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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Happy Friday everyone! The first day of spring officially started on Wednesday, and as a result, the weather today is glorious! Huzzah! Do you know what else is glorious? The Internet.

Over spring break, I was officially introduced to a website called BuzzFeed is basically a website that has funny articles about pop culture, celebrities, and other ridiculous happenings on the Internet. One of my favorite articles I have read so far is “42 Things That Prove That Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the Perfect Man.” So great.

I stumbled upon an article yesterday about Butler basketball player Andrew Smeathers. During the game against Bucknell, after an exciting three-point play, Smeathers clapped, giggled, and threw up “the three monocle.” For some reason, everybody freaked out (in a good way) when he did this.


This image has been all over Facebook, showing up as people’s cover photos, and as gifs being posted on people’s walls. I’m not sure what the fascination is, but I do think it’s pretty cool that BuzzFeed wrote an article about it.

Anyway, Buzzfeed has plenty of articles to choose from, and is a definite winner for anyone who enjoys pop culture or the Internet. If this appeals to you, check it out man!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading :)


Happy Friday everyone! As a society, we are incredibly obsessive. We go through crazes where people become obsessed with celebrities and icons in pop culture: One Direction or pet rocks for example. The latest quirky obsession seems to be sloths.

The first hint of slothmania occurred when Kristen Bell was on Ellen DeGeneres and showed a video clip of her intense emotional reaction to her boyfriend giving her a sloth for the day as a birthday present. Since seeing this video, I have encountered a few sloth lovers, but I have noticed in the past few weeks that this sloth craze is taking over. At first I thought that this sloth love was specific to my friends at Butler because a lot of the girls in Theta love sloths, but my friends from back home have been tweeting and posting on Facebook about it too.

The most comparable thing I can think of is the mustache craze that recently happened. For whatever reason, mustaches became a pop culture icon. Mustaches have been printed on t-shirts, phone cases, and made into necklaces. There really is no reason that mustaches became popular, and there is really no reason that sloths are following the same pattern. I don’t hate on people who go along with fads because it is fun to be a part of something that everyone else loves too, but I don’t get it. Quite frankly, sloths terrify me. I Google Image searched sloths before writing this post, and I couldn’t look at them for longer than two seconds.

Maybe people think sloths are cute because they are kind of quirky and move really slow, but I’m not sure what is appealing about that. Honestly, they freak me out a little bit, but to each their own. Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading :)

Kristen Bell & Sloths

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