did a little research.


iPhone 5c

Highlights from my research revealed that the iPhone 5s features a fingerprint detector to recognize that it really is you using your phone. No more need for a password. It is also the first phone in the world with 64-bit architecture. Now, I’m not sure anyone really knows what that means, but it sure sounds good doesn’t it? Another new iPhone is the 5c. Apparently the “C” stands for color, because according to the Apple website, this phone is essentially the iPhone 5, but just looks different. And finally, everyone seems to be freaking out over the iOS7 upgrade. From what I understand, this upgrade makes the look of your iPhone sleeker and simplifies some of the tasks it already performs. Since I obviously don’t know much about what the upgrade entails, check out more info on that here.

Personally I think that iPhones are a little excessive, and these new versions and upgrades only further my belief. Do we truly need to have a finger print detector on a cell phone? Absolutely not. Will people go bonkers thinking that is an essential thing they need? Absolutely yes. My flip phone and I have been going strong for about 4 years now and I don’t plan on letting go anytime soon. I will just sit back and observe as the rest of the world becomes robots and still have the satisfaction of angrily slamming my phone closed at the end of a frustrating conversation.

P.S. Come to Starbucks tonight at 7 p.m. for a free Coyote Armada concert. Also, free food. And stop by the Volunteer Center in the front of Atherton and write down your passion and wear it around all day for Passion Project Indy.

Have a great end of the week and thanks for reading :)

Get Involved

Happy Tuesday to all, welcome back to school, and welcome back to this blog! Since I kept up with a blog over the summer and also wrote for a site called U lala, I will waste no time telling you about my time away from being a Butler blogger. Let’s dive right into Butler stuff, yeah?

Since the school year is relatively fresh and most clubs and organizations are just starting up with meetings and events, and there is just a lot of stuff going on in general, I thought I’d tell you about all of the things I’m involved in, just in case you want to be involved too.

1. Free concert and free food on Thursday. I’m involved with Program Board’s Coffeehouse, which is an organization that provides free concerts in Starbucks throughout the year. The first one is this Thursday at 7 p.m. and features Butler’s own Coyote Armada. I blogged about them here last semester, and they are super great. I’m a huge fan.

2. Celebrate peace on Friday. Come out this Friday at noon to celebrate Butler’s new Peace Pole, right off the Starbucks patio. There will be music, sandwiches, peace buttons, and a chance to reflect on the peace pole in 16 languages. More info on that herehispic

3. Football game on Saturday. I am on the dance team and will be dancing at the football game this Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Come see the dance team, as well as the Butler football team. Yeah, school spirit, yeah!

4. Join the Visual Arts Student Organization. Also known as VASO, this organization is essentially Butler’s art club. All majors are welcome and no artistic experience is necessary. We will be having a callout meeting on Wednesday the 25th at 7:30 p.m. in Jordan 183. Come art with us!

5. Join Demia. Demia is Butler’s feminist organization on campus. We meet every Monday at 8 p.m. in Jordan 225. We are currently discussing events for Good Sex is Consensual Week at the end of the month. Just show up one week if you wanna join!

6. Join Alliance. Alliance is Butler’s LGBTQ/ gay-straight alliance organization. All are welcome, regardless of sexual orientation. Talk of having a gay pride parade was brought up at the last meeting, as well as planning the drag show Halloween event Alliance hosts every year. Email if you want to get involved.

7. Read Archives. Archives is the ever-so-lovely humor magazine on campus. I write and photograph for it, so you should definitely check it out. Everyone on staff is super funny and interesting and I know you’ll love it. We will be passing out copies of the magazine fo free outside Starbucks at the end of the month. 319421_413723962012329_1292098326_n

8. Read U lala. As I mentioned above, I contribute to a site called U lala is a fashion and lifestyle blog created for college women. The site is all about positive, inspirational content, and each school has a branch. I obviously write for the Butler branch, but you should most certainly check out the other school’s stuff while you’re over there.

That is enough shameless self promotion for one post and I kind of hate myself now. Comment or contact me in some way if you want to get involved in anything listed above/if you have any questions.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great week :)

Vlog: An Ode to the Starbucks Brownie

I made a vlog and recited some original poetry…about a brownie.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks for watching :)