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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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People Are Great, and You Should Tell Them

Happy Wednesday everyone! A few things have recently revealed to me how important and significant it is to tell people how you feel, and I know you’re dying to hear about it.

Last night whilst studying in Starbucks, I made a new friend named Luke. Luke is friends with one of my friends named Alex who I met in Starbucks earlier this year, and he came over to my table and started talking with me and Alex. Luke told me he had seen me around before and had heard of me. I have that experience with a lot of people: you hear of someone and vaguely know who they are, but you have never met, so you’re not really sure how or why you are aware of them. Having someone openly tell me that I was that for them made me really excited. His “confession” of sorts broke ground of any initial awkwardness and allowed us to delve right into getting to know each other. I wish we all did what Luke did. I say screw subtly and delve right in, telling others you are aware of them and their accomplishments. It’s not creepy; it shows your interest in being their friend and makes them feel good. Plus, blatantly putting your thoughts out there takes vulnerability, and vulnerability breeds friendship. great

After my encounter at Starbucks, a kid I went to high school with posted a video on Youtube in which he discussed social norms. He also recently posted a photo (the first in a series he is working on) disturbingly displaying the effect others can have on people trying to express themselves. Being all for expressing your thoughts and feelings at all times and encouraging others to do so, I was naturally jazzed to see him making such strong statements and encouraging others to notice. I messaged him and told him how inspired I was by it, and he was incredibly grateful. I thought telling him that what he was doing was indeed influencing others was important, so by golly I did just that.

Finally, I wrote this post last week about Jamie Woodham’s Twitter account. Much to my surprise, I logged onto Twitter today to find a message from him. Mr. Woodham said he stumbled across my article and thanked me for my words, expressing that nice comments from strangers are less common than rude ones. By me simply expressing my liking of his Twitter account, he was obviously excited enough to thank me. I think that’s totally rad. And by him reaching out and thanking me, that makes me feel good that people actually enjoy what I am writing. IT ALL COMES FULL CIRICLE!

Moral of the story: if you have a thought or want to tell someone you think they are really pretty, or funny, or rad, or inspiring, go freaking do it. It will make them feel great and you will feel great too. People are truly incredible and we should use every opportunity we have to tell them so.

Have a great rest of the week, go tell someone you admire them, and thanks for reading :)

Vlog: An Ode to the Starbucks Brownie

I made a vlog and recited some original poetry…about a brownie.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks for watching :)

My Observations, Part II

Happy Wednesday! I did a post about my observations last semester, and since then I have observed a few more things. Here are my recent observations.

1. Girls love posing with their hand on their hip. If you look on ANY form of social media, you will see an uncountable number of pictures in which girls have their hand on their hip. I am indeed guilty of doing this as well, and I hate myself for it. It really gets me and I feel like an a-hole every time I do it, but if the other people in the picture are doing it and you just leave your hand by your side, you will look awkward. It’s inevitable. And this is why being a girl is a constant struggle.

Sooo classic.

2. Saying “struggz” is a thing now. Apparently whenever you are struggling (or riding the struggle bus as I like to say), an exasperated sigh followed by groaning, “Ughh struggz!” is a proper way of dealing with your distress. I am a culprit of using dumb abbreviations and slang such as “totes,” “probs,” “presh,” and of course “YOLO,” but for some reason the use of “struggz” bothers me a bit.

3. People don’t know how to use a dollar sign. For example, if something costs six dollars, a vast majority of people write “6$.,” rather than correctly writing it as “$6.” Dude, did you not go to grade school?! The dollar sign comes before the numeral. I truly see more people misuse the dollar sign than I see them use it correctly, and that is SAD!

4. Using “y’all” in everyday conversation is not just for people from the south. I have noticed an increasing number of mid-western people using the term “y’all” on a fairly regular basis. I have used it when typing before, and have noticed it subconsciously creeping in to my vocabulary. I don’t know why this started, or when, but it seems as if everyone is saying it now.

I will most certainly have some more observations in the near future, but these are the most prominent at the moment.

Have a great rest of the week and thanks for reading :)

Vlog: Life Update

I did another vlog in which I share some interesting and funny happenings in my life. Please check it out!

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks for reading and watching, and have a great weekend :)